Campus Master Chapter 65-66

Chapter 65

“This is great, old sister is completely fallen!” With a smile on his face, Zhang Lei looked at the figure of Tong Lei running away and said to himself with a smile. Go to see the net —.7-K–o-m.

Just as Tong Lei led Ji Feng out of the cla*sroom, Zhang Lei, who noticed something was wrong, sneakily followed him out and hid in a corner of the corridor, just in time to see all the positive process and listen clearly to the conversation between the two.

But soon, Zhang Lei’s brow furrowed as he whispered to himself, “This time, the madman is really in a bit of trouble, even if I’m helping out on the side, I’m afraid he’s still in enough trouble!”

With a soft sigh, Zhang Lei shook his head slightly, “I hope the madman can keep his according temper as usual, otherwise, the matter between him and the old sister, is not so easy to be …… I encourage the madman to go after the old sister, I don’t know whether it is good for him or harm him! ”

Zhang Lei’s face showed a complicated look, half a long time later, he only firmly clenched his fist, “crazy, consider it as a brother owes you a favor, this may really make it difficult for you, if I don’t do this, you may live an uneventful and happy life, however, the old sister is likely to suffer a lifetime, family marriage, how many are happy? ”

“No matter what, I can’t let my old sister spend her life in pain!” Zhang Lei said firmly.

In fact, allowing Ji Feng to pursue Tong Lei was extremely painful in Zhang Lei’s heart.

Because he knew very well that his own family was far more than just a county party secretary’s family, this was just the tip of the iceberg, the real power, not in Mang Shi County, but in the capital and Jiangzhou and other provinces, the Tong family, was definitely a behemoth.

In such a situation, how can the marriage of the family’s children be their own decision?

What’s more, because of this, the resistance that Ji Feng had to face in pursuing Tong Lei was really unprecedented.

The thought that Ji Feng would probably be attacked by the other sons in the family made the guilt in Zhang Lei’s heart one point higher.

This time, even if I owe you as a brother, in the future, even if you take this life of mine, I will have absolutely no complaints! Zhang Lei looked at Ji Feng’s back as he stood at the end of the corridor contemplating, and couldn’t help but say secretly. .com

“After watching for so long, aren’t you tired?” Just as Zhang Lei’s thoughts were changing, Ji Feng at the end of the corridor not far away suddenly turned around and looked at Zhang Lei who was hiding in the corner with a smirk.

Zhang Lei was startled, he only showed half of his head and one eye from afar, just to see clearly the conversation between Ji Feng and Tong Lei, how did this kid know that he was standing here?

He walked out with a sarcastic smile, “That, hey, madman, why are you here?”

“I should be asking you that, right?” Ji Feng hummed, “Is it funny to have no words to say? Lei Zi, spying is not a good habit, seeing as you kid is doing it so familiarly, you don’t do this kind of thing often, do you?”

Zhang Lei was a little embarra*sed, but his cheek was thick enough, he just hemmed and hawed and said, “That, madman, the weather today is nice, quite breezy.”

Ji Feng couldn’t help but laugh dumbly, cha ke gags were always this kid’s specialty.

Ji Feng also did not pursue him to ask why he was here, because both sides had an understanding of each other’s character, if Zhang Lei wanted to talk, even if he did not ask, Zhang Lei would say, but if he did not want to talk, no matter how he asked, he would certainly not say, and in the end, he might even hurt each other’s feelings.

“Crazy, well …… how can I put it, thanks!” Zhang Lei suddenly got serious and said seriously.

Ji Feng knew what he meant by that and just waved his hand and said, “This is my own choice, it has nothing to do with you!”

“Oh ……” Zhang Lei smiled faintly and patted Ji Feng’s shoulder, he really didn’t misjudge the person.

“Right, this afternoon it’s time for another holiday at the end of the month, how about casually going out for a couple of drinks?” Zhang Lei asked thievishly.

Ji Feng was stunned, then shook his head and laughed, “Forget it, I don’t want to hang out with this little rascal of yours, if we drink now, my mum will still scold me to death when I get home?”

“Then we won’t drink, just some casual drinks!” Zhang Lei immediately said, “Seriously, if I drink, I’ll definitely get a lecture at home too, hehehe!”

Ji Feng couldn’t help but laugh and scold, “You B*****d …… today you’re buying, don’t try to renege on the bill!”

“No problem, it’s not just a treat, it’s a small thing!” Zhang Lei said happily at once.

Suddenly, Zhang Lei seemed to remember something else and said with a frown, “Crazy, told you the news again, it seems that Miss Xiao’s boyfriend is here again!”

“How do you know that?” Ji Feng’s heart moved, but on the surface was pretending as if nothing was wrong asked.

“I could see the teachers’ flat by standing on the teaching building and accidentally saw it!” Zhang Lei smiled heatedly, “At that time, I saw Teacher Xiao and her boyfriend sitting together in the gazebo below the teachers’ flat and seemed to be chatting happily!”

Ji Feng nodded slightly and was silent for a moment before saying, “Lei Zi, don’t go and do these boring things, remember to call me when school is over this afternoon!”

After saying that, Ji Feng gave him a punch and walked away with a smile.

“Holy sh*t, where did this kid get such great strength!” Zhang Lei shouted miserably, rubbing his pectoral muscles that hurt from Ji Feng’s light punch, and laughed bitterly: “I just mentioned Miss Xiao’s boyfriend, why did you hit me?

Suddenly, Zhang Lei seemed to have noticed something and suddenly his eyes widened, “Holy sh*t, the madman doesn’t like Teacher Xiao, does he? If not, why would he take it out on his buddies after he found out this news? This brat, he’s such a womanizer, no, I have to tell my sister to keep an eye on him, otherwise, my sister will have to have more sisters in the future!”

After saying that, Zhang Lei hurriedly ran back to the cla*sroom.


In the afternoon, Ji Feng continued to receive training from the intelligent brain, now he could successfully perform the ninth move of the bodybuilding exercise, his physique had been greatly improved, as long as he completed all thirteen moves and learned all the auxiliary skills, he would become a master no less than a super agent of the interstellar era!

Since it was Friday and there was a two-day holiday coming up, there was no evening study today.

As soon as school was over, Zhang Lei pulled Ji Feng outside, “Sh*t, I say crazy you hurry up, okay, the restaurant I’m taking you to has a particularly tight seat, if you’re done going there might not even be a place to stand!”

Ji Feng laughed bitterly helplessly as he followed Zhang Lei’s lead and walked quickly.

“Peng Cheng Grand Hotel!”

This was the place Zhang Lei had chosen to eat.

As expected, as soon as he arrived at the entrance, he saw several rows of cars parked full, and even the lobby was filled with people, obviously business was very hot.

As soon as the waiter saw him and Ji Feng, he immediately greeted them with a smile, “Two, sorry, we are already full here.”

Zhang Lei waved his hand and said, “Get your manager here, I’ve already booked a seat for this afternoon!”

“May I ask what box number it is?” The waiter was stunned.

“Number eighty-eight!” Zhang Lei said.

The waiter immediately said, “I’m really sorry, you’re Mr. Zhang, I didn’t know you had booked a private room, please follow me!”

Box number eighty-eight had already been booked in the morning, but in the afternoon the manager suddenly said that box number eighty-eight would be booked for a person called Mr. Zhang, and if the person who originally booked the box came, they would be given a random seat.

The waitress knew this, so she didn’t dare to be rude.

However, she was a bit worried because the gentleman who came to book the table this morning also seemed to be quite a big shot.


Chapter 66

“Crazy, Peng Cheng Hotel can be considered a good restaurant in our Mang Shi!”

Sitting in box number eighty-eight, Zhang Lei held the menu, and laughed at Ji Feng: “The most distinctive thing about this hotel is their four specialties, look, the first page of the menu is the four specialties, today, my buddy pays for it anyway, so I’ll give you a chance to rip you off, you have to grasp this opportunity, otherwise after this village, there won’t be this shop! ”

Ji Feng couldn’t help but shake his head with a smile and said, “Lei Zi, this prince of yours is too rowdy, right?”

Just kidding, this box number eighty-eight was not small, not to mention sitting two people, even if it sat eight people ten people, it would not be a problem, but now, here sat two high school students who were estimated to be no more than just adults, this platitude was indeed a bit too big. The first thing you need to do is to look at the net.

Zhang Lei was stunned, then shook his head with a bitter smile and said, “Crazy, you’re misunderstanding me. If it were just me, I could eat in the hall, even if I were to find a stall on the roadside, I could eat with equal relish. But today is different, today is our first time to eat together, we have to behave ourselves, it might be a memory in the future, don’t you think so?”

Ji Feng was dumbfounded, waved his hand and said, “Go ahead, you’re the money man anyway, even if you eat abalone you won’t mind the pain!”

Zhang Lei immediately rolled his eyes, “Sh*t, abalone …… buddy up to now even abalone looks like still do not know.”

Ji Feng couldn’t help but smile, “Then you’re not as good as me, I’ve even seen what an abalone looks like on TV once!”

For them as high school students, although their status and position were more or less different, Zhang Lei had grown up in a [poor son and rich daughter] environment and had actually not had much enjoyment, not much worse than Ji Feng. .com

The two of them cheekily ordered four dishes casually, but the four special dishes on the front page of the menu, Ji Feng did not order any of them, because the prices on them made him not even want to take a look at them.

The lowest priced dish, eight hundred and eighty eight …… was a very auspicious number, but for Ji Feng, this number was no different from a disaster.

If it is put in the past, Ji Feng and his mother two people usually spend less than eight hundred a month down, if the mother knows that he ate more than eight hundred in one dish ……

“Crazy, this is your own decision, don’t regret it later!” Zhang Lei saw a few dishes ordered by Ji Feng and couldn’t help but be happy, “But then again, I’ve never really eaten these dishes, they look delicious ……”

“Forget it, hurry up and finish eating, I still have to go home, don’t think everyone is as laid back as you kid!” Ji Feng laughed and scolded, and just as he was about to continue talking, he suddenly heard a noise coming from outside.

“What’s wrong with you guys? I had booked this box number eighty-eight this morning, why are you suddenly giving it back now? Is this the reputation of your so-called big hotels?”

A rather arrogant voice came in, and although it seemed a little less clear through the door, with Ji Feng’s hearing, he could still hear it clearly without a hitch.

“What’s all the fuss outside, are you still letting people eat?” Zhang Lei muttered twice in dissatisfaction and asked the waiter who had been waiting next to him.

Before the waiter could say anything, Ji Feng glared at Zhang Lei and asked, “Lei Zi, when did you book this private room?”

“I booked it before cla*s in the afternoon!” Zhang Lei said, “While I was on my lunch break, I hung up a phone call to the energy of this restaurant and asked him to arrange a private box for me!”

“It’s that simple?” Ji Feng asked.

“Of course, it’s that simple, otherwise what else do you think?” Zhang Lei was a little surprised and asked, “Crazy, why do you suddenly want to ask this? Is this box not good?”

Ji Feng shook his head and smiled, pointed to the door again, and said, “There’s someone outside making a lot of noise, and it’s because of this compartment.”

“That can’t be right?” Zhang Lei’s brow furrowed.

“I think it’s possible, that person said that he booked this compartment in the morning, only to come over now and suddenly find that it’s not available, can they not be angry? In the final analysis, you kid are the culprit!” Ji Feng said with a bad laugh.

“Holy sh*t!”

Zhang Lei froze and couldn’t help but curse, “That **** manager is hurting me!”

“What do you mean?” Ji Feng was stunned.

Zhang Lei laughed bitterly, “I called that manager, I stole a VIP card from home and called it according to the address and phone number on the card. But the point is, this card belongs to my dad, if he knows that I’m showing around with his card, and even fighting with others for the box, I’m afraid I’ll have a hard time again!”

Ji Feng froze, then suddenly laughed out loud, “You guy, I dare say you’re so generous, you still want to invite me to dinner, and you want to come to box number eighty-eight, so you’re just pulling a tiger’s skin to make a big flag, Lei Zi, you’re too shameless too!”

“Holy sh*t!” Zhang Lei was scolded and laughed in embarra*sment, couldn’t help but say, “Crazy, don’t be so shameless, okay, at least buddy didn’t come to dinner with you after stealing the card, besides, if it wasn’t for treating you, would buddy be able to call that manager?!”

Ji Feng didn’t say anything either, he just pointed to the door with a bad smile.

Zhang Lei immediately gritted his teeth in anger and said, “Waiter, go and call your manager over immediately and ask him to set this matter right, otherwise, I won’t be done with him, even if I have to risk being beaten to death by my old man, I will make this hotel close down immediately!”

The waitress was startled, she knew that those who could enter box number eighty-eight were at least very rich people, because there was a minimum spending for the box here, so she immediately nodded and said, “Please wait a moment.” She immediately walked out, presumably to report to the manager.

However, the waitress didn’t even have time to leave the compartment, just as soon as she opened the compartment door, a figure barged in.

Ji Feng and Zhang Lei immediately looked, but saw a young man who looked very civilized, but at that moment there was a fierce glint in his eyes, this young man was not very tall, about 1.72 meters, and his skin was very fair.

This guy, very suitable to be a little white face, greasy head and powder face! Ji Feng said secretly in his heart, but his face sank.


Before Zhang Lei and Ji Feng could say anything, the man slapped the table violently and said proudly, “What are you two, don’t you even know how to come first and come last? How dare you rob the box I booked?!”