Campus Master Chapter 39-40

Chapter 39

Looking at that cla*smate’s smug look, Ji Feng smiled faintly and said, “How can I let Cla*s President Xu break the bank, I’ve already eaten at home. Go to see the net . Besides, even if it’s one less breakfast, it’s not a big deal, I’m afraid that if I eat this one more meal, I can’t be superior to others, huh, what do you think?”

“You!” That student’s face turned red with anger, but he couldn’t say anything, he could naturally hear that Ji Feng was sarcastically saying that he was foxing him as well as flattering him indiscriminately, at this age now, although he might have some flattery, but after all, he wasn’t too old yet, and his face was naturally not as thick as those old greasers in society. So being sarcastic by Ji Feng, this student’s face was a little embarra*sed!

“Ji Feng, that’s not right, isn’t it? Cla*s President Xu invited us for breakfast out of friendship between cla*smates, not to show off and be pompous, so even if you’re late, you shouldn’t at least be sarcastic?” Another student beside Xu Mo spoke up, a look of contempt flashing in his eyes.

Compared to Xu Mo, Ji Feng was not even remotely comparable, whether it was his grades or his family background, anyone with a discerning eye would know what to choose!

Ji Feng smiled faintly and did not deny it, not even retorting. It was a waste of breath to talk to such a person!

Zhang Lei’s brow furrowed and swept a glance at these students, just when he wanted to speak, he felt Ji Feng touch himself, he then swallowed the words that came to his mouth indignantly, coldly snorted, but also stopped speaking.

When he saw that Ji Feng was no longer trying to be a hero, Xu Mo smiled faintly and said in his heart, “Let you run wild for a while longer, you’ll have to suffer!

At this time, Tong Lei stood out from the crowd and said, “Well, since everyone has arrived, let’s set off, in a little while, the sky will be hot, we’ll be right at our destination by then!”

The other students immediately responded, for Tong Lei, they did not dare to have the slightest disrespect, even if they usually made a joke once in a while, they had to think before they said it, although these students were bending over backwards to Xu Mo, they did not dare to offend Tong Lei. .com

If they knew that Zhang Lei’s status was not inferior to Tong Lei’s in the slightest, and that he was also held in high esteem by County Party Secretary Tong Kai De, I wonder what they would think!

“Wait a minute!” Xu Mo suddenly spoke up and said with a smile, “There’s still one person who hasn’t arrived yet, let’s wait a little longer!”

With that, he looked in the direction of the inside of the school, and his eyes suddenly lit up as he said, “Here it is!”

The crowd immediately followed Xu Mo’s gaze and immediately found that a woman wearing a long white dress with flowing hair was walking from the campus, this woman was incomparably beautiful, from afar, it really looked as if she was a fairy who had descended to earth!

“Ah! It’s Teacher Xiao!” A student said out of breath.

This woman was no other than the new English teacher of Cla*s 6, Xiao Yuxuan.

Ji Feng also couldn’t help but be stunned, looking at the charming and beautiful Xiao Yuxuan, he couldn’t help but shake his head and smile, no wonder Xu Mo was so smug, such a beautiful woman, I’m afraid that no boy would see her as a teacher, and Xu Mo was even more unlikely. It seems that by inviting Xiao Yuxuan to go on an outing with him, Xu Mo’s mind might be worth thinking about!

For this beautiful sister whom he met by accident, Ji Feng did not know what he thought, but so far, even if he had any thoughts, he would not reveal them easily.

Therefore, when he saw Xiao Yuxuan come to the front, Ji Feng just said indifferently, “Hello, Miss Xiao!”

“I’m really sorry that I’m late!” Xiao Yuxuan had a faint smile on her face, but she couldn’t hide her overwhelming charm, even a single look was enough to make people thrilled.

Xu Mo’s eyes lit up as he looked at her, and a flash of color flashed in his eyes as he immediately smiled, “Teacher Xiao, you are so beautiful today!”

Xiao Yuxuan smiled faintly and didn’t say anything more.

“Since everyone is here, let’s set off now!” Xu Mo shouted in a spirited manner, and then he turned his head to look at Xiao Yuxuan and said, “Teacher Xiao, let’s go!”

Xiao Yuxuan nodded and looked at Ji Feng who was standing next to a group of students and looked a little lonely, she couldn’t help but frown slightly and couldn’t help but ask, “Ji Feng, you have something on your mind?”

Ji Feng shook his head slightly and smiled, “No, Teacher Xiao, let’s go!”

“You little guy!” Xiao Yuxuan gave him a white glance without a trace and said quietly at Ji Feng’s side when the whole cla*s wasn’t paying attention, “Didn’t I tell you, honestly, is there something bothering you? Look at your face, you look very bad!”

Ji Feng laughed: “That’s because I didn’t sleep well, huh, Miss Xiao, you’re so close to me, others can be watching!”

Xiao Yuxuan was startled and subconsciously scanned the surroundings, but found that no one was paying attention to her. She then realized that she had been fooled and couldn’t help but give Ji Feng a white look and whispered hatefully, “You little guy, you’ve learned to be so bad now too!”

Ji Feng laughed without saying anything.

But Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but remember the night she first met Ji Feng, the ambiguous scene made her blush slightly, her eyes flowed, she looked even more gorgeous and unappealing!

Zhang Lei deliberately walked not far behind the two of them, looking at Xiao Yuxuan’s pretty face floating on two red clouds, he couldn’t help but stare in awe and muttered, “Holy Sh*t, this crazy guy doesn’t show his face, when did he hook up with the new English teacher, and I still don’t know?”

Saying that, he couldn’t help but shake his head, glanced at Tong Lei who was walking with other girls in front of him, and secretly said in his heart, “Older sister, older sister, how far you and Ji Feng will develop between you will depend on fate ……”

Several people, however, did not notice that Xu Mo, who had been walking in front of them, had a gloomy face.

“D*mn, there’s this B*****d Ji Feng everywhere!” Xu Mo was indignant in his heart.

Xu Mo’s goal was to catch up with Tong Lei, in which case it would be good for both families, but it would be more helpful to the falsehood. However, while the red flag was not falling at home, Xu Mo also thought about whether he could fly the colourful flag outside.

When faced with a beautiful woman like Xiao Yuxuan, I am afraid there is no man who will not be moved, and Xu Mo is even more of an exception. Therefore, since the first moment he saw Xiao Yuxuan, he was eager to develop a relationship with her that would go beyond that of teacher and student and friend, and it would be great if he could kiss her.

It was precisely for this purpose that Xu Mo invited Xiao Yuxuan on this outing.

But when he saw that Xiao Yuxuan was actually whispering with Ji Feng without a trace, Xu Mo’s heart was instantly filled with anger and jealousy.

“Ji Feng, originally, I only intended to make a fool of you today, but now, don’t blame me, you asked for this!” The light from the corner of his eyes glanced at Ji Feng who was pretending to look as if nothing was wrong, Xu Mo’s face was incomparably gloomy.


Chapter 40

A group of people boarded a bus at the entrance of the second secondary school and arrived at Mang Shi Shan in less than half an hour. Go to see the net .

The first time I arrived at Mang Shi Mountain, there were girls screaming in distress, this time it was already nine in the morning, the sun was already very hot, and Mang Shi Mountain near the open incomparable, the hot sun shining on the head, all over the body to die.

Xu Mo said loudly, “Students don’t need to rush, it’s cooler in Mang Shi Mountain after all, let’s hurry over and it won’t be uncomfortable anymore!”

As soon as they heard this, a group of people immediately walked quickly towards the mountain, by this time, many girls had already put up their sun umbrellas, from a distance, dozens of colourful sun umbrellas in a row, it was a beautiful scenery!

“It’s cool!”

As soon as they entered the woods of Mang Shi Mountain, there was an immediate coolness that struck them, causing the students who had suffered from the scorching sun to shout out, with pleasant expressions on their faces.

“How about it, this is a nice place to go, right?” Xu Mo said with a smile, the kind of look that looked very smug, “Students, today we will have a picnic here at Mang Shi Mountain.”

“A picnic? But we don’t have anything with us, we only have a few things with us, how can we have a picnic?” Some students asked in confusion.

“Oh, since I chose this place, it’s definitely not that troublesome!” Xu Mo looked like a gentleman with a plan and smiled, “We’ll go around from the southern foothills, there’s a newly developed man-made lake there with a great view, and it’s still operating on a trial basis without charging any fees. What’s more, there’s a shop there that specialises in hiring out picnic gear, we’ll just rent it!”


When some of the girls heard this, they immediately lit up and exclaimed, “It’s still Cla*s President Xu who has an idea, this is a great idea!”

“Then what are we waiting for, let’s hurry up and go!” Xu Mo said with a smile, at the same time, he turned his head to look at Xiao Yuxuan and Tong Lei, trying to put on his most charming smile, and said, “Teacher Xiao, Tong Lei, let’s go!”

I don’t know what the reason was, but it was only a half hour bus ride, but it made Tong Lei and Xiao Yuxuan, who had never spoken half a word, become friends, and looking at the way the two women were talking happily, people who didn’t know would think they were old friends!

Even Ji Feng and Zhang Lei next to them were dumbfounded and even a bit incredulous. .com

Zhang Lei, in particular, found it unbelievable.

For Tong Lei’s character, Zhang Lei couldn’t understand it better, he was aware of this sister of his, because of her noble birth, so usually no one around her cla*smates could genuinely become friends with her at all, they either felt in awe of her or had ulterior motives.

Moreover, Tong Lei’s character was not one who liked making friends too much, especially when she knew that others approached her with ulterior motives, her character became even more indifferent.

Zhang Lei also has a headache about this sister of his, because he knows very well how lonely one should be if one has no friends! Every now and then, Zhang Lei hoped that his sister could have a few friends who knew her heart, just like the relationship between himself and Ji Feng, the kind of friends he could trust!

However, such a person was not easy to find, because but anyone who knew Tong Lei’s identity and background, invariably kept their distance from her or had ulterior motives, yet now, Tong Lei had actually become good friends with the new beautiful teacher in just half an hour’s time! At least, from the looks of it, that was the case.

With this alone, Zhang Lei was already amazed beyond belief. However, in addition to his amazement, he was more than ecstatic. Because, finally, his sister was going to have a good friend!

At this moment, Ji Feng next to him was also sighing, these two girls were really ice-cold smart, although he didn’t know what the two girls had said on the bus, but looking at their demeanor, there was a feeling of sympathy. There was no doubt that they both took a liking to each other’s intelligence and wanted to make this friend!

The group went around the south side of the Mang Shi Mountain. In these cool woods and with the breeze blowing, everyone felt comfortable and energized as they walked.

As they walked, Xu Mo led the students in front of them, and from time to time, he spoke to Tong Lei and Xiao Yuxuan, as if they were old friends!

This scene made Zhang Lei, who was walking at the end, laugh coldly, “****, this **** is really good at paying courtesy!”

“If you can’t stand watching, you can also go and be attentive!” Ji Feng couldn’t help but dumbly laugh as he listened, only, watching Xu Mo joking with Xiao Yuxuan and Tong Lei from time to time, his heart was a bit dull, not as easy as Ji Feng’s mouth said!

“Sh*t!” Hearing Ji Feng’s words, Zhang Lei couldn’t help but burst out a foul mouth, “Crazy, honestly, if it wasn’t for the strict control at home, buddy would also like to play with teacher-student relationship. Unfortunately, ah, our family backgrounds are different, if I dare to mess around, my family’s old man will definitely break my legs. So yeah, let’s give this opportunity to someone else!”

“You B*****d!” Ji Feng couldn’t help but curse, and then frowned, “I just don’t know, why does Xu Mo suddenly want to organize this outing, why do I feel that there’s something wrong with this guy, it looks like he’s up to no good!”

“Who knows!” Zhang Lei was noncommittal and sneered, “Whatever the hell that guy is up to, as long as he doesn’t mess with us, he’ll naturally let it go. However, if he dares to hit us, Laozi will definitely make him regret it!”

Ji Feng laughed dumbly, “Where does this guy of yours still look like a student, he’s obviously a social hooligan!”

“If possible, buddy would really like to be a little hooligan!” Zhang Lei shook his head and laughed bitterly.

As the two of them spoke, they had already reached the south side of Mang Shi Mountain, and when they looked at it, a huge artificial lake suddenly appeared in their sight, and under the sunlight, the surface of the lake was sparkling and beautiful. Around the artificial lake, half of it is connected to the Mang Shi Mountain, while the other half, to the wilderness, is almost invisible.

On the shore between Mang Shi Mountain and the artificial lake, there is a row of newly built holiday cottages and storefronts, with smoke rising from them, looking like an atmosphere of life. Those facades, on the other hand, give the impression of a bustling commercial street.

“Students, everyone wait here in the woods for a moment, and ask a few male students to come with me to the shop over there to rent some picnic utensils!” Xu Mo said loudly, while his eyes glanced over Ji Feng and the others from time to time.