Campus Master Chapter 131-132

Chapter 131

Heart shocked beyond measure, the two sisters Hu Xuehui’s emotions were directly and thoroughly expressed on their faces, especially when they saw that Qin Shujie had not even used to negotiate the price before directly ordering people to carry the jadeite to the car, they were even more taken aback. Go to see the net .

The two of them were surprised to see that the price was between $45 million and $50 million, which was a difference of $5 million.

Not only were the two sisters Hu Xuehui stunned, even some of the merchants next to them, as well as the disoriented Wu Changqun, were equally astonished, at what price this piece of superb jadeite was sold, many people were incomparably curious.

Qin Shujie drove a Mercedes SUV today, a cardboard box with foam padding provided by the organizer of the fair, containing the jadeite was placed in the car, only then did Qin Shujie come in style, took out a cheque book from the bag she carried, wrote a number and handed it to Ji Feng.


When Ji Feng saw the number on the cheque, he immediately frowned. The others were instantly curious, did it mean that Qin Shujie didn’t keep her promise and gave a lower price? If that was the case, one could consider paying a higher price to buy the jadeite over. In normal business activities, bidding is allowed after all. It cannot be said that Qin Shujie’s Shu Yao Jewellery Company does not allow other companies to compete because of its strong background.

On the premise of equal prices, other companies were not willing to compete with Shu Yao Jewellery Company, but if it was Qin Shujie who deliberately lowered the price and wanted to bully Ji Feng, they naturally wanted to follow suit to get a share of the pie.

However, Ji Feng’s next words dashed the slightest hope that had just risen in everyone’s hearts.

Only to see Ji Feng frowning, looking at Qin Shujie, shaking his head and saying, “Chief Qin, this is a bit wrong, isn’t it? Just now Uncle Hai said that the jade should be around forty-five million, and we all agreed on that price. After deducting the one million or so you lent me before, you actually only need to give me forty-three million. However, you gave me $50 million instead. This is deliberately letting me take advantage of it. It’s a bit bad for you to do that, isn’t it?”

When the other merchants heard this, they felt the urge to vomit blood. How could there be such a person who didn’t want to give you more money?

Ji Feng, on the other hand, was very insistent that no matter what the friendship was, the price was something that could not be fooled around with. He knew very well that if Qin Shujie hadn’t lent him the million dollars, he would never have been able to buy this piece of rough stone immediately.

Of course, at that time he already had more than one million seven hundred thousand in his hand, and with the ability of his penetrating eye, although he could continue to buy other mao stones and make a solid profit, he would always be able to raise the three million. Yet there was one thing that could not be disregarded, and that was, in the process of him buying other rough stones and raising the money, would this rough stone, which contained a superb jadeite, be bought by someone else?

Although it might be a bit of a coincidence to say so, this is what is called luck, and it is not an exaggeration to say that it might also be just a matter of time before or after that someone might buy this piece of rough stone. .com

You know, there are just too many rich people who come to this fair.

There is a jingle in Jiangzhou that illustrates just how many rich people there really are in Jiangzhou. The saying goes like this: There are as many big money as dogs, and the rich are walking all over the place!

Therefore, considering all these factors, Ji Feng decided on the price of forty-five million that Uncle Hai had said. He did not expect Qin Shujie to give it at the price of fifty million, and he did not even use the million or so that he had borrowed to count, which made Ji Feng a bit dissatisfied.

If Ji Feng accepted this price, he would feel that he owed Qin Shujie a favor.

It’s good to pay back money, but it’s not so good to pay back a favor.

Seeing Ji Feng’s dissatisfied expression, Qin Shujie’s heart stuttered and she immediately knew that she had underestimated this young man. Although Qin Shujie had already thought highly of Ji Feng in her heart, she now realised that she had far underestimated him.

A young man who could be unfazed in the face of millions definitely deserved the highest rating she could give him.

Originally, Qin Shujie had given a few more millions because, on the one hand, she wanted to thank Ji Feng for selling her the jadeite, which had eased the company’s tight supply of goods. On the other hand, she did want to make Ji Feng owe herself a favour.

Not for anything else, just because of Ji Feng’s good luck.

One should know that in the business of gambling stones, both eyesight and experience were far less important than luck. A person with good luck is enough for everyone to become befriended.

Qin Shujie was likewise using a businessman’s mindset to measure Ji Feng, and she thought that since Ji Feng had tasted the sweetness, he would definitely participate in stone gambling again in the future. As long as she had a good relationship with Ji Feng, she would be able to buy his jadeite on a priority basis when the time came.

But now, it seemed that Ji Feng was definitely not the kind of person who could be easily moved in the face of a few million.

Qin Shujie decisively changed her strategy of interaction in her mind, but she did not rush to show it, otherwise it would deepen Ji Feng’s misunderstanding even more.

So Qin Shujie just smiled sweetly: “Mr. Ji, just now Uncle Hai said that the price of the jadeite was between forty-five million and fifty million, that was without considering the value after engraving, besides, having such a piece of jadeite would be enough to ease the company’s tight supply of goods, so I think that fifty million is a very reasonable price.”

Ji Feng shook his head and said, “Mr. Qin, there is no need to say more, let’s stick to the price of forty-five million, and by the way, there is also the one million three hundred thousand that I borrowed, which should also be deducted from it.”

Seeing Ji Feng’s firm look, Qin Shujie immediately nodded her head slightly and smiled sweetly, “Since Mr. Ji insists, then I will take advantage for once.”

“It’s only me who takes advantage of it!” Only then did Ji Feng reveal a smile.

Qin Shujie then took the cheque and tore it up, reissued a cheque for forty-four million, and smiled, “Mr. Ji, this time you can’t refuse again!”

Ji Feng looked at it and didn’t count it too much.

“By the way, Mr. Qin, you can just call me Ji Feng, the title Mr. Ji sounds awkward to me!” After the deal was done, Ji Feng was naturally in a good mood, in fact, no matter who else it was, suddenly turning from a kid from a kid to a rich man with more than half a billion dollars all of a sudden, he would be in a good mood.

Qin Shujie was naturally happy to have a good relationship with Ji Feng, she smiled and nodded, “Then you shouldn’t call me General Manager Qin, if you don’t mind, just call me Sister Qin.”

Ji Feng nodded slightly and smiled, “Sister Qin.”

Qin Shujie immediately had a strange feeling in her heart; Ji Feng’s eyes were clear and bland, and his body also had an inexplicable aura that made people feel very at ease when they stood next to him.

The more she came into contact with Ji Feng, the more Qin Shujie felt an inexplicable sense of closeness.

Moreover, Ji Feng had a steadiness that people of his age did not have, which made Qin Shujie a little curious. It was said that at his age, all should be hot-blooded, what exactly had this young man experienced to become so calm and steady?

“I feel happy to have you as a brother, Ji Feng, let’s have lunch together at noon.” Qin Shujie extended an invitation.

Ji Feng looked at the time, it was already after eleven o’clock, he shook his head and laughed, “Forget it this time.”

Having earned over forty million in one morning, Ji Feng was already satisfied, he didn’t want to make himself look too solid, it wouldn’t be good to draw attention to himself.

However, Qin Shujie was not happy, her face sank and she snapped, “What, sister invited you to dinner and you still don’t give face?”

Seeing Qin Shujie’s appearance, Ji Feng could only smile and nod, “Alright, sister invited, how dare I not give face!”

“That’s more like it!” Only then did Qin Shujie turn angry to happy.

Suddenly having an extra sister, Ji Feng felt strange in his heart, but happy. He couldn’t help but think that perhaps, having a sister was also quite good.

There were four people in the group, and a Mercedes SUV was just right for them to sit down. Old Wang was still acting as the driver, but in Ji Feng’s opinion, apart from being a driver, Old Wang should also be a bodyguard.

Sitting on the leather seats inside the Mercedes, Ji Feng looked around. There was no doubt that this was a luxury car. The leather seats, the car TV, the remote phone, what made Ji Feng feel rare especially, were the countless dense small holes on the seats, the slightest cold air emanated from the small holes, making his whole body cool.

Moreover, when Ji Feng sat in the car, if he didn’t look out, he could hardly feel the car moving, and even when he was turning, he didn’t feel anything, the name of zero centrifugal force is really not a cover.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but secretly sigh, this kind of famous car, he used to only be able to fantasize about it when discussing it with others, but never thought that now he was really sitting in it.

“What a great car, the car the big boss is in, it’s just different!” Ji Feng said with an envious smile on his face.

When Qin Shujie heard that Ji Feng was flirting with her, she immediately gave him a white look and snapped, “You, that cheque I gave you, I don’t know how many cars you can buy, you’re a big boss too!”

“Oh ……” Ji Feng shook his head and laughed.

What Qin Shujie took Ji Feng to, was a leisure club called Spring River Flower Moon Night, the name was very tacky. However, as soon as he walked in, Ji Feng felt that the interior was exquisitely decorated and in a cla*sical style. If he did not see the interior ceiling fitted with chandeliers and the like, he almost citrus himself into an ancient tavern.

The atmosphere in the clubhouse is very good, quiet and elegant, and you feel very relaxed when you walk in.

Ji Feng nodded secretly, this clubhouse was indeed well decorated, especially in this hot season, it was nice to have such a relaxing place.

“Whatever you want to eat, feel free to order!” Several people were led by the waiter to a private room, and when several people sat down in turn, Qin Shujie handed the menu to Ji Feng.

“I’m not polite then!” Ji Feng laughed and had just opened the menu when he heard a mid-toned, loud laugh from outside the box, “Shu-jie is here? Why didn’t you inform me when you came here?!”

Immediately afterwards, Ji Feng saw that Qin Shujie’s brow was slightly frowned.


Chapter 132

Qin Shujie didn’t like this talker! This was Ji Feng’s first impression. Go to see the net . If not, Qin Shujie wouldn’t have frowned slightly when she first heard this voice.

Although Ji Feng had not been in contact with Qin Shujie for a long time, he could tell that Qin Shujie was a very cultured person, and usually even if she didn’t like it, she would definitely not show it easily.

This time, however, she was doing it so obviously, which meant that she was very impatient with the owner of that voice just now.

Still, her good upbringing had prevented Qin Shujie from showing too much impatience, and she only frowned slightly before regaining her composure.

Old Wang, who was next to her, on the other hand, snorted coldly and did not say anything. Apparently, he also knew the owner of this voice and didn’t have much good feeling towards that person.

Ji Feng picked up the tea on the table and gently took a sip, without speaking.

Soon, the door of the compartment was opened, and a young man of about twenty-five or twenty-six years old walked in with a dragon stride, laughing loudly and looking very cheerful.

“Mr. Qin, I saw your car downstairs just now, and I realised you were here too.” The youth was not polite, and pulled out a chair and sat down directly, “If my guess is right, Mr. Qin should be here for this jadeite rough trade fair, right? How was it, did you make any catches?”

Qin Shujie smiled faintly and acted politely, “It’s fine, more or less some gains.”

“That’s good, if Mr Qin encounters any difficulties in this area, just ask, I will definitely help if I can.” The youth had a cheerful smile on his face, and it was easy to make people’s hearts feel good as soon as they looked.

Especially Ji Feng, when he saw this youth’s face, he only felt a shock in his heart, what a familiar face!

If it wasn’t for the fact that this youth was dressed in a brand name and was a bit older, Ji Feng even had the feeling that he was looking in a mirror.

Ji Feng secretly took a look at this youth, and he found that this person looked very similar to himself.

Of course, if one did not look carefully, one would never be able to tell the difference. This was because the two had completely different temperaments; Ji Feng was a kind of calm, introspective, while his eyes were sharp.

This youth, however, is a kind of openness, but does not let people resent him, as if he does everything as a matter of course. It was like an innate feeling of nobility.

So, just because of these two completely different temperaments, the few people here didn’t use to find any similarities between Ji Feng and this youth. In fact, if they looked closely they would have noticed that these two were very similar.

Qin Shujie smiled elegantly, “I appreciate Mr. Ji’s feelings, thank you for your concern!”

The young man waved his hand and smiled, “There’s no need to be polite, Mr. Qin. Frankly speaking, I want to help you, not actually for Hao Yu’s sake, but because we’re all old cla*smates. In fact, recently Haoyu was even talking to me about how about we all get together if we have time?”

Only then did Ji Feng realize that this youth and Qin Shujie were cla*smates, only, he didn’t know what the ‘Haoyu’ he was talking about was.

When Qin Shujie heard this, but her eyebrows knitted slightly, “Ji Shaolei, if you are here today as a cla*smate, I welcome you to have a few drinks here, but if you are here as a lobbyist, I think there is no need for you to stay here.”

Ji Shaolei!

So it was him!

Only then did Ji Feng understand why he felt that this man resembled himself, it turned out that he was the second son of his second uncle, the oldest president of Jian’an Group, Ji Shaolei.

Ji Feng suddenly remembered that previously in the kindergarten Qin Shujie’s daughter had a conflict with that son called Zhou Dayong, when it seemed that Qin Shujie was very scornful of Ji Shaolei and only put up a desperate stance for the sake of her daughter, but never thought that it turned out that Qin Shujie and Ji Shaolei were actually cla*smates.

It seems that there seems to be a very complicated relationship here.

Ji Shaolei slapped his forehead and laughed bitterly, “Shujie, the number of people who dare to speak to me like this in the whole of Jiangzhou can be counted on one palm, and you just don’t give face like that?”

Qin Shujie’s expression cooled down, “Ji Shaolei, you have a big family, so how dare we from a small family not give you face. However, in the matter between Zheng Haoyu and me, can you stop following and getting involved?”


Ji Shaolei’s face also sank and said, “Shujie, let me tell you this, everyone makes mistakes, but after making a mistake, you have to give people a chance to correct it, you can’t beat them to death with a stick, right? I don’t want to see you two separated, so you should think about it again!”

“What if I don’t think about it?” Qin Shujie seemed to have anger. .com

“I owe Hao Yu a favour!” Ji Shaolei said indifferently, “If Hao Yu has a request, I will try to help.”

Qin Shujie was instantly enraged, “You mean to say that if Zheng Haoyu asked you to deal with me, you would do the same?”

“That’s right!” Ji Shaolei nodded his head without denying it.


Old Wang coldly snorted and looked at Ji Shaolei with an unkind gaze, as if he was going to storm up and throw Ji Shaolei out as soon as Qin Shujie gave the order.

Ji Shaolei was not afraid, but said indifferently, “Old Wang, you’re just a driver, you’d better not get involved in this kind of thing, otherwise, no one can protect you!”

“Puff!” Ji Feng was drinking water from a cup, when he heard these words, a mouthful of tea suddenly spurted out, he coughed several times in a row before sitting up with a red face, but in his heart, he was dumbfounded and laughed.

This guy, is he a businessman or a triad, why does he always speak with such a loud tone?

Ji Shaolei glanced at him and asked with a smirk, “This little brother seems to have some different opinions?”

Seeing that Ji Shaolei had finally turned his attention to himself, Ji Feng could only help but shake his head and smile bitterly, how could he not have expected that his first meeting with his cousin would be under such circumstances?

And when Qin Shujie saw that Ji Shaolei seemed to be very unkind to Ji Feng, she immediately panicked and said immediately, “Ji Shaolei, this is my friend, if you have any ability to come at me, don’t find trouble with my friend!”

Ji Shaolei shook his head slightly and said, “Shujie, listen to my advice, as long as Hao Yu is not willing to let go, you will not be able to live in Jiangzhou without fear, it’s better to give him a chance!”

It seemed that Ji Shaolei was discussing with Qin Shujie, yet his unwavering tone was telling Qin Shujie in no uncertain terms that if he didn’t give this chance, it would be absolutely impossible to live in Jiangzhou without worries.

Ji Feng’s brow couldn’t help but frown, it seemed that this relationship was too complicated, moreover, Ji Shaolei was most likely in a dishonourable position. Helping a friend bully a weak woman was indeed not very honorable.

“In that case, is this even your ultimatum?” Qin Shujie forced herself to hold back her anger and asked in a cold voice.

Ji Shaolei shook his head slightly and said, “Shujie, actually I am just a middleman, there is no such thing as an ultimatum or not. But, even if you don’t forgive Hao Yu, you should always think about the child, right?”

“This is not for you to worry about, my child, I will naturally take care of it.” Qin Shujie said indifferently, “Mr. Ji, I still have friends here today, so I won’t say much more, please!”

Ji Shaolei shook his head slightly, and did not get angry at being driven away, he just smiled and said, “Well, my persuasion today is considered a failure. I’ve tried all of them, coercion, bait and switch, and I couldn’t get you to change your mind, and I even acted as a big bad guy in the middle, huh …… Shu-jie, I won’t ask about you and Hao Yu’s affairs anymore in the future, so I’ve disturbed you more today.”

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. I appreciate your feelings, but Hao Yu and I have really come to the end of the road, there is no point in continuing, it’s a torture for both parties and it’s not good for the child either.”

Ji Shaolei nodded and said, “I can understand this, but after all, watching the two of you split up like this, there is something in my heart that I don’t like. Those cla*smates back then, nowadays, because of the change in status, the relationship between cla*smates has also changed. By now, only a few of us are still in regular contact, it would really be a pity if the two of you were to separate again!”

Only now did Ji Feng’s few people understand that the original fierceness and domineering of Ji Shaolei just now was actually all pretend. It could be seen that his relationship with Qin Shujie wasn’t too good, but it wasn’t to the point of turning the other cheek either.

However, from Qin Shujie’s point of view, Ji Shaolei is undoubtedly a very scary character, even if they are cla*smates, but as Ji Shaolei said, after going into society, because of status and other reasons, the relationship between cla*smates has also changed, making this cla*smate friendship is not so pure.

“Ji Shao Lei, you know that person Hao Yu, he has become too powerful in recent years, which makes me a bit scared. We no longer have anything to talk about, and even if we did, it was before, or at least it certainly won’t be in the future. Please pa*s this on to him, and don’t come to interfere with my life in the future.” Qin Shujie’s tone was a little sad, “His own wife can be given away as a price, what else is there for me to hold on to in this kind of man?”

Ji Shaolei shook his head helplessly and said, “I can’t say that, to say that, it’s better for you to say it to him yourself!”

Qin Shujie nodded and said, “If I’m not wrong, he must be in this clubhouse right now, right? He’s always like this, no matter what he does, he’s always talking about tactics. If he relied on you to pressure me into giving in just now, he would have come to pick up the pieces by now! I don’t know what he’s given you for hiring you as a lobbyist, but he’s not giving you his lover, is he? That’s his favourite tactic.”

“Mr. Qin, that’s a bit too much!” Ji Shaolei’s brow furrowed, “I said that I owe Hao Yu a favour.”

“Hehe, I’m afraid this favour you owe is something he created as well.” Qin Shujie’s tone was disdainful.

“Qin Shujie, you are slandering me again?!”

Just at this moment, an angry voice suddenly came from outside the box. Immediately afterwards, the door of the compartment was opened and a greasy man walked in, swept a glance at Ji Feng and said smilingly, “Shu-jie, is this your new concubine?”

“Zheng Haoyu, you’re shameless!” Qin Shu-jie was instantly furious.

“Talking nonsense, but you have to pay the price!” Ji Feng said indifferently and glanced at that Zheng Haoyu, through the conversation between Qin Shujie and Ji Shaolei just now, Ji Feng vaguely heard that it seemed like for a piece of business, Zheng Haoyu gave Qin Shujie to the other party as a bargaining chip, this kind of man’s shamelessness was really hard for Ji Feng to believe.

And at this moment Zheng Haoyu opened his mouth with such shameless words, and even involved himself, how could Ji Feng let him slander him?

The first thing that he did was to say that he was a friend of his, but he had already made it clear that Zheng Haoyu was his friend.

Zheng Haoyu, however, didn’t think so much about it, as soon as he heard that Ji Feng dared to speak to him like that, he became angry: “Brat, you’re looking for death!”


Qin Shujie angrily slapped the table at once and stood up violently, “Zheng Haoyu, what kind of prestige do you come here to play?!”

Zheng Haoyu sneered and said disdainfully, “Qin Shujie, what, you dare to keep a little white boy and you still don’t allow me to say it?”

Qin Shujie looked at him and slowly shook her head, “Zheng Haoyu, I’m afraid you’ve changed so much now that you don’t even recognize yourself, right? Look at what you have become now!”

“Don’t forget, legally we are still husband and wife, you are protecting this little white boy in front of me, and you still have the face to talk about me?” Zheng Haoyu laughed coldly and pointed at Ji Feng, “Kid, you’re dead.”

“Zheng Haoyu, if you dare to hurt my friend, I won’t let you go!” Qin Shujie was instantly furious.

“Your friend? Oh ……” Zheng Haoyu scoffed disdainfully, “It’s easy to want me to let him go, as long as you take the divorce papers back and never mention the divorce again, I’ll let him go!”

“Don’t even think about it!” Qin Shujie coldly refused, “It’s a shame for me to live with someone like you. I’m really blind, how could I be fooled by you before!”

“Since that’s the case, then don’t blame me for being ungracious. In the future, if this kid gets hit by a car while walking or has some other kind of accident, don’t blame me for not warning you!” Zheng Haoyu sneered, “If you insist on getting a divorce, the property should be at least half for each person, so that I can likewise spare this brat!”

“You really have the nerve to say that!” Qin Shujie looked at him incomparably disappointed, “Zheng Haoyu, get the hell out of here right now.”

“Can you two calm down and sit down to talk slowly?” Ji Shaolei sank his face and said indifferently.

A flattering smile immediately appeared on Zheng Haoyu’s face as he sat down and said, “What Ji Shao said is right, let’s sit down and talk.”

“Who gave you permission to sit down?”

Ji Feng slowly spoke, “Zheng Haoyu is it? According to what you just said, if General Qin doesn’t agree to your terms, you want me to have an accident? What nerve!”

“Kid, if you dare to have half a word of nonsense again, believe it or not, I’ll let you go out sideways!” Zheng Haoyu was afraid of Ji Shaolei, but he wasn’t afraid of Ji Feng, being mocked by such a brat, a chill flashed across his eyes.

“I don’t believe it!” Ji Feng said indifferently, “I think that it won’t be me who goes out sideways, but you!”

“What a death wish!” Zheng Haoyu was so angry that he almost went mad, a kid, how dare he talk to himself like that.

Ji Feng, however, looked at Ji Shaolei and took out his ID card from his wallet and handed it over.

Ji Shaolei frowned slightly and hesitated for a moment, but still took the ID card. When he saw the words on the ID card, his face changed and he gave Ji Feng a deep look, then he laughed bitterly: “You kid recognized me a long time ago, right? Dare I say that you brat has been here to see brother’s joke?”

At these words, everyone was startled and looked at Ji Feng and Ji Shaolei with incomparable surprise.

I’m afraid that there were not many people in Jiangzhou who could make Ji Shaolei speak so intimately and call himself his brother.

Ji Feng, however, smiled faintly, “He’s trying to get me killed!”

He pointed at Zheng Haoyu.

Ji Shaolei let out a light sigh and shook his head with a bitter smile, “You, this is forcing brother to slap his own mouth. It’s just that, who made me so unlucky to run into you kid. Hao Yu, apologise immediately!”

With the last sentence, Ji Shaolei’s tone steeped in severity.

“Young Ji!” Zheng Haoyu was instantly shocked, asking himself to apologize to that brat, did not Ji Shao use to eat the wrong medicine?

“Didn’t you hear my words? I want you to apologize to him!” Ji Shao Lei’s face sank down.

Zheng Haoyu instantly just trembled, his lips moved, but he finally reluctantly said, “This, this little brother, you are too kind to forgive me this time!”

Ji Feng chuckled, “I was afraid that you would let me have some accidents!”

Ji Shaolei’s face was just chilly: “Zheng Haoyu, this is my brother, if you dare to touch him even a hair, not to mention that we cla*smates don’t have to do, I will also throw you into the Huangpu River to feed the fish, I’ll do what I say!”

Being reprimanded by Ji Shaolei in front of so many people, Zheng Haoyu’s face was incomparably ugly, but he didn’t dare to have the slightest retort and could only nod his head.

“Get out!” Ji Feng said indifferently, as if he didn’t care.

Zheng Haoyu’s body instantly just stiffened, glanced at Ji Feng with resentment and gritted his teeth as he walked out of the box.

“Qin is always my friend, if there’s anything, it’s better to let her solve it herself, right?” Ji Feng looked at Ji Shaolei.

“You kid has said that, what else can I say?” Ji Shaolei gave a bitter laugh and turned his head to Qin Shujie, “Shujie, no wonder you’re so tough, it turns out that you know my oldest brother. It’s just that I made a mistake today, I shouldn’t have gotten involved in this, I will definitely make amends later.”

Qin Shujie’s heart was amazed, to be able to make Ji Shaolei soft, this brother she recognized, what was his origin!

“Older brother, let’s go, let’s both have a good drink!” Ji Shaolei patted Ji Feng’s shoulder and took the lead in walking out.