Campus Master Chapter 109-110

Chapter 109

Hearing Hu Tiejun’s words, Ji Feng was stunned, to be a captain?

Ji Feng was puzzled, how come Hu Tiejun suddenly wanted to make himself a captain?

While Wang Xiaowu in the front row heard these words, but suddenly his face stiffened and a look of resentment flashed in his eyes. This Hu Tiejun was simply too much, not only did he not confirm on the spot that he wanted to take on the role of captain, but he only gave himself a temporary acting captaincy, and now, instead, he took the initiative to ask a strange kid, and it looked as if he was going to give the captaincy to that kid!

“D*mned instructor, and that D*mned brat, D*mn both of them!” Wang Xiaowu cursed in his heart, but his ears perked up, praying in his heart that the strange brat would never say yes.

“Report instructor, I just want to finish my training seriously, I can’t take up the heavy responsibility of captain!” After Ji Feng froze for a moment, he quickly reacted and replied loudly.

Once Ji Feng’s words were out, Wang Xiaowu was relieved and secretly said in his heart, “This kid still knows a little bit of the rules, it seems he doesn’t dare to offend himself either!”

Thinking of this, Wang Xiaowu couldn’t help but feel a little smug.

However, Hu Tiejun did not think so, he frowned and said, “You are fully capable of taking up the duties of a captain, why are you shirking them? Don’t you know that as a man, as a soldier, you should be brave and go forward, in the mouth of a soldier, there is never the word ‘no’! Answer me, are you a man?”

This was a real soldier!

Ji Feng instantly had a good feeling about this Hu Tiejun, he couldn’t help but nod his head and said, “Report instructor, I am a man!”

“Since you’re a man, you should have bloodlust, I’ll ask again, are you willing to take on the role of captain?” Hu Tiejun asked.

This time, Wang Xiaowu’s heart lifted again, and he secretly said, “If this brat dares to say yes, I will definitely not let him go!”

However, Ji Feng’s reply made his heart sink.

“Report instructor, I don’t want to!” Ji Feng bellowed, “I’m a man and I don’t lack bloodlust, but I don’t think that the position of captain is suitable for me, I’m still willing to join the others and undergo training!”

Hu Tiejun couldn’t help but be a little disappointed, he could naturally see that Ji Feng had obviously received formal military training, so he wanted to give Ji Feng a chance so that he could increase his credits and also be able to a*sist himself in training students in a more formal way, it was a two-for-one thing.

But since Ji Feng refused, Hu Tiejun couldn’t force it, so he could only nod and say, “Alright then, in that case, you will continue training with the others.”

“Yes, instructor!” Ji Feng said loudly.

In reality, Ji Feng was reluctant to take on the role of captain because he knew that he was definitely going to start his own company or take up a leadership position in the future, all of which required sufficient leadership skills and finesse. .com

However, although Ji Feng had received all-round training from the Super Agent Training System, those were only for non-commissioned officers and agents, and there was not the slightest training for leadership skills.

Therefore, Ji Feng felt that what he needed to do now was to carefully observe how other people did their management work and learn from their experience, rather than taking on any position without any risk. It would be difficult to do well without any experience.

However, Ji Feng’s reply made Wang Xiaowu, while relieved, think to himself that Ji Feng did not dare to agree to the instructor and take up the position of captain, but was actually only because of himself. This was because Ji Feng was afraid that he would find him in trouble in his future studies, which was why he didn’t dare to offend himself.

“This kid still has some eyesight and knows that he can’t offend himself!” Wang Xiaowu thought smugly.

However, soon, Wang Xiaowu’s smug mood instantly disappeared without a trace.

I only heard Hu Tiejun say loudly, “Since student Ji Feng is not willing to take up the role of captain, then this captaincy will be taken up by this student Du Shaofeng next to him!”

It seemed that because Ji Feng had refused, so this time Hu Tiejun didn’t even ask Du Shaofeng’s opinion and directly appointed Du Shaofeng as the captain.

When Du Shaofeng heard this appointment, he was stunned, then he said loudly, “Yes, instructor!”

Next to them, Ji Feng and Zhao Kai and Han Zhong immediately smiled in their hearts, this guy Du Shaofeng agreed to be the captain, it must be because before Hu Tiejun said that men should have bloodlust, this guy Du Shaofeng, what he lacked the most, was the bloodlust of men.

Wang Xiaowu’s face suddenly turned iron blue, and his heart was extremely annoyed. How could he not have thought that Ji Feng had refused the instructor, but how could this big black man be so ungrateful and dare to steal his seat?

“Since you want to steal my position, don’t blame me, just wait, you’ll have a good time!” Wang Xiaowu thought with hatred in his heart.

And Hu Tiejun’s voice made Wang Xiaowu even more irritated.

“Alright, from today onwards, remove Wang Xiaowu from his position as acting captain, Du Shaofeng is our captain of this squad, he will a*sist me and conduct a month-long formal military training for you!” Hu Tiejun announced the appointment of Du Shaofeng.

Wang Xiaowu was instantly furious and said in a loud voice, “I object!”

Hu Tiejun’s face instantly chilled as he barked, “Before you speak, say report!”

Wang Xiaowu choked for a moment before saying, “Report, I object!”

“What do you object to?” Hu Tiejun frowned. In fact, he knew in his heart that the company instructor had greeted him before and wanted Wang Xiaowu to take up the position of captain. However, Hu Tiejun was an upright person and most resented such second-rate ancestors who relied on their family background.

In fact, if this second generation ancestor was really capable, Hu Tiejun would not say anything, after all, this society is like this, if anyone does not rely on a little connection, it is difficult to survive. However, the first time he saw Wang Xiaowu, he was disappointed.

This Wang Xiaowu was simply a playboy, with a handful of yellow hairs on his head, and his body was soft and weak, without any strength, just like a creamy boy. How can such a person be the captain of the squad?

Hu Tiejun was actually most interested in Ji Feng, but Ji Feng refused to agree, so he had to settle for the second best and chose Du Shaofeng.

Hu Tiejun could naturally see that although Du Shaofeng’s movements were not quite standard, his body was strong and powerful, so he should have practiced martial arts.

“Instructor, you asked those who were willing to take on the role of captain to raise their hands before, and I was the only one who raised his hand, why did you choose Du Shao Feng now?” Wang Xiaowu said with dissatisfaction.

Hu Tiejun snorted coldly, “I did say that, but I also said that you were only the temporary captain, and that a squad leader must not only be overqualified in his own right, but also have a certain training foundation, otherwise, how could he a*sist me in training you while still completing his own training?”

“Couldn’t I?” Wang Xiaowu said.

Hu Tiejun frowned, “Do you think you can? I think student Du Shaofeng is more suitable, now, carry out the order immediately!”

He didn’t have the time or patience to reason with this creamy boy and gave the order straight away.

“You ……” Wang Xiaowu was blocked from speaking, and finally could only say with hatred, “I will definitely be this captain!”

Hu Tiejun glared at him, “What you want to do is your business, but right now, I’m in charge!”

Wang Xiaowu was dumbfounded, but in his heart, he decided that he would make sure that this Hu Tiejun would not be able to work in the army, how dare he embarra*s himself in public!

“This captain, I’ll be the one to do it!” Wang Xiaowu said secretly in his heart. Other people only knew that he was the son of the deputy director of the teaching department, but they didn’t know that his uncle was the deputy chief of this Southeast Military Region, and he happened to be one of the people in charge of the military training for the new students of the United University this time.

It seemed that it was time to give his uncle a call, and this time, not only would he make Hu Tiejun look good, but he would also make both Du Shaofeng and Ji Feng be punished!

Because the captain’s position was taken away, Wang Xiaowu not only hated Hu Tiejun, but even hated Du Shaofeng and Ji Feng along with him.

Ji Feng didn’t know that he had become a thorn in the side of others for no reason, if he knew, he would only shake his head and laugh, for someone like Wang Xiaowu, how could he put it in his eyes?

When the captain’s men were selected, Du Shaofeng was called to the front of the group, facing the other students and standing in military posture together.

This was just the beginning, when the training for walking and formation started, Du Shaofeng had to help the instructor with the training, shouting slogans, and other items.

An hour of military posture finally pa*sed, when Du Shaofeng yelled out, “Rest in place!”

All the students couldn’t help but sit down with a sigh of relief, rubbing their already sore and numb legs, their faces hard as hell.

Du Shaofeng walked over to Ji Feng and the others and sat down after him.

Han Zhong laughed, “Old Du, didn’t you say you weren’t interested in becoming a captain? Why are you doing it again now?”

Du Shaofeng smiled heatedly, “It’s not that simple, Ji Feng should be able to guess!”

Ji Feng was stunned and thought for a moment before he whirled around and laughed, “Old Du, you wouldn’t want to fight with the instructor, would you?”

Du Shaofeng laughed heatedly, “It’s still Ji Feng who understands me, I can tell that Instructor Hu must have real kung fu, and since I’m the captain, I’ll be able to get a bit closer to him so I can find the opportunity to fight him and spar with each other.”

Speaking of this, he couldn’t help but shake his head, “Originally I could have fought Ji Feng, but this kid’s methods are too ruthless, that’s not kung fu, it’s all killing techniques, so I’ll have to settle for the second best!”

Zhao Kai and Han Zhong were stunned, they could never have imagined that Du Shaofeng had agreed to be the captain because of this reason!

At this moment, Ji Feng, however, suddenly frowned and his eyes narrowed. The muscles in his body were even more tense, and a cold light flashed in his eyes.

It was because Ji Feng suddenly felt that there was an unkind gaze staring at him.

He pretended to be unaware of it and turned his head, and instantly noticed that Wang Xiaowu in the front row had turned his head away in a panic. Obviously, it was him who was looking at himself just now.

Ji Feng’s face sank, this Wang Xiaowu seemed to be harbouring a grudge.

He sneered, “Even if you don’t come to mess with me, if you want to take revenge on me because of this, then don’t blame me!”

And at this time, Wang Xiaowu had already started to call secretly, “Uncle, this is Xiaowu ……”


Chapter 110

The new students’ military training is proceeding in an orderly manner, and the first day has pa*sed in this way. Although the crowd is screaming and suffering, in reality, the first day of military training is only half a day long, so it is not too tiring at all. Go to see the net —.7-K–o-m.

What really made these tender new students feel miserable was the second day of training.

Already tired from the previous day’s afternoon and still not recovered from sleeping all night, they were awakened by the loud wake up call at 6am the next morning, all of them grumbling and screaming.

For these new students, one night’s rest was not enough to recover from the hour-long military posture training that followed the next morning, and the way they stood motionless and tensed their bodies made many of them almost gnash their teeth and shudder at the thought.

However, no one wants to be kicked out by the instructors, and failing the military training is not only a matter of credits, but it is enough to prevent a person from getting a diploma, because military training is a compulsory course.

So, for the sake of that paper diploma, or to save face, everyone was gritting their teeth and holding on.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but frown too, but not because he was tired, but because he was worried that with such intensity of training, he didn’t know if Lei Lei would be able to hold out. When he thought of her delicate appearance at that time, Ji Feng’s face couldn’t help but show a smile.

“With that strong character of Lei Lei, even if she really couldn’t hold on, she definitely wouldn’t take the initiative to call herself.” Ji Feng secretly thought, “It seems that I have to call Zhang Lei at noon, since they are in the same college, Zhang Lei should know about her situation.”

If Tong Lei really couldn’t hold out, Ji Feng didn’t mind using Third Uncle’s connections to make it unnecessary for Tong Lei to participate in military training.

You know, in the mobile phone given to Ji Feng by Third Uncle Ji Zhenping, there were dozens of phone numbers stored, these were all connections in various aspects, and they were all the kind of connections that belonged to the Ji family, if Ji Feng encountered an emergency, he could completely call here for help, this was also one of Ji Zhenping’s intentions for giving Ji Feng his mobile phone.

Suddenly, Ji Feng felt as if he was being stared at, but he couldn’t make half a move because of the rules, he just frowned slightly, he was standing in the penultimate row, those who could stare at him must be the people in the row behind.

But how could the students in this back row possess such a stern gaze?

But a moment later, Ji Feng knew what was going on.

A figure slowly came around the back of the square, but it was the instructor Hu Tiejun. When Ji Feng’s afterimage glanced over, Hu Tiejun’s gaze had already moved away, as if he was not the one who had just gazed at Ji Feng. However, Ji Feng was very clear that just as Hu Tiejun turned his head, the feeling of being stared at disappeared immediately.

Obviously, the person who was staring at himself just now was Hu Tiejun. Only, why was he looking at himself like that? Ji Feng was a little confused.

Because the sun wasn’t too hot in the morning, this one-hour military posture only made people physically tired, but no one fainted. An hour of military posture quickly pa*sed and Du Shaofeng bellowed, “Rest in place!”




All of them sat on the ground almost in a heap, wailing and wailing, rubbing their almost senseless legs, praying that such a perverted military training would pa*s sooner. At least, the military posture training could be over soon, and they could start to enter the formation training or line training, then at least they could walk back and forth, instead of not being able to move at all like now.

The first time I heard these people complain, Ji Feng was shaking his head and smiling bitterly. .com If this point of training is called suffering, then what should I call the training that I did in the agent training system? Devil’s training?

“Ji Feng, what are you thinking about, so lost in thought?” Du Shaofeng suddenly came to the side and sat cross-legged beside Ji Feng, asking with a smile. Only, he was walking a bit differently, seemingly limping, which normal people couldn’t see, but Ji Feng was able to see this subtle change at a glance.

“Nothing, just thinking about it casually, tired!” Ji Feng smiled, for Du Shaofeng’s strange appearance, he just took it as being caused by standing in military posture for a long time, and didn’t care.

Du Shaofeng immediately said with no good grace, “You’re still tired? You’re not?”

“I’m not a machine, how can I not get tired?” Ji Feng cried and laughed.

“No, it’s that what, I mean, this intensity of training shouldn’t be a problem for you!” Du Shaofeng didn’t find the right words for a while and stammered a little in his anxiety.

Ji Feng laughed: “And how do you know what kind of intensity I’m suitable for?”

Du Shaofeng said at once, “Of course I know, since your kid’s body is so strong, this means that this training is not enough for you at all, at most it is just a warm-up. Not only me, even Instructor Hu also sees it that way.”

“Instructor Hu?” Ji Feng’s heart twitched, he remembered that just now Instructor Hu seemed to be staring at himself, was that the reason?

“Yes, Ji Feng, you didn’t expect it, after you all rested last night, I purposely went to find Instructor Hu.” Du Shaofeng had a satisfied and smug look on his face, as if he had suddenly gotten some great treasure in the sky.

Ji Feng looked at him in surprise and asked with a smirk, “You kid wouldn’t have really gone to see Instructor Hu for a sparring session, would you?”

“That’s for sure!” Du Shaofeng hemmed and hawed, “It was really enjoyable, Instructor Hu’s skills are really nothing to write home about, it made me fight very well!”

Ji Feng was stunned, “Instructor Hu was defeated?”

Du Shaofeng immediately shook his head greatly, “It’s not possible to say who won, I should say it was half a catty, we both lost each, it should be about the same!”

Ji Feng suddenly realized, no wonder this kid was walking a bit differently, now that he thought about it, he must have been beaten by Instructor Hu, he couldn’t help but have a smile on his face.

“By the way, Instructor Hu seems to be a bit interested in you!” Du Shaofeng suddenly said, “After I sparred with him yesterday, he asked me about you.”

“What did you say?” Ji Feng asked noncommittally.

“I just said the ones I knew, such as that your stance is so severe and your moves are almost always killing moves that I wouldn’t dare to fight you ……,” Du Shaofeng laughed, but didn’t notice that Ji Feng’s gaze became unkind.

“You kid just betrayed me?” Ji Feng looked at Du Shaofeng with a gloomy face and asked without good grace. No wonder Hu Tiejun had stared at himself during military training just now, I guess it should have had a lot to do with Du Shaofeng’s betrayal, right?

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. Of course, because Instructor Hu’s moves are somewhat similar to yours, so I would like to know who is actually more powerful between you two!”

Ji Feng had no choice but to shake his head as he took this cheeky fellow.

“Get ready, I reckon that at most by the evening, Instructor Hu will definitely come to you for a sparring session, so don’t hide yourself then and let Instructor Hu see your real kung fu.” Du Shaofeng’s eyes lit up as soon as he talked about the sparring, “If you are able to defeat Instructor Hu, hehehe ……”

Ji Feng, however, suddenly remembered something and asked, “You just said that Hu Tiejun and you are about the same? You two almost fought to a draw?”

For Du Shaofeng’s hand, Ji Feng more or less knew something about it, and when he beat up Wu Qi Jian in the box on the first night of school, and when he did it later in the interrogation room, Ji Feng could more or less tell that Du Shaofeng’s hand was definitely good.

However, he could not imagine that Hu Tiejun had fought a draw with Du Shaofeng, which meant that Hu Tiejun must also be good at fighting. However, it was said that these soldiers in charge of the military training for university students this time were some less important troops, and even some of the military training for new university students were hired from some soldiers from the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, which was really far from the regular field army or some elite troops.

However, with a body like Hu Tiejun’s, even in a regular field army or even in an elite army, he could definitely make the cut, so how could he be here?

Soon, Ji Feng was relieved.

Thinking about the way Hu Tiejun treated Wang Xiaowu yesterday, Ji Feng knew that this Hu Tiejun should be an upright person and cynical. Such a person must easily offend people, and if he wanted to be promoted or enter the elite army, who would go and give him a recommendation?

There is no doubt that without a recommendation, even if one is more powerful, it is difficult to get ahead in this society. Obviously, Hu Tiejun is such a talent who can only come to be an instructor for college students’ military training.

At least, when being suppressed, Hu Tiejun should not have bowed his head, otherwise he would not have had to come here.

“If necessary, it would be possible to make some friends!” Ji Feng said secretly, after all, it was still good to make a friend of someone like this.

“Ee? Look guys, it looks like a leader is coming over!” Zhao Kai, who was next to him, suddenly said something.

Ji Feng immediately looked up, but found that a military open-top jeep was driving this way, with two officer-like people sitting on the back seat of the car, and was coming this way.

Where the jeep pa*sed by, the instructors in charge of military training all saluted the jeep, obviously, the ones sitting on it must be leaders of the army.

On this side, Hu Tiejun also saw the jeep, and when he looked at the licence plate, he immediately knew that this was the leader coming to inspect. In this situation, even if he was straightforward, he knew how to behave, so he shouted, “Gather!”

The students were not buying it, the leader in the car was a military leader, not their leader, but the instructor’s orders could not be disobeyed. Therefore, these students could only grimace and complain in their hearts, but still stood up and quickly gathered into a square.

Du Shaofeng also ran to the front of the whole square once again and shouted, “All of you, stand at attention!”

Ji Feng also followed suit and stood at attention, but his gaze was drawn to the military jeep. This was because he noticed that the people sitting in the car seemed to be acting a bit strange.

The two officers, who had been sitting in the car until they were 40 or 50 metres away from the squad Ji Feng was in, stopped and inspected the squad next to them, yet after talking to the instructors of the other squads for less than two minutes, they walked straight towards this side.

Through this little detail, Ji Feng instantly had a judgment that these two officers, were definitely rushing towards his own squad. As for who in the squad they were coming for, that was unknown. But there was one thing that Ji Feng knew very well, he was here for military training, and it was impossible for his family to send someone over, because Ji Feng had already told his father before that he would not accept special care from his family during his four years at university, unless he encountered troubles that could not be solved.

Ji Feng believed that his father would respect his wishes, so these two people, for sure, were coming for someone else.

“United University freshmen military training, regiment three battalion five platoon instructor Hu Tiejun reporting for duty, please give instructions to the head of the regiment Wang and political commissar Zhou!” Hu Tiejun quickly ran up to the two soldiers and reported loudly.

“Continue the training!” One of the slightly obese officers said.

Ji Feng noticed that this obese person carried two bars and two stars on his shoulders and was a lieutenant colonel, who should have been a deputy regimental commander in the army, and looked like he should be the Wang regimental commander Hu Tiejun was talking about.

The other one, then, should be the political commissar.

This deputy regiment commander surnamed Wang was about in his early forties, he looked at the squad where Ji Feng was, nodded his head and said, “Well, this is still a bit like that, instructor Hu, to train these students, you have to show the same vigour you had in the field army unit back then, so that our army can live up to the school’s trust!”

“Yes!” Hu Tiejun replied loudly.

The head of Wang seemed to nod in satisfaction, then scanned the circle, when he saw Du Shaofeng standing at the front, he frowned slightly, “This is ……?”

“Report chief, this is my elected squad leader, named Du Shaofeng! He is responsible for a*sisting me in training these students.” Hu Tiejun immediately explained.

“This is nonsense!”

However, Headmaster Wang’s face instantly sank as he rebuked, “Look, this Du Shaofeng doesn’t even stand in a standard military posture himself, so how is he qualified to a*sist you in training the rest of the students?”

Hu Tiejun was stunned, then turned his head to look at Du Shaofeng, although his military posture was more or less substandard, it was obviously a little better than the other students. He didn’t understand how Headmaster Wang could suddenly be dissatisfied in this regard.

“Report to the headmaster, because we have just started training the students in military posture and are gradually correcting their wrong posture, so it is inevitable that there are some flaws, I will correct them immediately!” Hu Tiejun said loudly.

“No need, I don’t think it’s appropriate for this person to take on the role of captain!” Chief Wang waved his hand directly, “Change someone else ……”

He scanned around and immediately took two steps forward to a student and said, “Look, this student’s military posture is good, let him take the captain’s role!”

Hu Tiejun took a look and saw that the person designated by the headmaster was Wang Xiaowu, who had been rejected by himself yesterday. He said, “If you look at his military posture, what’s so great about it?

A smug smile appeared on Wang Xiaowu’s face, obviously very happy in his heart.


As a soldier, obeying orders is the natural duty, so despite his discontent, Instructor Hu had to respond first, before explaining, “Headmaster, it’s like this, not only does the captain have to set an example himself and train actively, he also has to a*sist me in training other students, so in terms of physical strength and fitness, it’s best to be a little stronger. Although this student’s military posture is good, he is, after all, less physically fit. Whereas, student Du Shaofeng is physically overqualified and also has a good body ……”

Before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by Chief Wang: “Hu Tiejun, just because you are physically good doesn’t mean you can be a good captain, you are not bad either, how come you are still a small platoon leader?”