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Campus Master Chapter 139-140

Chapter 139

This time, Ji Feng has finally seen the strength of the Ji family in Jiangzhou. Go to see the net .

From the time Ji Shaodong had called, it was only twenty minutes before a dozen police cars came roaring in and stopped at the entrance of the casino. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

This was obviously explained by Ji Shaodong beforehand, otherwise, under normal circumstances, the police would never make such a big fuss when clearing entertainment venues, unless they received a report that there was something seriously illegal going on in a certain place.

For example, if Ji Shaodong hadn’t called Ji Shaoyun out, and it happened to be someone else who called the police to seal the venue, then, without a doubt, Ji Shaoyun would have been blocked from coming out.

If that had happened, it would have been hilarious.

In fact, if according to the rules of the circle, Ji Shaodong did this today, in fact, has been a bit out of order, we are out to play, anyone may be trapped in it, if not moving to call people to close the venue, that is too playful.

However, Ji Shaodong is to show everyone with this kind of action that it’s not that people from the Ji family can’t play, they can play anytime if they want to, and that any rules are useless to people from the Ji family. The key issue is not to try to bring the Ji family down.

It was true that Ji Shaoyun should be punished severely for becoming a dude, that was true. However, if it was without someone deliberately trying to pull him down, it would be strange if he could fall so fast!

If Ji Shaoyun was said to be a felon, those other people who pulled him down would have to be at least implicated in order to do so.

What’s more, Ji Shaodong has always loved his younger brother more, and seeing him in this state now, it would be strange for Ji Shaodong not to be angry. In Jiangzhou, in the whole of China, I am afraid that anyone would have to weigh in the face of Ji Shaodong’s monstrous anger.

“Little Feng, this is how our family acts, and you must also remember that we do not take the initiative to provoke others, as an official, we do our best for the welfare of the people, as a businessman, we make money honestly and do not provoke more right and wrong. However, if it is someone else who takes the initiative to provoke us, fight back without mercy, no one can live freely after offending our Ji family members!”

Ji Shaodong looked at the situation at the entrance of the Blue Sky Casino on the one hand, and urged Ji Feng on the other, “Perhaps you have just come to Jiangzhou and are still a bit uncomfortable, but it doesn’t matter, this doesn’t prevent you from becoming the crown prince of the Ji family, and also the most important person in the Ji family, on this point, all of us hold the same view. ”

Ji Feng was instantly shocked, he had never thought of himself as any kind of prince or not, he laughed bitterly, “In fact, I have never thought of relying on the power of the family to make money, of course, if someone were to deal with me, I think my counterattack would certainly be fresh in his mind!”

Ji Feng’s smile had full confidence in it, causing both Ji Shaodong and Ji Shaolei to smile with relief, this crown prince who had grown up since the countryside was not as cowardly as he had originally feared, in fact through this short half day’s contact, the two Ji Shaodong brothers had discovered that Ji Feng was not only calm and steady, but also very wise, and his vision was equally sharp, such a person, once he understood the strength of the Ji family in its entirety, would certainly do remarkable things.

Ji Feng smiled and said, “Big brother, second brother, let’s not discuss this issue for now today, shall we? Let’s go back, it’s almost settled here!”

Ji Shaodong nodded, “Let’s go!”

The car had just started when Ji Shao Dong’s mobile phone rang, he picked up the phone and said a few words, and then he smiled.

Hanging up the phone, Ji Shaolei asked, “What’s going on, are things a bit troublesome?”

Ji Shaodong laughed, “Just a few clowns jumping on the bandwagon, father has already started to ask about this, some people are going to be out of luck.”

Ji Shaolei laughed and stepped on the accelerator fiercely, the engine suddenly spun rapidly and the car flew away.

“Big brother, I have something I need your help with.” Ji Feng suddenly remembered something and said, “I’m going to buy a car, but I don’t have a driver’s licence.”

Ji Shaodong pointed at Ji Shaolei, who was driving, and laughed, “Don’t look for me for this kind of thing, look for him.”

Ji Shaolei immediately cried out injustice, “I say, big brother, don’t always involve me in such matters, right? You can do it with just one phone call, why do you have to push things onto me?”

“Hmph, I am in the system, there are many things that are still not very convenient, or rather, obviously I can do it, but I can’t, I have to control myself.” Ji Shaodong said without good humour, “You, however, are different, is, is there anything you can’t do? Don’t you have your hands full with this kind of thing?”

Ji Shaolei was at a loss for words and could only smile bitterly, “Alright, alright. I’ll take care of it then… Little Feng, you just said that you hit on buying a car?”

“Yes, what do you need a driving licence for if not to buy a car?” Ji Feng laughed.

Ji Shaolei nodded, he was curious to know, where did Ji Feng get the money to buy a car?

Seeming to see what was in Ji Shaolei’s mind, Ji Feng smiled and said, “Big brother, how about this, you and Shaoyun go home, I’ll go with second brother to buy a car now, school starts tomorrow, I don’t have a lot of time.”

Ji Shaolei shook his head and laughed, “Don’t even think about it. If the two of us leave now, maybe big brother might not be able to keep an eye on Shaoyun by himself, the kid might just sneak away.”

Ji Feng was stunned and looked at Ji Shaoyun, who had not spoken at all, “You kid still has this? It’s really something!”

Ji Shaoyun’s face instantly changed and he said proudly, “And who are you?! How dare you talk to me like that.”

“Slap!” Ji Feng slapped Ji Shaoyun’s head fiercely, “I’m your brother, who do you think I am?!”

“You!” Ji Shaoyun suddenly stared up, who usually met him wasn’t respectful and deferential, now Ji Feng not only didn’t care about him at all, he even dared to hit him, this was unbelievable.

“Slap!” Another slap, “You what you!”

Ji Shaoyun was instantly furious, “Kid, if you dare to hit me again, I’ll throw you down …… ah!”

Before he could finish his words, he felt his whole body suddenly leave his seat.

Ji Feng grabbed Ji Shaoyun’s belt with one hand and surprisingly sent him out of the car’s window alive, just hanging in the air.

“Little Feng!” Both of the two brothers, Ji Shaolei, exclaimed in surprise at the same time, however, when they saw that Ji Feng was just grabbing Ji Shaoyun and hanging him in the air, they said nothing more. However, they were all very surprised in their hearts that Ji Feng’s strength was so great, Ji Shaoyun was 1.8 meters tall and his whole body was not a light weight, but Ji Feng just lifted him with one hand, this kind of strength was too terrifying.

“Kid, do you know who I am now?” Ji Feng asked indifferently as he carried Ji Shaoyun.

“B*****d, how dare you do this ……” Before Ji Shaoyun could finish cursing, Ji Feng suddenly let go of his hand and Ji Shaoyun plummeted downwards, screaming in fright, “Don’t ah-! –!”

With a flick of his wrist, Ji Feng once again grabbed his belt and snorted coldly, “Kid, do you know who I am now?”

“……” Ji Shaoyun still clenched his teeth and ignored Ji Feng, he just turned his head to Ji Shaodong and shouted, “Big brother, who is this kid, he’s going to kill me.”

“He’s your brother!” Ji Shaodong snorted coldly and stopped talking.

Ji Feng smiled faintly, “Now, do you know who I am? Kid!”

Saying that, Ji Feng lowered Ji Shaoyun down some distance, so that Ji Shaoyun could only hold his head high, and as soon as he lowered his head a little, his face would rub on the ground. This position was extremely uncomfortable. Although Ji Shaoyun was tall, he was actually just a child, so when he was tortured like this, he was trembling all over, wanting to struggle but not daring to move.

“When you know who I am, I’ll pull you back, you’ll see for yourself!” Ji Feng said indifferently.

Ji Shaoyun was still gritting his teeth and didn’t say a word. Ji Feng didn’t care, he just lifted him up and the car roared on.

The pa*sing cars made Ji Shaoyun scared, knowing that the speed of the cars now was extremely fast, even if he was touched a little, he would definitely be pulverized.

Ji Shaoyun was finally scared, and he gritted his teeth and said, “I know who you are now, let me up.”

“Who am I?” Ji Feng asked indifferently.

“You ……” From the beginning to the end, all Ji Feng and Ji Shaodong said was that Ji Feng was Ji Shaoyun’s brother and didn’t say his name at all, so that if Ji Shaoyun wanted to answer Ji Feng’s question, he could only call him his brother, which was simply more unbearable than killing Ji Shaoyun.

“From here to your house, it’s estimated to be half an hour, if you don’t say anything, stay like this the whole time!” Ji Feng sneered.

Ji Shaoyun gritted his teeth and finally shouted, “Brother!”

With this cry, he shouted with gritted teeth, almost engraved in his heart.

Ji Feng, however, nodded in satisfaction and smiled, “That’s right, remember, my name is Ji Feng, I’m your cousin.”

After saying that, Ji Feng took Ji Shaoyun back and casually put him on the seat as if he was putting a toy or a Muppet.

Ji Shaoyun was so frightened that his face turned white, his chest heaving violently, but his gaze was amazed at Ji Feng, he really didn’t know where he got another cousin from, was it from his younger uncle’s family? Or was it the eldest uncle’s family?

“Kid, remember, if I see you being such an A**hole again in the future, it won’t be as simple as throwing you off the car …… I’ll just throw you under the car!” Ji Feng said coldly.


Chapter 140

After being taught a lesson by Ji Feng, Ji Shaoyun finally became honest, and although there was still a hint of indignation on his face, he didn’t dare to speak any more nonsense. Go to see the net –.7-K–o-m. When Ji Feng’s gaze swept over, Ji Shaoyun hurriedly averted his gaze, obviously, his heart had developed fear of Ji Feng.

The first thing that happened was that the two of them were sulking, so naturally they would not take the initiative to talk to Ji Shaoyun, and Ji Feng was happy to be free, so he simply closed his eyes and rested his mind.

When he returned to second uncle Ji Zhenguo’s house, Ji Feng did not stay too long, just left Ji Shaoyun at the disposal of Ji Shaodong and Ji Zhenguo, and he and Ji Shaolei left the family compound. Ji Feng believed that with his second uncle’s wisdom, he would definitely handle this matter well, he couldn’t possibly stand by and watch his son turn into a super dude.

“Little Feng, what type of car are you planning to buy? I happen to have a company car here, basically no one drives it, you can just take it, everything can be counted on the company’s account, as for the driving licence, I have already called, I guess someone will send it to you by evening. ”

Ji Feng shook his head and laughed, “Second brother, you’re using your power for personal gain, that’s not good.”

“You guy, I’m kind enough to give you a car and you still say that, well, I knew a good person couldn’t do that, since that’s the case, then you should buy your own car!” Ji Shaolei shook his head and laughed, “What kind of car do you plan to buy?”

Ji Feng thought about it and said, “You can introduce me to one, the performance should be good, the price should be moderate, the key is that the appearance should not look too solid, ordinary, just these requirements, nothing else.”

He bought a car, only for transportation, as long as the performance is moderate, the other does not matter.

He usually buys the most expensive and best cars, so he has never thought about these issues, and he can’t think of any suitable models.

“Forget it, let’s wait until we get somewhere!” Ji Shaolei shook his head, “Right, it’s better to buy Audi, good performance, and not too eye-catching, what do you think?”

Ji Feng nodded indifferently and said, “Whatever you want!”

“Sh*t!” Ji Shaolei couldn’t help but burst out a foul mouth, thinking, “Who the hell is buying a car here!

Ji Shaolei was extremely familiar with Jiangzhou, and soon, he drove to an Audi 4S shop.

As the two of them walked towards the shop, Ji Shaolei said, “This shop is owned by a friend, so if we come here, the price will definitely be more fair, but the difference with other shops will not be too big, so it is better than nothing. The key issue is that it’s more convenient to entrust the shop here to go through some procedures and number plates.”

Ji Feng instantly understood that, it seemed that the owner of this shop was also a relatively powerful person, otherwise, Ji Shaolei would not have said this.

However, Ji Feng also knew that what Ji Shaolei said about the price aspect not being too different was actually true. The profit in terms of car sales is not too big, and the price difference will not be too big because the price of cars is transparent. What is really profitable is the maintenance and repair of the car after it is sold, which is the real source of profit.

As the saying goes, cars can be bought but not driven, and therein lies the reason for this.

The two had just walked into the sales hall when they saw a group of young and beautiful girls chatting in front of the main desk. When they saw Ji Shaolei and Ji Feng enter, a few girls just glanced at them and continued chatting.

Ji Shaolei’s brow furrowed and wanted to speak, but he saw Ji Feng just shaking his head and smiling, “Forget it, it’s human nature.”

“Humph!” Ji Shaolei’s face was unpleasant and he just coldly snorted, “I say, Little Feng, it’s time for you to change into a nice outfit, save these people from still looking at people with dog eyes in the future.”

It was not the fault of those girls’ snobbery, Ji Feng’s outfit was too ordinary, ordinary casual leather shoes, casual jeans and a simple shirt, no one would give it a second glance if it was placed in the crowd. In the eyes of those sales ladies, how could such a person afford to buy a car?

Ji Feng laughed: “It’s no big deal, they also have to earn money, looking at us may not be able to afford a car, then, naturally, they will not waste their time on us, if it were me, maybe I would do the same.”

“You’re really thinking out of the box!” Ji Shaolei shook his head and laughed, saying, “Let’s go, let’s go straight there, I want to see just how far these women will be snobbish.”

Ji Feng shook his head with a smile and followed.

“Really, two more dirt bags have come.” In front of the main desk, a salesman muttered in a low voice. Because Ji Feng was dressed in ordinary clothes, as a result, these salesmen didn’t even have the heart to look closely, and they didn’t notice that Ji Shaolei, who was with Ji Feng, was wearing a whole lot of famous brands.

Of course, those clothes on Ji Shaolei’s body, even if those ladies looked closely, they probably wouldn’t be able to recognize them.

“That’s right, look at that guy’s rustic appearance, and he still wants to come and buy an Audi? What a laugh!” A sales lady snorted.

Among these people, there was just one young girl, about twenty years old, who didn’t open her mouth to sarcastically describe Ji Feng and the two of them, but only said, “Maybe they’re here to take a look and might buy it later!”


A sales lady next to her said disdainfully, “Xiao Liu, you just came out of school, you don’t know how shameless people are in this society, there are a lot of people, ah, who are obviously dirt bags, but still have to want to come and buy a car.”

“Yeah, there are too many of these people!” Another sales lady said, “By the way, have you heard the joke about an old man from the countryside who went to the city and found a 4S shop with a sign on the door saying: New Arrival, Santana 2,000. The old man was so happy that he took out two thousand to buy a car, but the salesman was speechless and said, “Old man, you’d better go across the street to buy it, the opposite side sells Mercedes six hundred …… giggle ……”

As soon as her words fell, several sales ladies burst out laughing, while glancing at Ji Feng and Ji Shaolei.

These few sales ladies did not deliberately lower their voices at all when they spoke, so Ji Feng and Ji Shaolei heard them all clearly, Ji Shaolei’s face was iron blue, his eyes almost spewed fire, this kind of naked contempt, he had really never encountered it before.

“A few shameless women!” Ji Shaolei snorted coldly and was about to go forward, but was pulled back by Ji Feng, “Second brother, pay attention to your status, you are the old boss, be cultured and calm down!”

“Xiao Liu, go and entertain them!” A slightly older sales lady said. These two people were not likely to buy a car at all, so of course the new one should be allowed to entertain such a waste of time.

Each of these sales ladies made sarcastic remarks, and the young one, Xiao Liu, who was looking at them with a heart of gold, had to walk over at this point when he heard the older sales lady’s words.

Little Liu’s face wore a somewhat shy smile: “Two, what can I do for you?”

Looking at this girl with a slightly shy smile, Ji Shaolei’s mood was then better and he couldn’t help but smile, “This young lady, you’re not bad, much better than those few women who look down on people with dog eyes.”

Xiao Liu looked a little embarra*sed and forced a smile, “Don’t be angry, you two, it’s just that the weather is too hot lately and they’re not in a good mood.”

Ji Feng nodded slightly, this girl was really nice, at least, she had basic manners, which many people didn’t have anymore.

“This lady, give my brother an A6! Well, it has to be the most luxurious version.” Ji Shaolei smiled and turned his head to Ji Feng again, “The A6’s appearance is not eye-catching, and the luxury version has a good configuration, and its performance meets your requirements.”

Ji Feng nodded slightly and smiled, “Well, that’s it!”

That Xiao Liu couldn’t help but open his mouth wide, these two people didn’t even look at the car and settled on it straight away, this was just too unexpected.

Several other sales ladies who were waiting to see the joke of those two people were stunned when they heard the conversation between Ji Feng and the three of them, and the words came to all of their minds: How is it possible!

How could two dirt bags, how could they just offer to buy a car?

The next moment, those few sales ladies’ brains raced and began to calculate how much commission they would get for selling this luxury version of the Audi A6 car.

Almost all the sales ladies couldn’t help but look at Xiao Liu jealously, especially the sales lady who had asked Xiao Liu to entertain the two Ji Feng, and was even more jealous if she had been the one who had just gone ……

A few moments later, all of them couldn’t help but think in secret, these two dirt bags shouldn’t be pretending, right? This must be the case, how can a dirtbag afford a luxury version of an Audi, which is several hundred thousand dollars?

Xiao Liu, however, did not think that much, she just smiled and said, “Two, there is exactly one luxury version of A6 in the shop at the moment, do you plan to pick up the car today, or ……”

Ji Shaolei looked at Ji Feng and said in a low voice: “Little Feng, do you have enough money? But then, this car is for you. I haven’t given anything to you when we met as brothers!”

Ji Feng shook his head and laughed, “No, I have enough money!”

Ji Shaolei was a little surprised, it was said that Ji Feng used to live in a small county with his eldest aunt and make a living by selling vegetables, how could he come up with hundreds of thousands of dollars without batting an eye? Could it be from uncle?

Ji Feng laughed: “This morning, gambling on stones, just happened to make a small profit, buy a car is also relatively loose.”

Ji Shaolei was suddenly dumbfounded, he had heard of gambling on stones, but had never played. However, since Ji Feng had money to buy a car, he didn’t say anything, although the two were close, sometimes a little thing was related to a man’s dignity.

“Miss, I’ll pick up the car now, direct bank transfer!” Ji Feng said with a smile.

At this moment, everyone was surprised. In fact, if it was a big tycoon who came to buy a car, even if he bought ten cars at once it would definitely not be surprising. But these two people were ‘dirt bags’ in their eyes, so how could they buy a car without blinking an eye!

It’s really too shocking!