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Campus Master Chapter 197-198

Chapter 197

The Hot Hand – A Rush to the Red!


“Arrogant woman meets her nemesis and gets slapped in public!


The Truth with Pictures


A fiery post on the United University’s forum reported the conflict between Ji Feng and Yun Bing in extreme detail.

In the vast majority of the posts, the detailed account of what happened was described first, followed by a note with the owner’s comments. What made Yun Bing so angry was that the comments on these posts were almost lopsided towards Tong Lei, and very few of them were towards Yun Bing!

For example, in the first post, “Hot Hands Destroying Flowers”, it describes what happened in detail before commenting at the end: “Although the author does not know why the above two sides suddenly had this kind of conflict, but, from the pictures we can clearly see how arrogant Yun Bing was wearing on her face before she was beaten, does she really consider herself a princess? ”

“Showing off her wealth, or ignorant arrogance? After being beaten up, Yun Bing did not even take the initiative to hold the a*sailant responsible, does this mean that Yun Bing is the one who is in the wrong?”

“From what I’ve seen and analysed, it seems that the cause of this incident was that Yun Bing and Tong Lei clashed, and subsequently, Yun Bing attacked Tong Lei with vicious words, and the latter’s companion was so enraged that she struck out in anger and gave Yun Bing a resounding slap in the face, letting her know that being rich doesn’t mean she’s right about everything! Money, doesn’t mean everything!”

“Tong Lei is the recognized flower of the foreign language department, I guess that Yun Bing was overpowered by Tong Lei in terms of her looks, so she harboured a grudge and insulted Tong Lei verbally. She doesn’t know that a woman’s beauty doesn’t only lie in her appearance, but her beauty of heart is equally important. A woman who would attack others with vicious words because of a trivial matter, even if she is awarded the department flower, it is still a shame for the whole foreign language department!”


The countless posts were spreading all over the forum, and every time she checked one of them, Yun Bing would be so angry that her face would turn blue and her chest would heave violently, but she was not able to fight back in the slightest, people were speaking online, what could she do?

And more importantly, seven`eight out of ten of the things said in these posts were true!

“Bingbing, otherwise, we should also register a few vests and go clarify?” Seeing Yun Bing’s almost angry look, her roommate couldn’t help but ask cautiously.

“Clarify? Clarify what?!” Yun Bing screamed frantically, almost going crazy, “I don’t need to clarify, humph, those people are saying things, they are jealous of me, what can they do to me with these words?”

A few roommates looked at each other and thought to themselves, “If those words really can’t do anything to you, why are you so angry?

“Turn off the computer!” Yun Bing screamed, her chest heaving violently with anger, if she didn’t have anything handy around, she almost wanted to just smash the computer!

“Bing Bing, look, there’s a new post, it seems to be ……” her roommate pointed to a new post on the computer screen and said somewhat hesitantly, “Do you want to see this one?”

“I don’t want to read any post either, shut it down immediately!” Yun Bing was furious.

“It seems to be about Wei Qiang.” A roommate said cautiously.

“What?” Yun Bing froze, and then said angrily, “Fine, I’d like to see what this Wei Qiang is talking about!”

She immediately went to the computer and fixed her eyes on it, only to find that the post turned out not to be posted by Wei Qiang, but that the title of the post carried Wei Qiang’s name.

“Jealousy? Or unrequited love? This was the name of the post. As soon as she saw it, the corners of Yun Bing’s eyes jumped and her face clouded over.

After a moment’s hesitation, Yun Bing clicked on the post with a huff, however, after she had just read it a few times, her eyes instantly turned red and her whole body immediately went crazy: “Who posted this post, I’ll make sure to kill him! Ahhhhhhhhh!”

Yun Bing felt like he was about to be driven crazy, especially this post, that was simply the last straw to crush the old bull!

According to the description in the post, this poster had started a human flesh search for Yun Bing and several other parties after reading the crowd’s post reports, and had listed everyone’s biographies and identities, even to the extent that Yun Bing’s father was Yun Feiyang, the boss of the Brilliant Group, and the rumours of Yun Feiyang’s power in Jiangzhou.

Of course, as for the identities of Ji Feng and the others, the post only listed the biographies of a few people, and there was no description of their family situations.

However, based on the pictures and the videos that the onlookers took with their mobile phones, and then based on the results of the search, the post came to a conclusion that was closest to the truth.

…… Yun Bing was jealous of the fight and thus maliciously attacked Tong Lei, which led to his own beating and even dragged an escort student into it!

The post said that Yun Bing had long had a crush on Wei Qiang of the basketball team, but was only shaving her head and burning the fire, head over heels. Wei Qiang was simply distant from Yun Bing, but instead he was in love with Tong Lei, who was as beautiful and fairy-like as a fairy.

It is for this reason that Yun Bing hates Tong Lei to the bone, which is why this incident has come about today.

The post ends with the most pessimistic speculation about Wei Qiang’s future four years of university life: Wei Qiang, who does not cling to the powerful, has offended the arrogant and ignorant Yun Bing, and will face Yun Bing’s revenge for the next four years of university life, I am afraid.

“Such a crazy and arrogant and ignorant woman is the most frightening, because she is capable of anything!” The post ended with this, “It can be foreseen that in the next four years, what Wei Qiang will have to face may not only be Yun Bing, but also the entire Brilliant Group, to be looked at by such a crazy woman can only be described as a misfortune!”


The last sentence of the post was like an explosion of thunder, instantly magnifying in Yun Bing’s eyes, and ultimately, exploding in her mind.

It was over, what face did he still have to stay at United University?

Yun Bing only felt a blackness in front of his eyes as he fell headfirst from his chair and landed heavily on the ground.


Several of Yun Bing’s roommates were startled and screamed, hurriedly helping Yun Bing up, “Bing Bing, how are you? Do you need to go to the hospital?”

It was only after a long time that Yun Bing was able to catch her breath, but her face was a ghastly white, without a trace of blood anymore. All that was left in her mind was the last post she had seen.

To be seen by such a crazy woman could only be described as a misfortune ……

What else, more vicious than this statement?

So, in the eyes of outsiders, I am actually such a crazy woman?

I’m afraid that’s what the entire Union University student body thinks in their hearts, right? In particular, the pictures and videos attached to those posts were the most powerful evidence. From now on, Yun Bing would have to endure countless criticisms if she still wanted to stay at United University.

Moreover, after such an incident, which other men would dare to accept her in the future?

Although Yun Bing’s family is rich, but who would have the guts to marry a crazy woman for money, and an extremely dangerous crazy woman at that?

Money is a good thing, but you have to have the life to spend it!

Just thinking about this made Yun Bing’s body cold beyond belief. For someone like her, who always thought of herself as a princess, honour and face were more important than anything else.

These posts went layer by layer, until the last one came out, and it tore off Yun Bing’s high and proud face, so bloody that it hurt her to the marrow!

As for her honor, that is even more half gone, look at what people call her, crazy woman, dangerous crazy woman, crazy woman that men dare not want!

These names were just like a sharp knife, fiercely ** in Yun Bing’s heart, making her body tremble.

After a long time, Yun Bing suddenly let out a scream, “Tong Lei, Ji Feng, Zhang Lei, you all must die a good death! I will kill you all!”


Inside a villa area not too far from the United University, Ji Feng was all gathered around the computer screen, looking at the posts on it, while dumbfounded.

Before Ji Feng had even arrived at the villa, he received a call from Han Zhong, asking him to log on to the school’s forum as fast as possible, saying that something big was happening and it was about Ji Feng. Therefore, Ji Feng came to the villa as fast as he could. The electrical appliances left by Mr. Li here had basically not been replaced yet, and it so happened that there was a computer here as well, so Ji Feng logged on to the forum.

But unexpectedly, he would see such explosive content!

“The experts are among the people!” Zhang Lei froze for half a day before he exclaimed. It had only been so long since the incident happened, and these people had actually searched for such detailed information, one couldn’t underestimate it!

“This is a bit troublesome now!” Ji Feng frowned slightly, “Perhaps, these people who posted, especially the last poster, should have had a conflict with Yun Bing, or perhaps, he wanted to use this incident to completely stink up Yun Bing, so that she can’t hold her head up in the United University.”

“But, in that case, Yun Bing will most likely choose to drop out of school.” Zhang Lei also reacted, “If she really drops out of school, we’ll have to have some trouble trying to deal with her and the Brilliant Group again.”

“Yeah, if Yun Bing stays in school, we can keep track of her movements if we pay a little attention, but now, we’ll just have to investigate through our social connections!” Zhang Lei shook his head slightly, “It’s very difficult, you can’t monitor Yun Bing twenty-four hours a day, can you?”

“No matter what, there is one goal that is clear, deal with the Brilliant Group first and knock out Yun Bing’s reliance. In this way, even if she is more capable, it will be difficult for her to make any waves!” Ji Feng clenched his teeth and said in a deep voice, “Lei Zi, find out the details of the Brilliant Group as soon as possible, if we delay for a longer time, the variables will be bigger.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve already called my second uncle, there will be news soon.” Zhang Lei said with a nod.

Ji Feng nodded slightly and mused, “Wei Qiang …… this last post, could it be from him?”

Zhang Lei laughed heatedly, “No matter who posted it or what his purpose is, but there is one thing, if Yun Bing sees these posts, I’m afraid she’ll feel like she’s been slapped hundreds of times, right?”

Ji Feng was stunned, then he laughed out loud, with Yun Bing’s arrogant nature if she saw these posts, it would really be worse than killing her.


Chapter 198

Not to be expected by Ji Feng and others, according to Zhang Lei and Tong Lei’s inquires, since the post on the school forum appeared, Yun Bing disappeared from the school, apparently no longer had the face to continue to stay.

This result caused Ji Feng to frown a little.

He knew that once Yun Bing left, her whereabouts would not be easy to grasp. After all, her father, Yun Feiyang, had started out as a gangster and had an unknown number of thugs and desperadoes under his command, so if Yun Bing insisted on retaliating, it would simply be impossible to guard against it.

Although there is a security office and a school escort team at Union University, these people cannot protect Tong Lei 24 hours a day, not to mention that the school’s escort team would not be able to deal a blow against those desperate people. How can those students be compared to the desperadoes who lick the blood from a knife?

“We must speed up the investigation, at least, we have to knock out Yun Feiyang and the Brilliant Group first, as long as Yun Feiyang falls, those punks under him, naturally, will also fall.” In the villa, Ji Feng held his chin in one hand and deliberated secretly, “Before Yun Feiyang falls, Lei Lei’s safety, must be paid special attention.”

Thinking of this, Ji Feng immediately gave Tong Lei a call, “Lei Lei, don’t go anywhere during this period, just stay at school until the crisis is lifted.”

Tong Lei was not scared at all, she smiled lightly and said, “I know, Ji Feng, you should be careful yourself.”

Ji Feng heatedly smiled and said, “Don’t worry, with just his little Brilliant Group, he can’t make any waves in front of me, what I’m worried about is you, you must not leave the school during this period, if you need anything, if you need to buy anything or have other things you want to get out of the school, just leave it to me.”

“Mmm, I know then!” Tong Lei said in a soft voice.

Ji Feng smiled faintly and hung up the phone, and the smile on Ji Feng’s face disappeared. In reality, his heart was not as relaxed as the surface lock showed. There was a saying that it was easy to hide from a clear shot but hard to defend against a dark arrow, if Yun Bing was determined to deal with himself, with the power of the Brilliant Group, he could definitely find out where he lived.

“Now let’s have a competition to see who is faster!” A cold light flashed in Ji Feng’s eyes.

“Ding!” Just at this moment, Ji Feng’s mobile phone suddenly rang, and when he picked up the phone, it was Ji Shaolei calling.

“Hey, second brother.” Ji Feng picked up the phone.

“San’er, the party at the end of the month is coming up soon, so get ready!” Ji Shaolei opened the door and said, “According to my understanding, not only is Qiao Gakai attending the party himself, it seems that he has also called a few people, and it is said that he is planning to ruthlessly slash the face of our Ji family and a few other families this time.”

Ji Feng, who was already not in a good mood, burst into flames upon hearing this, and cursed through clenched teeth, “****, really any kind of cats and dogs can come out and bounce around!”

Ji Shaolei was stunned, he heard the implication of annoyance in Ji Feng’s words and couldn’t help but ask, “San’er, what’s wrong? From the tone of your voice, you seem to be very upset, is there someone who has P*ssed you off?”

Ji Feng’s heart moved and he immediately asked, “Second brother, have you heard of the Brilliant Group?”

“Brilliant Group?” Ji Shaolei seemed a bit surprised and immediately asked, “Third son, why did you suddenly remember to ask this?”

“Oh, I was just casually asking.” Ji Feng did not intend to tell Ji Shaolei about this matter for the time being, if the Brilliant Group was just a small group, Ji Feng intended to rely on his own ability to deal with it, if the group was really too big, Ji Feng would not try to be a hero and would definitely ask Ji Shaolei for help.

Ji Shaolei also did not think much about it, just said, “This Brilliant Group …… how to say it, is considered a group company with some gangster nature, and also has very close ties with certain big shots, so it is still some energy in Jiangzhou.”

“Since you know that this group has a mob nature, why did you get rid of it?” Ji Feng couldn’t help but ask.

Ji Shaolei laughed bitterly, “What you said is light, it’s true that it’s not difficult to get rid of a small Splendid Group, what with its underworld nature and Yun Feiyang who has experienced life and death struggles, in front of the real state power, it’s not even dregs. But you should also understand that some things cannot be dealt with just by saying so, as I said just now, the rise of Yun Feiyang is actually related to many characters, Jiangzhou is not ironclad, and your second uncle is not saying everything in Jiangzhou, if you really deal with the Brilliant Group, it might cause a huge uproar in Jiangzhou!”

Ji Feng suddenly dawned on him, Ji Shaolei’s meaning was already very clear, Yun Feiyang was definitely a dog kept by someone or a certain party of power, no, strictly speaking, it should be a tool for enrichment, and at the same time a dog that would bite people. When he needs money, he can provide it, and when he needs to deal with his enemies, he will be a mad dog and a headache.

Dealing with a Yun Feiyang was not difficult, the hard part was dealing with the forces behind Yun Feiyang.

Ji Shaolei laughed again, “In fact, to say the least, father has been wanting to beat up this gang of a mob nature for the past few years, it’s just that the time is not right, so he has been holding back, however, father already has a setup, and when the time comes, he will wipe out all those people!”

Ji Feng instantly laughed, I said, with the second uncle’s calmness and ability, to be able to achieve the position of municipal party secretary, and how will take these small people helpless?

Obviously, Second Uncle already had a complete plan, and his target was not just Yun Feiyang and a small splendid group, but the person behind Yun Feiyang!

Thinking about this, Ji Feng couldn’t help but smile, “Second brother, if I want to deal with Yun Feiyang, second uncle should approve of it, right?”

“You want to deal with Yun Feiyang? Why?” Ji Shaolei couldn’t help but be taken aback, “Yun Feiyang isn’t difficult to deal with, but he is a nuisance. To deal with him, either you don’t move, or if you do, you have to if a thunderbolt, directly destroy all of Yun Feiyang’s roots, otherwise, once this kind of person retaliates, it’s still troublesome. San’er, has he offended you?”

Ji Feng nodded slightly and immediately told the story.


A loud sound came from the other end of the phone, which seemed to be the sound of slapping the table, and Ji Shaolei sneered, “It seems that after not freeing up his hands to deal with Yun Feiyang these past few years, he really thinks he’s a land emperor! Hmph, the daughter of a mob boss dares to be so arrogant, he simply thinks he has lived too long!”

There was a pause before Ji Shaolei said, “Third child, what are you going to do?”

Ji Feng pondered for a while and slowly spoke out, “Second brother, what I’m going to do on my side, I definitely can’t disrupt second uncle’s arrangement, if possible, I plan to go directly to Yun Feiyang’s lair to take a look, maybe I can find any useful information, so that I can help second uncle instead.”

Ji Shaolei was taken aback and said in a panic, “I say, San’er, you must not act recklessly, although the Brilliant Group has now gradually bleached out, there is still a group of desperadoes inside after all, you must not take any chances. As for the matter between you and Yun Bing, I will immediately tell father and see what he says.”

“Well, let’s do that then, I’ll wait for Second Uncle’s instructions for now.” Ji Feng said, “Let’s not talk about that first, that party Qiao Gakai initiated, on which day exactly will it be held?”

“Just four days later, you get ready, I’ll pick you up then.” Ji Shaolei said, “San’er, are you sure you can beat Qiao Gakai? If you can’t, don’t try to be brave, I’ll think of another way.”

Ji Feng smiled confidently, “If we’re talking about killing him, I don’t dare to guarantee it, but if it’s just to defeat him, it’s simply a breeze, just don’t worry.”

Ji Shaolei couldn’t help but laugh, “Don’t be careless, you kid, in case the gutter turns upside down then, it would be a big joke.”

To be honest, Ji Shaolei was still very worried in his heart. Although he had heard from his younger uncle, Ji Zhenping, that Ji Feng’s skills were very good, but after all, Ji Feng was only nineteen years old, and now was not the time when martial arts masters were walking around as described in the book, and Qiao Gakai had been trained by the special forces, could Ji Feng really beat Qiao Gakai?

The first thing you need to do is to find out if you are going to be able to participate in this party, after all, if Ji Feng loses face, then it will really be the whole Ji family that loses face.

The reason for the party was to put pressure on Duan Peng, but on the other hand, he wanted to make the Ji family look bad. The cause of the incident was because of Eldest Uncle.

If Qiao Gakai found out about Ji Feng’s identity at this time, the sky would really be turned upside down by then.

Ji Shaolei couldn’t help but secretly wonder, he didn’t know what little uncle and father were thinking, they both asked themselves to inform the third child to attend this party, could this be a test for him?

However, all these things Ji Shaolei did not tell Ji Feng clearly, this was Ji Zhenping and others’ instructions, and Ji Shaolei did not dare to disobey. Therefore, he could only subtly remind Ji Feng that he must be careful.

Ji Feng, however, did not know the hidden secret, but he was very confident in his own body.

“Second brother, you can rest a*sured, when the time comes, if Qiao Gakai is honest, then everything is fine, if he wants to take the initiative to provoke, humph, then I will let him know that those who come out of the special forces may not be able to top anything!” Ji Feng laughed heatedly, that voice made Ji Shaolei on the other end of the phone shiver.

“Since that’s the case, then I’m relieved, remember, it’s four days later, I’ll pick you up then.” Ji Shaolei admonished once more.

After hanging up the phone, Ji Feng immediately stood up, went downstairs to the fridge and casually took out an egg and threw it up high.


He lifted his leg violently and the egg landed steadily on his thigh without even a tremor.