Campus Master Chapter 31-32

Chapter 31

leaving the school gate of No. 2 Middle School, Tong Lei took out a light and handy flashlight from his schoolbag, and suddenly there was light in front of the two of them. In the light of that not too strong light, Tong Lei’s pretty face looked even more tender and white, her earlobes were crystal clear and round, and her body was exquisite and beautiful. Ji Feng couldn’t help but be moved once again.

“Cla*s president, let me help you with your book bag and torch!” Ji Feng took her school bag and torch from Tong Lei’s hands without a second thought.

Tong Lei didn’t insist, she just smiled faintly. She had seen a lot of attentiveness, but this was the first time she had seen such sincere and natural attentiveness like Ji Feng’s. She immediately felt some sweetness in her heart, and felt that Ji Feng was different from other boys.

Waiting for the next, Tong Lei soon found out that not only was Ji Feng different from others in his attentiveness, he was still much more attentive than others in other aspects.

The light is not too strong and shines on the ground somewhat hazily, so it is not very clear.

In the past, when Tong Lei used it alone, she did not care about this, but today she noticed that the light from the torch seemed to be much stronger and it looked very clear!

She couldn’t help but be a little surprised and turned her head towards Ji Feng, and the result instantly caused a warmth to well up in Tong Lei’s heart!

Ji Feng was holding the torch and could always shine the light one step ahead of where Tong Lei should walk next, the distance was not too big and not too small, just the right size for Tong Lei’s footsteps. Ji Feng, on the other hand, walked beside Tong Lei, looking at the road through the hazy light and walking somewhat cautiously.

Anyone who has used a torch at night knows that if they have been in the dark for a long time, their eyes adapt to the darkness and they can still vaguely see the road. .com But once you use a torch, if the light is not strong, it is rather better not to use it.

This means that Ji Feng, being meticulous, gave the strongest light to Tong Lei to prevent her from not being able to see clearly, while he, himself, was inconvenienced!

“This boy, he’s still very caring!” Tong Lei thought secretly in her mind. At the age of eighteen`nine, it was the time when love was in its infancy, even though Tong Lei never intended to fall in love in high school, however, it was normal to appreciate the opposite S*x.

As the saying goes, the love of beauty is in everyone’s heart, and that is what it means. Just because you don’t intend to have one, doesn’t mean you don’t have an appreciation for beauty and the ability to appreciate it!

“Ji Feng, you’re really smart and your memory is definitely superb, as long as you keep working hard, you’ll definitely get into a good university!” Tong Lei suddenly said.

Ji Feng shook his head with a smile and said, “A good memory doesn’t mean you can study well, as you can see, I am very lacking in the flexible use of knowledge, if I can’t make up for it by the college entrance exam, I won’t be able to get into a college, not to mention a third-rate college, even if it’s a third-rate college!”

“You have to be confident!” Seeing Ji Feng’s modesty, Tong Lei thought he had some inferiority complex, and was somehow very uncomfortable in her heart, and couldn’t help but say, “You don’t have to worry about the flexible use of knowledge, I will continue to tutor you, with your brain, you will definitely have no problem!”

Ji Feng nodded slightly and smiled indifferently, he secretly said in his heart, if he hadn’t met the wise brain, how could his own brain be related to ‘smart’, it was all because of the wise brain!

“Ji Feng, I mean it, you must have confidence!” Seeing Ji Feng’s non-committal attitude, Tong Lei couldn’t help but feel a little anxious, “Ji Feng, the right attitude is actually more important than talent, really, if you have confidence, I can guarantee that no student in our school can compare to you, you are the best!”

Looking at the hint of urgency on Tong Lei’s pretty face, Ji Feng suddenly realized something and a warm current flowed through his chest.

“I’m very confident, don’t worry!” Ji Feng said half gratefully, half firmly.

“You, it’s your own business, what do I have to worry about!” Tong Lei’s pretty face suddenly blushed, and only then did she realise that her performance just now had not been a bit too much, had she not caused Ji Feng some misunderstanding?

Both of them were silent for a while and just walked forward sullenly.

Ji Feng was still lighting the way for Tong Lei as usual, the light shining on the step that Tong Lei was about to take, almost as if it had been precisely calculated by a computer.

And he, himself, was saying to himself, “Don’t think too much, the current you, not qualified enough to make others uneasy, want her to care about you, you have to work hard to create the conditions, to be able to match her to be able to ah!”

“Ji Feng, let’s take the path!” Tong Lei felt a little embarra*sed, in order to end this feeling as soon as possible, she suddenly proposed to take the path.

“Take the path?” Ji Feng was stunned, and then said, “Tong Lei, is it the path along the moat? That’s a bit unsafe!”

From the Second Middle School to the County Party Committee’s family compound, there were several paths to take, of which following the moat was one of them. However, because the moat was heavily wooded and there were no street lights at all, it was a location where robberies and fights were common, and generally students or girls would not take this path at night.

If it were in normal times, Tong Lei would definitely not have taken this road either, even if Zhang Lei was accompanying her. However, in order to ease that awkward atmosphere just now, Tong Lei was playful for a while.

“Ji Feng, you’re not scared, are you?” Tong Lei suddenly gave a cheeky smile.

“Indeed, I’m a bit scared!” To Tong Lei’s surprise, Ji Feng bluntly admitted it, “However, being provoked by a girl like this, even if I’m scared, I still want to accompany you, huh, let’s go!”

Tong Lei was stunned, then giggled and nodded her head and smiled delicately, “Sure, let’s go!”

The two of them turned towards the path that led to the moat.

But after all, she was a girl, and as soon as she stepped into this path, Tong Lei couldn’t help but feel a little timid as she said, “Ji Feng, let’s walk faster!”

Ji Feng smiled faintly, although he wanted to save face, he would never put his own safety and Tong Lei’s safety at risk, he nodded and said, “That’s right, let’s go faster!”

The two of them almost jogged all the way, and in a few minutes’ time, they were halfway there.

“Looks like we got lucky today after all, we didn’t run into any bad guys!” Ji Feng said with a smile.

However, as soon as he said that, before Tong Lei could say anything, Ji Feng suddenly pulled her by the hand.

“What’s wrong?” Tong Lei was stunned.

Ji Feng laughed bitterly, “It seems that I’m really a crow’s-mouth, just when I said it was fine, here it comes!”

Saying that, he pointed ahead while turning off his torch.

Following the direction of Ji Feng’s finger, Tong Lei could see two blurred figures, and her face instantly changed, “Ji Feng, what should we do?”


Chapter 32

The two figures quickly leaned over, obviously taking Ji Feng and Tong Lei as their targets!

In the hands of these two figures, there was a stick-like object, which only appeared to be very blurry because of the darkness of the light. Go to see the net .

“Ji Feng, let’s run!” Tong Lei grabbed Ji Feng’s arm somewhat nervously, no matter how mature and calm she was mentally, but after all, she was a girl, and when she encountered this kind of situation, she panicked a little.

“Don’t panic!” Ji Feng patted Tong Lei’s small hand, while his mind turned rapidly, judging from the figures of those two people, these should be two young men, and since they dared to come out to do this kind of road robbery, their physical quality was definitely good.

It would be absolutely impossible to get rid of these two people with Tong Lei!

Ji Feng swept back behind him and couldn’t help but shake his head slightly, this was right in the middle of the path, to run out of this path, it would take at least a minute or two, in that time, those two people would be enough to catch up!

“Tong Lei, you run back first, I’ll stop them!” Ji Feng made a decisive decision, he didn’t have any money on himself, much less anything else of value, even if he was caught by them, he would at most be beaten up. But if Tong Lei was caught by them, and the two rascals saw how pretty Tong Lei was, God knows what they would do!

“Get out of here!” Ji Feng said, his voice a little urgent because those two young men were already fast approaching and if they didn’t leave, I was afraid they wouldn’t be able to get away!

“What are you going to do if I leave?” Tong Lei looked at Ji Feng anxiously.

“Don’t say anything, hurry up and go, you won’t be able to leave if you’re late!” Ji Feng frowned and waved his hand and said, at the same time, he turned off the torch in his hand. .com

Looking at Ji Feng’s calm back, a warm current stirred in Tong Lei’s heart, her shellfish teeth biting her lips tightly as she said gratefully, “Ji Feng, thank you!”

With that, Tong Lei hurriedly turned around and quickly left.

“Stand still!” As soon as those two young men across the street saw Tong Lei turn to leave, they became anxious and quickly ran over.

Ji Feng stared deadly at the two men’s figures while using his consciousness to communicate with his wisdom brain in his mind, “Wisdom brain, that bio-current you mentioned last time, can it still be used?”

“Master, with your current physical fitness, you can completely last for more than an hour of strenuous exercise!” The intelligent brain immediately said, “Master, do you need to turn on the bio-current right now?”

Ji Feng was overjoyed at his words and immediately nodded, “Of course, turn it on immediately, otherwise, I’ll be beaten to a pulp!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he suddenly felt a hot current within his body instantly filling his limbs and bones, as if there was inexhaustible power within his body.

Ji Feng waved his fist excitedly and began to back away slowly.

He himself was not a combative person, and if he could settle things without using force, he still hoped to avoid it. After all, he was still just a student and had experienced very little of such scenes!

However, those two hooligans did not want to let Ji Feng’s intention become a reality. Once they saw Ji Feng backing up, the two guys ran even faster, and in just a few moments, they were in front of Ji Feng.

No more backing up!

Ji Feng immediately stopped in his tracks and looked at the two hooligans warily. If he continued to retreat, these two guys could threaten Tong Lei.

“What do you guys want?” Ji Feng asked with a frown.

“Haha ……” A tall guy on the opposite side suddenly laughed and said, “Kid, would you not know what we want? Cut the crap, don’t let Laozi waste his breath, behave yourself and be sensible, give Laozi something in filial piety and you can pa*s in peace today, otherwise, Laozi will throw you into this moat and make you swim back!”

Ji Feng grinned, his body full of power, his heart equally full of confidence, with the help of his intelligent brain, and with the experience of having beaten up a few people from society that Xu Mo had found, he had enough confidence to beat up these two guys in front of him as well!

“What if I neither want to take the money, nor want to go home in peace?” Ji Feng asked indifferently and rhetorically, while his eyes were looking for the direction and part of the attack. Ji Feng found that after activating the bio-current, he was actually able to see clearly in the dark, no different from daylight!

Ji Feng instantly understood that this might be the same as the perspective function he possessed, as long as he activated the bio-current, it would help his eyesight tremendously!

“Good boy, you really have guts!” The two hooligans were stunned at Ji Feng’s words, and only after a moment did they react, it was the first time they had ever encountered such a calm person, this was simply an insult to them!

“Even if I have guts, I’m not as good as you guys!” Ji Feng sneered, “How dare you guys stop the road and rob me, you have guts!”

“D*mn it!” One of the hooligans cursed angrily, “Brat, if I don’t teach you a lesson today, I’ll write my name upside down!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the two hooligans raised the sticks in their hands high at the same time and fiercely struck towards Ji Feng.

Ji Feng was so calm that he only felt a heat coming out of his chest, and the next thing he knew, the two hooligans’ movements seemed to slow down by half a beat in his eyes.

As if by magic, some kind of image seemed to appear in Ji Feng’s mind, and the image jumped up high and kicked out with two feet at the same time!

Ji Feng subconsciously followed the movements of the image in his mind and suddenly jumped up and kicked out quickly towards the two hooligans.

Bang! Bang!

These two kicks hit the two hooligans squarely in the jaw, instantly causing them to fall to the ground on their backs, their bodies twitching a few times, and they pa*sed out without even letting out a scream!

If a martial arts expert was here, he would definitely be shocked to find that the movements Ji Feng made, whether it was the angle or speed, or the degree of body coordination, were in no way inferior to someone who had been practicing martial arts for years!

“What’s going on here?” Ji Feng landed steadily and looked at his feet with some disbelief, he couldn’t believe that those two kicks just now were his own, that clean movement and sensitive body, he was simply an absolute martial arts master!

“Master, that image just now, is the most basic martial arts moves of the Super Agent Training System!” The words of the intelligent brain explained the doubts in Ji Feng’s heart.

“So that’s how it is!” Ji Feng was suddenly enlightened, and at the same time, he realized just how terrifying this Super Agent Training System’s martial arts training would be if practiced to a certain extent!


Just as Ji Feng was contemplating, the sound of police sirens suddenly came faintly from the distance, and soon, the sirens were rapidly approaching, and the lights of the police cars had gradually shone over.

Ji Feng squinted his eyes and turned his head to look, and under the light, the figure of a girl with a delicate and orderly figure, was rapidly approaching himself!