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Campus Master Chapter 199-200

Chapter 199

Four days had pa*sed in a flash.

During these four days, Ji Feng had stayed in the villa, although from the time the villa arrived until now, he hadn’t cleaned anywhere else except the bedroom, because for the past few days, he had been immersed in practicing his control over his power.

During this period, he had started practicing with eggs at the beginning, but later on, he started using other things, and his proficiency in controlling his power was increasing rapidly, until Ji Shaolei called and said that he had arrived downstairs, and only then did he stop practicing.

“Where’s the party?”

Sitting in Ji Shaolei’s BMW X6, Ji Feng casually tossed up a coin and let it land exactly on the back of his hand, spinning it continuously.

Ji Feng’s hand was as flexible as if it had no bones, and every time he waited until the coin was about to stop, his fingers would slightly bend and with a flick of his wrist, the coin’s rotation continued to speed up.

That dazzling movement made Ji Shaolei freeze as he watched, and he couldn’t help but be greatly envious: “How did you play this hand? It looks like it’s very difficult!”

Ji Feng harrumphed, “Want to learn?”

“It would be good if I could learn it and use it to cheat girls.” Ji Shaolei didn’t hide his intentions in the slightest.

Ji Feng laughed heatedly, looked at Ji Shaolei, and said, “I spent a year accumulating power and nearly a month practicing controlling it, with hardly a day of interruption.”

Ji Shaolei was dumbfounded to hear this, if he had to stick with it for over a year, practicing with coins every day, he wouldn’t be able to keep it up.

If he knew that what Ji Feng said took more than a year was not just simple exercises, but also included practicing aerobics and having to endure bio-current stimulation at the beginning, that kind of inhuman torture, I guess Ji Shaolei would not be able to last even one day.

“Forget it, it looks like I won’t be able to practice.” Ji Shaolei shook his head slightly and laughed, “So it looks like your kid’s hands must not be bad, to be able to play with coins so nimbly, you must be able to play with other things as well, if you play with guns ……”

Ji Shaolei did not say more, such a flexible hand if used to play with guns, I’m afraid that with eyes closed can complete the disa*sembly and a*sembly of firearms in the shortest possible time, right?

Ji Shaolei, however, did not know that not to mention disa*sembling guns, even the laser guns and special ray guns of the interstellar era, he could do it with his eyes closed, except for the large single-armed mechs and space battleships, almost all the weapons he was familiar with once.

“Old brother, I’m afraid that even many experts who are proficient in firearms may not be able to match you with this skill!” Duan Peng also let out a similar sentiment, with a status like his and Ji Shaolei’s, it wasn’t uncommon to have seen someone who played with guns, but they really hadn’t seen anyone with hands as nimble as this!

“It’s just a small skill, it’s just some small tricks, it’s mainly to practice flexibility and control of power, it’s not worth mentioning!” Ji Feng said with a smile. In his opinion, these tactics were indeed not worth mentioning.

At the beginning, in order to control his power, the intelligent brain had given him three suggestions, this method, was just the most basic one. In fact, what Ji Feng liked the most was still self-control of the bio-current in his body, stimulating his muscles while improving his proficiency in controlling the bio-current, which was definitely a two-for-one thing.

Because now Ji Feng had gradually realised that that so-called bio-current was probably the legendary internal force!

Every time he tried to control the bio-current in his body, he could feel extremely clearly that his strength had increased almost geometrically. For example, the day he had just practiced his second set of moves, he had even cracked a stone table in front of the dormitory building with one punch, so he could tell how powerful this bio-current was.

It was precisely for this reason that Ji Feng paid more attention to the control and accumulation of bio-current.

Shaking his head slightly and shaking all these thoughts away, Ji Feng asked, “Second brother, you still haven’t told me where this party is being held?”

Ji Shaolei laughed wistfully and heatedly twice, but the corners of his mouth carried a hint of mockery, “Where else could it be, when it’s the Linjiang Club!”

“Where?” Ji Feng frowned and asked in surprise, “Second brother, if I remember correctly, isn’t the Linjiang Clubhouse Li Weidong’s property? How come the party held by Qiao Gakai is there?”


Ji Shaolei sneered and said disdainfully, “After being suppressed by our family for several years, now that there is an easy opportunity, how could their Li family not rush to lean on it? Do they really think that the Qiao family can bring them much benefit? That’s just stupid!”

Hearing this, Ji Feng was suddenly enlightened.

It turned out that Li Weidong knew that Qiao Gakai was going to hold a party in Jiangzhou, so he naturally had to offer himself up and fawn over him. In the Li family’s view, the Qiao family was also one of the major families in Yanjing, so if they could lean on it, the Li family’s status would soar, and they wouldn’t have to hold their tails in Jiangzhou.

Duan Peng also shook his head slightly and said, “These people down there will never be able to figure out what exactly is a real world family, the old man of the Qiao family is long gone, in the eyes of outsiders, the Qiao family is still an unreachable world family, but in the eyes of those real world families in Yanjing, the Qiao family has long since become a ragtag family.”

Speaking of this, Duan Peng couldn’t help but sigh, the Qiao family was a ragtag family, how could his own family not be? Moreover, his own family was even more dilapidated than the Qiao family, otherwise, how would the Qiao family hit him, Duan Peng?

“Alright, let’s not talk about that, the party starts at six in the evening, let’s go there now.” Ji Shaolei started the car and drove out of the villa area, “I’d like to take a good look at just how unaware the Qiao family is, not only do they think of plotting to take over other people’s family a*sets, they even want to deal with my Ji family! A ragged family, if not for the old master remembering his old feelings, I would have trampled them down!”

Ji Feng couldn’t help but laugh dumbly, this nature of Ji Shaolei, where does he look like the boss of a big group, simply not much different from a dude. Of course, if there is a difference, it lies in the bottom line.

I’m afraid that Ji Shaolei’s bottom line is more than anyone else’s, not to mention that a down-and-out family like the Qiao family would not be in his sights at all.

It was only because the elder of the Ji family had long ago given strict orders to the Ji family to deal with the Qiao family, no matter how provocative the Qiao family was, they were not allowed to deal with them, and only then did the Ji family hold their breath.

Moreover, because Ji Shaolei’s father was serving in Jiangzhou, it was rare to see anyone from the Ji family on a regular basis. However, instead of going after him, he messes with you first!

The fake miracle doctor from a while ago, as well as Ji Shaolei’s car being tampered with, plus Ji Shaodong almost being a*sa*sinated, all these things had long made Ji Shaolei unable to tolerate anymore.

So, this time, Ji Shaolei was ready to take his anger out.

But Ji Shaolei is helpless because the third generation leader of the Qiao family, Qiao Gakai, is from the special forces. The old man would not allow him to use the power of his family or his own group to fight against the Ji family, but with his own fists and feet, he could not beat Qiao Gakai.

He even wondered if he should give Qiao Gakai a severe beating even if he was punished by the senior, but after thinking about it, he still didn’t have the guts to do so.

Just then, when he happened to complain to his little uncle, he heard him say an important piece of information – that Ji Feng was very strong!

Ji Shaolei was overjoyed at that moment, and once he asked his father for permission, he immediately received approval, and only then did Ji Shaolei make the trip to inform Ji Feng.

Driving the car, Ji Shaolei’s heart was full of anticipation, he even hoped that Qiao Gakai would be more rampant today, and it would be even more humiliating if he lost at the hands of Lao San.

The university city was nearly two hours away from the Linjiang Clubhouse, which was located in the western suburbs of Jiangzhou.

When he got out of the car, Ji Shaolei couldn’t help but hum, “How imposing, it seems that all the dignified figures are here today, Qiao Gakai is preparing to completely disgrace us!”

Ji Feng was slightly stunned, and when he saw the cars in the car park, he instantly understood what Ji Shaolei meant.

In the car park, there were a total of fifty to sixty famous cars parked, and since Qiao Gakai was holding a party today, obviously Li Weidong could not have allowed other guests to come to the Linjiang Club, so it was obvious that the owners of these cars were all here to attend today’s party, and if they could afford to drive these famous cars, the owners’ origins were obviously extraordinary.

To lose face in front of so many people would be a real disgrace.

“With so many people witnessing it, it might not be a bad thing!” Ji Feng said with a smile.

“How so?” Ji Shaolei asked.

Ji Feng smiled heatedly, “With so many pairs of eyes watching, at least no one will be able to move right and wrong, when Qiao Gakai gets beaten up, even if he wants to go to grandpa to sue him, he won’t have any sense, at least, with a little investigation, he will know what’s going on.”

“Haha, that’s the truth!” Ji Shaolei laughed, “It seems that this time, Qiao Gakai has lifted a stone to smash his own feet, humph, if you want to insult others, you have to have the awareness of being insulted.”

“Let’s go in!” Ji Feng smiled faintly and put the coin in his pocket.

Guided by the car boy, Ji Shaolei parked the car, and the three of them got out of the car and walked towards the clubhouse entrance.

Just as they reached the entrance, Ji Feng couldn’t help but be struck by the fact that as the owner of the Linjiang Clubhouse, the son of the mayor of Jiangzhou, Li Weidong was personally standing at the entrance today, taking charge of welcoming the guests!

Seeing Li Weidong’s red face, full of pride, Ji Feng could not help but frown slightly and asked in a low voice: “Second brother, is the job of welcoming guests glorious? I see that Li Weidong is very proud of himself!”


Chapter 200

Seeing Li Weidong’s red-faced, proud look, Ji Feng couldn’t help but frown slightly and ask in a low voice: “Second brother, is the job of welcoming guests glorious? I see that Li Weidong is very proud of himself!”

Ji Shaolei couldn’t help but laugh dumbly and said, “I’m afraid he feels that he has climbed into the Qiao family and his status has immediately risen, so I guess this is to show off to the other arriving guests, or to show off.”

Ji Feng was immediately a little stunned, “Is that necessary?”

No matter what, Li Weidong’s father is at least the mayor of Jiangzhou, even the municipal party secretaries of other provincial capital cities are not as high as his level, moreover, in charge of such a large city, although there is still the municipal party secretary above, but he is more the mayor, the real power in his hands, that absolutely cannot be underestimated.

As the son of the mayor, would Li Weidong have to go to such an extent to befriend the son of a fallen family?

Seeing Ji Feng’s puzzled look, Ji Shaolei immediately understood that his old brother still didn’t really understand what kind of influence and energy those Yanjing families had.

He said in a low voice: “Third son, don’t look at the Qiao family as being in decline, but you have to know how many men the old master of the Qiao family had when he was alive, and now, how many of those people are in high positions! A true family is a family with many disciples and officials all over the world. Although Li Weidong’s father’s position is not low, but even if the Qiao family has fallen, but their network, their influence, are still there, even if they pull a leg hair, it is thicker than Li Weidong’s thigh, this is the gap!”

Ji Feng nodded slightly, more or less understanding, no wonder Li Weidong personally took on the job of welcoming guests, and was still so cheerful, as if a big treasure had fallen from the sky. It turned out that these truly great families of the world possessed such influence and such strong energy.

He also suddenly thought that the Qiao family had fallen and still had such influence, so how powerful should the Ji family, which was still in its heyday, be?

Shaking his head, Ji Feng stopped thinking about these questions, because he didn’t need to worry about anything yet. The second generation of the Ji family, father and other three brothers had all become huge trees, and grandfather was still alive, and in the third generation, the elder brother, Ji Shaodong, had gradually grown up, so as long as no heavenly changes appeared, the Ji family would not fall in the next few decades.

Therefore, Ji Feng did not need to worry about this at all.

Only, in his heart, he still only had a vague concept of the influence of the Ji family, and was not particularly clear about it.

Moreover, Ji Feng was also hesitating, when he graduated from university, what kind of a path would the family arrange for him? When the time comes, will he inherit the family’s heavy responsibility and take the path of politics, or will he do something else?

For all these, Ji Feng had not thought about it yet, in fact, even if he thought about it, there would not be any result, because it was not something he could decide for the time being.


Li Weidong suddenly saw the three Ji Shaolei people who were walking towards the front door, and he immediately laughed, “Brother Shaolei, senior brother Ji, we meet again…… this one is?”

Ji Shaolei smiled lightly and introduced, “This is also a guest invited by Qiao Gakai, Duan Peng, General Manager Duan.”

“Oh?” Li Weidong looked surprised, “So, this is the famous Mr. Duan, I’ve heard Mr. Qiao mention it quite a few times, Mr. Duan, welcome to the Despicable Club, I’m Li Weidong.”

Duan Peng nodded slightly and shook Li Weidong’s hand, “Hello!”

Li Weidong immediately felt energised and his pores all over his body were stretched out, as if he had taken some kind of elixir.

When had he ever been able to talk to Ji Shaolei in a reciprocal manner like he was doing today?

And when had he ever been able to make a son of a family from Yanjing like Duan Peng look at him in the right way?

It was all because of Qiao Shao! Just because he had become friends with Qiao Shao, everyone looked at him differently, those who had originally flattered him became even more sycophantic, while those who had originally befriended him as an equal now began to flatter him either explicitly or implicitly.

What makes Li Weidong want to laugh the most is still the change in attitude of Ji Shaolei. In the past, he always had a feeling of being inferior in front of him and could not hold up his head, but today, he is able to talk to him as an equal and is not uncomfortable in his heart.

Moreover, it seemed that Ji Shaolei really treated himself as an equal!

This feeling was really a raised eyebrow!

Li Weidong made an inviting gesture with a smile on his face and smiled, “Three of you, please come inside, I’ll excuse myself for a while, there are still guests to entertain.”

“You get busy first, no need to entertain us!” Ji Shaolei smiled faintly, not the slightest bit of anger because of Li Weidong’s change, as a son of a family, he would not be without half a city like the others, not to mention, this change of Li Weidong could only be considered as clownishly ridiculous in his opinion.

The fact that you’ve gotten close to the Qiao family, you think you’ve suddenly become noble?

Oh ……

The actual fact is that you can’t be able to get a good deal on your own. If that’s the case, it’s too naive.

At this time, Li Weidong did not know what was in Ji Shaolei’s mind. He glanced back at Duan Peng’s back, a look of mockery and sympathy in his eyes, this man, how pathetic!

Li Weidong vaguely knew something, it seemed that Qiao Gakai was very interested in this Duan Peng, according to Li Weidong’s understanding, Duan Peng’s huge fortune was the source of his attraction to trouble, and one of Qiao Gakai’s objectives for this gathering was to force Duan Peng to spit out some of his benefits.

“Hey, looking for Ji Shaolei’s help?” Li Weidong took a pitying glance at Duan Peng’s back, “Now is not the time for both sides to compete with each other in terms of family history, what these gentry are competing with each other is their respective wrists and fists and kicks, Qiao Gakai is from the special forces, how can Ji Shaolei’s not too strong body be enough for Qiao Gakai to beat him with three punches and two kicks?”

“You will have your day too?” Li Weidong really wanted to laugh out loud, since Duan Peng and Ji Shaolei had come together today, whether Ji Shaolei was going to help or not, he couldn’t get out of it.

If Ji Shaolei did not help, it would undoubtedly be humiliating and would also chill the hearts of those who followed him. If he helped Duan Peng, he would face another dilemma – could he beat Qiao Gakai?

If he went in, he would be beaten, humiliated, and even disgraced. If he retreated, he would also lose face and the trust of his men. This time, Ji Shaolei was caught in a dilemma!

Li Weidong can’t wait to see the joke, and even if he can, he doesn’t mind beating up the dog, knowing that in the past, there were few opportunities to make Ji Shaolei lose face.

As for Ji Feng ……

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what to do and what not to do. If he did something he shouldn’t, what would happen to him!

Just as Li Weidong was getting complacent, Ji Feng suddenly turned back and looked over, a sharp aura in his eyes flashed.


Li Weidong’s heart suddenly jolted and he turned his head away in a panic, subconsciously not daring to meet Ji Feng’s gaze. And when he reacted, knowing that he was acting cowardly like this, and turned his head again to glare at Ji Feng, he found that the three of them had long ago entered the clubhouse with ease, leaving only the back of his three heads for him.

“D!” Li Weidong instantly cursed angrily, his original good mood instantly vanishing without a trace.

Whether he admitted it or not, Li Weidong had to understand in his heart that deep down in his heart, he still had some fear for Ji Feng and Ji Shaolei. This hadn’t changed half as he had climbed up to Qiao Gakai!

All the way inside the clubhouse, Ji Shaolei’s face had a faint smile on it, and with the white suit he was wearing, he indeed looked poised and elegant, quite a turbid gentleman’s style.

Ji Feng could not help but look at the secret nod, he knew, although this is considered a kind of hypocrisy, but, this kind of city of the second brother, is what he needs to learn. If he did not have two brushes, even if his status was high, he would not be able to convince the public.

Understanding this, Ji Feng deliberately observed every move of his second brother, while secretly comparing it with the etiquette and disguise he had learned in the super agent training system, and he found that his second brother had done a really good job.

Even if he himself, having received real systematic training in etiquette, did it for the first time in front of so many people, he would not be able to do it better than Second Brother.

Etiquette was something that had to be practised constantly. As for disguise, putting a false smile on one’s face and pretending to be anything one could pretend to be was also a form of disguise.

For example, the second brother is now acting like a gentle and elegant gentleman, which has some elements of disguise in it.

The place where the banquet was held was on the first floor of the Linjiang Club, which was also the most spacious hall. Led by the waiter, Ji Feng and the three of them arrived upstairs.

Ji Feng, however, found that the place seemed to have changed somewhat. Originally, the first floor was a hall, which was very empty, but now, it was filled with big tables and chairs, leaving only an open space of about a hundred square feet in the middle of the hall, which was connected from the stairway to the window.

It was a large aisle of sorts, and on both sides of the aisle, there were tables and chairs.

Ji Feng was observing, when he suddenly felt the aura of his second brother change violently. He immediately looked up, and saw a cold aura flash in his second brother’s eyes, which immediately disappeared, and a smile was back on his face as he looked towards the stairway.

On the staircase, a stout man was walking down from the third floor!