Campus Master Chapter 55-56

Chapter 55

When he returned home after his morning practice, his mother Xiao Sumei had already prepared breakfast. Go to see the net .

Seeing her son come back, Xiao Sumei was all smiles and said, “Feng’er, hurry up and wash up, it’s time to eat!”

Ji Feng smiled and answered, then took a towel and basin and went downstairs.

Living in this slum area, it was only a luxury to have one’s own bathroom. There were dozens of families living upstairs in this building, and they shared a single washroom, and it was the kind that was open to the air downstairs. However, this was not a problem for Ji Feng, who had been living like this for more than ten years and was already used to this kind of life.

Of course, such a living pattern also had a great disadvantage. If there were one or two people who behaved improperly on this building, the women living here would have to prevent themselves from being peeped at or molested, especially in the summer when everyone wore less clothes.

One such man used to live in this building, a single man with a wife and children back home in the countryside. This bachelor worked on a street stall to repair bicycles during the day and behaved badly at night.

That B*****d liked to hara*s Xiao Su Mei because there was no man at home, and Xiao Su Mei was extremely beautiful. If she hadn’t worked too hard and was often out in the sun, Xiao Su Mei could definitely be described as a dignified and virtuous woman!

Such a beautiful woman, not to mention those who are not right-minded, even some men who are used to seeing beautiful women, will definitely not be able to help but be impressed when they see Xiao Su Mei!

One night, when that B*****d was about to break into the house from outside, he was discovered by Xiao Su Mei’s neighbours and was given a hard time by some women with mops and brooms.

From then on, Xiao Sumei’s life with Ji Feng was considered completely quiet. .com

Thinking back on these things, the hatred in Ji Feng’s heart thickened a few more points. If that father, whom he had never met, had not abandoned his mother and done something so cruel, why would she have suffered such an ordeal?

Fortunately, that B*****d had been discovered by the neighbours just as he started to break into the door at that time, otherwise, with her mother’s character, how would she have survived if she had really been insulted?

“Whatever the reason you abandoned your mother, I will never forgive you!” Feeling the cool water washing away the sweat stains on his face, Ji Feng’s eyes were incomparably sullen, “When I have the power, I will definitely make you regret it!”


Exhaling a long breath, Ji Feng was able to calm down, and after quickly washing his face, Ji Feng went back upstairs.

When he was eating breakfast, looking at his mother’s somewhat tired look, Ji Feng wanted to open his mouth several times to ask about the father he had never met, but once he thought that after asking, his mother would definitely be sad, he held back.

“Feng’er, eat more, you are growing up now, there is nothing good to eat in our house, so it is even more important to eat enough!” Looking at her son’s wolfish appearance, Xiao Su Mei felt a sense of guilt in her heart, it was all because of her own capriciousness that she had made her son suffer so much following her.

Although Ji Feng never talked about the aggravation he had suffered outside, how could Xiao Sumei not know? The thought of her son being scolded as a ‘wild child’ outside the home made Xiao Su Mei’s heart feel like a pinprick of pain!

Ji Feng smiled faintly and said: “Mom, don’t worry, look, I’m now 5’8″, I’m considered tall in our school! In fact, ah, the most nutritious thing is not those big fish and meat, it is said in books and on TV that the most nutritious thing is actually grains and cereals, isn’t this all the rage now!”

“You child!” Xiao Su Mei saw that her son was so understanding, she couldn’t help but smile gratefully and gave him another dish.

After eating breakfast, Ji Feng accompanied his mother to the wholesale market, bought a whole cart full of cucumbers, and rode his tricycle to take his mother to the vegetable market.

Originally, Ji Feng wanted to accompany his mother to sell vegetables, but Xiao Sumei was worried about Ji Feng’s studies and couldn’t help but urge him to come back and read a book.

A busy day soon pa*sed and in the evening, Ji Feng’s consciousness came back to his mind to continue the fifth move of the gymnastics and to play Go with Oli.

When it came to the twentieth game, Ollie, who had not spoken at any time other than to introduce the rules to Ji Feng at the beginning, spoke up for the second time: “Ji Feng, your chess strength is already extremely high, next, I’m going to use all my strength, I hope you can continue to keep this up!”

Not only did Ji Feng not feel any fear at his words, but he was excited.

Making a star-era Go master use his best, had his own skills improved so quickly? Did this mean that he could separate himself from Ollie?

The result surprised and delighted Ji Feng, he had actually beaten Ollie by one eye!

This result was simply out of Ji Feng’s imagination. One should know, but how many characters who can be called masters are simple? But now, he had only studied for one night and had actually won against Ollie, this was a bit too terrifying, right?

Ji Feng didn’t know that after his brain field had been developed by the bio-current of the intelligent brain, both his memory and reaction ability were many times more powerful than before, and the learning he did yesterday for one night was his consciousness learning, it was like an ordinary person learning with full concentration, so the effect was naturally much better!

“Congratulations master, the Othello confrontation has pa*sed!” The moment Ji Feng played and won against Ollie, the voice of the intelligent brain rang out next to him, followed by Ollie giving Ji Feng a deep look as his figure slowly disappeared.

“I’ve become a great success in Go?” Ji Feng muttered, seemingly still in disbelief, but the facts in front of him made him unable to disbelieve, in the end he could only shake his head, “No wonder this system has so many auxiliary skills, it turns out that it would be so quick to learn!”

“Master, you have pa*sed your Othello confrontation, do you want to continue learning other skills next, or do you want to keep trying different styles of Othello opponents?” The intelligent brain asked again.

“A different style?” Ji Feng was stunned, “What style?”

The intelligent brain nodded, “Master, it’s like this, the database of this training system contains images of all the Othello masters with the Grandmaster title in the Gamma Galaxy, they have different styles, some are as steady as a rock, while others are incredibly sharp in their attacks, master can choose to play against them!”

Xing Ming did not answer, instead he asked, “So, which one does Grandmaster Ollie belong to?”

The intelligent brain replied, “Master Ollie is of the all-round type, extremely steady in both attack and defence, and very good at teaching his students, he is extremely famous throughout the Gamma Galaxy, that’s why the system chose him as the master’s teacher!”

“So that’s how it is!” Ji Feng nodded slightly, he thought about it and said, “I’ll choose to continue to consolidate, if I learn new skills now, instead, there’s a chance that I’ll be too greedy to chew!”

“Yes, master!” The intelligent brain said respectfully, “Master’s next opponent, the sharp spear of the Gamma Empire, Tian Ye!”


An image of a young man appeared in front of Ji Feng, and Wisdom Brain’s voice sounded beside him again, “Master, this man’s name is Tian Ye, his attacks are very sharp, I hope it will bring help to the master!”

Xing Ming smiled faintly and said confidently, “Let’s begin!”


Chapter 56

Two nights of intense training in a row have made Ji Feng’s chess strength soar and his style is bizarre and varied, all because he has practiced this bizarre way of thinking by playing against different styles of Go masters for a long time. Go to see the net .

Although Ji Feng did not know exactly what the rules of Go were now, there was at least one thing that was clear to him, and that was, no matter how the rules changed, it was at least extremely fair to both sides playing Go, because both sides were following the rules. So, it doesn’t really matter what the rules are, what matters most is the thinking and the formation of one’s own unique style.

What’s more, those people who played against Ji Feng were all famous Othello masters of the Gamma Galaxy in the interstellar era, and to be able to play against them was an encounter that many people would never get in their lifetime!

Under such circumstances, it would be strange if Ji Feng, with his superb memory, was still unable to develop his own style!

After his great success in Go, Ji Feng also decided to choose billiards as his second supplementary training skill, which meant that he could practice billiards during his next training session, which made Ji Feng look forward to it.

You know, perhaps some of the other skills are not suitable for use on Earth, and some of them don’t make much sense, so choosing them is actually quite troublesome. Billiards, on the other hand, was different. This activity was highly entertaining and required a high level of skill, and according to the intelligent brain, practising billiards for a long time was good for the eyesight as well as the coordination of the body, so it could be said to be training in recreation.

This is exactly what Ji Feng had in mind, practicing gymnastics is too boring and painful, to be able to train in entertainment, that’s just perfect!

Of course, billiards was not called that in the mouth of the intelligent brain, but was called pool, but for Ji Feng, the name was not important, the actual content was the most important. .com It’s like the so-called Othello confrontation, isn’t it actually the Go on Earth?

Forced to resist the excitement of wanting to shout a few times, Ji Feng came back to school on Monday morning and began his day of study.

In China, a country where education is based on tests and everything depends on academic qualifications, even if one has great skills, but if one does not have an education, one does not have a door knocker and does not even have the opportunity to demonstrate one’s abilities.

What’s more, even in order not to let his mother down, Ji Feng would still go to school properly.

Just after arriving at his seat, Zhang Lei came over and laughed heatedly, “Crazy, had a good weekend this weekend, right?”

“It was good!” Ji Feng nodded and smiled, not only did he earn over 60,000 yuan this weekend, he even got to see the scene of Xu Mo’s humiliation and anger, it was definitely worth it.

Who knows, but Zhang Lei shook his head and let out a long sigh, saying, “Ugh! You’re having a good time, but I’m having a miserable time!”

Ji Feng was stunned, “What’s wrong? Did you get cleaned up at home again?”

Since he knew that Zhang Lei had grown up under the concept of [poor son, rich daughter], he thought that he wouldn’t have had a good time, not to mention that with Zhang Lei’s temper and personality, it would be strange if he wasn’t reprimanded at home!

Zhang Lei, however, shook his head and said, “Buddy I’ve never been a good boy at home, I don’t dare to do anything wrong, so how could I be reprimanded? What I’m sad about, is our big beautiful teacher Xiao Yuxuan ah!”

Ji Feng’s heart moved, but on the surface, he pretended to be careless and asked, “Teacher Xiao? What’s wrong with Teacher Xiao? Did she criticize you?”


Zhang Lei rolled his eyes and said, “Can’t you think of me in a positive light? How could a suave and good student like buddy get criticized?”

Ji Feng couldn’t help but laugh dumbly and asked, “Then what’s going on?”

“Don’t mention it!” Zhang Lei shook his head with a disheveled expression and said, “Yesterday was Sunday, I was bored at home so I came out for a walk, who knew that I had just walked down the street not long before I saw …… saw Teacher Xiao and a man walking side by side!”

“That man is Teacher Xiao’s boyfriend?” When Ji Feng asked this, he felt very apprehensive in his heart, afraid to hear some kind of answer, but yet he wanted to know the truth, it was really contradictory.

He didn’t know why he felt this way, just the thought of that charming and beautiful teacher Xiao having a boyfriend, the thought of her most likely leaning tenderly in someone else’s arms, Ji Feng felt as if his heart had been cut by a knife, it hurt so badly!

Zhang Lei nodded and said breathlessly, “I think so, although at that time on the street Miss Xiao and that man did not act too intimately, but from the form of their manners I could tell that even if that man was not Miss Xiao’s boyfriend, Miss Xiao must have had a crush on that man!”

Ji Feng was stunned, and only after a long time did he slowly say with some bitterness, “Isn’t that normal? Teacher Xiao is naturally looking for a boyfriend and must be getting married in the future, could it be that you like Teacher Xiao?”

The bitterness in his heart, not knowing if it was because Teacher Xiao had found a boyfriend or because Zhang Lei also liked Xiao Yuxuan, Ji Feng’s feelings were extremely complicated!

Yet he knew that he had no qualification or power to speak, Xiao Yuxuan was his teacher, what was so abnormal about her finding a boyfriend?

“Look on the bright side, it’s not like Xiao Yuxuan is attached to someone, so why can’t she find a boyfriend? Unless it’s because you like him!” Ji Feng patted Zhang Lei’s shoulder, but his heart was melancholy with a feeling of disappointment, as if the most precious thing in his heart had been lost like this.

“BullSh*t! …… Bang!”

Zhang Lei suddenly fiercely slapped on the table, disdainfully said: “crazy, Ms. Xiao looks so beautiful, who said not moved I absolutely false, but, moved does not mean to have any action, especially you also know my family situation, may be in the future my marriage will not even by my own say!”

“Then what kind of fire are you fuming?” Hearing this, Ji Feng was surprisingly vaguely relieved in his heart, and asked with some surprise.

“Of course I’m angry!”

Zhang Lei looked indignant, as if he had suffered much grievance, and said through gritted teeth, “Crazy, I’m angry not that Teacher Xiao is looking for a boyfriend, but that the boyfriend she found is simply unlikeable and not worthy of her at all!”

Ji Feng’s eyebrows were raised and he immediately asked, “Say it clearly, I don’t understand something!”

Zhang Lei shook his head and said, “When I saw that guy yesterday, I couldn’t help but get closer to see what he looked like, and then I saw that he was a gentle-looking guy, so I could say that he was not bad!”

“Then you still say you don’t deserve Teacher Xiao?” Ji Feng was even more strange, “Although Teacher Xiao is really pretty, but a man does not necessarily have to be handsome, ah, as long as the looks are medium to high, and the person is reliable and progressive, it will be fine?”


Zhang Lei slapped a slap on Ji Feng’s shoulder and said seriously, “Crazy, do you believe in my vision? I don’t dare to say anything else, just say that I have followed my family’s old master over the years and met an unknown number of people, and I have also learned a little bit of skill in reading people following my family’s old master, I can basically know what kind of personality and temperament a person has after looking at him a few times or hearing him say a few words, except of course, those old foxes in the officialdom and shopping malls!”

Ji Feng immediately nodded, for this point Zhang Lei said, he naturally believed, Zhang Lei’s father Tong Kai De as the parent official of Mang Shi County, how many people below want to flatter him, Zhang Lei met people naturally are not ordinary status people, eyesight must have been practiced too!