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Campus Master Chapter 193-194

Chapter 193

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“You really bought a house?” Zhang Lei stared at Ji Feng with wide eyes, “You guys are too good at hitting people, right? Buddy doesn’t even have a bicycle until now, and you’re living a well-off life? How dare you?”

Ji Feng laughed dumbly, “If you want a car or a house, I’m afraid that if you open your mouth, someone will send it to you, right?”

“That’s not the same!” Zhang Lei hummed, “Buddy has to rely on his own real ability, understand?”

Ji Feng and Tong Lei next to him exchanged a glance and simultaneously laughed dumbly.

Here was a gazebo in front of the dormitory area, and the three of them were sitting on a bench chatting.

When Zhang Lei heard that Ji Feng had bought a house, and it was a detached villa, he was immediately impressed and yelled, “Crazy, there’s nothing to do this afternoon anyway, why don’t we just go to the villa you bought and take a look, and if you need to add any furniture or anything like that, I can also help you with a reference.”

Ji Feng was just about to nod his head in agreement, but he was interrupted by Tong Lei.

“Brother, are you trying to be lazy again?” Tong Lei glared at him and pouted, “What happened in cla*s this morning, did you forget?”


Zhang Lei froze, and then scratched his head awkwardly, “That’s what, anyway, it’s just going out for a while this afternoon, if you want to study, you can do it anytime, there’s no rush.”

Ji Feng listened with some confusion, “What’s going on? Lei Zi, what happened in the morning?”

Zhang Lei snorted and said vaguely, “Nothing, it’s just that I don’t really like cla*ses.”

“And you say that!” Tong Lei complained, “You were caught sleeping in cla*s by the teacher, and if you don’t correct it properly, I’m afraid you’ll just fail by the time the exam comes around.”

It turned out that although Zhang Lei was in the foreign language department, what he hated the most was foreign languages. In his opinion, learning those bird languages was completely useless and was simply not as friendly as the Chinese language.

In his words, if everyone knew a foreign language, why would they need translators? Wouldn’t that be smashing people’s rice bowls? What’s more, I am a Chinese, so why do I have to learn a foreign language?

This strange way of thinking made him not even remotely interested in foreign languages, and he would fall asleep on his desk in cla*s.

Understanding the original story, Ji Feng shook his head and smiled. It was indeed difficult for Zhang Lei to learn a foreign language. Ji Feng knew this guy’s character, since he was in high school, Zhang Lei had an aversion to foreign languages, but he had to learn them in order to cope with the college entrance exams, but his grades were still very good, whether it was listening or reading and writing, he was not as good as other students.

It was because of this that he was admitted to the foreign language department of the United University.

In general, for subjects such as foreign languages and mathematics, not only do you have to reach the standard score in the entrance examination, but you also have to meet extremely strict requirements for your major courses.

For example, the foreign language department of the United University requires a score of no less than 120 points in English, which is an unattainable score for many students.

At the beginning, Zhang Lei really did not have a favourite major and was not sure he could get into Union University, so he haphazardly followed Tong Lei and applied for the foreign language department, but he was admitted.

Now he has to speak foreign languages all day long, it’s strange that he would be willing to do so!

“I should have known better than to apply for the Department of Foreign Languages, even if I had applied for the Department of Computer Science, I would still be able to play with the computer in cla*s every day. Zhang Lei looked helpless, his eyes rolled and suddenly asked, “Do you guys think if I apply for a change of major, there is a chance that I can pa*s?”

Ji Feng and Tong Lei looked at each other and shook their heads at the same time, saying in unison, “No way!”

“Why?” Zhang Lei immediately became anxious, “I can’t stand being in the foreign language department anymore, that kind of life is no different from hell to me!”

With a faint word, Zhang Lei gave up: “Why don’t you talk to your dad about it?”

Zhang Lei was no longer in a temper, discussing with his father? Wouldn’t that be like asking to be scolded? He wouldn’t do such a stupid thing!

“All right, all right! Let’s not talk about it!” Zhang Lei waved his hand in annoyance, “Crazy, let’s go to your villa and have a look, my head is getting big from facing those bird words all day!”

Ji Feng nodded with a smile and said, “Well, Lei Zi, I actually think that there’s nothing wrong with you learning a foreign language, you can treat it as a kind of entertainment, well, or rather, master yi long technology to control yi, learning a foreign language, maybe it will come in handy in the future!”

“That’s all, since I’m in the foreign language department, I’ll just learn it, alas, it’s fate!” Zhang Lei let out a long sigh of anguish, “My future four years of university life, just ruined!”

Ji Feng decided not to pay attention to Zhang Lei anymore, he believed that even if he didn’t advise him, Zhang Lei would definitely continue his studies, although his character was a bit rebellious, he still knew what was more important, distress was distress, study was study, these were two different things.

Because, Zhang Lei is not an ordinary person, he is a son of the Tong family. His performance could even affect Tong Kai De’s position in the family, which he knew better than anyone.

In fact, Ji Feng didn’t like learning foreign languages either, although he learned them faster than anyone else, but I don’t know what happened, when it came to foreign languages, Ji Feng had the same kind of instinctive rejection. Especially when he saw those young men and women on the street, whose mouths were often interspersed with some bird language when they spoke, he felt goosebumps all over his body, could it be that the Chinese language could not express the meaning clearly?

“Crazy, give me the keys, I’ll go and drive.” At the mention of the car, Zhang Lei’s eyes glowed with excitement, a far cry from his previous droopy appearance.

Ji Feng threw the keys at him, “Can’t you be a little bit more ambitious, why don’t you buy one yourself?”

Zhang Lei walked in the direction of the parking lot while turning around and said, “You think everyone is like you? It’s more like buying a bike!”

Ji Feng and Tong Lei’s faces changed, in the direction of Zhang Lei’s past, four `five girls dressed up in fancy clothes were talking and laughing, looking like Zhang Lei was about to run into them.

“Watch the road carefully!” Ji Feng shouted, however, before his words could fall, Zhang Lei crashed into one of the girls.


The girl cried out in shock and immediately rebuked angrily, “You people don’t walk without eyes, why do you run straight into others?!”

Zhang Lei immediately frowned, but thinking that it was his own fault, besides it was pointless to bother with a girl, he immediately apologized, “Sorry, sorry, it was my carelessness, sorry!”


The other girl sneered, “Whether you were really careless or not, it remains to be seen, you didn’t see our Yun Bing here, so you wanted to hit on her in this way, did you?”

“What Yun Bing?” Zhang Lei frowned and asked, “It was indeed my carelessness just now, sorry.”

With that, Zhang Lei wanted to move on, since he had said his humility and the other party was not hurt, he naturally wouldn’t dilly-dally here any more.

“This is bad!” In the gazebo, Tong Lei couldn’t help but frown slightly and said in a low voice.

“Hmm?” Ji Feng was stunned, “What’s broken?”

Before Tong Lei could answer him, he heard a girl say in a sharp voice, “What, you want to leave now? I’m telling you, next time you want to hit on someone, find a better reason, look in the mirror before you go out, don’t try to rub up against our Yun Bing with any toad!”

Zhang Lei was dumbfounded by what he said and didn’t react for a long time to what was going on, let alone know what exactly Yun Bing was.

When he reacted, he couldn’t help but shake his head with a related laugh and turned around to leave.

I guess Yun Bing should be the name of the girl he had just bumped into, and from what they were saying, it seemed like they were saying that he had deliberately approached her …… his taste wasn’t that bad, right?

However, this shaking of his head angered the girls.

One of the girls immediately said angrily, “No go! What did you mean by that smile just now? Do you look down on us?”

“No, no!” Zhang Lei shook his head and laughed, “I was laughing at my own carelessness in walking, well, goodbye!”

“Want to leave? Apologize before you go!” The other girl said coldly.

Zhang Lei frowned slightly, “I’ve already made a humble apology, if you have to hear it, it’s fine if I say it again.”

“What kind of attitude is that?!” Zhang Lei’s words instantly seemed to stir up a hornet’s nest as several girls angrily rebuked at the same time.

“A few of you, is this any big deal? It’s just an accidental touch, don’t be unreasonable.” Zhang Lei didn’t have the patience to tussle with these girls and turned around to leave.

And at that moment, a girl sneered, “If you dare to leave now, by the time dinner is served, the entire Union University students will know that the brother of Tong Lei, the flower of the Foreign Language Department, is brutal and unreasonable, and that he became furious when he failed to get close to our family Yun Bing!”

The corners of Zhang Lei’s eyes suddenly jumped wildly a few times, and his face instantly sank. It turned out that the other party had recognized him long ago, but preferred to target him, which clearly had a purpose.

In the gazebo, Ji Feng`s face was equally gloomy, he was standing high up and could see more clearly than Zhang Lei. Those four`five girls were actually centered on one girl, and the others all seemed to be followers.

Ji Feng looked at the girl in the middle, she was indeed very pretty, if compared to ordinary girls, she could definitely be called the word beautiful.

However, if compared to Tong Lei, it was much worse. It was not only the difference in appearance, but more importantly, the difference in temperament.

Tong Lei was clear and beautiful, her whole being was full of spirituality, as if she was a fairy from the heavens. This girl, on the other hand, is cool and arrogant, as if she is high and mighty, and it is this kind of person that Ji Feng dislikes the most.

Just ……

Ji Feng’s eyebrows furrowed, the meaning of the girl’s words just now, how come it seemed to be directed at Tong Lei?

A cold aura flashed across his eyes!

“This person’s name is Yun Bing, also a student of the foreign language department, but not from our cla*s.” Tong Lei seemed to know what Ji Feng was thinking and whispered next to him, “She once approached me and just looked at me strangely for a few moments before leaving, I don’t know what she wanted!”


Chapter 194

“She looked for you?” Ji Feng’s face sank as he asked, “When did this happen? How come you never told me about it?”

Tong Lei smiled gently and said softly, “It was just a small thing, I forgot about it afterwards.”

In fact, Tong Lei hadn’t forgotten, that look in Yun Bing’s eyes that carried condescension to her bones, she wouldn’t forget that easily. Yun Bing was looking at her at that time as if she felt like a princess looking at a beggar, and moreover, looking at a beggar who was even prettier than her.

Contempt! Hate!

These were the two meanings that Tong Lei read from Yun Bing’s eyes at that time. She couldn’t understand when she had offended Yun Bing, because she and Yun Bing had only met once since she came to the United University until now. Although they were in the same foreign language department, they were in different cla*ses, and usually in different cla*srooms when they were in cla*s, and even during military training, they were not in the same squad.

Under such circumstances, there was no possibility for the two to meet at all, except for the time when Yun Bing took the initiative to come to her.

Yet even so, Tong Lei still clearly felt Yun Bing’s hatred for herself, and a kind of contempt. Even Tong Lei, who had a light-hearted personality and had never been unconcerned with the world, could not help but be secretly annoyed in her heart; no one could remain calm when being looked at with that kind of contempt.

However, Tong Lei did not tell Ji Feng about these things because she did not want him to get angry along with her, and she did not want him to go after Yun Bing in a fit of anger.

She could naturally see that Yun Bing was able to look at her with that kind of eyes, naturally because she came from a good background, and might even have a great origin.

Under such circumstances, Tong Lei naturally did not want to cause trouble for Ji Feng.

Ji Feng deliberated slightly for a moment and understood Tong Lei’s thoughts. He couldn’t help but let out a light sigh, squeezed Tong Lei’s small hand and said: “Silly girl, just because you’re afraid of getting me into trouble, you’re condemning yourself? You’re doing this, but instead, you’re making me feel more heartbroken.”

“Where.” Tong Lei smiled sweetly, “It’s not aggravating at all.”

Ji Feng nodded slightly and said calmly, “I know about this matter.”

Although his tone was calm, Tong Lei’s pretty face changed and she said in a panic, “Ji Feng, it’s not like I have any dealings with her anyway, let’s forget about this matter.”

Ji Feng smiled faintly, pointed at the blue-faced Zhang Lei and smiled mockingly, “Silly girl, just because you don’t care about this matter doesn’t mean that others don’t either, see, Lei Zi is in trouble.”

Tong Lei’s beautiful eyes couldn’t help but flash a hint of anger, “I’ve never offended Yun Bing, and I don’t know where she gets her hatred from, as if she would only be happy if I were dead!”

“There’s always a reason!” Knowing the cause of the matter, Ji Feng couldn’t help but put a smile on his face, “However, now is not the time to find the cause, it’s better to see how your brother will handle this matter.”

Zhang Lei was moved with anger and his face was blue.

It didn’t matter to him if he made an apology, or if he lost face, his face had long been thicker than the city walls. However, now that these women were targeting Tong Lei, this was something he could not tolerate.

“Let the whole school know?” Zhang Lei recoiled in anger, his gaze cold as he looked at these few women who didn’t know the sky was high, “What a good tactic, Yun Bing is it? What do you want?”

Yun Bing coldly snorted, with an extremely condescending look on her face, “Don’t want to do anything, just want you to bring a message to that self-righteous sister of yours, this is Jiangzhou, not a poor mountain valley in the middle of nowhere, don’t think that just because you can pretend to be noble and seduce men, you feel like flying into the sky, here, this is not a place where you dirt bags can flaunt! ”


Zhang Lei roared, at this moment, he was like an ignited powder keg, he instantly went berserk, “B*tch woman, if you have the guts to say what you just said again, I will make you regret coming to this world!”

Several girls were frightened by Zhang Lei’s fierce appearance and took a few steps back in panic.

“You, what do you want?” One girl said in a stern and shrill voice, “This is at school, you know about the Brilliant Group, right? Our Yun Bing’s father is the president of a big group. Zhang Lei, if you dare to mess around, you have to think about the consequences!”

“The boss of a big group?!” Zhang Lei grunted and laughed coldly, “What bullSh*t boss, in front of me, he doesn’t even count as bullSh*t!”

Zhang Lei walked towards Yun Bing step by step, both hands clenching his fists, “I’d like to see what you, this stupid woman who doesn’t know the sky is high, is thinking! Could it be, you’ve got Sh*t in your head!”

“Brother, stop it!”

Just then, Tong Lei and Ji Feng quickly walked over, and Tong Lei pulled Zhang Lei’s arm, “Brother, don’t be impulsive.”

Ji Feng looked coldly at Yun Bing, his sharp, thorn-like gaze seemed to see straight into Yun Bing’s heart, making her not dare to look at him at all.

Yun Bing again felt that it was unbecoming to be intimidated by the eyes of a bumpkin, and she jerked her head up and said in a sharp voice, “What are you looking at? You are Tong Lei’s boyfriend? Ha …… what a pair ……!”


Several girls only felt a blur before their eyes, and the next moment, Yun Bing’s shrill voice came to a screeching halt, and then she let out a miserable scream as her entire body flew backwards and fell heavily to the ground.

On Yun Bing’s face, a bright red slap mark was clearly visible, and in the blink of an eye, her face, which was still considered pretty, swelled up high.

“Oooh pfft!” Yun Bing was so dazed by the slap that she almost didn’t pa*s out. She struggled to sit up, but the pain all over her body was unbearable and she lay down on the ground again at once. The strong fishy taste in her mouth made her feel uncomfortable and she subconsciously spat out a mouthful of blood, but it was a mouthful of fresh blood with two teeth mixed in!

With this slap, Ji Feng had knocked out two of Yun Bing’s teeth in a raw way.

However, his gaze was getting colder and colder without the slightest reprieve, staring straight at Yun Bing on the ground.

“Ji Feng, don’t hit anyone!” Tong Lei said in exhortation.

“Your name is Yun Bing? Why are you targeting Tong Lei?” Ji Feng asked in a flat tone, yet his words contained an unquestionable majesty, “You can’t answer me, but you won’t be able to keep your teeth on the other side either!”

“You, how dare you hit a girl? Are you still a man!” Several of Yun Bing’s companions only sort of reacted at this moment, and immediately screamed, “There’s a beating, Yun Bing was beaten up!”

“Say!” Ji Feng ignored those few girls and just stared straight at the horrified Yun Bing.

“Hey! What’s wrong with you few, why are you fighting?!” Just then, a drinking voice suddenly came, followed by a few tall boys walking over, with the one in the lead asking with a grim face.

As soon as he saw these few people, a joyous look flashed in Yun Bing’s eyes, and he was just about to speak, but he was suddenly startled by Ji Feng’s harmonious voice.

“Speak!” Ji Feng shouted coldly, without even looking at the boys, “Don’t make me ask a fourth time, or else there is no way you will leave here alive today!”

All of a sudden, everyone felt cold all over, no one would doubt Ji Feng’s words, because the regal aura on Ji Feng’s body made people realize that he was definitely not joking, and if Yun Bing didn’t say anything, Ji Feng might really kill her!

“I, I …… wow ……” Under that appalling aura of Ji Feng, Yun Bing actually cried out in fear.

“Since you are not willing to say, then take the answer to the coffin!” Ji Feng sneered, fiercely stepped forward, his foot raised high, and was about to kick at Yun Bing’s throat.

Everyone was suddenly shocked, this guy was really too ruthless, he was just going to kill people when he said he would!

Those few boys who came after him even turned pale, and one of them kicked out violently.


Ji Feng’s leg clashed with that guy’s leg without any reservation, and in the next moment, only a ‘click’ sound was heard, that boy’s leg was actually broken by the kick!

“Ugh!” The man let out a muffled cry and immediately screamed out in misery, falling to the ground at once.

However, with this blow, he also allowed Ji Feng to retrieve his leg, which was considered to have saved Yun Bing’s life.

Tong Lei pulled Ji Feng in a panic: “Ji Feng, don’t do anything rash!”

Ji Feng gave Yun Bing a deep look, “You’re lucky to have Tong Lei to plead for you.”

Everyone was cold and numbed by these words, Ji Feng’s calm expression simply made people not dare to look down, anyone who knew that someone who could be so calm after breaking someone’s leg with a kick and sending them flying with a slap was either crazy or, someone who was used to seeing life and death and didn’t take appointments seriously!

Ji Feng was obviously not a madman, so it could only be the latter!

“Is this guy really a student?” Everyone couldn’t help but have a feeling of horror rise in their hearts.

“You shot out to stop me and got your leg broken by me, you sort of asked for it, but given that you were trying to save someone and didn’t know the reason for it, it’s sort of wrong of me.” Ji Feng’s gaze looked at the person who blocked him, and took out his wallet from his pocket again, “Here’s five thousand yuan, take it to the doctor first, besides, this is my phone number, how much you spend, you can ask me to reimburse you.”

After saying that, he then smiled at Zhang Lei and Tong Lei, “Come on, let’s go and see the house.”

“Wait a minute!” One of the boys in the lead suddenly drank.

Ji Feng frowned and turned his head to stare at the boy.

The boy said stiffly, “We’re from the Student Union’s security team, what you’re doing has violated the school rules and has even broken the law, you can’t just leave like this!”

Ji Feng smiled faintly, “Then what do you want?”

“You all have to come with me to the Security Section and tell us what happened, the school will handle it at its discretion.” The boy said.

“What if I say I won’t go?” Ji Feng’s face sank and he asked in an unkind tone.