Campus Master Chapter 177-178

Chapter 177

Ji Feng immediately followed the sound and saw two cars parked in front of Xiao Yuxuan’s villa, one was a black Mercedes S600, and next to the Mercedes was an off-road car that Ji Feng couldn’t name the make of.

Four people walked down from the two cars. Those who came down from the black Mercedes were a man and two women, the man was about forty years old and the other two women, seemed to be mother and daughter.

In the SUV at the back, came down a young man, about thirty years old.

And the one who spoke was the middle-aged woman.

“Cousin Aunt?” Xiao Yuxuan was stunned for a moment and then revealed a smile, “Cousin aunt, cousin aunt husband, you are here!”

“Yu Xuan is really getting prettier and prettier!” The middle-aged woman smiled faintly and then turned her gaze to He Dong, “Mr. He, is it really you?”

He Dong’s face was very ugly, anyone who was seen by others in this wretched state would be embarra*sed.

Xiao Yuxuan’s cousin aunt walked over with a smile on her face as if she didn’t see it, “Aiya, Mr. He, so you’re here too, it’s been a long time, I heard that Mr. He is now working for Li Weidong? That’s great!”

“You, hello!” He Dong smiled awkwardly and peeked at Ji Feng and Xiao Yuxuan again, seeing that they didn’t react much, he was relieved. What he feared the most now was anyone mentioning Li Weidong, these three words were simply his nightmare.

Seeing that her cousin aunt’s attention was focused on He Dong, Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but speak out, “Cousin aunt, let me introduce, this is my boyfriend, Ji Feng.”

She turned her head to Ji Feng and said, “These, respectively, are my cousin aunt, Liu Suhong, cousin aunt’s husband Xu Changyuan, and cousin Xu Ting.”

Ji Feng politely smiled slightly and nodded, “Hello, you guys.”

Liu Suhong, however, only frowned slightly, then stopped paying attention to Ji Feng and just thought about talking to He Dong.

He Dong, however, was in a cold sweat, he naturally knew why Liu Suhong was talking to him, if he was still in a position to work for Li Weidong, Liu Suhong would naturally be trying to flatter him. But now, he had effectively become a thorn in Li Weidong’s side, and he would not dare to speak under Li Weidong’s banner anymore.

“Mr. He, I heard that you are now the department manager of Zhendong Group? Really young and promising.” Liu Su Hong giggled, but her voice was a bit shrill and sounded harsh.

This was especially true when it was heard in He Dong’s ears, the department manager of Zhendong Group was one of the worst choices for him, if he hadn’t coveted that manager position, he might have been the son-in-law of the Xiao family by now, but now, he was in an extremely embarra*sing position to beg Xiao Yuxuan to help him, this was simply too ironic.

“That …… Miss Xiao, Mr Ji is, I will leave first, thank you very much.” He Dong didn’t dare to stay any longer, who knew what exactly this woman who he had only met once would say, if in case he offended Ji Feng, I’m afraid he would really have to go jump into the river.


Who knows, once Liu Su Hong heard this, she immediately screamed and asked with a face full of surprise, “Mr. He, what did you just say, Miss Xiao, Mr. Ji?!”

He Dong nodded slightly, “What’s the problem?”


Liu Su Hong instantly laughed mockingly, “Mr. He, even if you broke up with Yu Xuan, you can’t be so out of touch. Besides, not everyone can afford the title of ‘sir’, a hairy child, you call him sir too?!”

Xiao Yuxuan’s face suddenly changed, “Cousin Aunt, what do you mean by that? How can Ji Feng not be able to afford the word ‘sir’?”

Liu Su Hong immediately giggled, “Yu Xuan, don’t be overly concerned, I was just having a casual conversation with Mr. He, and didn’t mean anything else.”

“Humph!” Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but coldly snort as her pretty face sank. It was fine for her to say anything about Ji Feng, but it made her uncomfortable when others did.

Ji Feng, however, had a calm face, and for him, who had been subjected to white eyes since he was a child, I’m afraid that he had a stronger tolerance than anyone else. What’s more, it would be too insulting to his status to be in general agreement with such people.

However, just because he didn’t care didn’t mean that no one did. He Dong was one of them, and when he heard Liu Suhong actually compare him to Ji Feng and use him to belittle him, he was so scared that the sweat hairs on his body almost stood up.

“Mr. He, with some people you have to keep your distance, with a status like yours, you can’t be friends with anyone, there are many people who just want to get close to you and want to flatter you!” Liu Su Hong said, and glanced at Ji Feng a few times from time to time.


It was as if He Dong had been struck by lightning, his mind went blank and even his breathing stopped.

After a long time, He Dong finally reacted and he yelled out, “Shut up, D*mned B*tch, do you want to get me killed?!”

He hurriedly turned his head to Ji Feng and the two of them and said, “Miss Xiao, Mr. Ji, I’ll leave first, thank you!”

After saying that, he no longer dared to stay here and ran away in a panic, not even daring to turn his head back, even to the extent that, because he was running too fast, his body even staggered and he fell twice in between.

Looking at He Dong’s wretched appearance, everyone present was dumbfounded, and Liu Suhong was even wide-eyed, hardly believing her eyes.

Xiao Yuxuan’s originally gloomy and pretty face couldn’t help but reveal a hint of laughter.

“He, he dared to scold me?” Only then did Liu Su Hong react and a look of anger flashed across her face, “I pooh! Isn’t it just befriending Li Weidong, what’s the point of being so exuberant?”

Ji Feng was dumbfounded, this Liu Su Hong was slim and her cheeks were very thin, her cheekbones jutted out high, making her eyes look small, but it was also this that made her look even more sarcastic and mean.

Liu Suhong’s face was rubbed with a layer of foundation, at this time she frowned, a face almost squeezed together, that foundation was also wrinkled up, looking at Ji Feng and Xiao Yuxuan straight frown.

“Su Hong, it’s time for us to go in.” That middle-aged man, Xiao Yuxuan’s cousin aunt’s husband Xu Changyuan, said from the side. What no one noticed was the glint of a certain lustful` look as his gaze flicked over Xiao Yuxuan’s body.

Ji Feng, however, noticed it, and his brow frowned slightly before he swirled and regained his composure. However, his heart became extremely wary of this man, and even, directly put him on the blacklist.

The girl Xu Ting, who had not said anything, glanced at Xiao Yuxuan with both envy and jealousy, compared to the latter, Xu Ting really had a big gap.

Xu Ting, who was in her twenties, was about 1.58m tall, not very tall, but her body was slightly chubby, which was a bit different from that of her slim parents.

What Ji Feng noticed most was the man who was following Xu Changyuan and Liu Suhong.

This man was about thirty years old, dressed in a formal suit and tie, with a pair of gold-rimmed gla*ses on his face, he looked like a successful man.

He also behaved very steadily, walking without panic and looking very much like a man of some standing.

However, what caught Ji Feng’s attention the most was the way he looked at Xiao Yuxuan.

It was obvious that this man had some interest in Xiao Yuxuan, because when he first saw her, a strange look flashed across his eyes. There was astonishment and other meanings.

For Xiao Yuxuan’s appearance and that devilish figure, anyone who saw it would have a feeling of amazement, which Ji Feng understood, everyone had a love of beauty, which was very normal.

Only, when this man was looking at Xiao Yuxuan, there was a hint of …… greed in addition to the astonishment!

That’s right, it’s greed!

This kind of gaze, Ji Feng had once seen on a person, that person was Li Weidong.

At the beginning, at Li Weidong’s birthday party, although he had gotten him into trouble, he still looked at Xiao Yuxuan with a hint of greed in his gaze, only to quickly return to normal, because he knew he couldn’t mess with Ji Feng, so he dismissed the thought in his mind.

But the man in front of him was different, although he hid it well, the hint of greed, however, never diminished, but became stronger and stronger.

Ji Feng’s mouth held a cold smile as he followed the crowd and walked towards Xiao Yuxuan’s family’s villa.

The person who opened the door was a middle-aged `beautiful woman, also around forty years old.

Ji Feng immediately recognized that this middle-aged `beautiful woman was definitely Xiao Yuxuan’s mother, because the two looked really similar, if that middle-aged `beautiful woman was younger and stood with Xiao Yuxuan, others would definitely say that this was a pair of sisters.

“Mom!” Xiao Yuxuan shouted, “Cousin aunt and the others are all here, as well as my ‘friend’, this is Ji Feng!”

She deliberately pronounced the word friend with a heavier tone, the implication was clear.

Mother Xiao immediately had a smile on her face, looked Ji Feng up and down, and the more she looked at him, the more satisfied she was, not only did this young man look talented, but he also had a strong face, was calm and dignified, and appeared very mature.

“Come, come, come, come in quickly.” Mother Xiao enthusiastically invited all of them in, “Tingting is getting prettier and prettier, it’s only been half a year since we’ve seen each other, she’s gotten a lot prettier again, really a woman has changed.”

Xu Ting immediately had a smile on her face, “Cousin aunt is the one who is beautiful, and she is getting younger and younger.”

Xiao mother immediately smiled and waved her hand, “Tingting is not right, cousin aunt is already an old woman, how can she still be young …… Come, all sit down quickly!”

Ji Feng met Xiao Yuxuan’s father, Xiao Changhe, in the living room.

This was a refined man, this was Ji Feng’s first impression. Xiao Changhe was completely devoid of any semblance of a businessman, and looked as if he was a university professor, appearing very gentle and elegant.

“Sister, brother-in-law, let me introduce to you, this is the person I introduced to Yu Xuan, Tang Haiwei, Mr. Tang.” Just after sitting down, Liu Suhong spoke at once.

“Uncle father, auntie mother, how are you, you can just call me Xiao Tang.” Tang Haiwei looked polite and had a fluttering demeanour.

“Aiya, don’t be so polite, we’re almost a family anyway.” Liu Su Hong giggled and said.

At these words, the living room fell silent, and Xiao Yuxuan’s pretty face was so gloomy that it was almost dripping water!


Chapter 178

Xiao Changhe was the first to sense that something was wrong, and as a businessman, his powers of observation were naturally not comparable to those of ordinary people. Moreover, before this, his daughter Xiao Yuxuan had already told him that she would bring her boyfriend home with her today, apparently the godly and handsome young man beside her.

That lad, it seemed, was called …… Ji Feng!

And by saying this, Liu Suhong was undoubtedly not giving Ji Feng any face at all, not taking him into consideration at all.

“Come, come! Please drink tea!” Mother Xiao walked over with a few cups of tea and placed them in front of a few people respectively, “Xuan Xuan, won’t you introduce us to your friends?”

Xiao Yuxuan immediately laughed, “I almost forgot, dad, mum, this is my boyfriend, Ji Feng.”

“Uncle father, auntie mother, how are you, I’m Ji Feng.” Ji Feng stood up calmly, without the slightest trace of nervousness, and smiled politely, looking at Xiao Yuxuan, who also couldn’t help but sigh with relief, she was afraid that Ji Feng would be too nervous to say anything.

But after a second thought, she was relieved again. With Ji Feng’s status, what would he have to be nervous about? I’m afraid that even when he arrives at the place where the entire Chinese people’s eyes are concentrated, he won’t be nervous, right? Because I’m afraid that not long after, his father will be moving into that place.

Xiao Yuxuan’s parents, Xiao Changhe and Xiao’s mother, on the other hand, were full of smiles, and Ji Feng’s performance could be described as this having a calm and steady temperament. Moreover, he seemed to have a very unique aura about him, the feeling was as if he was …… both somewhat of a maverick, but not out of place in his surroundings.

It’s as if wherever he sits, he’ll be the centre of attention there.

This kind of feeling, however, can only appear in some big personalities.

Xiao Changhe and his wife would not think that Ji Feng was some big shot, because they already knew Ji Feng’s identity through their daughter, who was just a freshman student. What made them feel happy was that a young man who had just started university had such a calm demeanour and would certainly achieve something in the future.

If they had known Ji Feng’s true identity, I’m afraid that the two of them would have sat down by now.

“Since you are Xuan Xuan’s boyfriend, then I’ll call you Xiao Feng.” Mother Xiao said with a smile on her face.

“Of course you can, auntie mother.” Ji Feng smiled and said.

At this moment, that thirty-ish year old Tang Haiwei’s face was a bit unsightly. He gave Liu Suhong a glance that seemed to mean, “Since Xiao Yuxuan has a boyfriend, why did you call me here?

When Liu Su Hong saw the look in Tang Haiwei’s eyes, her face suddenly changed.

She coughed lightly and couldn’t help but ask, ”Are you Ji Feng? It looks just like that, and you don’t look good either.”

“Su Hong, what are you talking about!” Xiao’s mother’s face was a little unpleasant as she spoke in a low, scolding voice; Ji Feng, a young man, had given her a good impression, but she hadn’t expected that her cousin would actually say such a thing.

Xiao Yuxuan’s face also changed, then she smiled and said: “Aunt cousin, that’s not right, men, why do you need to look so good? Men rely on their skills, not their looks.”

Liu Su Hong giggled: “Xuan Xuan, you misunderstood cousin aunt, cousin aunt is also concerned about your matter ah. Giggle …… Ji Feng is it? I don’t know where you are now high up in the world ah?”

Ji Feng smiled lightly, “I’m still in school.”

“Student ah,” Liu Su Hong’s face instantly revealed a condescending smile, “You are a student and Xuan Xuan is a teacher, so how did you two meet?”

“Cousin Aunt, we ……,” Xiao Yuxuan was just about to explain, but Ji Feng interrupted her.

“She’s a teacher and I’m a student, that’s how we met.” Ji Feng calmly admitted the relationship between him and Xiao Yuxuan.

“Ah?” Liu Su Hong was stunned and immediately screamed in an exaggerated manner, “Oh my god, you guys are actually teacher and student! This, this is simply treacherous, you guys ……. You guys ……”

She turned her gaze to Xiao Changhe and Xiao’s mother whose faces had turned ugly, and said in a shrill voice, “Sister, brother-in-law, look, what has become of Xuan Xuan, to be like those rebellious people, playing with some teacher-student relationship, if this gets out, what will others say about us? Gosh, Xuan Xuan, how could you have done such a thing!”

Xiao Changhe and Xiao mother’s faces were both hard to see, in fact, they already knew that Ji Feng was Xiao Yuxuan’s student, but they didn’t expect Liu Suhong to react in such a way, that vitriolic tone, and that exaggerated beaten up expression, was what really made them feel embarra*sed.

“This …… what then?” Ji Feng turned his head to look at Xiao Yuxuan, “Who is this middle-aged older woman again?”

“Yes, it’s my cousin’s aunt.” Xiao Yuxuan was almost amused by is Ji Feng’s serious look.

“So it’s a cousin aunt!” Ji Feng laughed, “I thought it was a thousand-year-old martyr girl!”

“Brat, what do you mean by that?” Xu Changyuan’s face instantly sank and he said angrily.

Ji Feng harrumphed, “What, am I wrong? This cousin aunt is over forty at a glance, before we know her identity, shouldn’t I call her a middle-aged aunt? What, am I supposed to call her Miss only?”

“Bang!” Xu Changyuan slapped the table violently, “Kid, what did you say?”

The title Miss had long since lost its original meaning with the changing times. When Ji Feng said these two words at this moment, the meaning was self-explanatory.

Ji Feng frowned with a bewildered expression, “Excuse me, where did I say something wrong?”

Xiao Yuxuan almost had to force herself to hold back from laughing out loud. Ji Feng’s serious looking scolding was just too much to make people want to burst out laughing.

Especially when he said the words ‘Miss’ and ‘middle-aged aunt’, it was a serious look, but it was just that anyone understood that he meant something else, but could not say anything.

In some cases, it was a term of respect, but in others, it was undoubtedly a swear word. The word “Miss” was even more unnecessary.

Xu Changyuan looked at Ji Feng coldly, his teeth clenched, wanting to say something, but in the end he could not say anything.

Liu Suhong, however, couldn’t help herself and said in a shrill voice, “You wild boy, why are you so uncultured, didn’t your parents teach you to respect your elders?”

Oh no!

Xiao Yuxuan’s heart thumped, Ji Feng’s greatest taboo was when others talked about his relatives, this Liu Suhong had obviously violated the taboo. She hurriedly looked at Ji Feng and gestured with her eyes, hoping that he could hold back from getting angry.

However, when she saw a cold light flash in Ji Feng’s eyes, her heart suddenly trembled and she knew, bad!

Xiao Yuxuan fiercely stood up and said angrily, “Cousin Aunt, how are you talking! How is Ji Feng uneducated? Don’t forget that you are in my home now, I am the master here, I hope you will learn to respect us instead of being so sarcastic, otherwise, I don’t care what your relationship with my mother is, at least, from now on you and I have no relationship!”

Her words were so loud and clear that Liu Suhong looked at her in a daze, unable to speak for a moment.

Xiao Changhe and his wife also looked at their daughter in amazement. In their eyes, their daughter, who wanted to be gentle and obedient, was so angry at this moment, so they could see how deep the relationship between her and Ji Feng really was.

The couple looked at each other and could not help but nod slightly at the same time. Although they had long known that Ji Feng and Xiao Yuxuan were teachers and students, Mr. and Mrs. Xiao Changhe had never thought of opposing their daughter because they believed that their daughter would grow up after experiencing what happened to He Dong and would no longer make mistakes like she did before.

Seeing their daughter’s performance at this moment also reinforced their idea of not opposing her.

“You …… you ……” Liu Su Hong looked at Xiao Yuxuan in a daze, but in the end, she could only hum and sat there without saying anything. She didn’t dare to completely flip out with Xiao Yuxuan, whether their family could pull off a relationship with Tang Haiwei, it also depended on whether the matter between Xiao Yuxuan and Tang Haiwei could come to fruition, offending Xiao Yuxuan in this situation was obviously unwise.

Liu Su Hong fiercely plucked out a glance at Ji Feng, she put all the fault of this on Ji Feng’s head. It was all because of this wild boy that he had made himself look so bad.

“Xuan Xuan, how can you be so rude!” Xiao Changhe came out at the right time to reprimand Xiao Yuxuan and rounded up the situation, “Su Hong, this child Xuan Xuan doesn’t understand things, don’t forget about it in your heart, Chang Yuan, don’t forget about it in your heart either.”

“Humph!” Liu Suhong and Xu Changyuan both couldn’t help but coldly snort, those words of Ji Feng just now were also a bit too hurtful, especially those two words ‘Miss’ and ‘middle-aged aunt’ even made Liu Suhong’s body shiver with anger.

However, since Xiao Yuxuan had come forward and Xiao Changhe had also come out to round up the situation, the two of them could only leave it at that and sat down indignantly.

Ji Feng was still calm, as if nothing had happened, but if anyone had looked at him just now, they would have noticed that a cold light had flashed in his eyes.

Tang Haiwei gave Ji Feng a hostile look, it looked like the biggest obstacle before he got Xiao Yuxuan was this kid named Ji Feng!

However, seeing what Ji Feng had just said, Tang Haiwei knew that this kid did not seem to be that easy to deal with. It seemed that one could not speak from his identity with Xiao Yuxuan, but had to start from other aspects.

He gave Liu Suhong a wink.

Liu Suhong instantly understood and hummed, “That’s all, I won’t be ordinary with you two kids, but since I’m Xuan Xuan’s cousin aunt, I have the right to ask you about your situation for her, right?”

Ji Feng nodded noncommittally, with Xiao Changhe and Xiao’s mother following him around, he couldn’t very well go too far.

“It’s fine if you’re a student, after all, it’s the choice of both of you, but …… I’m asking a very realistic question, you still have four years to graduate, maybe you’ll do a master’s degree later, or a doctorate, at that time, it can still take almost ten years!”

Liu Suhong said, “And our family Xuan Xuan is now in the prime age of women, if she is allowed to wait for you for ten years …… even if she is willing again, her parents and I will definitely not agree!”

With these words, Xiao Changhe and Xiao’s mother nodded their heads, this was indeed the truth, they naturally couldn’t let their daughter wait for someone for ten years!

“Moreover, my cousin has only such a daughter, she is definitely not at ease to let her stay away, then you will need to buy a house in Jiangzhou!” Liu Su Hong giggled, “Do you know how much the house price is in Jiangzhou? When are you planning to buy a house? Have you considered all these issues?”