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Campus Master Chapter 23-24

Chapter 23

Ji Feng instantly blushed and said with some embarra*sment, “No, there’s no one!”

“Lie!” Xiao Yuxuan gave him a blank look and continued to pursue the question, “Who exactly is it?”

“There really isn’t!” Ji Feng hurriedly said, only, his mind flashed back to a youthful and beautiful girl wearing a pink shirt with a denim skirt underneath, that was Tong Lei!

“If you don’t have it, then you don’t have it, what’s your hurry?” Xiao Yuxuan said with a smile. Go see the net .

Ji Feng instantly smiled awkwardly and said, “That, cla*smate Xiao ……”

Before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by Xiao Yuxuan, who pouted, “Don’t call me cla*smate Xiao, um …… seeing as you’re so cute, call me sister from now on!”

“Sister?” Ji Feng was stunned.

“What, not willing?” Xiao Yuxuan’s beautiful eyes glared up, instantly making it clear what the word ‘angry eyes’ meant.

“Willingly, willingly!” Ji Feng nodded his head in a panic while calling out again, “Sister Yu Xuan ……”


Xiao Yuxuan replied sweetly and laughed, “That’s right! So cute ……”

“Cute ……” Ji Feng was embarra*sed and defended, “I have nothing to do with cute, okay!”

“Giggle ……” Seeing Ji Feng’s effort to defend himself, Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but giggle, that pleasant laughter was like a silver bell, soothing to the body!

Ji Feng, however, did not dare to look around anymore, just lowered his head, but his mind could not help but think of the spring light under Xiao Yuxuan’s skirt, as well as the snow-white and healthy thighs, how could it not linger.

“Okay, no more teasing you!” Xiao Yuxuan saw Ji Feng fidgeting and almost fleeing in disarray, so she decisively stopped teasing him. .com Otherwise, she was really afraid that this silly boy would immediately grab the door and flee, if that was the case, it would be even more awkward to meet in the future!

“Sister Yu Xuan, is your foot alright?” Ji Feng decisively changed the topic, he was afraid that if he continued, his back would be soaked through.

Xiao Yuxuan moved her beautiful foot, and her beautiful eyes immediately revealed a look of surprise, looking at Ji Feng in amazement and asking, “This, this is really just what you learned according to the book?”

After Ji Feng’s ma*sage, Xiao Yuxuan could no longer feel the slightest pain, and more importantly, the bruises on her feet had completely dissipated, and it looked like she could not even tell that she had ever been injured, so how could this not amaze her?

Ji Feng nodded honestly and said, “Yes, Sister Yu Xuan, does your foot still hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt anymore!” Xiao Yuxuan faintly shook her head.

Ji Feng was relieved and said, “That’s good, I’m relieved that you’re fine. Sister Yu Xuan, it’s getting late, if there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first!”

Xiao Yuxuan looked at the time, it was already almost ten o’clock at night, so she nodded and said, “Alright, be careful on the road, don’t panic and bump into people again like before!”

Ji Feng nodded and smiled awkwardly, the only reason he had bumped into Xiao Yuxuan before was because he was thinking about Tong Lei at the time, which was why he had wandered off and bumped into Xiao Yuxuan.

However, this could not be said explicitly to Xiao Yuxuan, he who had already suffered from Hu Xuehui’s cold ridicule, no longer dared to express his feelings easily. Such a situation could only heal the wounds in his heart through time.

Of course, later on, as Ji Feng’s strength gradually increased, he would also gradually regain his confidence, and by then, he would have completed a nirvana, both in his heart and soul, and would have been sublimated!

After saying goodbye to Xiao Yuxuan, Ji Feng picked up his own school bag and quickly left the room.

Looking at Ji Feng’s back, which was already gradually showing his manhood, Xiao Yuxuan’s beautiful eyes could not help but flash a thoughtful look.

She murmured, “What a strange big boy, appearing honest and naive, yet with a shrewdness that others don’t have, and even a sense of vicissitude often showing in his eyes, such eyes that people who haven’t had complex experiences could never have …… is really strange! ”

Suddenly, Xiao Yuxuan seemed to think of something and lost her voice: “Right, being diverted by him, I actually forgot to ask him who else is the prettiest in his eyes! Also, his ma*sage technique, definitely not an ordinary technique, very unique, even more professional than many experts, what kind of a person is he ……?”

“It doesn’t matter!”

A moment later, Xiao Yuxuan smiled sweetly, “Anyway, I’m about to go to his cla*s to a*sume the role of English teacher, when the time comes, the contact time will definitely not be less, there will definitely be a chance to figure it out, giggle ……”

Inside this single teacher’s flat, Xiao Yuxuan’s silver bell-like laughter rang out, filling the entire room with a sweet feeling.

Xiao Yuxuan, however, did not notice that she was already starting to get curious about Ji Feng.

When one was curious about a catch, one could not help but be attracted to him and wanted to find out more about him, and one would gradually become interested in him.

“Ding~~~!” A sudden phone call interrupted Xiao Yuxuan’s thoughts.

She glanced at the caller ID of her phone and a sweet smile suddenly appeared on her face as she hurriedly picked up the call, “Hello, it’s me!”

“Wife ……” A man’s voice full of charm came from the phone, “Did you miss me?”

“Go! Who’s your wife!” Xiao Yuxuan rebuked, only that tone of voice, but it was gentle to the extreme, and her eyes also carried a strong sweet colour.


Back home, Ji Feng’s mood was only completely calm, he found that since he met the intelligent brain, life seemed to have started to change a bit, and this change, made his life more and more dramatic!

If it was in the past, how could he not give Xiao Yuxuan a ma*sage, even if he ran into Xiao Yuxuan, he would just brush past her. Before he met the Wise Brain, he was still just a bland student who led a regular life every day.

Now that he thought about it, it was all due to the Smart Brain!

After realising this, Ji Feng’s consciousness immediately entered his own mind and started the training of the Super Agent System again.

Now Ji Feng could easily complete the first movement of the Phantom’s bodybuilding exercises and began to follow along to learn the second movement. Only, this second move was many times more difficult than the first!

“This weird moves, why is one harder than the other, do I have to keep learning these moves in the future?” Ji Feng asked incomparably in pain while doing such movements with difficulty.

“Master, when you finish the fifth movement, you can learn bodybuilding exercises while you start learning other aspects, such as knowledge of camouflage, etiquette, machinery, weapons and so on, many of these knowledge, do not need a strong physique to back them up, because master’s brain has already been initially developed and is fully capable of learning these!” The intelligent brain said.


Chapter 24

“If none of this knowledge requires a strong physique, then why wait until after you learn the fifth move? Why not learn it now?” Ji Feng asked the intelligent brain curiously. Go to see the net .

The intelligent brain said, “Master, it’s like this, according to the standard of the Gamma Galaxy, the first five moves, in fact, are only used to practice body flexibility, although they also have the effect of strengthening the physique, but the effect is not too obvious. And the reason why the master had such an obvious effect after practicing, that was mainly because the master’s original physique was just too weak. In fact, according to the tutorial, once the master has learnt the first five movements, his physique and body flexibility will have all reached the standard, and he will be able to learn the rest at that time!”

“Really, how come all that knowledge of etiquette and mechanics and so on has anything to do with physical fitness? Can’t people who are physically weak talk about etiquette?” Ji Feng asked discontentedly, his heart puzzled.

The intelligent brain replied honestly, “Master, physical fitness and body flexibility are very important. This places extremely stringent requirements on the owner’s physical flexibility, as the process of a*sembly and disa*sembly requires many movements that are not commonly used!”

“Another example is that for transportation, an excellent ace agent must not only be able to drive various vehicles, but also be proficient in the principles and, if conditions allow, be able to manufacture the parts to a*semble a vehicle in the shortest possible time!”

The intelligent brain detailed in great detail, “If you want to drive excellently and maximize the speed of the vehicle, you must have extremely coordinated limbs, and even the movement of each finger, must be extremely standard, which again has requirements for physical fitness. .com And to build and a*semble vehicles independently, one must be even more agile. Especially on Earth, where technology is extremely backward, to build a car, the workload is even greater, and in such a case, if one does not have a good body hand, how can one accomplish it?”

After listening to the intelligent brain’s explanation, Ji Feng was suddenly enlightened, it turned out that physique was so important, moreover, it was the basis of everything. Without an overwhelming physique, it was absolutely impossible to reach the standard of an ace agent!

“However, there is no need to rush, with this level of effort, master will be able to master the first five moves in two weeks at most, and then he will be able to learn the rest!” The intelligent brain also seemed to see Ji Feng’s desire to become stronger as soon as possible, and couldn’t help but explain, “After the first five moves are mastered, the moves that follow, will be tens of times more difficult, however, if one can persevere, then the master’s body will become very powerful!”

“I understand, a 10,000 foot high building rises from the ground, these first five movements are actually laying the foundation, just to learn kung fu later and reach the standard of a super agent, is that right?” Ji Feng’s entire body presented an extremely strange posture, his stomach pressed into the ground, his two feet bent upwards and resting on his shoulders, his two hands turned backwards with great force, and his body was covered in cold sweat.

However, hearing that he was going to become stronger soon, Ji Feng suddenly became excited.

“That’s right, master!” The intelligent brain nodded.

“That’s good, it’s only two weeks, I’ll just endure it!” Ji Feng gritted his teeth and said with difficulty.

The night pa*sed quickly, and when the white of the fish’s belly gradually rose in the east, Ji Feng’s consciousness receded from his own mind.

Instead of being tired from the whole night’s training, he looked refreshed and as if his body was full of strength.

Waving his fist, Ji Feng looked excited, although he had not yet mastered the second movement of the body-building exercise thoroughly and proficiently, he was able to feel the increase in his body strength clearly.

Quickly getting up, Ji Feng quietly walked out, afraid of waking up his mother who was about to work hard all day.

On his way to school, Ji Feng ran as fast as he could, and the result shocked him.

Originally, even if he ran at full speed, it would take at least ten minutes to get to school, but today, he actually only took …… three minutes!

That feeling of running at full speed with the wind in his face simply made him think he was flying a plane!

“The body-building exercises provided by the intelligent brain are really amazing!” Ji Feng was overjoyed and muttered to himself.

Seeing that there weren’t many people in the school now, Ji Feng simply went along the playground track and started running.

The playground of the second middle school wasn’t very big, so Ji Feng ran more than twenty laps before he stopped, and these twenty laps were at least five thousand meters.

However, after running down, Ji Feng was only slightly sweating and his face was slightly flushed, which was undoubtedly very surprising.

Even an average athlete would be sweating and panting after running 5,000 metres. But Ji Feng’s breathing was still very calm!

“This is still only the second move of the aerobics, what would it be like if we waited until we finished the first five moves in two weeks?” Ji Feng waved his fist excitedly, looked at the time again, and quickly ran towards the cla*sroom.

When he arrived at the cla*sroom, many students had not yet arrived, so Ji Feng took out his textbook and read it carefully.

Ji Feng’s reading speed is fast, this ability to never forget is simply too unbelievable, whether or not it’s something he’s learned, as long as he reads it once, it’s like a movie that keeps surfacing in his memory, he won’t forget it at all.

He was sure that by the time he finished the first five movements of the aerobics in two weeks’ time, he would have finished all the textbooks at the same time, if not sooner.

Then he would have almost a year left to revise and learn to apply that knowledge.

Getting into an ideal university was nothing for Ji Feng now.

Zhang Lei, who didn’t know when he arrived, came up and said, “Crazy, that B*****d Xu Mo didn’t dare to find you in trouble again, right?”

Ji Feng laughed, “After being warned by you, the Crown Prince, he still dares to mess around?”

Zhang Lei instantly let out a sarcastic laugh and said, “That, you know all about it?”


Ji Feng burst out a rare foul mouth and said through gritted teeth, “You son of a b*tch, you cheated me so hard, dressing up like a punk all day long, but actually turned out to be the son of the county party secretary, and even Tong Lei’s brother, you’re simply a B*****d!”

Zhang Lei immediately smiled and said, “I said crazy, you have to listen to my explanation, I had no choice but to do this!”