Campus Master Chapter 57-58

Chapter 57

Ji Feng said, “Lei Zi, of course I believe in your vision, say it, what is your opinion of Teacher Xiao’s boyfriend?”

Zhang Lei nodded and said, “According to my opinion, although that guy looks like a gentleman on the surface, in reality, when he looks at Teacher Xiao, there is always an unconcealed greedy lust in his gaze, I can guarantee that this guy is definitely after Teacher Xiao’s looks and body!”

“What’s that, Teacher Xiao is so pretty and flirtatious, no matter who is her boyfriend, I’m afraid it will be the same!” Ji Feng said indifferently, while his fists secretly clenched. Go watch the net .


Zhang Lei said helplessly, “Crazy man, do you understand what I’m talking about or not? A normal man’s desire for a beautiful woman is unmistakable, but it’s definitely not that kind of greedy lust, and it’s obvious that the boyfriend Miss Xiao found is definitely not very innocent in his motives! Maybe he will harm Teacher Xiao for the rest of her life!”

Ji Feng’s face also gloomed, but after a long time he had a discouraging shake of his head and said, “Even if we knew, so what? If we just go and tell Teacher Xiao that her boyfriend is not a good person or has a bad heart, do you think Teacher Xiao will believe it? What would she think of us both?”

“But no matter what, there’s always something to say, right?” Zhang Lei frowned, “This kind of thing would have been fine if I didn’t know about it, but now that we know about it, how can we just ignore it? At the very least, Xiao Yuxuan is our teacher, and it’s not like she treats us badly, are we just going to stand by and watch Xiao jump into the fire?”

What else could …… do? Ji Feng thought grimly in his heart, when Miss Xiao found her boyfriend, he felt that he had lost an important thing in his heart, an inexplicable pain made him not want to say a word, he just wanted to find a place where there was no one to sit quietly. .com

“What’s wrong with myself?” Ji Feng could not understand, Mr. Xiao is his own teacher, could he ……

Ji Feng did not dare to think about it any further, he was afraid to come up with a result that would make even himself feel scared, but it was already clear in his mind that there was no doubt that despite knowing Xiao Yuxuan for less than half a month, he had already …… fallen in love with this beautiful sister!

When I think of the fragrant and ambiguous scene in Xiao Yuxuan’s bachelor flat, Ji Feng cursed himself for being shameless, how could he like Xiao Yuxuan again when he obviously already liked Tong Lei?

Is he a philanderer from his bones?

But, Tong Lei was so pure and holy, and Xiao Yuxuan was so charming, what man would not like that?

He shook his head, Ji Feng put all these complicated thoughts away, because he knew that whether it was Tong Lei or Xiao Yuxuan, he could only fantasize about them in his mind, there was an insurmountable gap between them and himself.

Now, he is just a poor boy with no power and nothing to lose. Even if one of them did agree to go out with him, who would he be to give him happiness?

What’s more, is it right to go out with one and still like the other in your heart?

However, there seemed to be another voice in Ji Feng’s heart saying, “What are you afraid of, since you like it, then boldly go after it, with the help of the intelligent brain, as long as you are willing to work hard, you will definitely achieve something in the future, why can’t you go after the person you like?”

Looking at Ji Feng’s changing face, Zhang Lei thought that Ji Feng was also angry in his heart, so he said, “Crazy, I think how about this, let’s first figure out the identity of Miss Xiao’s boyfriend and then decide what to do, what do you think?”

Ji Feng withdrew his thoughts and nodded slightly, saying, “No problem!”

“Haha, really buddies!” Zhang Lei instantly became happy, patted Ji Feng’s shoulder and said, “Leave the investigation to me, but before that, you have to get the name and some basic information about Teacher Xiao’s boyfriend so I can go investigate!”

Ji Feng was stunned, “How do I get my hands on it?”


Zhang Lei gave him a contemptuous look, “Of course we’re trying to find a way to get Teacher Xiao’s words, how else would we know?”

Thinking of Xiao Yuxuan’s beautiful smile, Ji Feng nodded heavily at once, “No problem, it’s a deal!”

In Ji Feng’s mind, Xiao Yuxuan’s smile that made a hundred flowers lose their colour and Tong Lei’s demeanor that seemed like a fairy that had fallen into the mortal world came back to him, and he suddenly realized that the reason why he had actually promised Zhang Lei was not just to let Xiao Yuxuan avoid being fooled.

More importantly, Ji Feng was unwilling to let the woman he liked be snatched away by others, unwilling to have Xiao Yuxuan’s fond and flirtatious smile blooming to other men, and even more unwilling to have the fairy-like Tong Lei nestled in someone else’s embrace like a bird, that was something Ji Feng couldn’t accept no matter what!

“I’ve already lost my childhood happiness, and now my life and destiny have been changed by the appearance of the intelligent brain, so why can’t I fight for my own happiness for once now, to put up a fight?” Ji Feng secretly said to himself in his heart, “What can I do even if I am just shameless once? How can I stand by and watch the woman I like, fall into someone else’s arms? If that were the case, I would regret it for the rest of my life, and where would be the happiness?”

It was as if Ji Feng had a feeling of enlightenment, after thinking about this, he realized that his mentality seemed to be gradually changing with the emergence of the intelligent brain, the Ji Feng who used to be inferior and cowardly had long since disappeared as Hu Xuehui shouted out the words ‘B*****d’.

In its place, there was a Ji Feng who was full of confidence and unlimited potential.

Ji Feng had plenty of confidence that he could give happiness to Xiao Yuxuan and Tong Lei, because he did not just go for their looks, he was truly in love with them.

In Ji Feng’s mind, his mother, Tong Lei and Xiao Yuxuan, these were the three most important people, if he could exchange his life for the happiness and fulfillment of these three women in his life, Ji Feng would not hesitate to give up his life!

“Since we have decided, let’s work hard!” Ji Feng opened his notebook and wrote this sentence on it, reading it over, he then underlined the words ‘decide’ and ‘work hard’ with two horizontal lines, followed by an exclamation mark.

“No matter what obstacles are in front of one’s face, they will not be able to stop one’s determination to pursue them, let alone dissuade one from doing so!” Ji Feng said firmly to himself, “In order to be able to give them happiness, he should also work harder!”

Thinking of this, Ji Feng tore up a note and wrote on it, “Keep helping me with my tutoring in the evening, will you? I need your …… help!

After folding the note, he wrote down Tong Lei’s name on it solemnly and asked the students in front of him to help pa*s it on.

After doing this, Ji Feng’s face revealed a bad smile, as if the fairy-like Tong Lei, if she saw this note, she would be shocked, right?

If you like it, go after it boldly!


Chapter 58

After receiving Ji Feng’s note, Tong Lei didn’t seem to have any reaction, just gave it a faint glance, then put the note casually into the drawer, and as always, read the book seriously, as if she had never received a note before. Go to see the net .

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a girl who has received such a suggestive note, no matter if she is shy or disgusted, she will always have some reaction. But Tong Lei did not react, as if the note was transparent!

“Perhaps she has never treated herself as an ordinary friend, and has never thought about men and women at all!” Ji Feng thought in his heart, “But so what? Since I like her, then I should boldly pursue her, or at least let her know that I do like her!”

When he thought of this, Ji Feng’s heart was no longer half discouraged and disillusioned, but rather very calm.

Ji Feng already understood that if he waited until he had enough strength and power, I’m afraid that the person he liked would have already fallen into someone else’s arms, instead of doing so, it would be better to pursue while working hard to improve his strength, it was a twofer!

Therefore, seeing Tong Lei put the note casually in the drawer, Ji Feng, after his initial consternation, just shook his head with a smile and started to look down at his book.

At the same time, his mind was thinking, “Sister Yu Xuan’s boyfriend, is he really having bad intentions?”

Perhaps it was a confirmation of Zhang Lei’s words, in the morning English cla*s, Xiao Yuxuan was the one who always had a happy smile on her face during cla*s, although she still had a serious face on the surface, but that kind of happy demeanor was something that could not be concealed in any way.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing. .com Although he desperately wanted himself to forget all this, he could not settle down to study, so he could only simply lie on the table and his consciousness entered his mind to receive training from his intelligent brain.

This was the first time Ji Feng was trained during the daytime, so he was a little worried and asked, “Wise Brain, if someone outside disturbs me, will I be affected?”

Wise Brain said, “Master, please don’t worry, while Master is undergoing training, Wise Brain will help Master watch the situation outside, once anything happens, Wise Brain will promptly let Master exit!”

Only then did Ji Feng feel relieved and said, “Alright then, in that case, let’s start training!”

“Please start by practicing the fifth movement of the body-building exercise, master!” The moment Ji Feng said to start, the intelligent brain’s voice immediately turned into an electronic synthetic voice without the slightest bit of emotion.

Ji Feng immediately followed the request and set up the pose for the fifth move, and in the next moment, he only felt the scene in front of him all over again and arrived in an empty room. In the centre of this room, a pool table was placed, and on one side of the pool table, there was already a white man standing!

Immediately afterwards, Ji Feng’s ears rang with the voice of his intelligent brain, “Master, this is the winner of the Gamma Galaxy’s three consecutive interstellar pool tournaments, his style of play is extremely steady and his retention is extremely tricky and quirky, I hope master has a good time learning!”

“Another master-cla*s character!” Ji Feng said secretly in his heart, and at the same time was very excited, just think of so many billiard enthusiasts on earth, how many of them could learn against a master level figure right at the beginning? This kind of opportunity is something that many people can’t ask for!

“Mr. Ji Feng, we’re starting!” The white man spoke fluent Chinese as soon as he opened his mouth, “First, I will explain to you the basic rules of pool ……”

Ji Feng listened carefully, although he didn’t know whether the rules of billiards in the Gamma system were the same as those on Earth, but if he wanted to confront the white man, he should at least understand the rules of the Gamma system first, otherwise, how could he talk about confrontation?

Fortunately, the rules explained by the white man were not many, and for Ji Feng’s memory, remembering these part-time jobs was just a breeze.

After explaining the rules, the white man began to explain the strength of the stroke and various techniques, while allowing Ji Feng to practice gradually.

When the official practice started, Ji Feng suddenly found that apart from the first few strokes which were a bit rusty, the next it was as if he had suddenly become a billiard expert, each stroke was extremely precise and natural, and the movements were very smooth and handy!

This change made Ji Feng a little happy, but also very puzzled, because since he had never played billiards since he grew up, how could he be so skilled?

The words of the intelligent brain answered the doubts in Ji Feng’s mind: “Master, because you have completely mastered the first four movements of bodybuilding exercises, therefore, your body has made a great leap compared to before, both in terms of strength and flexibility, and with simple practice, you can master the skills of an item like pool which is not very physically demanding. Of course, if the master learns about machinery and weapons in the future, the requirements on the body will be even higher, and at that time, unless the master can completely master the fifth movement, it will be very difficult!”

Hearing the words of the intelligent brain, Ji Feng suddenly realized that it was very closely related to his improved physique!

The next performance of Ji Feng was really the same as what the intelligent brain said. After understanding the rules, Ji Feng had completely mastered the skills of pool, and after playing less than fifteen consecutive games, Ji Feng was actually able to fight with the white man.

When it reached this level, the intelligent brain prompted Ji Feng not to continue playing with the white man, because if he kept playing with one person, not only would his thinking be easily stereotyped, but even his technique would probably be stereotyped as well.

For a billiard player, the biggest fear is to be stereotyped, because once you are stereotyped, it is much harder to improve again.

Therefore, the intelligent brain next arranged a few more Gamma Galaxy pool masters to play against Ji Feng, and the result was still that Ji Feng and these masters were almost neck and neck, and it was hard to tell the difference for a while!

Even so, Ji Feng was already very satisfied, to be able to fight with the masters who stood at the top of the entire Gamma Galaxy, this technique if put on Earth, can simply sweep!

One must know that although those Masters in the Gamma Galaxy had not undergone the special training of the Super Agent Training System, their physiques were far better than those of Earthlings, and more importantly, their brains were far more developed than those of Earthlings!

Therefore, if it was just about technique alone, those billiard masters on Earth could never be compared to an ordinary expert in the Gamma Galaxy, while Ji Feng, was now good enough to be called the Gamma Galaxy’s pool master!