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Campus Master Chapter 129-130

Chapter 129

Although the conversation between Qin Shujie and the middle-aged man was very low, Ji Feng’s ears could not be measured by common sense, so he heard it word for word. Go to see the net .

Ji Feng turned back slightly and glanced at the middle-aged man. He had felt that the middle-aged man was not simple, and now it seemed that if he was correct, that middle-aged man should be the ‘expert’ that Qin Shujie had hired.

Gambling on stones was, without a doubt, extremely risky. Therefore, when one cannot control one’s luck, an old eye and rich experience in gambling stones become the greatest pursuit of all those who gamble on stones. For the major jewellery companies operating in the jadeite business, if there is an experienced expert in the company, not only can they participate in the gambling directly, eliminating the intermediate link of buying jadeite raw materials from the gamblers, but also, can reduce unnecessary losses when gambling on the stones.

It is not uncommon to pay tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even millions. Therefore, for those jewellery companies, if they can increase the success rate of their gambling, it means that they can save an astronomical amount of money, although the company also needs to pay a substantial commission to the experts, but naturally, it is not easy to compare with the loss when there is no expert.

Obviously, this middle-aged man beside Qin Shujie should be an expert hired by her company, or an old acquaintance.

“If possible, it would be a good idea to ask this middle-aged man for some advice on the essentials of gambling stones, so that I wouldn’t have to figure it out on my own.” Although he was able to see through the rough stones to the jadeite inside, if he was seen as an amateur, I was afraid that he would be ripped off as an ingrate when it came to prices.

“Let’s unlock the stones!”

A loud shout from the owner of the stone-solving office immediately brought Ji Feng’s thoughts back and he turned his head, only to find that it was another stone-solving machine where Wu Changqun was pointing someone to lift up the piece of rough stone he had previously bid for with Ji Feng and start to solve the stone.

Ji Feng turned his head away and laughed in his heart. If Wu Changqun saw later that the jadeite inside the piece of rough stone he had bought for millions was smaller than a baby’s fist and of inferior quality, I wonder what kind of expression he would have.


The harsh sound of the grinding wheel cutting the stone made Ji Feng frown, although he knew it was a necessary step, Ji Feng was still not used to the sound, however, seeing his own rough stone and Wu Changqun’s rough stone being opened at the same time, he put up with it, wasn’t it just a harsh sound? It was no big deal compared to seeing Wu Changqun’s kind of face as if he had died of his own father later.

Tolerate it!

In fact, it was not only Ji Feng who had some difficulty in accepting the harsh sound, even Qin Shujie, who often attended such trade fairs, and the middle-aged man beside her, as well as Old Wang, all frowned a little, the sound was just a little too harsh. I consulted some information on it, so don’t be offended if there are any problems with the writing, this episode will soon pa*s.

Finally, I implore brothers and sisters to vote for flowers.


Chapter 130

The sound of the grinding wheel polishing the rough stone is still very harsh and almost unbearable. Go to see the website . Now, however, no one minded the unpleasant sound anymore, and as the crystalline jadeite was gradually revealed, everyone expected that the harsh sound would be faster and more intense.

Almost all the onlookers had envious and greedy eyes in their eyes, staring at the piece of rough stone under Uncle Hai. The jadeite, which was half the size of a basketball, was already revealed. And this, however, was only one of the divisions. Looking at the direction of the jadeite, there seemed to be more jadeite among the remaining uncut majority of the rough stone!

Apart from the onlookers, Qin Shujie and Wu Changqun were the most surprised. However, their faces were very different.

Qin Shujie looked meaningfully at Ji Feng who had a faint smile on his face. She suddenly remembered that when she first saw such a large piece of jadeite, she seemed too excited to contain herself, but this young man in front of her looked very calm. Although Ji Feng’s face wore the same look of excitement, Qin Shujie had a vague feeling that this expression of his seemed to be faked.

In other words, it seemed that Ji Feng was not really surprised that he had bought such a large piece of jade!

Did he already know about this situation, or did he himself simply not see this amount of money in his eyes? Or, was it that he was so used to seeing the storm that this bit of excitement could not excite him at all? Qin Shujie was at a loss to understand.

However, Qin Shujie knew that she was very excited.

Nowadays, business is not too good in the jewellery and jadeite business, the competition is certainly one of the reasons, but the tight supply of goods is also crucial.

For example, in Qin Shujie’s company, apart from those one or two pieces of treasures in the shop, there are no extremely fine jadeite at all, most of them are some violet or more inferior jadeite carved into objects, which is not very attractive to those rich people at all.

Especially in recent times, the supply of goods for Shu Yao Jewellery Company was extremely tight, the jadeite was almost running out, while other jewellery was in sufficient supply, however, with more and more people attaching themselves to it in the past few years, the sales of jadeite and jade were obviously in demand, and this side was about to run out of stock.

It was precisely for this reason that Qin Shujie came to this jadeite and jade fair in person, just to buy enough raw materials to ease the company’s crisis.

However, when she arrived at the fair, she realised that there were too many jade merchants coming to the fair, from all over the country, and some of them were big companies with great strength.

Therefore, it had been almost half a day since Qin Shujie arrived at the fair, and she had not even bought a single jadeite yet.

If she hadn’t accidentally met Ji Feng, Qin Shujie would have participated in the gambling herself, which is why she brought Uncle Hai along to the fair. .com

But now it looked as if there was no need to worry about any of this.

The piece of rough stone that Ji Feng had purchased had risen in gambling, and it was a big one at that!

Just from the size of the jadeite that was now exposed, this piece of jadeite was the size of a basketball, and the jadeite was of such good quality that it would be enough to top the company for a while if it was bought over.

“This young man, what a surprise!” Qin Shujie looked at Ji Feng who was not far away and couldn’t help but murmur.

In stark contrast to Qin Shujie’s performance was Wu Changqun, who was limp beside another stone solver, and the two sisters, Hu Xueqin and Hu Xuehui, who were beside him.

The three looked at Ji Feng dumbfounded, with a strong sense of resentment welling up in their hearts. Wu Changqun, in particular, was red in the face, as if he was being strangled, with veins rising high on his forehead.

“D*mned little B*****d, with just a million or so on him, he deliberately bid against me, only to make me pay over six million for a scrap of stone!”

The loss of more than six million dollars made Wu Changqun almost red-eyed, and if not for the presence of so many people, Wu Changqun would have had the heart to eat Ji Feng alive.

The two sisters, Hu Xuehui and Hu Xueqin, on the other hand, were filled with a strong jealousy in their hearts. How could Wu Changqun not be able to solve the jadeite, but this poor boy could solve such a large piece of jadeite?

In fact, Hu Xuehui and Hu Xueqin did not know how much the jadeite that Ji Feng had solved was worth.


The sound of swallowing saliva was so obvious that everyone stared dumbfounded at the jadeite that was getting bigger and bigger in Uncle Hai’s hand, a look of both excitement and greed in their eyes.

“Ice jadeite, it’s ice jadeite!” A merchant murmured, full of surprise, “Such a large piece of ice jadeite, but it’s so rare!”

Ice jade?

Ji Feng was immediately stunned, he had never heard that there was such a thing as ice jade.

“Didn’t you say that the best jadeite is gla*s jadeite, followed by ice jadeite? How come there is still ice jade?” Ji Feng was a bit puzzled, he wanted to ask Uncle Hai, but seeing that he was busy, he dismissed the idea, it was better to wait until he was done.


As the last sound of friction fell, the emerald in Uncle Hai’s hand finally revealed its true face.

It was as big as two basketballs and somewhat irregular in shape, but this did not hinder its beauty and high value in any way.

“What a piece of ice-grown jadeite!”

Uncle Hai wiped a handful of sweat from his forehead, his face full of awe, “The old man has been in the jadeite business for most of his life, but it’s the first time I’ve personally solved such a large jadeite, and it’s still an ice jadeite!”

He was not the only one, the others were also in awe, it was two basketballs big!

Uncle Hai immediately commanded the staff to weigh it, more than eighty-three pounds!

Everyone’s eyes went straight, staring at the jadeite with a greedy look in their eyes that they couldn’t hide.

“Ji Feng, your kid’s luck is unspeakable, it’s really …… tsk tsk!” Ji Feng just walked over, Uncle Hai couldn’t help but laugh, perhaps because he was too excited, he looked very close to Ji Feng when he spoke.

Ji Feng smiled faintly and said, “Uncle Hai, this is not my good luck, the one who solved the stone is you, so to say luck, it’s also your good luck.”

Uncle Hai pointed at him with a smile and said, “Ji Feng, this jadeite is an ice jadeite, and looking at its quality, it’s not too far from a water jadeite, and it’s such a large size, in this situation now, it’s enough to be called an extremely fine jadeite!”

Ji Feng did not have time to speak, a boss in the crowd suddenly shouted: “This little brother, you this piece of jadeite for sale, let Uncle Hai help estimate a price, I buy it!”

“Old He, you’re buying by force, it’s up to this little brother to decide who to sell it to!” A boss said with a smile, “Little brother, I’ll add 10% to Uncle Hai’s estimate, sell it to me?”

The others immediately followed suit and yelled, such a large piece of jadeite was enough to guarantee a small company’s supply of goods for half a year without any problems, and it was also ice jadeite, so it was naturally even more attractive.

Uncle Hai looked at Ji Feng and smiled, “You make the decision!”

With a faint smile on his face, Ji Feng said aloud, “Sorry everyone, this piece of jadeite has already been reserved.”

The others were instantly disappointed, but there was someone else who was unwilling and said, “Little brother, this jadeite is so big, I’m afraid it’s hard for one person to swallow it, how about this, why don’t you discuss with that person who has reserved it, can you share some with me?”

“Yes, yes!” The others immediately followed and echoed.

Ji Feng turned his head to look at Qin Shujie and smiled, “Chief Qin, this matter will be up to you to decide.”

“It’s General Manager Qin?”

The others’ gazes also shifted to Qin Shujie, and once they saw it was her, they were stunned. Especially the local businessmen in Jiangzhou had a helpless look on their faces.

With Qin Shujie’s presence, I was afraid that I would have no chance with this piece of jade.

Because many people knew that Qin Shujie’s origin was not small, and the company’s background was also very powerful. In this situation where there were too many monks and too little meat, it would not be so wise to insist on competing with the Shu Yao Jewellery Company.

After all, those foreign businessmen might leave at any time, while they, the locals, were the ones who had to stay here, because the company was here, and it would not be worth it if there was a conflict with Shu Yao Jewellery Company.

“So it was Mr. Qin who settled on this piece of jade, Mr. Qin really has a good eye.” What businessmen like most is to see the wind and make the rudder, a businessman had already decisively given up the competition for the jadeite and instead turned his head to pull a relationship with Qin Shujie.

Qin Shujie had an elegant smile on her pretty face and her red lips were lightly parted, “Boss He is overpraised.”

Ji Feng smiled, “Mr. Qin, as agreed before, this piece of jade will be sold to you.”

Qin Shujie nodded with a smile and looked at Uncle Hai, saying softly, “Uncle Hai, please give an estimate.”

Uncle Hai mused, “This jadeite of Ji Feng’s is a top quality ice jadeite, and it is large, so apart from being carved into small objects, it can also be carved into some rare large objects, so in terms of this price, it fluctuates quite a lot. However, excluding the carving work and other costs, if we just talk about the price of the jadeite, I think it should be between forty-five and fifty million dollars!”


As soon as Uncle Hai’s words were spoken, the two Hu Xuehui sisters instantly sucked in a breath of cold air, so expensive?!

Hu Xuehui’s face even revealed a look of disbelief as she subconsciously lost her voice, “How is this possible, a poor boy, how can he turn into a multi-millionaire in the blink of an eye? A piece of jadeite, how can it be so valuable?!”

Qin Shujie looked at Ji Feng and asked, “Mr. Ji, what do you think of this price?”

Ji Feng, however, was very quick and nodded: “If Uncle Hai says this price, then that’s the price.”

“Speaking of which, I’m still taking advantage of it.” Qin Shujie laughed lightly.

Ji Feng just shook his head and smiled: “That’s very kind of you, Mr. Qin, if it wasn’t for the million or so that Mr. Qin lent me, I wouldn’t have been able to buy the rough stone, much less get this jadeite!”

“Ji Feng, you’re a good kid, not greedy and atmospheric!” Uncle Hai exclaimed.

Watching Qin Shujie order people to load the jadeite onto the car, all the merchants secretly said in their hearts that it was a pity that such a good opportunity had been missed.

Judging from the current situation, I’m afraid that the best jadeite at this trade fair has just been bought away.

And one word came to the minds of the two sisters, Hu Xuehui: “Sky-high price!”