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Campus Master Chapter 69-70

Chapter 69

For Ji Feng’s family history, Xiao Yuxuan more or less knew something about it, and the last lottery win was still fresh in her mind. The last time she won the lottery, she was still aware of it. go to see the net -.7-K–o-m. Moreover, Ji Feng’s prize money was still in her card!

There is no doubt that Ji Feng came from a poor background, and I am afraid that by now his family would not be too rich, unless Ji Feng took the prize money back, perhaps his family would have some savings.

But since that was the case, where did Ji Feng and Zhang Lei get the money to dare to come to such a high-cla*s restaurant for dinner?

Having been in Mang Shi County for two months, Xiao Yuxuan had certainly heard of this three-star Peng Cheng Grand Hotel. It is said that the people who come here are more or less all wealthy or dignified people in Mang Shi County, and even the first and second in command in the county often patronize this place.

Xiao Yuxuan also just casually mentioned this restaurant to her boyfriend during casual conversation, and as a result, she was brought here by her boyfriend.

So, Zhang Lei and Ji Feng and the others, did they come here deliberately?

Or was it really like they said, because they hadn’t been to this upscale restaurant before, so they came to experience where they got their money from?

Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but look at Zhang Lei, Ji Feng definitely didn’t have any money, so the only possibility, was that Zhang Lei had brought Ji Feng here.

This student who was mediocre in his cla*s and got good grades in every exam, his family was rich? Xiao Yuxuan gave Zhang Lei a puzzled look, but in her heart she was secretly wondering.

Not true!

Xiao Yuxuan suddenly remembered, just now Ji Feng asked the waiter to count the two bowls of shark’s fins on Zhang Lei’s bill, that natural and casual expression, definitely not something that could be faked, and definitely not because of a good relationship to say so, to know that these two bowls of shark’s fins were not cheap, even if they were good friends again, if not everyone had a certain amount of money, they definitely would not say so. .com

Xiao Yuxuan, who couldn’t figure it out, could only shake her head helplessly.

While eating, both Ji Feng and Zhang Lei stopped talking. Originally, this meal came because Zhang Lei was sorry for Ji Feng’s heart and because the two brothers had never formally eaten together.

But because of the addition of He Dong, it instead made the meal lack that feeling and was tasteless to eat.

“Come on, two little ones, eat the shark’s fin first, it’s very nutritious!” He Dong said with a smile, “These are loose shark’s fins, although they’re not as good as those that have gone through a hair raising process, but it’s not bad to have shark’s fins in a small county like Mang Shi County, huh!”

“D*mn it!”

Zhang Lei cursed in his heart, Laozi invited you to dinner, but he still picked and chose, and even greeted us, seemingly treating himself as the master?

Ji Feng, however, only smiled slightly and then lowered his head and concentrated on tasting the shark’s fin, he didn’t know the difference between loose shark’s fin and chopped shark’s fin, he just thought, how this shark’s fin was a bit like vermicelli. For He Dong’s antipathy and occasional sarcasm, he only took it as a whisper and blew it off.

Even for Xiao Yuxuan’s sake, there was no need to be generally understanding with such people.

Xiao Yuxuan also felt that what He Dong said was a bit too much, and could not help but scold him, “Hurry up and eat, even the shark’s fins can’t stop your mouth from talking so much!”

He Dong frowned slightly as a stern look flashed in his eyes. His own girlfriend was actually talking about himself in front of two students, where did this make him lose face? What’s more, these two students had also made themselves lose face before.

Looking at Zhang Lei and Ji Feng again with a bemused look, concentrating on eating the shark’s fin, He Dong’s heart became even more discontented with Ji Feng and Zhang Lei, the two little brutes must be sN*ggering in their hearts!

“You will suffer later!” He Dong coldly snorted in his heart.

“Right, I was just at the entrance of the lobby and I think I saw the instruction that the upstairs of this grand hotel seems to be the entertainment room, why don’t we go up there and have some fun too?” Just after finishing his meal, He Dong smiled and proposed, “I’ll be the guest this time, you guys just feel free to play!”

Ji Feng hesitated for a moment, this He Dong was obviously a bit out of tune, if we went to play together, it was inevitable that this guy would say something hard to hear.

However, Xiao Yuxuan was very fond of Zhang Lei and Ji Feng, the two students, so she nodded and said, “Yes, let’s go up together!”

Since Xiao Yuxuan had given her word, Ji Feng could only smile and nod his head.

The four of them took the lift to the fifth floor where the recreation room was located. Just after entering the lobby, they immediately noticed that there was a billiard room at the very outside, but compared to those billiard rooms on the street, this place looked very upscale, and the carpet laid on it was soft and comfortable to step on.

The chandeliers in the billiard room are also very bright and perfect for playing billiards. There were scoreboards on the walls, and with a few more referees, the place could have been a proper snooker tournament.

“Let’s play billiards!” He Dong smiled as he strutted over to an empty table and laughed, “Yu Xuan is aware that my skills are not too good, and I was only the vice president of the billiards a*sociation for four years in college!”

Looking at He Dong’s bragging look, Zhang Lei’s face was a bit gloomy, he quickly returned to normal and smiled, “So Mr. He is still a master, what a coincidence, I am a bad student, I usually like to play billiards when I skip cla*ses, my skills are not bad either.”

“Then let’s have a game!” He Dong smiled faintly and said somewhat smugly, “But don’t cry if you lose!”

“Don’t worry!” Zhang Lei smiled ‘brightly’, “It’s usually my opponents who cry their noses off!”

“Haha, that’s great.” He Dong looked confident, “But there’s no point in just playing casually, why don’t we add a little bit of colour, how about that?”

“He Dong! They’re all still students, don’t gamble!” Xiao Yuxuan said with dissatisfaction.

He Dong, however, ignored it and just looked at Zhang Lei with some provocation.

“Fine!” Zhang Lei agreed in one breath and laughed, “I think it’s like this, how about losing one game for a hundred dollars?”

He Dong immediately laughed, “That’s a deal. Zhang Lei is it, you should be careful, don’t lose all your living expenses!”

“I’m afraid you’ll lose the money for the journey back!” Zhang Lei laughed lightly, but his words were uncompromising.

“Very good!”

He Dong laughed, “Little guy has guts, how about this, we won’t play regular snooker, that’s too slow. We’ll play a bit of hammer hole, switch to normal billiards, point and shoot, hitting someone else’s ball will count as the other’s, the white ball into the hole will be a penalty, whoever gets the black eight in first will be considered the winner, how about that?”

“I like playing this the most!” Zhang Lei smiled.

He Dong’s eyes flashed with smugness, and the corners of his mouth pulled up a slight curve, as if he had some taste of conspiracy.

The two men took their clubs separately and the waiter came up and set up the balls.

“Let’s get started, little one, let you tee off first!” He Dong laughed, but in his heart he was secretly pleased with himself. Generally speaking, when people tee off, the first shot almost rarely goes in, and even if it does, it’s a hoodoo. Besides, if you don’t get in, you’ll leave your opponent with a defenceless ball. So in general, the person who takes the later shot has the advantage.


Chapter 70

“That’s my favourite thing to play!” Zhang Lei smiled. Go watch the net .

A glint of smugness flashed in He Dong’s eyes, and the corners of his mouth pulled up in a slight curve, as if he had some taste of conspiracy.

The two men took their clubs separately, and the waiter came up and set up the balls.

“Let’s get started, little one, let you tee off first!” He Dong laughed, but in his heart he was secretly pleased with himself. Generally speaking, when people tee off, the first shot almost rarely goes in, and even if it does, it’s a hoodoo. Besides, if you don’t get in, you’ll leave your opponent with a defenceless ball. So in general, the person who takes the later shot is at a great advantage.

Ji Feng frowned slightly next to him and then stretched out. He knew very well that although Zhang Lei usually did well in his studies at school, it did not mean he was a good student, in fact this guy often went to the billiard room or the video game room to hang out. If Ji Feng hadn’t refused every time, Zhang Lei would have dragged Ji Feng along.

So, in fact, Zhang Lei’s skills were still very good, at least in the previous Ji Feng’s opinion, Zhang Lei hadn’t lost a few times in the billiard city near the school. Even the owner of the billiard room was just not on par with Zhang Lei’s skills.

And more importantly, when Zhang Lei played in the billiard room, he did often play this kind of point barn hole play, as for the regular snooker, generally people who like to play billiards do not play much, unless they are some more regular players.

So for Zhang Lei, Ji Feng wasn’t too worried.


Just as Ji Feng was contemplating, Zhang Lei had already teed off, his strength was well mastered and the angle was very, very accurate, and with his first shot, he scored a ball that was arranged in a triangle with a small pattern at the very edge.

He Dong’s eyebrows could not help but jump a few times, as the saying goes, when a connoisseur makes a move, he knows if there is one. .com Obviously, Zhang Lei’s skills are still very skilful.

But …… so what? He Dong’s eyes flashed a disdainful smile, when he was in college, but the vice president of the billiards a*sociation, when the president was a semi-professional ball player, He Dong and was specifically learned from him, in the university except for that president, he could almost kill through and through.


Another small patterned ball went into the hole, Zhang Lei was ahead by two balls, and most importantly, his mother ball stopped right behind the third small patterned ball, right in front of the hole. There was no doubt that this third ball would definitely go in.

However, Zhang Lei looked at the remaining balls on the table and hesitated.

Because of the tee shot, Zhang Lei did not use too much force, so the fifteen balls did not open completely, but were packed together in threes and twos. If Zhang Lei scored this third ball, then it would not be easy to play the rest of the balls.

Because by then the mother ball would not be able to stay in a good position at all, and would only be giving the opponent a chance for nothing.

“This ball is not a good one to hit!” He Dong said with a faint smile, somewhat provocatively, “However, scoring three goals just after the opening game is not bad, those students in the university don’t have this skill.”

Zhang Lei smiled faintly and eventually chose to score the third ball of the small pattern. Of course, he didn’t use too much force, so the mother ball ended up stopping at the other end of the case, and leaning to the side.

This could definitely be described as a beautiful defence, leaning to the side of the mother ball is not good, as anyone who has played billiards knows, because the point of impact of the cue is not well judged, which requires a high level of skill.

At this time, Zhang Lei, however, showed his cleverness, only to see that he gently put a little bit of the mother ball, and the mother ball slowly slid, and eventually surprisingly squeezed into the remaining pile of balls, no matter hitting that one, it was not good.

“Young man, you’re playing a bit of a trick, but it doesn’t matter, I like this kind of difficulty, it’s only when there’s difficulty in hitting it that you get a sense of achievement!” But He Dong laughed and picked up the cue and went to the side of the table.


Out of everyone’s expectation, He Dong unexpectedly hit the mother ball and jumped up, smashing it right into a big patterned ball and into the hole!

Zhang Lei’s brow furrowed, He Dong’s technique was amazing!

Ji Feng also saw that Zhang Lei’s skill was very good and was already considered high in the general population, however, this He Dong’s skill was even higher and could not be considered amateur level at all, it was simply approaching professional.

Although Ji Feng didn’t know much about the rules of these billiard balls, he had once heard Zhang Lei tell him that this kind of ball was called a jump ball, which not only required controlling the height of the mother ball, but also the angle of strength and so on, which was really difficult, and it was said that a very famous professional player was good at this kind of jump ball.

Obviously, He Dong was pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger!

Xiao Yuxuan was also watching from the side and her gaze towards He Dong became more gentle, Ji Feng frowned slightly and became a little uncomfortable in his heart.


Next, He Dong showed his overwhelming skills, although those balls were all crammed together, yet it was not difficult to defeat him at all, or jumping balls, or straight shots, or back shots …… a billiard was surprisingly played by him like a flower, it was very beautiful.

Ji Feng also had to admit that this ball played very powerful, the action is dashing in place, the posture is very beautiful, is absolutely superb technology now.


When the black 8 went into the hole, He Dong put his cue on the table with a smug look on his face, “Sorry little guy, I won by accident oh!”

Zhang Lei’s face sank slightly, he was naturally not a sore loser, only that anyone else would not be very happy when they found out they were being played as a monkey.

If He Dong had stated from the start that his skills were at least semi-professional, Zhang Lei would only have come to this game with the mindset of playing with him for fun. However, He Dong deliberately used a provocative method to get Zhang Lei to bet against him, this kind of behavior was undoubtedly already bumping into Zhang Lei’s bottom line.

“Hehe ……” Zhang Lei couldn’t help but shake his head with a smile and said, “It seems that I’ve really been sitting on the fence a bit, there are people outside of people, this saying is really an eternal truth.”

Laughing, Zhang Lei reached out and took out his wallet from his pocket, pulled out a stack of one hundred yuan notes, and casually handed one to He Dong. A hundred yuan was just a hundred yuan, to Zhang Lei, it was not much.

“Hehe, hehe, it’s a bit embarra*sing to win money from you little guy!” He Dong smiled slightly and deliberately said, “Little fellow, how about this, how about this, you take this money back, the bet just now, let’s pretend that the two of us have never done or said anything.”

Saying that, he looked at Zhang Lei provocatively.

“Yes, Zhang Lei, you are both still students, you were just talking for fun, how can He Dong ask for your money!” Xiao Yuxuan was however really worried about Zhang Lei, a hundred yuan was not a small amount for a student.

“It’s alright, I can afford to lose!” Zhang Lei smiled, “I can’t spoil everyone’s fun because of me, besides, a man should keep his word!”

“Good then, in that case, dare you play a few more games?” He Dong laughed harshly.

Agitating again!

Ji Feng frowned, this He Dong was definitely not like what he appeared to be, it seemed that not only did he want to win Zhang Lei’s money, he seemed to want to win even more!