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Campus Master Chapter 67-68

Chapter 67

Ji Feng’s face sank as he bent down and picked up the menu that had fallen to the ground, glancing at Zhang Lei who was dazed, he couldn’t help but shake his head with a smile and turned to look at the man. Go to see the net —.7-K–o-m.

“I can pretend that what just happened didn’t happen, please leave the box immediately!” Ji Feng said indifferently, “We booked this compartment from the hotel, if you are unhappy in your heart, you can totally go to the owner or manager of the hotel, there is no reason to be angry with us!”


The young man, who looked extremely gentle, suddenly cursed, “B*****d, if I could find their manager, would I still come to you? Besides, if you hadn’t booked the box, how could the hotel have given it to you, so in the end, it’s your fault! Go away immediately and don’t interfere with my meal!”

“Huh ……” Ji Feng couldn’t help but sneer, “So, you’re forcing your way through?”

“So what if I am?” The young man said disdainfully, “A small county town of Mang Shi has such a lack of credibility and the quality of people is so low, really ……”

Ji Feng’s eyebrows furrowed as he looked at him coldly, after a moment, he shook his head and smiled, “You should go and deal with the manager or owner of the hotel, we have already booked this place, if you mess up again, you are intentionally provoking, that’s not good!”

He had already seen that this man, who looked somewhat civilized, was actually just a lustful guy, he couldn’t see any half-heartedness from his body, and even just by listening to him talk, he knew that this guy definitely wouldn’t have any good origins, and his origins weren’t very big either.

For such a person, if he makes a move, with Ji Feng’s current skills, he can easily put this svelte man down, and even if the other side comes with a few more people, it won’t change the ending. .com

However, Ji Feng does not intend to do so, with kung fu in the body, may not necessarily have to do it. The first thing is that the hotel is considered a high-cla*s restaurant in the whole of Mangsi County, and most of the people who come here to eat are also dignitaries, so if things get too big, Ji Feng doesn’t care, after all, with his skills he will certainly not suffer, but Zhang Lei can’t say.

Once this matter reaches Zhang Lei’s father’s ears, I am afraid that back home Zhang Lei will be cleaned up, this guy is kind enough to invite himself to dinner, do not end up making it very difficult for Zhang Lei to be a person.

Only after he had made up his mind about this did Ji Feng hold back his anger and not lash out.

However, after hearing Ji Feng’s words, that svelte man, as if he had heard some funny joke, immediately laughed and said angrily, “Kid, what are you, do you know how big the sky is? Cut the crap and get out immediately!”

Ji Feng’s face suddenly sank, and just as he wanted to speak, he suddenly felt Zhang Lei touching his arm.

“Crazy, don’t be impulsive, beating this guy will not end well later!” Zhang Lei said in a low voice in Ji Feng’s ear.

Ji Feng’s eyebrows were raised and he asked, “Is this guy a big deal?”

“Not really, but there is one thing you may not know, he is the one I told you about, Miss Xiao’s boyfriend!” Zhang Lei laughed bitterly, “No matter how bad he is, even if it’s for Teacher Xiao’s sake, you can’t beat him up!”

Ji Feng was stunned, “Teacher Xiao’s boyfriend?”

Seeing Zhang Lei nodding slightly, Ji Feng instantly smiled bitterly, how could he have not expected that the two sides would meet under such circumstances. Now it seemed that Zhang Lei’s statement should be true, although this Sven Man looked like a svelte man on the surface, he was actually not really a good person, and he didn’t know how Teacher Xiao had fallen for him!

Over there, the svelte man was impatient when he saw Ji Feng and Zhang Lei muttering together not knowing what they were talking about, and said, “You guys still don’t leave, do you have to let me call someone to kick you out before you leave?”

Just as he finished speaking, he heard an anxious voice from behind him, “He Dong, what are you doing? Even if we don’t have a private room, we can eat anywhere!”

Immediately afterwards, a beautiful figure walked into the box, it was none other than Xiao Yuxuan.

When Xiao Yuxuan entered the box and saw Ji Feng and Zhang Lei, she couldn’t help but lose her voice and said, “Why are you guys here?”

Ji Feng and Zhang Lei smiled bitterly at the same time, and once Xiao Yuxuan took a look at their expressions, she instantly understood what was really going on.

“Yu Xuan, you know these two boys?” The man named He Dong couldn’t help but ask.

“He Dong, these two are my students, why are you having an argument, this is a big misunderstanding!” Xiao Yuxuan pouted, “You’re not bullying my students, are you?”

He Dong immediately laughed, “How is that possible, I just saw that these two students of yours were not too polite, so I educated them for you.”

Saying that, he then said to Ji Feng and Zhang Lei: “Young man, you are only students, you shouldn’t be so cross, fortunately we know each other, otherwise, you would be in big trouble!”

Ji Feng and Zhang Lei looked at each other and both saw the displeasure in each other’s eyes, but with Xiao Yuxuan present, they couldn’t say anything, they just sneered.

“What are you talking about!” Xiao Yuxuan snapped at He Dong in an angry manner before saying, “Ji Feng, Zhang Lei, you are also eating here?”

“Yes!” Ji Feng nodded and said, “Since this is the teacher’s boyfriend, why don’t you sit down and eat together, the matter just now is considered a misunderstanding, no need to mention it again.”

In his heart, he laughed coldly, this big head of garlic, He Dong, was really wild, he thought he was from a big city, he even treated Mang Shi County as a country town and thought he could be wild at will.

You’re kidding, which place doesn’t have capable people? As the saying goes, a strong dragon cannot suppress a snake on the ground, even if He Dong really has a head, he should not be free to be wild.

Zhang Lei’s eyes also flashed a look of disdain, if he hadn’t recognized He Dong as Xiao Yuxuan’s boyfriend, with Zhang Lei’s temper, I’m afraid He Dong would have been lying on the ground long ago, where else would he have had his turn to whine here!

“He Dong, you see ……” Xiao Yuxuan’s inquiring gaze looked towards He Dong.

He Dong smiled faintly, looking very poised: “Since these two young people are your students, then I won’t pursue this any further, just give them a chance to make amends and admit their mistakes, Yu Xuan, let’s sit down!”

Ji Feng and Zhang Lei frowned at the same time, but seeing Xiao Yuxuan who had a smile on her face, the two of them could only let out a soft sigh in their hearts and didn’t say anything.

The waiter who had been somewhat at a loss for words next to them could not help but sigh in relief when he saw that the few people actually knew each other. He didn’t know what the svelte man was from, but the manager had specifically explained that he must treat Zhang Lei and his friend well, otherwise, expulsion might even be light.

“Mr. Xiao, won’t you introduce us?” Just as he sat down, Zhang Lei asked with a smile.


Chapter 68

“Teacher Xiao, won’t you introduce us?” Just after sitting down, Zhang Lei asked with a smile. Go to see the net —.7-K–o-m.

Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but be a little shy and said softly, “This is my boyfriend, He Dong. These two are my students, Ji Feng and Zhang Lei!”

Ji Feng and Zhang Lei nodded slightly in greeting, but He Dong smiled faintly, “The two little guys are really lavish, to come here for dinner, a bit extravagant, right?”

Ji Feng and Zhang Lei frowned slightly at the same time, He Dong’s words seemed to be concerned but actually seemed to contain sarcasm.

Xiao Yuxuan, however, also thought that it was a luxury for Ji Feng and Zhang Lei to come to this big restaurant to eat, she nodded and said, “Yes, you two are both still students, how come you came here to eat, how wasteful is this!”

“Just curious, so I came to get a feel for it!” Ji Feng smiled.

“Haha, so that’s it, you two youngsters are really interesting, you didn’t just order two bowls of noodles, did you?” He Dong laughed harshly, seemingly livening up the atmosphere, while the meaning of his words could not be more obvious.

Xiao Yuxuan gently touched him, meaning that she would not let him say more, so as not to hurt Ji Feng and Zhang Lei’s pride.

Zhang Lei frowned darkly and didn’t say anything.

Ji Feng, however, laughed and said, “Mr. He is joking, because we have never been to such a high cla*s restaurant, so we came over to experience it, as for spending money …… Zhang Lei happens to have a discount card, so we don’t have to spend much!”

“Oh?” He Dong was a little surprised to look at Zhang Lei, “Your discount card is taken from home, right? What do your parents do?”

Checking the account?

There was a hint of anger in Zhang Lei’s heart, but for the sake of Xiao Yuxuan’s face, he didn’t show it and just laughed, “My parents just do a small business, it’s not worth mentioning. .com”

He Dong was then relieved and a smile surfaced on his face, but it gave off a superior feeling of superiority.

Zhang Lei gave Ji Feng a wink, which seemed to mean: How about it, I’m not wrong, this guy is not a good bird.

Naturally, Ji Feng knew this nemesis of his, he smiled faintly and didn’t say anything.

“Well, since you guys are here for a bit of experience and you are Yu Xuan’s students, let me be the host!” He Dong said with a smile, “Waiter, bring up the best set meal you have here!”

The waiter walked in with a professional-like smile and said politely, “Hello sir, we have four of the best set menus here, each for different tastes, which one do you need?”

“Oh?” He Dong said with a smile, “I can’t imagine that a small Mang Shi County is quite sophisticated, what flavours do they all have?”

“Sir, we have a combination of eight major cuisines here respectively, as well as light flavours, hot and spicy flavours as well as seafood flavours in a set menu, all for eighteen thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight!” The waiter replied politely.

“How much is it?” He Dong was instantly shocked, over eighteen thousand?

Although he had a little money, but a meal of nearly twenty thousand, this still made him a little overwhelmed.

Thinking of losing face in front of his girlfriend and her students, He Dong’s face became a bit unsightly as he frowned and said, “What kind of restaurant is this, you’re actually so expensive?”

“Sir, this is our standard price, if you think it’s expensive, sir, you can order other dishes, we have cheap ones here too!” The waiter said.

“What cheap ones!” He Dong suddenly became angry and said in a deep voice, “Do I look like the kind of person who can’t afford to pay? It’s just 20,000 yuan. I am suspecting that there is something wrong with your pricing, it seems that there is something fishy about your place, a small county has such expensive dishes, it’s a joke!”

The waiter froze, not knowing what to reply.

Zhang Lei, however, frowned and waved his hand and said, “Forget it, waiter, just a little bit of the set meal will do, the price is around a thousand yuan, we can’t eat more than that!”

“Oh, okay!” The waiter was very respectful to this guest that the manager had personally explained to him that he should treat him well, and he retreated after finishing his sentence.

“Zhang Lei, right? What do you mean by that, think I can’t afford to pay?” He Dong’s face was unhappy.

“What are you talking about!” Xiao Yuxuan slapped him in anger, “Zhang Lei is right, we can’t eat more than that, more than a thousand yuan is still too expensive for me!”

“Yuxuan, I’m just trying to get you to eat something good, you can’t eat anything in this small county, it hurts my heart every time I think about it!” He Dong chuckled, “How about following what I said, you go work for our company, as the vice general manager, I can still say something!”

“Not for now, I still like being a teacher, my students are very good!” Xiao Yuxuan politely refused, “When I get tired of being a teacher in the future, I will look for you!”

He Dong laughed, “What’s wrong with that, you’ll have to go early or late, besides, when we get married, won’t you still want Jiangzhou!”

“Let’s not talk about that!” Xiao Yuxuan’s eyebrows were slightly knitted, obviously not wanting to talk about this matter anymore.

Ji Feng and Zhang Lei glanced at each other, both puzzled, this guy called He Dong didn’t look like a good bird at first, how could Miss Xiao find this kind of person as her boyfriend? What kind of vision did she have!

Soon, the waiter came to serve the food.

When He Dong took a look, he was happy: “A small county is a small county, there are so many dishes for over a thousand yuan, the prices are really cheap, not like Jiangzhou, these dishes would cost at least seven to eight thousand!”

The dishes on the table, almost all kinds of delicacies, almost a dozen dishes, even four bowls of shark’s fin among them, seemed to be a great value.

Hearing He Dong’s words, Zhang Lei and Ji Feng just smiled and neither said anything.

The waiter, however, explained: “Mr. Zhang, these two bowls of shark’s fin and eight of the dishes are our manager’s treat for you and your friend, so please enjoy your meal. As for the remaining two bowls of shark’s fin, well …… you still need to pay for it!”

With that, the waiter pointed at the shark’s fins in front of He Dong and Xiao Yuxuan.

He Dong’s face immediately turned pig liver colored, after half a day, these dishes were not at all because of the cheap price, but the manager had invited these two students!

“What, Yuxuan, it seems that we are not very popular!” He Dong said with an ugly look on his face.

Ji Feng waved his hand and laughed, “Mr. He is joking, the manager didn’t know that you and Miss Xiao would be here. Waiter, don’t give these dishes away, count them all on this guy at the original price!”

Saying that, he pointed at Zhang Lei.

“Go ahead, what he says is the same as what I say!” Zhang Lei waved his hand and said.

Only then did He Dong’s face look better, but Xiao Yuxuan was surprised and glanced at Zhang Lei and Ji Feng, she suddenly found that she was somewhat unable to see through these two students.