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Campus Master Chapter 179-180

Chapter 179

These questions posed by Liu Suhong are an extremely difficult question for anyone who has just started university and has little or no family money at home to answer. You know, the property prices in Jiangzhou can definitely bring down a family with an average income completely.

Moreover, the age gap between the two of them is a real problem, and it is an obstacle that is placed in front of them and cannot be bypa*sed.

If it were an elder asking these questions, it would be for the most basic reasons, and these questions are very realistic. However, it was Liu Su Hong who asked this question, whether it was her motive or the acerbic tone of her voice, which made the others present unable to help but frown.

Ji Feng smiled lightly and didn’t say anything.

“What, can’t answer, can you?” Liu Su Hong suddenly giggled, the shrill laughter made people’s scalps tingle and seemed harsh, “I say cousin, brother-in-law, this wouldn’t be the second He Dong, would it? The one who came to our house to cheat on us and end up coveting your family’s property?”

“Su Hong, don’t be ridiculous!” Xiao’s mother was worried about Ji Feng’s face and couldn’t help but say in a low voice.

Xiao Changhe’s face, however, was also displeased, even if Ji Feng really was such a person, Liu Suhong said it in such a tone, not knowing to avoid it at all, which was undoubtedly also slapping Xiao Changhe and his wife in the face. Because if others knew, they would definitely say: I really don’t know what kind of vision your daughter has, how come she is always looking for this kind of man, is it just a matter of being a man?

However, because Xiao’s mother and Liu Suhong were cousins, so Xiao Changhe could not say anything, only his face was getting unpleasant.

“Cousin, brother-in-law, let me tell you ah, this little Tang who came with me, only thirty years old this year, is already the owner of a medium-sized company, and he didn’t rely on his family, completely alone, he started his business from university graduation, until now, now his value is already over ten million oh!”

After disparaging Ji Feng, Liu Suhong naturally had to introduce her own Tang Haiwei, the proud look on her face when she spoke, as if she was talking about her son, “I say Xiao Tang ah, coming to my cousin’s house, there is no need to be so formal, just as well, you and my cousin’s husband are both businessmen, you can exchange business experience together, so there is also more common language. ”

“What Auntie Liu said is right.” Tang Haiwei smiled elegantly, took out a packet of cigarettes from his pocket and handed one to Xiao Changhe, “Uncle, have a cigarette!”

Xiao Changhe hesitated slightly before taking the cigarette over, and Tang Haiwei then lit it for him. Tang Haiwei then handed another one to Xu Changyuan, and the three of them swallowed the smoke together.

The important thing was that Tang Haiwei did not give the cigarettes to Ji Feng!

It was as if, Ji Feng was just a small child, or just an insignificant person.

For Chinese people who used cigarettes and alcohol as a common social tool, doing so was undoubtedly very disgraceful to others, and by doing so, Tang Haiwei clearly wanted to make Ji Feng lose face for once.

Xiao Yuxuan immediately looked unhappy, not giving face to Ji Feng, she was naturally very uncomfortable in her heart.

On the other hand, Ji Feng only smiled slightly, originally he thought that Tang Haiwei was a strong enemy that he was wary of, but now it seems that this Tang Haiwei is just like that.

If you treat a person as an opponent, you must first respect your opponent. Tang Haiwei obviously does not know this, or, he is too arrogant and does not consider himself as an opponent at all.

What reason would a person like that have to deserve Ji Feng’s attention?

“Little Feng, you smoke too, right?” When Xiao Changhe saw that Ji Feng had been so calm, with a smile on his face, and the whole person sat there as if he was an old monk in peace, he couldn’t help but feel good and asked with a smile.

Ji Feng was not pretentious, nodded slightly and smiled: “Occasionally I smoke when I’m upset, but usually I don’t. After all, smoking is not good for your health.”

“Oh, it’s okay to smoke one occasionally, come on, have a smoke!” Xiao Changhe laughed, took out a cigarette from his pocket and threw it to Ji Feng, “You have a light yourself, right?”

Ji Feng smiled and nodded, “Then have a smoke.”

“Oh, so Xiao Ji also smokes, Xiao Ji, you’re just a student, it’s better not to smoke if you have nothing to do, a student’s proper job is to study, not to fall in love, and not to smoke and drink and gamble ah!” Liu Suhong suddenly interjected, looking like an elder’s earnest advice: “Xiao Ji, I’m not criticizing you, but for your own good, there is a saying, do not listen to the old man’s advice and suffer before your eyes!”

It was indeed a matter of elders caring about their juniors, but said by Liu Suhong, it made others feel that it was hard so wrong.

Ji Feng, however, smiled lightly, “You are right, I will definitely pay attention. However, I have a few questions about what you said that I don’t understand!”

“What questions?” Liu Suhong asked.

The gazes of the others, who were also attracted by Ji Feng’s words, all looked at him. Thinking back carefully, Liu Suhong’s words, apart from the tone being deliberately sarcastic, there was clearly nothing wrong with the content of the words!

The corner of Ji Feng’s mouth pulled up a slight arc and asked, “First of all, you should call me Ji Feng, because personality-wise, we are both independent and have no relationship, and you calling me Xiao Ji is a bit of a token.”

“What, I’m Xuan Xuan’s cousin aunt, calling you Xiao Ji, is there a problem?” Liu Su Hong sneered at once, she thought it was something, but it turned out to be such a small issue.

“If it was the son in law of some big leader, or rather, the child of any big boss, would you dare to call them that?” Ji Feng raised his eyebrows and asked indifferently.

“What a joke, you really think you’re some big shot? You’re just a student!” Liu Su Hong said disdainfully, “Besides, even if it’s someone with a noble status, as long as he’s our Xuan Xuan’s boyfriend, I can naturally call him that, is there any problem with that?”

“Then I’m really sorry, I almost forgot that you are addressing me from Yu Xuan’s point of view, you are right, I am Yu Xuan’s boyfriend, there is nothing wrong with you calling me like that, I apologize!” Ji Feng smiled faintly.

“Uh ……”

Liu Su Hong was dumbfounded, half unable to speak for a long time, only now did she understand, it turned out that from the very beginning Ji Feng had set up a trap, waiting for her to get into it.

You don’t admit that I’m Yu Xuan’s boyfriend, do you? Then, according to you, the reason why you call me Xiao Ji, but precisely because I am Yu Xuan’s boyfriend, this inconsistency, how should you explain?

This is what Ji Feng meant.

What’s more, Ji Feng ended up shading Liu Suhong again, as soon as she showed her intention to admit that Ji Feng was Xiao Yuxuan’s boyfriend, Ji Feng decisively apologized and appeared to be very sincere.

If Liu Su Hong wanted to refute Ji Feng’s words and not admit that he was Xiao Yuxuan’s boyfriend, she would undoubtedly have to apologize to Ji Feng, which was obviously impossible for Liu Su Hong, who had always looked down on Ji Feng.

For a while, Liu Suhong was in a dilemma, and surprisingly did not know what to say.

Xiao Changhe gave Ji Feng a meaningful glance, and with a few simple words, he put Liu Suhong in a dilemma, which undoubtedly showed Ji Feng’s sleight of hand and resourceful response.

“Humph! At a young age, you know how to play some little smart!” Tang Haiwei couldn’t help but shake his head slightly with a disappointed look, “Older brother, it won’t work like you, after you go out into society in the future, you will definitely suffer a big loss.”

“Hehe ……” Ji Feng gave a non-committal smile and did not say anything. If before this, he still regarded Tang Haiwei as a rival, then now, Tang Haiwei was just a small thug in his eyes, just a little better than Wu Changqun’s thug.

Ji Feng’s non-committal attitude immediately made Tang Haiwei’s face gloomy, he snorted coldly, but he could not afford to get angry here, he could only turn his head away and no longer look at this kid who annoyed him. In his heart, however, he secretly decided that he would definitely teach this brat a little lesson later.

“Uncle, I heard from Auntie Liu that you have opened a drug company?” Soon, a smile appeared on Tang Haiwei’s face again as he said to Xiao Changhe, “I wonder if uncle is interested in cooperating with the Three Hospitals?”

“The Third Hospital? The Third Hospital?” Xiao Changhe was stunned and couldn’t help but ask.

“That’s right, I happen to have a few friends at the Third Hospital that I can still talk to, and the director of the purchasing department is also very familiar with me, if uncle is willing, I can introduce you, but I still need uncle to negotiate the specific business, after all, I’m not very familiar with this piece of medicine.” Tang Haiwei said with a hint of self-satisfaction in his eyes and a smile on his face.

“So ……” Xiao Changhe couldn’t help but feel a bit moved. With a population of tens of millions of people in Jiangzhou, there were an unknown number of large hospitals, but the most famous and large scale ones were just one or two dozen, and the third hospital was among these one or two dozen.

The business that Xiao Changhe usually contacted was mostly some street community hospitals and some clinics, and at most some small private hospitals, but big hospitals like the Third Hospital could not even get in.

You know, if you want to cooperate with such a large hospital, you need not only strength, but also connections and a strong background, which are all indispensable.

“Uncle, how about this, let’s go now, we just have time to go out and find a place to eat, just in time to ask those two friends of mine out as well, try to settle things today.” When Tang Haiwei saw that Xiao Changhe was moved, he immediately continued, “I heard that quite a few drug companies are in contact with them recently as well, if we go late, maybe my friends won’t be able to help uncle if they want to.”

“That’s right, cousin, brother-in-law, your company just got screwed a while ago and suffered heavy losses, now it’s just a critical time to expand your business, why don’t we just go out to eat, it just saves cousin’s busy work.” Liu Su Hong giggled and said.

Xiao Changhe and Xiao’s mother looked at each other, and then looked at her daughter Xiao Yuxuan.

“I’m whatever oh!” Xiao Yuxuan smiled slightly and felt even more amused in her heart, if Tang Haiwei and Liu Suhong had known Ji Feng’s identity, I wonder if they would still have such a condescending look on their faces.


Chapter 180

Since they had decided to go to a hotel for dinner, the group immediately set off.

From Xiao Yuxuan’s house, before they even got into the car, Tang Haiwei said with a gentle and elegant smile, “I’ve just called and booked a private room at the Jiangzhong Yue Hotel.”

“Little Tang, how can we let you pay for this, we should be the ones to invite you!” Xiao’s mother was kinder, she thought that, no matter how Tang Haiwei was a boss, he was still following his cousin’s family over, and he was also the person his cousin was going to introduce to his daughter, although his daughter already had a boyfriend, but after all, the visitor was a guest, it was not good to let someone treat him.

“Cousin, it’s okay, Xiao Tang is a big boss, nothing else, this amount of money is still available.” Liu Su Hong’s mother hen-like voice rang out again, making Xiao Changhe couldn’t help but frown slightly.

“It’s not a matter of money or not, it’s better for me to invite!” Xiao Changhe smiled faintly, he had never been too fond of this cousin of his wife, but after all, she was a relative, so he couldn’t say much about it.

Ji Feng and Xiao Yuxuan stood together and just looked at each other with a smile, Tang Haiwei was so eager to show his excellence and Liu Suhong was so helpful next to him, but unbeknownst to them, this exposed their superficiality even more. As the saying goes, a full bucket of water doesn’t ring, half a bucket of water only bam, that’s the truth.

“Little fellow, if you don’t show a little more, you’ll be compared to that Tang Haiwei oh.” Xiao Yuxuan smiled coquettishly and whispered flirtatiously in Ji Feng’s ear, “By then, if he leaves a better impression in front of my parents, you’ll regret it!”

Ji Feng smiled faintly and likewise whispered, “Uncle is not as superficial as you think, do you really think he has been doing business all these years for nothing? Perhaps uncle is still a bit poor in terms of connections now, but his vision in terms of reading people may not be that bad!”

“You know all this?” Xiao Yuxuan gave him a blank look, secretly hating in her heart. Of course Xiao Yuxuan knew what kind of character her own parents had, she just couldn’t help but see Liu Suhong and Tang Haiwei’s open-minded look of the world being my biggest, so she couldn’t help but want Ji Feng to fight back. However, Xiao Yuxuan seemed to have forgotten that before coming here, it was she who had repeatedly told Ji Feng to always learn to be patient.

A woman’s mind has always been so complex.

Ji Feng smiled faintly, “Alright, don’t think so much, since there’s a free dinner, it’s a waste not to eat it.”

“Just know how to eat!” Xiao Yuxuan glared at him in exasperation, was this little guy not nervous about himself at all?

“Xuan Xuan, you can take Xiao Tang’s buggy, it’s spacious and also very comfortable.” Liu Suhong seemed to completely ignore Ji Feng and said directly to Xiao Yuxuan.

Tang Haiwei also said next to him, “Yes, Yuxuan, the air conditioning in my car is specially modified, it’s a bit cooler.”

This time, Ji Feng finally frowned again.

He gave Liu Suhong a cold look, this woman was too far ahead of her time, right?

And Tang Haiwei, if you want to compete, you don’t have to take this approach, right?

“Yu Xuan just take my car!” Ji Feng said this stiffly, without even a half-hearted explanation.

Liu Suhong’s face suddenly choked and she opened her mouth to speak, but she was swept away by Ji Feng’s icy gaze and surprisingly did not dare to speak.

A cold light flashed in Tang Haiwei’s eyes and he hated in his heart.

When Tang Haiwei first saw Xiao Yuxuan, he was attracted by her charm and beauty, and he could not restrain a thought in his heart: I must get her!

However, to achieve this goal, Ji Feng was the biggest obstacle.

So he secretly decided that he must give Ji Feng the biggest embarra*sment, or be able to make a fool of him, while showing Xiao Yuxuan how much he cared and how good he was.

“Just wait, kid, you’ll have to suffer next!” Tang Haiwei was secretly fierce.

“Ding!” Just at this moment, Ji Feng’s mobile phone suddenly rang. He took out his phone and saw that it was Ji Shaolei calling.

“What’s he calling for at this time?” Ji Feng was a bit puzzled, it was already late in the evening, did Ji Shaolei have any urgent business?

He immediately picked up the phone, “Second brother.”

“San’er, at school, right?” Ji Shaolei asked. According to the age order of the third generation of the Ji family, Ji Shaodong was the oldest, Ji Shaolei was the second oldest, and Ji Feng was the third oldest.

Ji Feng shook his head and laughed, “No, I’m outside, just about to go to dinner with my friends.”

“Oh?” Ji Shaolei was stunned, then he laughed, “I was saying that I was going to invite you to dinner and introduce a friend to you, it’s inconvenient for you to put, why don’t we go directly to you?”

“Then wait a moment, I’ll ask.” Ji Feng covered the microphone.

“What is it?” Xiao Yuxuan asked in a low voice.

Ji Feng said, “My second brother is coming to see me, saying that he wants to introduce a friend to me.”

“It won’t be an introduction to a girlfriend, right?” Liu Suhong, who had just been defeated, now seized the opportunity and couldn’t help but say at once.

Xiao Changhe and his wife were instantly a little displeased, this Liu Suhong, really didn’t pay any attention to her words either. However, they also wanted to know if this friend introduced by Ji Feng’s second brother was a girlfriend or not.

“Little Feng, we don’t have any outsiders anyway, so let your second brother come along, so we can also meet.” Xiao Changhe laughed and said.

Ji Feng then nodded and said into the phone, “Second brother, Jiangzhongyue Hotel.”

“Okay, I’ll be there in half an hour or so.” Ji Shaolei spoke in a very crisp manner, and just after he finished speaking, he hung up the phone straight away.

After Ji Feng hung up the phone, the group got into the car separately. Xiao Changhe and his wife did not drive either, but took their daughter’s car. Just now there was Liu Suhong and others at home, so they had some things to say that were inconvenient, but now that there was just their daughter and Ji Feng in the car, the old couple wanted to ask about Ji Feng’s situation.

“Little Feng, your second brother is also in Jiangzhou?” Xiao’s mother asked, pretending that she had no intention of doing so.

Ji Feng smiled darkly at once, knowing that the couple wanted to find out more about themselves, and said on his lips, “It’s my cousin, and several of my cousins are in Jiangzhou. However, my family is not from Jiangzhou, my hometown is in Mang Shi County, a small place that uncle may not have heard of.”

“Mang Shi County?” Xiao Changhe was stunned, “I’ve really heard of this place, there are a few employees in the company, they are from your Mang Shi County, and one of the business partners is also from your side.”

“That’s quite a coincidence.” Ji Feng smiled.

“Yes, the people of your Mang Shi County, although they are from a small place, are more simple and hardworking than those in the big city, no wonder you are so calm and steady at a young age, now that I think about it, it’s really a side of the land that raises a side of the people!” Xiao Changhe couldn’t help but nod slightly.

Ji Feng chuckled: “Not exactly, there are good people and bad people in every place, it’s mainly because uncle has a unique vision of people and knows people well, that’s why he thinks the people of Mang Shi County are all loyal and kind people.”

“Oh, you ……” Xiao Changhe was patted by this untraceable horse’s a*s by Ji Feng, couldn’t help but smile happily, he then realized that it turned out that Ji Feng was affable when talking to people, yet he was also very funny.

Xiao Changhe realised that the reason why Ji Feng didn’t talk much at home must have been influenced by people like Liu Suhong.

“Horse’s a*s!” Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but mutter.

“You child, what are you talking about!” Xiao’s mother glared at her daughter, “Next time if you talk nonsense, see if I don’t beat you!”

Xiao Yuxuan, who was driving, giggled at once.

Twenty minutes later, the car arrived at the car park of Jiangzhongyue Hotel, and under the lead of the car attendant, all three cars were parked.

However, when a few people walked to the lobby, they were told that the private room that Tang Haiwei had booked was actually occupied by someone.

“Manager Xiao, what the hell is going on here? Didn’t I call and book a private room before, why did you still give it to someone else?” Tang Haiwei’s face was a little ugly, everything seemed to be going wrong today and he had wanted to show off in front of Xiao Changhe.

As a well-known hotel group, Jiangzhongyue Hotel, was one of the several most famous star hotels in Jiangzhou. What’s more, those who could come here to eat were all dignitaries, and ordinary people who came here could only eat in the ordinary lobby at most, unless they were people of status who could go to the hotel’s private rooms.

Tang Haiwei just wanted to show Xiao Changhe his strength, but to his surprise, the private room he had booked was occupied.

The lobby manager named Xiao had some difficulties and said in a low voice, “Old Tang, this private room was originally reserved for you, but there is no way, just now Mr. Zhao suddenly came and took the private room, there are too many guests today and the private room is no longer available.”

“Is there a smaller private room?” Xiao Changhe asked, as everyone was eating together, they must be talking, it was naturally not possible for the hall to be so noisy.

“There are no smaller private rooms available either, I’m really sorry.” Manager Xiao said with a bitter smile helplessly, “How about this, everyone eat in the lobby, for old Tang’s sake, as a compensation to everyone, all expenses for today are counted as provided by the hotel for free, how about that?”

“Joke, Manager Xiao, don’t you know me yet, am I short of money for this meal?” Tang Haiwei’s face was ugly.

“This …… this I can’t do anything about.” Manager Xiao shook his head.

“You!” Tang Haiwei was instantly furious and hummed, “Who exactly is this Duke Zhao you speak of? You go and tell him that it’s me, Tang Haiwei, who wants the private room.”

Manager Xiao immediately laughed bitterly, “Old Tang, this Mr. Zhao, you’d better not mess with him, after all, his father and your father are still colleagues.”

“Oh?” Tang Haiwei frowned, “So it’s someone from within the system …… you’re talking about, it wouldn’t be Zhao Yongcheng, would it?”

“That’s him!” Manager Xiao nodded his head.

Tang Haiwei was silent, he really had no way to compare with others. The manager said that Zhao Yongcheng’s father and his father were colleagues, that was giving him face, in fact, Tang Haiwei’s father was only the director of some district in Jiangzhou, while Zhao Yongcheng’s father was the district governor, who was higher and who was lower, one could tell at a glance.

“Forget it, Xiao Tang, let’s just change to another restaurant, it doesn’t matter.” Xiao’s mother saw that Tang Haiwei could not get off the stage, and she, who was kind-hearted, could not help but round up the situation.

Just then, a mid-spirited voice suddenly came from outside, “I say, San’er, how did you think of coming here?”