Campus Master Chapter 29-30

Chapter 29

“Why are you looking at me with that look? Do I have flowers on my face?” Looking at Ji Feng’s astonished gaze, Tong Lei asked with a smile.

Her gorgeous, peerless smile instantly caused Ji Feng to lose his concentration for another moment.

“This nee …… is only ten** years old, but that figure is not at all inferior to those magnificent women, even compared to the incomparably gorgeous Xiao Yuxuan. Although she doesn’t have that mature charm of Xiao Yuxuan, she has a youthful vitality that makes people’s hearts pound!” Ji Feng couldn’t help but swallow secretly and laughed bitterly in his heart, “Big cla*s leader, your face is not a flower, yet it’s even better than a flower!”


Seeing Ji Feng looking dumbfounded, a hint of red surfaced on Tong Lei’s face, and her white tender little hand waved in front of Ji Feng’s face as she said in a brittle voice, “Ji Feng, are you silly?”

Ji Feng jerked back to his senses, scratched his head awkwardly and laughed, “Cla*s president!”


Seeing Ji Feng’s silly look, Tong Lei couldn’t hold back anymore and poofed out a laugh, “Giggle ……”

The entire cla*sroom was immediately filled with Tong Lei’s silver bell-like laughter, causing Ji Feng to almost get lost again.

For a while, Ji Feng was in a bit of a trance.

“Silly boy, don’t take out the book yet!” Tong Lei laughed for a while and couldn’t help but say.

Ji Feng was stunned and asked, “Take the book? Take what book?”

“It’s bad!” Tong Lei couldn’t help but smile, her pretty face was like a flower, but she slapped her forehead quirkily and said, “The spoken language king of our cla*s has actually broken his brain, this is the end!”

“Spoken language king?” Ji Feng was surprised beyond words, “Are you talking about me?”

“Of course it’s you!” Tong Lei said without good humour, “Your performance in the morning English cla*s was really wonderful, the few girls in front of you gave you a nickname, it’s called the King of Spoken Language!”

“King of Spoken Language?!” Ji Feng couldn’t help but laugh bitterly, “That’s too exaggerated, right?”

“What exaggeration! It’s still not good to have girls paying attention to you, huh?” Tong Lei hummed and sat beside Ji Feng. .com

Tong Lei didn’t even notice that there was a hint of sourness in her tone. In the cla*s, everyone knew that Tong Lei was the daughter of the secretary of the county party committee, and she not only got good grades, but was also a bit cold, so she had almost no friends.

Therefore, when the other girls were whispering or chattering together, Tong Lei was always studying alone in silence, and she rarely participated in the other girls’ topics.

When she heard the other girls talking about Ji Feng in the morning, she surprisingly had an unexplainable discomfort in her heart.

Ji Feng likewise didn’t notice that there was something wrong with Tong Lei’s tone, and his nose was filled with that faint fragrance coming from Tong Lei’s body, which was refreshing and very comfortable.

“Whew-!” Ji Feng secretly let out a long breath, he was really afraid of being with a girl, the embarra*sing incident he encountered in Xiao Yuxuan’s flat before had made him a bit scared. What’s more, in his mind Xiao Yuxuan and Tong Lei each had their own unique characteristics, both were like goddesses, he was afraid of offending either one of them again!

Forcing himself to calm down, Ji Feng smiled and asked, “Cla*s President, your grades in all subjects are much better than mine, I don’t know exactly what there is to discuss with you!”

“What! You’ve just become the king of speaking and you look down on us students? You’re out of touch with the people!” Tong Lei joked.

“Where, where!” Ji Feng clasped his hands in a fist, imitating ancient etiquette, and said in a pretentious manner, “If you want to discuss anything, please ask the cla*s president to command, I dare not disobey!”

“Giggle ……” Tong Lei suddenly laughed delicately again, her tender white small hand lightly patted Ji Feng and said, “Good Ji Feng, how come I didn’t find out before, so you are still so funny! ”

Ji Feng rolled his eyes and said, “You did pay attention to me before, but I’m afraid you don’t know anything about me other than my name and looks, right?

But he wouldn’t say this, he’s stupid, he wouldn’t be stupid to this extent!

“Well, it’s getting late, let’s not joke about it.” Tong Lei put away her smile and said, “Ji Feng, seriously, your speaking is really good, if I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I would really think it was a tape recorder talking, how did you practice to this extent?”

“It’s not as exaggerated as you make it out to be!” Ji Feng wasn’t used to being praised, especially by the girl he loved, he felt a little uncomfortable, “Actually, I just watch some foreign language programs after school, or watch a foreign language movie or something like that, and then follow the above to learn, so I can learn faster!”

“Wow! That’s a good method!” Tong Lei brightened up and said, “I also watch TV for a while every day when I go home, it looks like I can try this method of yours! Ji Feng, if this method works, I’ll treat you to dinner!”

Seeing Tong Lei’s coquettish smile, Ji Feng scratched his head and laughed, “Forget about buying dinner, really, it’s only reasonable for me to buy you dinner!”

“You’re treating me?” Tong Lei was a bit puzzled.

“Yes!” Ji Feng nodded and said, “I’m weak in maths and physics and chemistry, if Cla*s President Lord has time, can you help me with tutoring, as a thank you, I’ll treat you to dinner, huh!”

“Well …… no problem!” Tong Lei hesitated for a moment before nodding her head and agreeing, “But let’s put it on the weekend, I can’t delay too long every night during the week because I can’t go home too late or it’s not very safe!”

“I’ll drive you!” Ji Feng blurted out without even thinking about it. As soon as the words were finished, he was immediately a little embarra*sed, if he thought about it carefully, the words seemed to mean something else.

Worried that Tong Lei might misunderstand, Ji Feng panicked and said, “That, I didn’t mean anything else, just, just ……”

The fact that you have to send people home again under the pretext of tutoring can’t be explained clearly, and Ji Feng can’t help but smile bitterly.

Who knows, Tong Lei slightly thought for a moment, then gladly nodded and said, “Then it’s a deal! Alright, let’s start with maths tuition today!”

“Huh? …… Oh!” Ji Feng was stunned, then he reacted, nodded in a panic, and hurriedly took out his maths textbook, starting from the very first chapter and going over what he didn’t understand.

“Oh! This should be like this ……” Tong Lei had the talent of being a teacher, and was able to explain every formula with ease, and the explanation was very comprehensive and easy to understand.

However, Ji Feng was a little distracted.

The two of them were sitting very close to each other, and the faint fragrance coming from Tong Lei’s body filled his nose, making him want to take a deep breath and smell it hard.

As Tong Lei’s crisp and pleasant voice continued to ring out, Ji Feng was intoxicated ……


Chapter 30

“Well, that’s it for today!” Tong Lei put the pen in her hand on the table and the heavenly voice in the cla*sroom came to an abrupt end.

Ji Feng, who had been engrossed in Tong Lei’s beautiful voice, snapped back to his senses and said in a panic, “Okay, Cla*s Leader, thank you so much!”

Tong Lei gave him a blank look and laughed delicately, “I’m not hard work, I’m explaining so fast, can you keep up? I think it’s you who’s having a hard time!”

Ji Feng smiled faintly and said, “Seriously, I can keep up even if you explain it faster. After hearing you say it like this, I feel that I understand it much better!”

Tong Lei looked at him, that gaze was like looking at a monster, her tender white little hand touched Ji Feng’s forehead, “Are you sure you don’t have a fever? Or, are you saying that to save face?”

At the touch of her tender white little hand, Ji Feng’s heart immediately beat violently, and somewhat fondly, he pushed her hand aside and laughed bitterly, “Do I look like the kind of person who disregards his academic performance for the sake of saving face? I really learned all this content a long time ago, I just don’t know how to apply it!”

“Really?!” Tong Lei asked with some disbelief.

“Of course it’s true!” Ji Feng said with a nod, “If you don’t believe me, feel free to test me with the book!”

Tong Lei gave him a hesitant look and suddenly picked up her algebra textbook, flipped to the back where she hadn’t learned anything yet, and immediately asked a few questions, all about the new formula.

Who knows, Ji Feng immediately opened his mouth and answered up, without even thinking about it. .com

“You, you really learned it all?” As if she had seen a monster, Tong Lei’s beautiful eyes were wide with disbelief.

Ji Feng shook his head slightly and said, “I can’t say I learned it, I just remembered the content. To say that it’s flexible, it’s simply impossible, that’s why I asked you to give me tutoring, just to hand me how to use these formulas flexibly, your explanation was really good, I understood it easily!”

Tong Lei shook her head with a bitter smile and said, “I finally realized that you are a monster!”

Ji Feng: “……”

He didn’t know how shocked Tong Lei’s heart was.

The education that Tong Lei received from her childhood was also extremely superior. From primary school, her father would hire a tutor for her in advance to learn the content that she hadn’t started to learn once beforehand, so that when it was time to go to school, she could keep up with the teacher’s progress, and because Tong Lei was very intelligent and ice-cold smart, her academic performance was always among the best, and she was even among the top few in the whole year.

However, even so, Tong Lei did not remember all those formulas in the back, she only remembered part of them, and it was enough to be able to surpa*s the teacher’s progress by a few chapters.

If previously in Tong Lei’s perception, the so-called geniuses were all the result of one percent of effort, plus ninety-nine percent of external conditions, then now, this perception of hers had changed.

This monster, Ji Feng, was simply a non-human being who had learnt everything that he hadn’t learnt without making a sound!

“The other lessons, you remembered them too?” Tong Lei asked, somewhat undeterred.

Ji Feng nodded honestly and said, “That’s right, but it’s also the same as algebra, they all just remembered the content, but there is a great lack of flexibility in the application of knowledge!”


Tong Lei almost didn’t choke on her own saliva, her gorgeous face was full of disbelief and she couldn’t help but ask, “Could it be that your poor grades in the past were because you let go of the content that you were learning and instead of studying it, you specialized in memorizing this content that you hadn’t learned?”

Ji Feng said with some embarra*sment, “No, it’s not! I used to be studying seriously, but I couldn’t learn anything, but after I started my senior year, I don’t know why, but I suddenly felt that my memory was much better, and I could remember the general content of many contents after reading them a few times, and if I read them a few times in a row, I could almost remember them!”

Tong Lei’s forehead couldn’t help but raise a few black lines, staring at Ji Feng with a deadly stare, finally after determining that everything about Ji Feng was just like a human being, there was no difference at all, she finally couldn’t help but say something that made a conclusion, “You are a non-human, a beast in human skin!”

Ji Feng instantly sweated profusely.

“Fine!” Tong Lei helplessly rubbed her forehead and said playfully, “That’s it for today, it’s getting late, I’m going home.”

She had been hit too hard, she found that she was able to find a sense of achievement by tutoring this Ji Feng guy, but she was also hit harder!

The reason why she was able to find a sense of achievement was because Ji Feng was very smart, she only had to explain it once and he would be able to understand it, and no doubt the way she explained it also took a lot of credit.

However, the blow suffered was even greater!

I believe that no matter who it was, when faced with such a non-human-like monster, one could not help but feel a sense of being struck, in vain one still thought that although one was not a genius, one’s IQ was at least not too low.

But only when facing Ji Feng would one realize that the so-called IQ, that can only be said when there is no non-human being around, if there is a non-human like Ji Feng present, calling oneself a genius is simply self-defeating!

“That, let me send you back!” Ji Feng stood up and suddenly felt that his words might be a bit ambiguous again, he added in a panic, “I mean, it’s getting late, I’m a bit uneasy about you going alone!”

“Oh, no!”

Ji Feng got a little flustered as he hurriedly explained, “It’s not that I’m not at ease, it’s that I’m worried that you’ll be scared alone! …… isn’t right either, it’s not that I’m worried about you, I’m just out of concern for my cla*smate and friend, I don’t mean anything else!”


Seeing Ji Feng’s woeful explanation, Tong Lei finally couldn’t help but laugh out loud, she then realized that this non-human with a superb IQ was actually, in some ways, a very cute guy, or at least …… very funny!

“Well, it’s not like I misunderstood, look at you in a hurry!” Tong Lei said with a smile, and two pretty and cute dimples suddenly surfaced on her tender cheeks.


Ji Feng, however, did not have the chance to admire her charming attitude, but let out a long sigh of relief and said, “That’s good, that’s good. Cla*s leader, let me take you home!”

Tong Lei smiled sweetly and said, “Sure!”