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Campus Master Chapter 191-192

Chapter 191

It was true that he had more than 40 million dollars on him, but for Ji Feng, who had always lived a frugal life, to suddenly take out more than 10 million dollars to buy a villa was more or less unbearable. He could not help but secretly laugh at himself for being too petty, but the reluctance in his heart was also real.

He and his mother used to live on just a few thousand dollars a year, and he had never had tens of thousands of dollars, even for his family, before he met the intelligent brain.

Therefore, the habits he had developed since childhood still made it difficult for Ji Feng to change over for a while. And he didn’t want to change it either, unless it was the last resort, he was not willing to be half-heartedly wasteful.

Although Ji Feng had fantasized many times that if he suddenly got rich one day, he would have to be extravagant, but when he really got rich, he didn’t want to be extravagant at all. Even when he bought an Audi some time ago, he was heartbroken. If he hadn’t considered the performance and safety of the car, he would never have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on it.

If he could, he would have wanted to buy one for a few tens of thousands of dollars, anyway, to get around, others drive and he at least doesn’t have to walk. But because of the consideration that there might be some emergency situation one day, Ji Feng still bought the Audi.

However, his stingy character in terms of spending money has not changed in the slightest.

If someone had ridiculed him in this regard, he would have scoffed. Those who have not experienced those hard times will never know what money is in the eyes of some people!

For many people, money might just be a number, but for Ji Feng, money was the capital that kept him alive.

“It’s a good habit to keep up!” Ji Feng was so satisfied with this character of his that he couldn’t help but say it in a self-congratulatory manner.

So nowadays, although he liked this villa very much, and the conditions of this villa also met his requirements exactly, whether it was for practicing aerobics or living, or for studying the light curtain of the Gamma Galaxy later, it was a very secluded place, at least until the news leaked out, absolutely safe.

However, Ji Feng still hesitated and still had not made up his mind.

When he looked at the time, it was already two o’clock in the afternoon, and he saw that it was time to go to cla*s, so he took his textbook and went straight to the cla*sroom.

However, throughout the afternoon, Ji Feng’s mind was not in the cla*sroom, and two voices kept hovering in his head: to buy, or not to buy?

“It’s time to analyse it properly!” Ji Feng secretly decided. Although he was cheap, he was never stingy with the money he should spend, he just didn’t waste it.

Ji Feng picked up a pen, casually tore off a piece of paper from his book and began to write and draw.

“Eighteen million in exchange for a villa.” Ji Feng muttered in a voice that only he could hear, “The villa can be used for living, a function that is not worth this price at all. But apart from that, a secluded villa with a small stadium nearby is good for practicing aerobics and strength control, which is a good feature.”

“However, this is still not worth the price of 18 million …… What if we add the manufacture of light curtains?” Ji Feng couldn’t help but ask himself.

If we talk about living and practicing, just having a secluded house would be fine, and practicing power control could be done in a park, or in a stadium, and a school playground would be equally fine. Creating a light screen, then, could not be so broad-minded.

Ji Feng knew better than anyone else what kind of value the light curtain of the Gamma system had.

This kind of light screen in the Gamma system is only equivalent to the ‘TV’ of ordinary residents’ homes, but on Earth, this is simply an epoch-making technology. It could be used for military and civilian purposes, and so on!

Imagine, for example, in scientific research. If you want to design or create a new device, the difference between using a light curtain to show it and presenting a three-dimensional picture on a computer is simply one in the sky and one in the earth, which is incomparable.

According to the intelligent brain, as long as you have learned the communication and network technology, you can use the light screen as a super computer, and the powerful functions will make anyone crazy.

It was precisely because he was clear about the value of the light curtain that Ji Feng could a*sert that if others knew that he was in possession of this technology in the future, I was afraid that even the family would not be able to protect him at that time.

Even a perverted thing like the light curtain could be created, how could such a talent still have personal freedom?

What’s more, with the continuous training of the intelligent brain, the technology that Ji Feng will master in the future will be far more than just the light curtain, and by then he will be waiting to be confined like a giant panda. More seriously, if people abroad knew about it, it would be hard to say what would happen to Ji Feng when the time came.

For such a person, it would naturally be better if he could get it, but if he couldn’t, then there was obviously only one way to get rid of him!

The moment he thought of this, Ji Feng’s head suddenly turned.

“Buy!” Ji Feng clenched his teeth and finally made up his mind.

Although living in the villa, there was no guarantee that it would be absolutely confidential, but at least in a short period of time, no one would know about these things, and as for the future, Ji Feng had no good solution, so for now, he could only take one step at a time.

Having made up his mind, Ji Feng was much more relaxed. After finishing the afternoon cla*ses, Ji Feng immediately returned to the dormitory, and it was only 4pm.

The result was that no one answered, and Ji Feng couldn’t help but be stunned.

“Could it be that she is in cla*s right now?” Ji Feng couldn’t help but mutter secretly, as for the foreign language department’s course schedule, Ji Feng naturally didn’t know, moreover, since Xiao Yuxuan and Tong Lei had joined hands and left at noon, the two of them hadn’t contacted him again, which made him feel a bit drummed in his heart, what exactly did the two of them say?

Ji Feng was somewhat undeterred and called Tong Lei’s phone again, but the reply was that it was switched off.

At this time, the other three people in the dormitory were also not there, so Ji Feng simply sat on his bed alone, casually picked up a pen and turned it around in his hand, but his mind kept thinking.

When it was time to eat dinner, Ji Feng’s mobile phone suddenly rang, and he looked down to see that it was Tong Lei calling.

“Hey, Lei Lei, why haven’t you answered the phone all afternoon?” As soon as he picked up the phone, Ji Feng asked in a bit of anxiety, this afternoon, he had called four or five times in a row, but all of them were off.

“I’m in cla*s!” Tong Lei’s soft voice came out, making Ji Feng breathe a sigh of relief, fortunately, it didn’t sound like there was anything different.

“Ji Feng, what’s the matter with you calling me?” Tong Lei was a little surprised.

“Oh, it’s like this ……” Ji Feng snapped back to his senses and immediately told her what she intended to do: “I saw a house for sale on the internet today… …”

“You want to buy a villa?” Tong Lei couldn’t help but be a little surprised, although she knew that Ji Feng had made a lot of money at the Jadeite Raw Stone Fair, she was still a little shocked to hear that she actually had to pay more than ten million at once.

Ji Feng hesitated for a moment, but still didn’t explain anything. After all, the matter of having an alien intelligence in his own head was too shocking, and it was better to bear these stresses by himself, and if Tong Lei knew about it, she would inevitably worry about herself.

“Ji Feng, you can’t spend your money recklessly even if you have it.” Tong Lei said somewhat hesitantly, she was afraid that if she spoke too heavily, she would hurt Ji Feng.

“Of course it’s not spent indiscriminately ……” Ji Feng laughed but had a bit of a headache, he deliberated for a while before saying, “It’s like this, because this side of Jiangzhou is still being developed, according to the current situation, the property prices near the university city This is a kind of investment, and I can still live there myself, so I have a place to stay. When the property prices are high, I can sell the house and make a profit, so I can kill two birds with one stone.”

Tong Lei is not too proficient in economics, but hearing what Ji Feng said made sense, she couldn’t help but say, “I don’t know much about these things either, but you must be careful and never be reckless. By the way …… aren’t you majoring in economic management, why don’t you just ask your teacher for advice and then make a decision, after all, more than ten million is not a small amount!”

Ji Feng immediately smiled and agreed, Tong Lei’s concern he could naturally feel, that soft voice, filled his heart with warmth.

“If we buy a house, it will be our home!” Ji Feng joked with a smile.

“That’s your home!” Tong Lei giggled, “My home is in Mang Shi!”

Ji Feng laughed, knowing her thin skin, so he stopped teasing her, said a few more words, and hung up the phone.

Afterwards, Ji Feng dialed Xiao Yuxuan’s number again, and this time, Xiao Yuxuan finally answered the phone.

“Little fellow, what’s so urgent? I was just about to call you up!” Xiao Yuxuan’s voice, with a different kind of seduction, made Ji Feng’s heart burn as soon as he heard it.

Forcing down the desire in his heart, Ji Feng smiled, “I want to buy a house!”

He quickly said his intention to buy a house.

Xiao Yuxuan was surprised, “Little guy, so what you said is true?”

Previously, when Ji Feng had just seen the staff dormitory building, he had said that he intended to buy a house, and then after the incident with Wu Ling’er, his belief in buying a house became even more resolute, but Xiao Yuxuan had not expected that it would be so soon.

“Of course it’s true, this is our future love nest, of course I’ll treat it with care.” Ji Feng smiled heatedly.

“Little rascal!” Xiao Yuxuan charmingly pouted a sentence, but her heart was full of sweetness.

After Ji Feng had described the matter in detail, Xiao Yuxuan immediately said, “If it’s really like what you said, 18 million is definitely not expensive, this might really be an opportunity!”

Hearing Xiao Yuxuan say this, Ji Feng’s heart was instantly at ease.

After hanging up the phone, he immediately contacted that villa owner, Mr. Li, and agreed with the other party to meet at ten o’clock the next morning.

After doing this, Ji Feng threw the phone onto the bed, couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief and he smiled heatedly, “The car is there, the house is there, but the house still lacks a mistress …… must encourage both Yu Xuan and Tong Lei to live in it!”


Chapter 192

The next day, it was not yet light out.

The next day, before dawn, Ji Feng woke up early, as usual. Because he was afraid that the other three guys in the dormitory would see something, Ji Feng didn’t go into his head to receive training this night.

Du Shaofeng snored too loudly in his sleep, Han Zhong grinded his teeth, and only Zhao Kai slept honestly, but Ji Feng saw him pick up a book from his bed within two hours before he fell asleep, writing and drawing on it, not knowing what he was working on.

What made it even more helpless was the electric fan hanging from the ceiling.

The fan was not blowing much, but the sound was comparable to that of a helicopter.

Under such circumstances, not to mention training, it was already a great luxury to be able to sleep in peace. Fortunately, Ji Feng had long been trained to force himself to fall asleep in the shortest possible time under any circumstances. One had to know that as an agent, one could be exposed at any time, and escaping was just as important as carrying out a mission. In the process of escaping, it is inevitable that one will get tired, and at this time, it becomes very important to rest at all times.

This item, too, was in Ji Feng’s training plan and, by the time he practiced the second set of moves, he had already mastered this skill.

However, this also made Ji Feng more determined to buy a house, not for any other reason, just to be able to sleep soundly, all must buy a house.

Since there was no cla*s in the morning, Ji Feng used this time to meet the owner of the villa, Mr. Li.

After having a haphazard breakfast, Ji Feng drove to the place where they had agreed to meet.

Mr. Li was a middle-aged man in his early fifties, with a Chinese face and a somewhat unsmiling appearance.

Ji Feng talked to him calmly and only then did he learn that Mr. Li was a stock speculation enthusiast and that his son and daughter were both in Rice and had both started their own families. The old couple could not leave their children and they both missed their parents so much that they encouraged them to emigrate.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but be interested and asked, “Mr. Li is speculating in stocks? Aren’t those stocks extremely risky?”

For these financial matters, Ji Feng did not know much now, although he studied economics and management and was considered to be in the economics department, but after all, he had just started university and had never been exposed to this aspect.

What surprised him was that, listening to Mr. Li’s introduction, it seemed as if the other party did not seem to do anything other than speculating in stocks, and if he did not make money, I was afraid that Mr. Li would have starved to death long ago.

It was just that stocks were too risky, something Ji Feng had heard about long ago, which was why he was amazed that in the midst of such great risks, Mr. Li could still work for decades, which had to make him admire him.

Mr. Li laughed and said, “High risk, but also high reward, this villa of mine, but I earned it from speculating in stocks!”

“So impressive?” Ji Feng was stunned, there were not a few people who could get rich by speculating in stocks, but most of those were short term investments, or those with inside information, I guess Mr. Li also belonged to this category.

The two of them chatted for a few more minutes, then Mr. Li said, “Little friend Ji, it’s rare that we are so kind, how about this, the price of the villa can be lowered some more, even if it’s 17.5 million, in addition, besides the villa, I also have two storefronts, which have not been transferred out yet, if you still have the ability, can you eat them together? ”

Ji Feng smiled faintly, but did not reply in a hurry. In his heart, however, he was secretly sighing, no wonder this Mr. Li had let go of the price of half a million in one breath, so, he also wanted him to eat his storefronts down as well.

After deliberating for a moment, Ji Feng asked, “I wonder where Mr. Li’s facade is?”

“On Tongzhou Road!” Mr. Li smiled, “It’s true that it’s a bit desolate over there now, and the location of the facade is not very good, but I believe that in a few years, it will definitely be able to develop, Jiangzhou’s development speed is the fastest in the country.”

Ji Feng smiled and nodded his head, but in his heart he was secretly calculating.

Tongzhou Road, already considered a suburb, was still being developed there, but Ji Feng was not too sure about the future development.

He had wanted to call and ask his second uncle, but thinking that this would make him make a mistake, and that it was not too good after all for his own personal matters, he gave up on this intention.

Seeming to see Ji Feng’s hesitation, Mr. Li laughed and said, “Little friend Ji, how about this, we can go and have a look on the ground and then it’s not too late for little friend to make a decision.”

Ji Feng nodded his head at once and said, “Good.”

Only when he really arrived at Tongzhou Road did Ji Feng realise what Mr Li meant by ‘desolate’. The place was now a wasteland everywhere, with only the lone two office buildings being started and not yet fully built. Looking around, it must be at least a few dozen kilometres away to be populated.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but laugh, “Mr Li, this place is not just desolate, it can simply be called a poor countryside.”

Mr. Li laughed and said, “This is exactly why I brought young friend to see it, only after seeing it on the ground can I make the right decision, I don’t want young friend to secretly curse me twice every time he sees these two storefronts when the deal is done.”

Ji Feng couldn’t help but smile along with him, and in his heart, he had more or less a good feeling towards Mr. Li; at least, this was a real person.

“Actually, I won’t hide it from you, the reason why I bought these two storefronts in the first place was also for stock speculation.” Mr. Li shook his head, “Little friend, at such a young age, has such a family business, so it’s obviously quite extraordinary, so even if I don’t say anything, little friend can definitely know through other channels.”

Ji Feng was slightly surprised, “Buying a facade is for speculation?”

“Yes.” Mr. Li nodded emotionally, “In fact, this is a kind of money-spinning tactic in the stock market, using a shell company to go public and then come to circle money. It’s just that recently there have been stricter investigations, so this method doesn’t work anymore for people without a big background. The developer who developed these two office buildings actually doesn’t have a big background either, so naturally there is no way to use a shell company to go public like before, so they developed these two office buildings symbolically and then used their connections to toss the company to go public again.”

“By buying these two storefronts, I am actually equating it to an entry ticket to participate in their game.” Li added.

Ji Feng was somewhat puzzled, he suddenly realized that those skills he possessed were simply unmentionable in front of these treacherous people. It was enough for people to make themselves dizzy just by playing a slight trick!

In fact, Ji Feng was being presumptuous, no matter which of those special skills he released at random, it would be enough to blow the world away, especially those future mechanical and weapon knowledge, that was simply priceless.

These people who are playing with shell companies to go public are just relying on their family backgrounds to make some money, they are not even comparable to Ji Feng!

If Ji Feng wanted to make money, not to mention anything else, he only had to let out a word and countless people would come up to give him money, why would he need to play such tricks to circle money?

The only thing is that Ji Feng never thought of relying on his family’s power, so he didn’t turn around.

Although he sighed in his heart, Ji Feng also understood one thing, the price of these two storefronts would definitely not be very high.

As expected, he heard Mr. Li say, “Little friend, it is estimated that within a year or two, this place will not be developed, so these two storefronts, if you are willing, will be transferred to you at the original price.”

Ji Feng rose in silence, this kind of investment, he had to think it over.

A moment later, Ji Feng nodded slightly and said, “OK, these two storefronts, I’ll take them.”

Mr. Li was immediately overjoyed, shook Ji Feng’s hand and said, “Little friend, then we can consider it a deal!”

“Deal!” Ji Feng said with a smile.

These two storefronts might not be of much use to Ji Feng now, but, as this area developed, it was inevitable that these two storefronts would appreciate in value. Moreover, Ji Feng now had a vague intention that he might use these two storefronts in the future. Although this intention could only be considered an immature plan, he believed that in two years’ time at most, these two storefronts would definitely create value for him.

A villa and two storefronts would cost a total of more than $24 million, a figure that once again staggered Ji Feng. In fact, although the two storefronts were very large, with over 400 square feet, they were very cheap in terms of price, after all, Mr Li had given them to him at the original price, which was only over six thousand per square foot, a price which, even in some second-tier cities, was considered cheap.

What really hurt Ji Feng was the tax he had to pay at the time of transfer, he had to pay more than two million yuan in taxes, and if he hadn’t been constantly comforting himself in his mind, he could almost have cursed.

Two million dollars, a figure he wouldn’t have thought of in the past, and now he was paying it as tax!

Some formalities like the transfer agreement were not too complicated, Ji Feng signed a few documents and settled the money in full, and he became the second owner of a villa and two storefronts.

PS: In reality if the house pa*ses, it won’t be so easy, so don’t link it to reality, people. Also, Chinese web, all other sites, please.

When the house finally arrived, both Mr. Li and Ji Feng could not help but breathe a sigh of relief. Mr. Li was relieved because the house had finally been sold and he could then emigrate without worry. Ji Feng, on the other hand, was relieved because the money had finally been spent.

For him, the most painful part was the moment he paid for it, whereas after he paid for it, he didn’t feel that way anymore.

Because Ji Feng was already a spontaneous person, no matter how painful it was, the money had already been spent, so why think about it any more?

The duo then went to the property company and completed the final handover procedure, and then Mr Li had nothing to do with the villa at all!

After handing over all the keys to Ji Feng, Mr. Li said goodbye and left.

Ji Feng was a little excited in his heart as he played with the bunch of keys, a villa, two storefronts, ah. The moment he thought about them, he had a feeling like he was in a dream.

Just a year ago, he was still living in a slum area of less than 40 square metres, but now he had become the owner of a villa.

It was too late to feel too much emotion, and Ji Feng was the first to think of giving Xiao Yuxuan and Tong Lei a good news report, but it turned out that both of their mobile phones were turned off.

“In cla*s again ……” Ji Feng shook his head helplessly and could only hide this joy in his heart first.

But soon, Ji Feng couldn’t smile again, because now he had to face a problem – he was running out of money!