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Campus Master Chapter 137-138

Chapter 137

Seeing the odd expression on Ji Shaolei’s face, Ji Shao

But Ji Shaoyun’s performance is not like what Ji Zhenguo had imagined at first, now he is a standard dude. The only thing is that because Ji Shaoyun is still young, he hasn’t done anything out of the ordinary yet. if he is not disciplined, when he is older, I am afraid that the Ji family will really have to produce a super dude.

When Wu Junjie proudly bragged that his cousin and Ji Shaoyun were firm friends, Ji Feng heard that this Ji Shaoyun was most likely a fop.

As it turns out, Ji Feng wasn’t wrong, although he hadn’t even met him yet, Ji Feng already pretty much knew what Ji Shaoyun was like.

“First, give Shaoyun a call and ask him to wait for us at the school gate.” Ji Shaodong said.

Ji Shaolei nodded and dialed Ji Shaoyun’s number, however, after dialing several times in a row, there was no answer.

Ji Shaodong looked at his watch and said, “It should be cla*s time now, perhaps Shaoyun is in cla*s and has put his phone on silent, let’s go straight to the school!”

“Okay!” Ji Shaolei smiled faintly and blew the throttle to the floor with one foot, the BMW6 suddenly shot out like a rocket and disappeared at the end of the road in the blink of an eye.


“Not at school?”

When they arrived at the entrance of the 13th Middle School, the three of them asked the doorman to help them call Ji Shaoyun, only to have the doorman put down the phone a few minutes later and the answer they got was that Ji Shaoyun was not at school and didn’t know where he had gone at this time.

Ji Shaodong’s face immediately sank, he originally thought that his little brother was just greedy for some fun, not really a dude, but now it seems that this kid is not even at school during the school day, it’s simply not like that!

“A few of you, I don’t think you are Ji Shaoyun’s friends, right?” That doorman couldn’t help but ask when he saw the look of the few people.

Ji Feng laughed, “How does this big brother know?”

That doorman said with a smile, “Ji Shaoyun is greatly famous in our school, since he first came to this school, he has hardly come to cla*s, but all the students in the school are afraid of him, but there are also many people who flatter him. Usually at this time of the day, he would be playing in the nearby casino, and if you were his friends, you would definitely know this habit of his.”

With every word the doorman said, Ji Shaodong’s face turned a shade darker, and by the time the doorman finished, Ji Shaodong’s eyes widened and his breathing sharpened, obviously suppressing his anger strongly.

“Where is the casino nearby?” Ji Shaolei also asked with a sullen face.

The doorman also seemed to see some clues and asked cautiously, “That, you guys wouldn’t be Ji Shaoyun’s family, would you? I didn’t say anything, and you guys shouldn’t ask me.”

“That’s not what you said just now, oh!” Ji Feng laughed.

The doorman immediately laughed bitterly, “A few of you, you don’t know how Ji Shaoyun fixes people, some of the punks in this neighborhood all listen to his orders, if he knew I was talking about him behind his back, not only would I lose my job, I’m afraid even my family would be hara*sed!”


Ji Shaodong roared in anger and kicked the wheel fiercely, his whole person was like a raging lion that might storm out at any moment.

“This big brother, don’t be afraid, I a*sure you that Ji Shaoyun will definitely not come to take revenge on you, you just need to tell us where there is a casino around here and where Ji Shaoyun is most likely to be.” Ji Feng said with a smile.

“Really?” The doorman was still a bit skeptical, after all, being a doorman at the school was not only an easy job, but the salary wasn’t low either, the doorman didn’t want to lose this job because he talked too much.

“It’s definitely true.” Ji Feng said, “Anyway, you’ve already said so many bad things about Ji Shaoyun behind his back, if we tell him this, you’ll definitely be out of luck too.”

“This little brother, you’re asking for my life!” The doorman instantly laughed bitterly, hating himself in his heart for being cheap-mouthed, why couldn’t he keep his words, now it was better, maybe this job would really be lost.

“Don’t worry, as long as you tell us honestly where exactly Ji Shaoyun is now, we will definitely not let Ji Shaoyun know that it was you who said that.” Ji Feng laughed.

Coercion and enticement, these were the most basic means of interrogation, and Ji Feng had long been skilled to the point where he could do it with ease.

As expected, the doorman had to choose to believe Ji Feng and said helplessly, “I’m afraid of you, Ji Shaoyun seldom attends cla*ses at school, the vast majority of the time he plays outside, I heard that recently he has been hanging out well with the nearby Brother Long and often plays in the Blue Sky Casino two blocks away, I guess he should be there now too!”

“Blue Sky Casino? Okay, thanks a lot!” Ji Feng laughed, seeing that the doorman still looked sad, he couldn’t help but laugh, “Don’t worry, we won’t tell Ji Shaoyun what you said, because we’re here to get him in trouble!”

The doorman then breathed a sigh of relief: “I told you so, I was in a cold sweat. I told you, that kid doesn’t learn at a young age, he hangs out with those small gangsters and other characters all day long, relying on his family background, no one dares to mess with him, he runs amok all day long, one day he’ll get into big trouble, now it seems that’s exactly what happened!”

Ji Feng looked at the two brothers, Ji Shaodong, whose faces were ironic, and immediately laughed, “That’s fine, thank you very much.”

Afterwards, Ji Feng got into the car and said, “Big brother, second brother, this time, are you still against my proposal?”

“Shao Lei, drive!” Ji Shaodong’s voice turned icy cold, “I want to see just how far this brat can be an A**hole.”

The words of that doorman just now, each sentence was like a knife, stabbing fiercely into Ji Shaodong’s heart. Relying on his family background, he was rampaging around and hanging out with small-time gangsters and big gangsters …… This was really his good brother!

The same is true for Ji Shaolei, who stifled a cry: “Big brother, I think what Xiao Feng said is right, we should send that kid to the army and drill him hard, and if he doesn’t make it, don’t ever let him come back. Our Ji family can’t afford to lose this man!”

As one of the largest families in China, it was no big deal to have one or two dudes.

However, the Ji family was different. The old man had a distinguished war record, ruled the family well, several uncles and young aunts were so stable, although they might not all be talented, but at least they did not do anything wrong.

But this B*****d, Ji Shaoyun, has ruined the reputation of the old Ji family to almost nothing. If the old man or his father knew about it, he could simply die of anger!

There is a saying that if one house is not swept, how can one sweep the world?

If you can’t even control your own son, how can you convince the people and convince them?

The first thing you need to do is to have a good idea of what you are doing.

When he was a dude, he was also hanging out with other family members, and he never had such a bad reputation!

The irritated Ji Shaolei slammed down on the accelerator and the BMW6 flew away from the school and headed for the Blue Sky Casino two blocks away.


Chapter 138

It seems that because it was already mid-afternoon, but not at the peak of the closing time, there were not many vehicles on the road. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

The so-called Blue Sky Casino, from the outside of the door, is actually just a relatively large video game city, the hall is all kinds of video game machines, what dance machines, basketball machines and so on, and some girls like to play the game of gopher. Ji Feng parked the car and as soon as they walked into the arcade, the deafening sounds came out from the stereos of the various game machines, crackling and banging to make people’s skulls tingle.

However, the place was so crowded that it could almost be described as overcrowded. In particular, the boys and girls with red and yellow hair and dressed in strange shapes were all frantically playing various game machines. Most of these youngsters were 16`s and 7 years old, and some of them even looked no more than 13`s and 4 years old.

These people, most of the boys have a cigarette in their mouths, while swallowing clouds, but from time to time shouting, playing very crazy.

The girls, on the other hand, were even crazier, hugging the boys next to them every time they pa*sed a level, and some were even more open, kissing them mouth to mouth directly.

What made Ji Feng feel stunned was that he saw one of the girls standing in front of a game machine, and on either side of her stood two boys. This girl, for every success, actually hugged and kissed the boys on each side, and that kind of Sl*tty look, I’m afraid even the street girls on the street could not compare to her.

Ji Feng was really an eye-opener.

However, Ji Shao

Ji Feng concentrated his mind and tried not to look at the things that he couldn’t help but frown over, but just paid attention to the teenagers around him. Although he didn’t know Ji Shaoyun, he knew that if he looked closely, Ji Shaoyun would definitely have some resemblance to himself, so he would still be able to tell them apart if he looked closely.

Ji Feng’s eyesight was undoubtedly much better than Ji Shao Lei’s, but he swept through those teenagers in the casino almost one by one, going without finding any of them that looked like himself.

“Not here?” Ji Shaolei frowned slightly.

Ji Feng smiled faintly, “I think we’ve gone off on a tangent from the start. There’s actually a very simple way to find out about this, just go and ask the owner directly.”

In fact, even the school’s doorman knew of Ji Shaoyun’s great reputation, so it was clear how well-known Ji Shaoyun was, then, as long as Ji Shaoyun came here often to play, the owner of this place must be Ji Shaoyun, and would definitely do everything he could to flatter him, otherwise, with the filthy and dirty environment in this casino, it would definitely not be possible to continue to open.

The most direct way is to ask the owner of the casino.

The reason why Ji Feng didn’t think of this method at first was actually just that when he first came in, the environment and the behavior of those teenage boys and girls made him disgusted, so he didn’t think towards this aspect.

Ji Shaolei instantly lit up and nodded, “That’s right, ask the boss!”

The two immediately returned the way they came and found the boss who was playing with his computer in the casino by the door. Ji Shaolei was about to go up to him with a grimace and ask him about it, but Ji Feng opened his mouth first: “Boss, is Ji Shaoyun here? I’m his cousin, something has happened to his family and he needs to be let back in immediately!”

The owner of the casino was a middle-aged man around forty years old, and he was taken aback when he heard Ji Feng’s words. He was until Ji Shaoyun’s identity, that young man was the youngest son of the Municipal Party Secretary, something had happened to his family, did that mean that something had happened to the Municipal Party Secretary’s family?

The owner of the casino had always wanted to befriend Ji Shaoyun, and this was a good opportunity.

However, once he thought of where Ji Shaoyun is now …… the owner of the casino could not help but hesitate a little, not knowing whether he should take Ji Feng and the two of them to find Ji Shaoyun now.

However, this boss’s reaction speed was also fast, perhaps because he usually dealt with this kind of thing a lot and had experience. He said at once: “Two, the Ji Shaoyun you are talking about, I really don’t know much about it, because I am not usually in this shop, I am just here to help look after the shop today. You two please wait a moment, I’ll go to the back and ask around for you to see if the person you’re talking about is here!”

Ji Feng nodded slightly, “Thanks a lot boss.”

With a nod, that boss hurriedly squeezed into the crowd, his obese body was incredibly nimble, and he was gone in the blink of an eye.

“Little Feng, it seems that Shao Yun is really here.” Ji Shaolei’s face was ugly, how could those disguises of the casino boss fool him, knowing that as the boss of Jian’an Group, the people he came into contact with were all those really big businessmen, which one of them was not shrewd?

Ji Feng smiled faintly and said, “We didn’t come here to make trouble, let’s find Shao Yun first.”

Ji Shaolei nodded and took another glance at the messy casino, the crazy young boys and girls made him frown: “It seems that it’s time to tidy this place up properly.”

At this time, Ji Shaodong also walked over and when he saw Ji Feng and the two of them standing at the door, he couldn’t help but say, “What, you haven’t found it either?”

“It’s inside!” Ji Shaolei pointed to the innermost part of the casino and said, “There must be something else in here, I just don’t know what it is.”

Ji Shao Dong sighed lightly and did not say anything. How could he not know that such casinos were all other places? It was just that most places like this had a connected background, so he couldn’t say much about it. Moreover, he knew in his heart that the entertainment inside was definitely even more unpleasant than the one outside, and he didn’t want to go in, for fear of seeing Ji Shaoyun doing something unpleasant and making everyone’s face look bad.

However, Ji Shaodong’s heart was already furious, and he had already made up his mind that even if his mother could not let him go, this time he would send Ji Shaoyun to the army and train him hard for a year, and if he did not improve his body, he would stay in the army for the rest of his life and never want to come out!

About a moment later, I saw Ji Shaoyun running out in a panic, and when he saw Ji Shaodong and the three of them, his face became even more anxious and he immediately said, “Big brother, second brother, what happened at home?”

Only then did Ji Feng have a chance to take a closer look at this cousin, who had been known for a long time but had never met him, although this boy was only fifteen or sixteen years old, he was not short, he was 5’8″, but the boyish look on his face revealed his true age.

Ji Shaodong snorted coldly, “You still know how to care for your family?”

Ji Shaoyun was instantly embarra*sed and said noisily, “Big brother ……”

“What are you doing in there?” Ji Shao Lei asked with a sullen face.

Ji Shaoyun lowered his head, not daring to speak.

“Humph!” Where could Ji Shaodong not understand, he asked in a cold voice, “Is it a casino or something inside?”

“It’s a casino!” Ji Shaoyun replied cautiously.

Ji Feng and Ji Shaolei looked at each other and simultaneously said in a dark voice.

“Follow me back!” Ji Shaodong’s face was iron blue, he didn’t even have the heart to scold Ji Shaoyun, it could be said that he was already too lazy to scold Ji Shaoyun, a serious illness needed a strong medicine, nothing he said now would work, the only way was to send him to the army and drill him ruthlessly, otherwise, he would definitely not know how to repent.

Everyone knows that gambling is just like drug addiction, there is an addiction. At Ji Shaoyun’s age, his self-control is already poor, if he only relies on a few words of education, it would be strange if he could repent.

“Big brother! Can, can we not go back?” Ji Shaoyun said in a panic.

“Fine, as long as you announce that you have disa*sociated yourself from the Ji family, no one will ever let you go back from now on, by then even if you want to go back, you won’t have this chance!” Ji Shaodong said indifferently.

At once, Ji Shaoyun no longer dared to speak, he knew that his big brother was really angry, and immediately said obediently, “Big brother, I’ll just go back with you.”

The four of them got back into the BMW and Ji Shaodong picked up the phone and dialed Ji Zhenguo’s number, “Dad, it’s me ……”

As soon as he heard that Ji Shaodong was calling his father, Ji Shaoyun suddenly trembled, the one he feared most was his father, Ji Zhenguo, his pleading gaze looked towards Ji Shaolei, only to find that his second brother also had a gloomy face, Ji Shaoyun suddenly became even more helpless.

“Second brother, I, I was wrong.” Ji Shaoyun said in fear.

“Humph!” Ji Shaolei snorted coldly, ignoring Ji Shaoyun’s pleading, and even turned his head directly to look out the window, not even looking at Ji Shaoyun anymore.

“Uncle Du, this is Shaodong, yes, I’m near a Blue Sky Casino near the thirteenth high school, there is gambling going on here, you should send someone over directly …… try not to leak ……,” Ji Shaodong finished and hung up the phone.

Ji Shaoyun is shaking even more, how could he have imagined that big brother would send people to seal the casino, so that, those things they did, I’m afraid that the family will know ah!