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Campus Master Chapter 51-52

Chapter 51

Looking at Ji Feng’s calm and sincere expression, as well as the flash of vicissitudes and self-deprecation in his eyes, Xiao Yuxuan felt for a moment as if she had followed Ji Feng back to her childhood, clearly and incomparably feeling the blank stares and humiliation that Ji Feng had suffered throughout his childhood, the feeling of being isolated from the whole world, making Xiao Yuxuan’s heart ache. Go to see the net —.7-K–o-m.

What a teenager this is!

He had a bitter experience that the vast majority of people his age did not have, and had been subjected to a lot of white eyes since he was a child, but looking at his expression now, it was very calm, as if none of this had happened to him.

And more importantly, this youngster knew how to repay his kindness, and even his own kind of concern based on his teacher’s concern for his students was secretly remembered by him and was grateful enough to give himself full trust. This is undoubtedly the best reward already!

However, to be able to have such a mentality, to have such a grateful attitude towards people, what kind of hardships had this teenager in front of him, who was a little taller than himself, endured?

For a moment, Xiao Yuxuan only felt her nose sour, as if there was a big stone pressing down on her chest, which was very uncomfortable.

Seeing Xiao Yuxuan’s expression, Ji Feng, however, frowned and said, “Teacher Xiao, I’m not telling you this to illustrate anything, it’s just that for your concern, I’m very grateful. Really!”

Ji Feng said this, just wanting to express his gratitude to Xiao Yuxuan, but this did not mean that he needed other people’s sympathy and pity, today’s Ji Feng did not need anyone’s pity, he had the ability and confidence that he would step by step walk to a height that others could not reach, but could only look up to!

Xiao Yuxuan was stunned, then hurriedly said, “Ji Feng, you misunderstood, as a teacher, or as a sister, I am very painful for what you have suffered, but I have no other thoughts, much less sympathy for you, do you understand?”

“That’s good!” Ji Feng smiled slightly and returned to his previous spontaneity, laughing, “So Sister Yu Xuan, that money will just be left with you, when I need it sometime, what do you think?”

“Ji Feng, this isn’t impossible! Just …… money and things like that, it’s better for you to keep it by yourself, not that sister is too much trouble, this is a kind of attitude towards money, many people may very well just for a few hundred dollars or even a few dollars, originally close friends will gradually alienate, so in terms of treating money, the attitude must be put right, do you understand what I mean? ”

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem. .com

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing. But ……”

Speaking here, his face showed a look of distress, “But I don’t know what to do with this money! Sister Yu Xuan, I’m not afraid of you laughing, if I take the risk of taking this money home, I’m afraid my mother’s heart will not be able to bear it, our family has not seen so much money all these years, and I don’t have a bank card myself ……”

Xiao Yuxuan suddenly smiled with understanding and said, “So it’s like this, then sister will hold it for you first, you can take it back whenever you want!”

“Thank you Sister Yu Xuan!” Ji Feng immediately said thankfully, “By the way, Sister Yu Xuan, there is no place in our family that needs to use so much money except for my schooling, if Sister Yu Xuan is useful, she can just take it and use it without telling me!”

“Don’t worry, little one, sister has enough money to use!” Seeing that Ji Feng just wanted to explain, she suddenly laughed, “If you say more, you can be a bit suspicious of bribing the teacher!”

Ji Feng could only nod with a bitter smile, “Sister Yu Xuan, can’t I stop saying it!”

The two of them could not help but laugh, and unknowingly, the distance between the two was closer.

Ji Feng did not know that Xiao Yuxuan’s heart was filled with emotion, what had Ji Feng experienced to make him have a mature mentality far beyond his age?

You know, if it was another person of his age who suddenly got such a sum of money, a person of good character would definitely be very happy to take the money home and let his parents know that he could earn money too, or buy gifts for his parents and relatives to make them happy. Those with bad character, on the other hand, would probably just squander it and waste it, or do something else bad with the money.

But I’m afraid that few people would be like Ji Feng, after getting the money, surprisingly thinking about the situation at home first, and even directly standing in his mother’s shoes, to worry whether she could bear the sudden surprise, such a mature mentality, how could it be a high school student, even many college students, definitely much more childish than this!

“It seems that if I want to know what Ji Feng has gone through, I need to make a home visit ……” Xiao Yuxuan secretly mused.

Ji Feng sent Xiao Yuxuan back to school, on this way, both of them did not bring up the topic of family or money again, but sat on the bus by Ji Feng from time to time to introduce Xiao Yuxuan to the various buildings and locations in the county where they came from, and soon they also arrived at school.

Looking at Ji Feng’s distant back, Xiao Yuxuan, who was standing at the entrance of the school, stood for a long time. Although she did not say much on this journey, she was able to feel that Ji Feng, in addition to having a bland and good mind, had a heart that strives for advancement and dares to fight, which is a vigorous and proud bone that is still self-improving in the midst of adversity.

Xiao Yuxuan recalled a saying, “Adversity produces talent!” .

What comes out of adversity is not talent, but a heart that pursues advancement and strives for improvement, a fighting spirit that never gives up and is stubborn and unyielding!

With such a heart and such a fighting spirit, anyone can become a talent!

Xiao Yuxuan suddenly thought of the incident of this afternoon’s lottery again. According to reason, how could a steady mind like Ji Feng’s be boldly striving on that uninsured lottery?

It was easy to surmise from Ji Feng’s words that his family situation was not wealthy, which made it even stranger.

Could it be that Ji Feng was really aroused by Xu Mo before his blood boiled over and he let go of everything in a reckless manner? This was not how a mature mind should behave.

Thinking back carefully, the Ji Feng at that time seemed as steady as a mountain, as if everything was under control, and it really turned out that Ji Feng made a big profit, was this really a coincidence?

Xiao Yuxuan found for a moment that she was even more impervious to this teenager, who was several years younger than herself, and the curiosity in her heart grew even stronger, and she became even more interested in Ji Feng!

“When I find time, I must go to Ji Feng’s home for a home visit!” Xiao Yuxuan muttered to herself.


Chapter 52

Until he returned home, Ji Feng still hadn’t thought about what to say to his mother about his winning the lottery, the 60,000 yuan was definitely something he couldn’t say, after all, for this family that had been poor for more than ten years, this 60,000 yuan was definitely not a small amount, maybe his mother would suspect where this money came from and think that Ji Feng was doing something bad outside. Go to see the net —.7-K–o-m.

In order to keep his mother from worrying, Ji Feng thought of various possibilities.

In the end, he decided that it would be better to tell about the 10,000 yuan he had gotten first, and that the number would have to be lowered to say only five thousand.

“Feng’er, why do you look a bit dazed, are you tired from going out to play today?” The mother, Xiao Su Mei, couldn’t help but say with some concern as she watched her son’s face change, “Could it be that the day was too hot and he got heatstroke?”

“No, mother don’t worry about it!” Ji Feng couldn’t help but laugh, “I’m just so happy that I don’t know what to say!”

Having made up his mind, Ji Feng decided to go step by step, to give his mother a process of acceptance.

“Happy?” Xiao Sumei was a little surprised, “You kid, how come you still look sad when you’re happy?”

Ji Feng nodded and deliberately complained, “Mom, you don’t know, today our cla*s went on a field trip, but we happened to go to a lottery shop to play, and I played a few games with my cla*smates!”

“And then what happened?” Xiao Su Mei asked, “Feng’er, did all the money go to you to buy lottery tickets and there was no pocket money left?”

Seeing his mother’s concerned look, Ji Feng couldn’t help but feel a sourness in his heart and shook his head, “No, I could have won the grand prize of 10,000 yuan, but I ended up not buying it because I saw that scratch-off wasn’t nice, and it ended up being bought by a student in our cla*s and won 10,000 yuan! Really, if I had won the jackpot, you wouldn’t have had to work so hard, Mum, it’s all my fault for not being bold enough!”

“Silly child, there’s no such thing as a correct lottery ticket, you’re right not to buy it, no one can say how lucky people are!” Xiao Su Mei shook her head and laughed, comfortingly saying, “Since you didn’t win, then why are you still happy?”

Ji Feng said, “I didn’t win the big prize, but, I won a small prize, a whole five thousand yuan!”

“How much?” Xiao Su Mei was stunned. .com

“Mom, you heard it right, no more, no less, a whole five thousand yuan!” Ji Feng stretched out a hand and waved it in front of Xiao Su Mei’s eyes, pretending to be smug, “Mom, am I not very impressive?”

A smile appeared on Xiao Sumei’s face as she said, “Feng’er, you really won five thousand yuan?”

Ji Feng nodded and said, “Yes, mum, this is the bonus, look, I got it all back!”

However, Xiao Su Mei’s eyebrows were slightly knitted as she asked, “Feng’er, you didn’t do anything bad outside, did you? It’s a rare thing to win that lottery, how come your cla*smate won ten thousand dollars and you still won five thousand? Isn’t that a bit much?”

Ji Feng suddenly choked, he suddenly realized that after making up a lie for half a day, it was still full of holes. Yes, the chances of winning a lottery ticket were very small, and a scratch-off lottery was even smaller, so how could you win so much?

Although his heart was secretly worried, Ji Feng’s face did not show half of it and he laughed: “That’s why I’m happy, mum, think about it, even with such a small chance I can win the lottery, that means I’m very lucky. By the way, our English teacher was also present at that time, so if you don’t believe me, you can ask our teacher!”

Once she heard this, Xiao Su Mei was mostly convinced, she couldn’t help but laugh, “You child, how can mum not believe you, it’s just that mum is worried that you’ve done something bad outside, if that happens, mum won’t forgive you!”

Ji Feng took his mother’s hand and laughed, “Don’t worry, mum, I’m your son, even if you don’t worry about me, you should still worry about yourself, right? I’ve inherited your good virtues, I definitely won’t do anything bad!”

“You child!” Xiao Su Mei couldn’t help but laugh and gave her son a light knock on the head, a strong look of love in her eyes.

“Mom, you can take this money first, this is only the first money, when I work later, I can definitely earn more money, then it will be my turn to support you, huh ……” Ji Feng put the money into his mother’s hand.

“You ah, can have this heart mum will be satisfied!” Xiao Su Mei put the money in her pocket and said, “This money mum is saving for you, save it for your college!”

“Mm!” Ji Feng nodded and smiled.

Looking at the wrinkles on his mother’s face increasing day by day, he couldn’t help but feel sour in his heart, his mother was only forty years old, if she was well maintained in the city, I’m afraid she would only look in her early thirties, but now, she looked like she was forty-three or forty-four years old, if it wasn’t for raising how, why would she have worked so hard?

Thinking of this, Ji Feng remembered the man who had left himself and his mother unattended, and he couldn’t help but ask: “Mom, let me ask a question, if it’s inappropriate, you don’t get angry!”

Once Xiao Su Mei heard this, she knew what her son was going to ask, she immediately stood up and said, “Feng’er, it’s getting late, go to bed early, mum is also tired, she has to go sell vegetables tomorrow!”

After saying that, Xiao Su Mei walked into her room!

Looking at his mother’s back, Ji Feng couldn’t help but clench his fist, it must be that man that hurt his mother too deeply, so that she didn’t want to mention this matter at all, let alone mention that man!

“I will definitely make you regret ever abandoning your mother!” Ji Feng secretly gritted his teeth, while secretly deciding that he would never ask this stupid question again, which would only add to his mother’s sadness.

Lying on the bed, Ji Feng’s mood calmed down a bit, he let out a light sigh, it was useless to think about anything now, it was more important to improve his strength first!

Taking a deep breath, Ji Feng once again entered his mind.


The scene in front of him changed, and Ji Feng saw the wise brain.

“Master, will you start training now?” Seeing Ji Feng arrive, Wisdom Brain opened the door and asked.

Ji Feng nodded and said, “Continue training!”

The intelligent brain nodded and said, “According to the training that master has done in the recent period, he can now easily and skillfully complete the fourth movement of the body-building exercise, and the next thing that master will learn is the fifth movement. At the same time, from the fifth movement onwards, it will enter the second stage of training. In this second stage, the master will not only continue to practice gymnastics, but also start learning other skills!”

“Other skills?” He had long been looking forward to completing the aerobics training and learning some other knowledge, not only because the knowledge of the future interstellar era was extremely attractive to Ji Feng, but more importantly, every time he completed a movement in aerobics, the difficulty of the next movement would increase a lot, and this kind of boring and painful training would make Ji Feng just about to collapse.

“What skills can I learn?” Ji Feng asked excitedly.