Campus Master Chapter 37-38

Chapter 37

Perhaps because of the fanfare of the police, the school leaders of the second secondary school in Mangsi County had an extremely high level of efficiency. The day after Captain Yan and the policeman had come, the school leaders of the second middle school held a small commendation meeting in the sixth cla*s, praising Ji Feng’s bravery and resourcefulness once again.

Because of this incident, Ji Feng became a popular figure in Cla*s 6 for a while and was the focus of the eyes of the whole cla*s.

However, regarding this matter, Ji Feng was very calm, except for a few short sentiments at the two commendation meetings, he never said anything again, and he was just indifferent to other people’s curiosity and other emotions.

It was as if nothing had happened, causing Zhang Lei, who was at the same table, to be amazed.

“Kid, are you sure you’re not faking it, or that at this time, your heart is actually beating violently with joy?” Zhang Lei came over and laughed.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but glare at him and said in an unpleasant manner, “What do you think?”

Zhang Lei laughed heatedly and said, “Seriously, madman, you’re really good. If it was me who encountered those two hooligans, there’s absolutely no way I would have had the courage to do so, I would have turned around and run!”

“That’s not necessarily true, it also depends on what scenario that was in!” Ji Feng said with a smile. At the same time as he said that, that beautiful and exquisite figure came back to his mind, with her behind him, not to mention the two hooligans coming in front of him, even if it was two monsters coming, Ji Feng would definitely not take half a step back!

Zhang Lei looked at Ji Feng in amazement, not understanding why this kid was a bit different from before today.

Naturally, Zhang Lei did not know that in Ji Feng’s eyes, a figure emerged, his heart, too, was extremely firm, and his whole person was indeed very different from before. .com

After going through the training of the wise brain, Ji Feng was growing up, and his whole person was gradually maturing and becoming stronger, which was a heaven and a earth compared to the cowardly and self-conscious poor boy he used to be!

“Crazy, tomorrow is the weekend, it’s not easy to rest for two days, have you considered going somewhere to play?” Zhang Lei asked with a smile, “Why don’t we go to Mang Shi Mountain!”

“You brat, have you never even used to climb Mang Shi Mountain?” Ji Feng asked with a laugh, “Can you still have some new ideas? Don’t always have such bad ideas, okay?”

The Mang Shi Mountain is a small mountain outside of Mang Shi County, probably only a few hundred meters high, there is no other scenery on it other than trees and rocks.

Zhang Lei gave Ji Feng a contemptuous look and said, “Crazy, you don’t understand this, although there is nothing on Mang Shi Mountain, only trees and rocks all over the mountain, but it is because of this that it is a good place for couples to date because it is very quiet and will not be disturbed. What’s more, at the southern foot of Mang Shi Mountain, a new small artificial lake has been built, and it is said that a tourist area is going to be built, so the scenery there has become nice!”

“Suitable for a couple’s date …… What do we care?” Ji Feng asked in amazement, “Do you mean, let us both date?”


Zhang Lei couldn’t help but roll his eyes, rendered speechless by Ji Feng’s cold humor, “Crazy, when did you become so lewd? What I mean is to call our big cla*s leader, find one or two more cla*smates, and go on a picnic together at Mang Shi Mountain!”

“A picnic?” Ji Feng was stunned for a moment, then he laughed dumbly and said, “Lei Zi, is your brain okay? It’s the end of September, not yet October, and the maximum temperature outside at noon is over forty degrees, and a picnic?”

Zhang Lei was stunned, then he smiled awkwardly and said, “That …… that what, didn’t take into account the time, then we’ll think of another idea again!”

Ji Feng shook his head slightly and was just about to speak when he suddenly heard a voice coming from the front of the cla*sroom.

“All students, please be quiet!”

Not knowing when, Xu Mo, the deputy cla*s president in the front row, stood up, looked at the cla*s and said, “Everyone, tomorrow is the weekend, it’s the first weekend in almost a month since school started, and it’s also the first weekend of senior year, so I suggest that we have a cla*s group activity this weekend, and go on an outing to the newly built lake next to Mang Shi Mountain, as the last relaxation of our three years of high school, what do you all think?”


As soon as Xu Mo’s words fell, a number of Xu Mo-centered students below shouted in coaxing agreement.

“Yes, senior year is so tight, if we don’t go now, we’ll have even less mood and time to go later!”

“That newly built lake, the environment is great, and if it’s hot you can even swim, this offer couldn’t be better!”


Listening to those students below shouting their approval, Xu Mo’s face couldn’t help but reveal a small smile as he said, “Since that’s the case, then we have a deal like this, I hope everyone will participate this time, because the cla*s fee belongs to every student!”

Hearing this, Ji Feng and Zhang Lei looked at each other and both saw the astonished look in each other’s eyes.

“D*mn it, just talking about Mang Shi Shan, this kid brought it up, he’s practically a roundworm in my stomach!” Zhang Lei couldn’t help but curse.

“Don’t be disgusting here!” Ji Feng scolded with a laugh, “How about it, planning to go?”

Zhang Lei shook his head slightly and said, “Let’s see when the time comes, if I’m free, I’ll go and have a look. It’s like that kid said, we have a share of the cla*s fee anyway, it’s better to feed it to the dogs if we just give it to them to spend!”

Ji Feng instantly shook his head and laughed.

“Ji Feng, our big hero, you’ll come to our cla*s activities too, won’t you?” Xu Mo surprisingly came to the back of the cla*sroom and looked at Ji Feng and Zhang Lei with a smile on his face, “Brother Lei, are you coming?”

“Of course I’ll be there!” Zhang Lei said immediately.

Ji Feng also nodded slightly and said, “Me too!”

A smile immediately appeared on Xu Mo’s face as he nodded, “That’s great, our event will definitely be more lively after having your participation!”

“Let’s hope so!” Zhang Lei said noncommittally, “Xu Mo, it seems that you didn’t have much enthusiasm for such group activities before, why are you so motivated this time?”

Looking at Zhang Lei’s skeptical look, Xu Mo’s heart couldn’t help but jump, but his face was unmoving as he said, “Brother Lei, collective activities, everyone should participate, I used to be a bit ignorant, but now that I’ve matured, I naturally understand!”

“Oh ……” Zhang Lei smiled faintly and nodded noncommittally, but in his heart he was a bit skeptical.

Next to Ji Feng, but more clearly from Xu Mo’s eyes, saw a touch of meaningful look!

“Could it be that Xu Mo is playing some kind of devious idea again?” Ji Feng thought secretly.


Chapter 38

When he returned home that night, Ji Feng was still pondering why Xu Mo had suddenly said he was going on a field trip and had come specifically to ask himself and Zhang Lei if they would participate!

Obviously, Xu Mo was definitely not just doing this out of camaraderie between cla*smates, but obviously had other ideas. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

However, why did Xu Mo ask Zhang Lei’s opinion on purpose?

Could it be that he wanted to take care of Zhang Lei as well? If something happens to the county party secretary’s son on his own turf, I’m afraid everyone involved will have to be dealt with, and Xu Mo will be the first to suffer, there’s no doubt about that.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

In this way, Xu Mo’s motive is worth a good deal of thought.

Ji Feng suddenly remembered a saying: if you offer something for nothing, you are not a traitor!

“No matter what you’re up to, as long as I’m careful, I’m not afraid of you pulling a stunt.” Ji Feng said secretly, “If you have to deal with me, I will also let you know that I, Ji Feng, am definitely not made of clay and let you clean up whatever you want, I will definitely teach you a deep lesson, even if I chipped my incisors, I will still gnaw off a piece of your flesh!”

A cold light flashed in his eyes, and Ji Feng clenched his fist, before he slowly let out a sigh of relief.

He knew very well that his current self was not even in the same cla*s compared to Xu Mo, because Xu Mo’s base was very high, and even if he was growing rapidly, he was nowhere near him. Not to mention anything else, just in terms of background and backstage alone, he is not comparable to himself!

Unlike before, the current Ji Feng does not feel inferior, he is completely extremely objective in his analysis and judgement of how he sees himself, because this is the objective truth. .com

If you want to stop being at such a disadvantage, you must learn to struggle hard, to make yourself the strong one, to turn yourself from the weak to the strong, so that people no longer dare to bully at will, this is what a weak person should do, not to mourn and complain, otherwise, the status of the weak will never be changed.

As the saying goes, the wretched have their own way of being hated, and that is the truth!

Because, to be weak or to be strong, that is only because of one’s own choice. A small person can turn around just as salty, the key is to see if you have the guts and perseverance to accomplish this reversal!

“Feng’er, what are you thinking about, why are you so engrossed?” When his mother Xiao Su Mei saw Ji Feng sitting at the dining table frozen in concentration, she couldn’t help but ask with concern, “Is it because you’re too tired from studying at school?”

Seeing the concerned look in his mother’s eyes, Ji Feng shook his head in a panic and said, “I’m fine, mum, I’m just thinking about something!”

“What is it?” Xiao Sumei asked.

Ji Feng squeaked a few times, but didn’t think of what to say. In fact, what he wanted to say was about Captain Yan rewarding him with 10,000 yuan, which had been in his hand for three days, but he didn’t know how to tell his mother about it.

The reason was simple: if he told his mother that it was a reward for his bravery in fighting the criminals, instead of making her feel happy, it would make her very worried. For in a mother’s eyes, it did not matter how much money her son earned, what mattered most was that he was safe and sound.

But apart from telling the truth, there was no longer any reason that could reasonably explain why a high school student would earn ten thousand dollars, knowing that his mother, Xiao Su Mei, could not earn ten thousand dollars a year selling vegetables!

“Feng’er, if it’s not convenient to talk about it forget it, mum is sure you won’t fool around, right?” Xiao Sumei said with a smile.

A warm current welled up in Ji Feng’s heart and he nodded slightly, saying, “Mom, don’t worry, I won’t act recklessly. Just now I was just thinking that the cla*s has organised a group outing, and I was thinking about whether I should participate in this one!”

Xiao Su Mei immediately realised what was going on and asked, “Feng’er, do you have to pay for your activity? How much do you pay?”

Ji Feng was just about to speak, but Xiao Sumei had already taken out a hundred yuan from her pocket and handed it over to Ji Feng, saying, “Feng’er, you should still participate in the group activity, don’t worry about the money!”

Ji Feng looked at his mother in a daze, looking at her face with a few more wrinkles, Ji Feng only felt his nose sore, as if something was about to flow down from his eyes!

“Mom, it’s not about the money!” Ji Feng gave the money back to his mother and said, “I was just hesitating, I could have gone to help you sell vegetables during the weekend, but if I went on a field trip, I wouldn’t be able to help you!”

Xiao Su Mei burst out laughing and asked, “What, is mum already too old to move? Feng’er, don’t worry about going on an outing, selling vegetables is fine for mum alone!”

Ji Feng could only nod heavily and said, “Mom, don’t worry, I’ll be back as soon as possible!”

Xiao Su Mei patted her son’s head and laughed, “You kid, don’t be a maverick, keep a good relationship with your cla*smates, how will you have friends if you’re always not moving around with them?”

Ji Feng nodded heavily, the warmth flowing back and forth in his heart, stirring constantly!

“It’s better to find a chance to explain to mother about this 10,000 yuan, if we talk about it now, mother will definitely be worried!” Ji Feng said secretly in his heart.


Early the next morning, Ji Feng got up, he helped his mother carry the vegetables to the vegetable market first, before going to school. According to the previous agreement, the students of Cla*s 6 were to a*semble in front of the school!

When Ji Feng arrived, it was already eight o’clock in the morning. Since it was the first weekend, the school seemed very cold and none of the students in the cla*s seemed to have used it, so Ji Feng found a place to sit down next to the guard room at the entrance and quietly waited for the other students to arrive.

A few moments later, Zhang Lei, who had yellow hair, came to Ji Feng quickly on his bicycle and asked with a frown, “Crazy, why are you alone, didn’t we agree to meet at eight o’clock at the latest?”

Ji Feng stretched his hands and said innocently, “If you’re asking me, then who am I asking?”

Zhang Lei then gave him a blank look and scolded with a smile, “You kid, that’s a really crisp answer …… ee, there they are!”

Ji Feng immediately followed Zhang Lei’s gaze and saw a group of students, about 20 to 30 of them, walking out of a breakfast shop opposite the school. Ji Feng could see clearly that these students were no other than the students of Cla*s 6! The one walking at the front was Xu Mo!

Behind Xu Mo, several students had flattering smiles on their faces, as if they were honest toadies!

When the group arrived in front of Ji Feng and Zhang Lei, a sneer flashed in one student’s eyes, but his face pretended to be concerned as he asked, “Ji Feng, why are you late? We agreed to meet at eight at the latest, but we were already here at seven thirty, and Cla*s President Xu even invited us out for breakfast!”

Ji Feng sneered, these people didn’t dare to laugh at Zhang Lei, but they showed no mercy to themselves, it was a disgrace to be cla*smates with such students!