Campus Master Chapter 35-36

Chapter 35

Time flew by, and in a flash, a week had pa*sed since the last robbery encounter on the road. Go to see the net .

During this week, Ji Feng had almost completely forgotten about this matter, and he put all his energy into studying and receiving training from his intelligent brain. When it came to the end of school in the evening, Tong Lei was still tutoring Ji Feng as usual, still constantly being shocked by Ji Feng’s terrifying memory.

Even when he occasionally remembered what he had encountered that night, Ji Feng did not feel half-proud and dissatisfied, but would instead become more aware of how effective the training of the wise brain was.

So, he trained even harder, taking the initiative to ask Wise Brain to train for him every night, and was always extremely strict with himself when he did so.

The result of this was that Ji Feng’s grades soared unnoticed and the progress of the Super Agent training course was extremely pleasing. What’s more, originally there was still a big gap with Tong Lei, but after the last incident and the constant contact over the past week, the gap between Ji Feng and his kind was gradually narrowing.

Although this gap has not completely disappeared by now, it still exists, but, one day this gap will completely disappear and become history!

For this, as Ji Feng’s best friend and tablemate, as well as Tong Lei’s big brother, Zhang Lei was most happy to see this. Every time before going home from school, he would pat Ji Feng’s shoulder and give him an ambiguous look, which seemed to mean: buddy, come on, I’m looking at you!

Every time, Ji Feng was bewildered by this guy. How could he be such a big brother, not only did he not think well of his sister, but he even encouraged his best friend to pursue his sister!

However, no matter how much Zhang Lei agitated, Ji Feng still seemed indifferent on the surface. .com

Because he knew very well that no matter how smart he acted, how good his memory was, how good his skills were, between him and Tong Lei, they were still two worlds after all.

Even if Tong Lei liked him now and confessed her love for him, he would never accept it because he knew that he was not good enough for Tong Lei because he had nothing now!

Of course, this is just a possibility, to know that, with Tong Lei’s character, even if she really liked Ji Feng, she would never really go and confess her love to him.

Tong Lei’s origin and her own character made it so that she wouldn’t and definitely couldn’t go through with it!

Nevertheless, the relationship between Tong Lei and Ji Feng was slowly developing, or at least, joking about harmless things between the two of them was no longer a normal thing.

However, Ji Feng and Tong Lei did not know that although every night the two of them waited until all the other students had gone home before they tutored in the cla*sroom for half an hour or so. However, there is a saying that ‘there is no impermeable wall in this world’, and the fact that the two of them were cramming in the cla*sroom after school still reached the ears of others.

Subsequently, in less than a day’s time, all the students of the entire Mang Shi County Second High School’s senior six cla*ses knew about it, and what’s more, the information they knew was still after being pa*sed on through blackmail.

…… “Hey, have you heard? Ji Feng, who was just dumped by Hu Xuehui not even a month ago, has actually started a relationship with our beautiful cla*s president!”

“Really? What a ****! Ji Feng, that toad, how come T’s so lucky, such a good white swan, how come he got eaten into that B*****d’s mouth?”

“Hehehe, of course it’s true, every night until after school, they would wait until after school, they would date in the cla*sroom, I saw it with my own eyes!”

“****! Usually, I really didn’t see that Ji Feng, that poor boy who has nothing, has such a hand!”


The news that Ji Feng and Tong Lei were in love flew through every corner of the cla*sroom as if they had grown wings. Those boys who usually had fantasies about Tong Lei were furious and cursed upon hearing the news, some of them even outright vicious personal attacks!

However, the one who was most annoyed was Xu Mo, the deputy cla*s president.

After hearing this news, Xu Mo was almost about to smash his desk and then find someone to smash and bury Ji Feng like a desk, but thinking of Zhang Lei’s warning, Xu Mo calmed down at once.

It was simple enough to smash someone to death, but Zhang Lei’s revenge was not so simple!

Thinking of Zhang Lei’s arrogant and boundless words, ‘In future, even if my brother slips on a watermelon rind, I won’t even let you off! The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing. It’s not like I let him slip!

Besides, even if Laozi wanted to fix Ji Feng, would he still throw a watermelon rind to slip on him? This is a trick only children use!

After venting his anger in his heart, Xu Mo calmed down, he could vent his anger or his personal anger, but the consequences were not something he could bear!

Therefore, Xu Mo held back the anger in his heart, only to wait for the opportunity to give Ji Feng a huge blow.


Listening to the bursts of whispered comments coming from his ears, equally irritated, was Ji Feng.

In fact, the most powerful thing is not the powerful people, let alone those high-tech modern weapons, the really powerful weapon, is the rumors!

If one person says that Carrefour sells tigers, others will just think he is crazy and won’t pay attention. If two people say it, no one will pay attention to it either …… If a hundred people say Carrefour sells tigers, the next day Wal-Mart will go and buy a batch of dinosaurs to sell!

This is the power of gossip, as the saying goes, three men make a tiger!

And for a girl, gossip is even more frightening and scary than a sharp knife!

It was no big deal if his own reputation was tarnished, but if Tong Lei’s reputation was tarnished, Ji Feng would be very sorry.

However, if he tried to explain, no one would believe him!

Therefore, Ji Feng was in silence, but his face was not that nice.

Just then, the door of the cla*sroom was pushed open and Tong Lei walked in with a smile on her face and said in a brittle voice, “Everyone, everyone, be quiet, a few of our police comrades from the police station, want to make an announcement to everyone, please warm us up!”

For a moment, the three words ‘police station’ caused all the students to freeze.

Immediately afterwards, two people in police uniforms walked into the cla*sroom with big strides and came to the podium, one of them, was none other than Captain Yan, whom Ji Feng knew.


Chapter 36

Why did Captain Yan and the others come?

Ji Feng was full of questions, he looked at Tong Lei who was standing at the door of the cla*sroom, only to see her with a smile on her face, but could not see any other clues. Go to see the net .

“Fellow students!”

Captain Yan, who was standing on the podium, said with a smile on his face and a loud voice, “We have come here today to introduce you to a student who, a week ago at night, came home from school and met two thugs.”

As soon as he said this, he immediately attracted the attention of the whole cla*s. Young people are always curious, a student met a mugger, and looking at the situation as if this student was also in his own cla*s, how could this not make them feel curious?

“When faced with the thugs, instead of panicking, this student used his bravery and resourcefulness to fight the thugs, and in the end, he managed to defeat the two thugs and called the police!” The smile on Captain Yan’s face intensified, and he suddenly raised his voice and said, “After our police interrogation, we found out that these two criminals were actually criminals who had escaped from prison not long ago! They were preparing to rob a sum of money and then started to run away, but they didn’t expect to be subdued by a student!”

At this point, the students at the bottom were already talking and speculating which student was so brave that he dared to fight the two escaped criminals!

Captain Yan said in a loud voice, “This student, is Ji Feng!”


These words were like a huge stone thrown into a calm lake, instantly causing layers of ripples and causing everyone to be somewhat incredulous. They could not imagine that a poor boy, who was useless in their eyes, had subdued two thugs? This was a joke from the sky!

However, seeing those two policemen on the podium, everyone knew that this was absolutely true. .com

For a while, everyone had a feeling of being impressed with Ji Feng.

Among these students, there was no one who was more surprised than Ji Feng.

How could he have imagined that Captain Yan came here just to announce this matter, was this building momentum for himself? Or did he mean something else?

Ji Feng understood very well that a week had pa*sed, even if he had taken credit, the police could have called him to the police station to praise him, instead of letting a captain personally make a trip and announce the matter in public.

The police can also be seen to be trying to establish themselves as a typical example, thus encouraging the majority of students to be brave in the face of justice?

Ji Feng shook his head, although his brain had been developed, this matter was still something he couldn’t understand!

Although his mind was bewildered, Ji Feng’s face did not show any half-heartedness, after ten days of training by his intelligent brain, Ji Feng had become much more stable, and this kind of thing could not yet surprise him too much.

“Ji Feng, please come up to the stage!” Captain Yan said with a smile.

Ji Feng smiled and nodded slightly as he took a big step onto the podium.

“Ji Feng little hero, you are a good example, a model for all students, we police want to thank you, if it wasn’t for you, I’m afraid we would have had a few more crimes in Mang Shi County!” Captain Yan shook hands with Ji Feng and said with a nod, “To show our gratitude to you, we have sent a letter of commendation to your school leaders for you, and at the same time, here is a 10,000 yuan bonus from us to show our appreciation for your bravery in fighting the criminals!”

Ji Feng was stunned, looking at the white envelope in Captain Yan’s hand, he hesitated for a moment, not knowing whether he should accept it or not.

“What, not willing to take it? Is it too little?” Captain Yan asked with a smile.

Ji Feng instantly smiled, took the envelope and smiled, “Thank you Captain Yan!”

“Good!” Captain Yan smiled, patted his shoulder and said, “The matter here is over, you can go back to your seat and study at ease, for the rest, we will communicate directly with your school’s leadership, and we will suggest that the school leadership give you a school-wide commendation!”

“No need, Captain Yan, I’m still a student, my task is to study at ease, a commendation is not necessary!” Ji Feng shook his head as soon as he heard that.

Captain Yan was stunned for a moment, then he nodded his head and said, “That’s fine, we will respect your wishes!”

Ji Feng nodded and smiled, turning around and returning to his seat.

Captain Yan greeted the whole cla*s and walked out of the cla*sroom with big strides.


The cla*s was suddenly abuzz, and there was a lot of chatter, with eyes glancing at Ji Feng …… and the envelope in his hand from time to time!

These students, who didn’t know whether to be envious or jealous, had complex gazes.

After Captain Yan and the two of them walked out of the cla*sroom, Tong Lei returned to her seat with a smile on her face, looking at the complicated gazes of those students, the corners of her mouth couldn’t help but pull up a smile.

In fact, if they had followed the normal procedure, Captain Yan and the two of them would not have needed to come to the cla*sroom, and even if they had, it would have been the teachers and leaders of the school who would have praised Ji Feng.

The reason why Captain Yan and the two of them came to the cla*sroom, that was entirely because of Tong Lei’s relationship.

In the eyes of the other students, Ji Feng was just a poor boy who was worthless, whether it was his grades or his family, he was so insignificant that it could even be said that he was not worth mentioning. Every time she saw the strange looks others cast at Ji Feng, Tong Lei’s brow furrowed slightly, and she couldn’t tell what exactly she felt in her heart.

So, this time, using this opportunity, Tong Lei wanted to impress everyone with Ji Feng, she wanted to let people know that Ji Feng was not useless, whether it was his memory, his learning ability, or his bravery, or his physical skills, they were not comparable to ordinary students!

Among these students, Ji Feng could be said to stand out from the rest!

However, these strengths in Ji Feng’s body were not seen by the others. Although Ji Feng was smart and had a superb memory, he was still progressing in his studies right now, and no one knew exactly how his grades would be until the exam.

As for his bravery, only Tong Lei knew about it, especially the firm back of Ji Feng that night when he let her go first and blocked those two thugs by himself, which was already deeply imprinted in Tong Lei’s mind!

His achievements could not be revealed for a while, but his bravery could be spoken through the mouths of others!

And so, Captain Yan and his team came here!

Looking at the complicated expressions of the other students, Tong Lei’s heart was so happy that she held her head high as if she was a proud little swan.

She wanted people to know that there were merits in Ji Feng that others could never compare to, especially those who had once looked down on Ji Feng, Tong Lei wanted to make them ashamed of themselves.

In Tong Lei’s mind, Ji Feng was unique!