Campus Master Chapter 83-84

Chapter 83

Senior year always flies by, and in a flash, it’s already the end of May, just a week before the entrance exams. Go to see the net -.7-K–o-m.

The school basically gave senior students a break half a month ago, saying that they were free to study, but in reality, not many people really read their books seriously. Burying their heads in the sand from the very beginning of their senior year, almost to the point of brain fatigue by the time April rolls around.

So throughout May, students’ memory and thinking skills, are declining as one reaches their limit. And at this time, most of the students started to selectively review some of the questions that they were prone to make mistakes in the past, or the key aspects, in a good review, and the rest of the time, most of them were used to rest.

However, Ji Feng still insisted on helping his mother ride the car to the street every day, set up the stall, and then come back to school to review. It was not that he was a serious and good student, but Ji Feng noticed that when he saw Xu Mo occasionally recently, he noticed that he seemed to be looking at himself with a hint of smugness and difference in his gaze, which immediately made Ji Feng wary.

He knew that Xu Mo had wanted to deal with himself for a long time. It was only because of his own vigilance and the help of his brother Zhang Lei that Xu Mo had not succeeded. However, the memory of that time when Xu Mo found Bald Chao to deal with him was still fresh in Ji Feng’s mind.

When he thought of Xu Mo’s tactics last time, Ji Feng became alert.

Therefore, Ji Feng still came to school on time every day. Although the school was already in a state of suspension, there were no explicit rules, and Ji Feng did not want anyone to catch this little trick and get himself into trouble at this final juncture.

Like Ji Feng, Zhang Lei also insisted on attending cla*ses every day. However, this guy wasn’t here to study, he couldn’t stay at home and came to school instead for some freedom.

“Crazy, be careful, I see that B*****d Xu Mo is not looking at you right!” Zhang Lei said in a low voice, “The college entrance exams are coming up soon, it’s best not to get into conflict with him. If there’s anything, when the college entrance exams are over, the two of us will settle it together!”

Ji Feng laughed, “Don’t worry, I know which is more important, big deal, avoid him for now, when the college entrance exams are over, I’ll deal with it!”

Ji Feng had fire in his heart, this Xu Mo was simply insidious, it seemed that he couldn’t live his life without finding trouble with himself. A man of clay still had three parts, let alone the fact that today’s Ji Feng was no longer a man of clay.

“That’s good!” Zhang Lei nodded and suddenly said, “By the way, madman, didn’t you win a 60,000 yuan bonus before? Take out a few hundred dollars to buy a mobile phone, if the two of us aren’t in the same exam room, it’ll be easier for you to call me directly if you have any trouble!”

“No need, I’ll take care of it myself!” Ji Feng laughed, buying a mobile phone was definitely necessary, it was inconvenient to contact his mother when he went to university in the future, and he didn’t know if his mother would be willing to go to Jiangzhou with him. .com

However, this matter is not good for Ji Feng to make up his mind now, and he has to wait until he discusses it with his mother. What’s more, Ji Feng had already made up his mind that before the college entrance examination, no matter how Xu Mo looked for trouble, he would have to put up with it, and everything would have to wait until after the college entrance examination.

For the next three days in a row, nothing happened, but Ji Feng became more vigilant, he knew that Xu Mo would not give up so easily.

The day before the college entrance exams, the school started to issue the permit cards, and Ji Feng came to the school again.

“Ji Feng!”

Before he even entered the cla*sroom, Tong Lei’s playful figure appeared in Ji Feng’s line of sight.

A smile immediately appeared on Ji Feng’s face as he quickly walked over, “Tong Lei, which examination room are you in?”

Tong Lei immediately gave him a blank look and laughed delicately, “You’re such a person, we haven’t even entered the cla*sroom to receive our pa*s yet, how would we know which exam room we’re in!”

“That’s true too!” Ji Feng laughed heatedly and said, “Tong Lei, don’t get stressed during the exam, I’m sure you’ll become the top science student in our province!”

“Screw you!” Tong Lei couldn’t help but laugh delicately, “Nothing to flirt with me, right?”

“How dare I!”

The two of them joked and laughed as they walked into the cla*sroom, and when the cla*s teacher handed out the pa*s, Ji Feng was a*signed to our school’s examination hall, while Tong Lei, on the other hand, was a*signed to one of the examination halls of the first middle school. As for Zhang Lei, he was coincidentally a*signed to the same cla*sroom as Ji Feng, only that the seats were not together.

“Good boy, you’re in luck now!” Zhang Lei laughed loudly and patted Ji Feng’s shoulder, “Dude’s grades are good, if you don’t know anything, just copy me!”

Tong Lei couldn’t help but give him a blank look and hummed, “How dare you say that, you can only hang around in the top five of the cla*s, Ji Feng has been in the top three of the year three times in a row, I think it’s more like you copied him!”

“It’s all the same, it’s all the same!” Zhang Lei said shamelessly.

Ji Feng and Tong Lei both couldn’t help but laugh dumbly, this guy, he was really a living treasure.

“Ji Feng, come here for a moment, I have something to tell you!” Just at this moment, Wang Tong, a boy who usually always had a good relationship with Ji Feng, said in a low voice next to him.

Ji Feng gave him a somewhat strange look, came to the side and asked, “Wang Tong, why are you guys so secretive, what’s going on, tell me!”

Wang Tong swept around to the side before saying in a low voice, “Crazy, be careful, when I came to school today, I saw Xu Mo walking with a few red-haired punks, Xu Mo seemed to be giving them something, I thought, are those red-haired punks here to deal with you.”

“No way?” Ji Feng frowned.

“How impossible!” Wang Tong said in a low voice, “Think about it, if those punks got into a fight with you or injured you, how would you still be able to take the college entrance exam? Even if you weren’t injured, if the police arrested you, wouldn’t it still delay the college entrance exams just the same?”

A cold aura flashed across Ji Feng’s eyes, and Wang Tong’s words made him understand at once. No wonder Xu Mo had been a lot more honest this semester, so he was actually waiting for himself here, what a ruthless tactic.

Just a few gangsters, they can mess up their own inability to take the college entrance exams, really …… Ji Feng’s heart of anger suddenly filled his chest, so repeatedly provoked by people, Ji Feng really moved with anger.

However, Ji Feng has a feeling of being impressed with Wang Tong. Usually, Wang Tong was small and introverted, so only Ji Feng and Zhang Lei could joke with him in the cla*s. However, they had never discovered that Wang Tong had such a keen observation and analytical ability.

At this time, Zhang Lei and Tong Lei’s siblings also noticed that something was wrong with Ji Feng’s face.

“Crazy, what’s wrong?” Zhang Lei immediately asked.

Ji Feng faintly shook his head and said, “Nothing.”

Wang Tong next to him hesitated for a moment and opened his mouth, “Lei Zi, Xu Mo might be looking for someone to deal with Ji Feng today……” He immediately told what he saw.

“D*mn it!” Zhang Lei was furious, “That ****ing thing really knows how to find the time, if he finds someone to beat you up today, he might have delayed your college entrance exams, Xu Mo simply deserves to die!”

Tong Lei’s face was also very unpleasant, if she really let Xu Mo have his way, I’m afraid she and Ji Feng would have lost their relationship forever, how could she not be angry?

“Don’t get angry yet, maybe Xu Mo is just acquainted with those people and may not be here to deal with me.” Ji Feng mused, “Let’s just pretend we don’t know anything, I’ll just try to avoid them.”

“How can you avoid them?” Tong Lei huffed, “They can’t block you today, there’s still tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the college entrance exams are two days away, even if you miss one exam, you won’t be able to get into college.”

“That’s right!”

Zhang Lei’s face sank, Xu Mo actually dealt with his brother again and again, this made Zhang Lei very annoyed, “Crazy, leave this matter to the brother!”

Ji Feng was just about to speak when Zhang Lei said solemnly, “Crazy, if you think we are still brothers, then leave this matter to me. Think about it, if it were me in trouble, would you sit back and do nothing?”

The words had come to this point, so naturally, Ji Feng could not say anything else. In fact, it was still his pride that made him not want to rely on the power of Zhang Lei and Tong Lei’s family to do things for himself.

If you want to rely, rely on your own power.

Thinking of this, Ji Feng immediately said: “Lei Zi, it’s fine to leave this matter to you. However, don’t get too excited, otherwise it will affect the college entrance exams, and it won’t do us any good, we don’t do this kind of things that harm people and harm ourselves!”

Zhang Lei deliberated for a moment, nodded slightly and said, “No problem, just do as you say!”

“I do have an idea, I just don’t know if I should say it.” Wang Tong, who was next to him, said in a small voice.

Ji Feng’s three eyes looked over at the same time, and Zhang Lei laughed, “You brat, say it.”

Wang Tong said, “This might have to be condescending to Tong Lei.”

“Condescend to me?” Tong Lei’s eyebrows knitted slightly, somewhat not understanding what it meant, and Zhang Lei and Ji Feng were likewise somewhat confused.

“What do young punks like to do most? Drinking, fighting and molesting girls.” Wang Tong laughed chestily, “When it comes to a girl as beautiful as Tong Lei, I’m afraid all the punks won’t be honest, right?”

“What do you mean, you brat?” Zhang Lei seemed to have sensed something and asked in an unkind tone.

Wang Tong laughed: “I mean, let Tong Lei and Ji Feng walk together, Zhang Lei and I walk behind and follow, in this way, those punks see just Ji Feng and Tong Lei walking together, they will definitely come up to look for trouble, at this time if Tong Lei shouted a molestation, we two immediately rush up, or call the police, those few punks will naturally be out of luck ……”

Looking at Wang Tong’s meaningful smile, Zhang Lei and Ji Feng looked at each other and both saw the look of surprise in each other’s eyes.

There is no denying that this ploy of Wang Tong is absolutely brilliant. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re getting into.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

In this way, Ji Feng would not be a party to this matter, and even if the police and the punks wanted to find trouble, they would not be able to find Ji Feng’s trouble.


Ji Feng and Zhang Lei said at the same time.

While Tong Lei laughed, “Just in time, I’ll call Captain Yan first and ask him to send someone in plain clothes to wait around.”

Ji Feng and Zhang Lei burst out laughing, this time, I’m afraid those few punks will really be out of luck!


Chapter 84

As expected, when Ji Feng and Tong Lei were walking together after school, not even ten minutes after they had left the school gate, Ji Feng saw two red-haired punks leaning over from the side. Go to see the net .

“Ji Feng, you have to be careful, don’t really fight with them!” Tong Lei admonished with some unease.

“Don’t worry, I won’t do it myself!” Ji Feng smiled faintly, in fact, even if he did it he wasn’t afraid, although he hadn’t tried it personally, he had fought against the instructors countless times in the training system, until now sparring twice a day was still an essential course, his hands naturally wouldn’t be bad.

Only, today’s plan was not to need Ji Feng’s hands, and, once he did, it would really be unclear when the time came.

The more the red-haired punks got closer and closer, the more nervous Tong Lei could not help but be. It was a bit embarra*sing to have a girl shout the word ‘molest’ in public.

At this time, in the corner of a hutong on the side of the street, two boys were secretly watching what was happening on the street. If Ji Feng was here, he would have recognized at a glance that one of these two was his old rival, Xu Mo, and the other, a lapdog who often followed Xu Mo, a student of Cla*s 7 of Secondary 2, Zhao Yao.

“Brother Mo, have you called the police? If they fight now, will the police be able to arrive in time?” Zhao Yao looked at the excited look on Xu Mo’s face and couldn’t help but ask.


Xu Mo slapped Zhao Yao’s head, “Of course I called the police, moreover, those police officers came a long time ago, just waiting for Ji Feng and those guys to get into a fight. I mean, those punks you found are reliable, right? They don’t know that I ordered them, right?”

Zhao Yao rubbed his head, but his face was not the slightest bit displeased, but full of a pleasing smile, “Don’t worry Brother Mo, those punks are a dime a dozen on the street, fifty dollars a person, they get paid to do their job, Brother Mo you didn’t show up, they definitely don’t know that you were behind it.”

“That’s more like it!” Xu Mo nodded his head in satisfaction.

Zhao Yao asked in confusion, “Brother Mo, your father is the deputy governor, even if Ji Feng knows that you directed him, what can he do? Why are you afraid of him knowing?”

“You don’t know Sh*t!” Xu Mo grunted, “Of course what I’m afraid of is not Ji Feng, I’m afraid that if Zhang Lei and Tong Lei and the two of them catch me in the act, they will drag my father down with them, got it?”

“Got it got it!” Zhao Yao nodded his head in a panic and said, “Ee? Look, Brother Mo, there’s about to be a fight!”

Those few red-haired punks had already blocked the way of the two of them, Ji Feng and Tong Lei.

“Yo, such a pretty little sister, what’s your name?” A red-haired punk asked with a lecherous smile on his face, “Buddy hasn’t had lunch yet, how about little sister accompanying us to have a drink?”

“Dream on!” Tong Lei was instantly furious, although she had originally said she was going to pretend, she couldn’t help but be angry when she saw the red-haired punk’s flirtatious voice.

“If I were you guys, I would honestly move aside and apologize to us!” Ji Feng said in a deep voice, “Don’t make yourself uncomfortable.”

“D*mn, a student, how dare he act like a P***y with Laozi!” The leading red-haired punk cursed disdainfully, “Brothers, teach him a lesson and let him know what kind of people he can’t offend!”


As soon as the red-haired punk’s words left his mouth, he heard Tong Lei shout out violently, although it sounded like a scream, the sound was still clear and pleasant to the ear and soothing.

“Indecent a*sault?” A few red-haired punks froze, and before they could react, four or five big men suddenly came up next to them and instantly pinned them to the ground, while pressing their hands behind their backs and handcuffing them. .com

“Ah, who are you people and what do you want?” Only then did the red-haired punks react from their shock and struggled in a panic.

“Be honest!” As soon as he struggled, he received a hard kick on his buttocks, and was instantly much more honest.

“Don’t be afraid, we are plainclothes policemen, we have long received reports that there are punks on this street who often molest women, so we have been squatting here in ambush, and today we finally caught these B*****ds, you are safe!” A big man in plain clothes came to Ji Feng and Tong Lei and said loudly.


The red-haired punk lying on the ground was dumbfounded when he heard that, he was too unlucky, right? How did he run into the muzzle of a gun? ***, which A**hole often molests girls in this street, and got himself involved!

“Police, police, police, we didn’t molest her, she’s framing us!” The red-haired punk was scared, he usually just had a fight or verbally molested a girl, then at most he would be detained for a few days or educated and then let go.

However, if he was charged with being a repeat offender, he might have to go to jail.

The red-haired punk had no courage left, so he cried out and begged for mercy.

“Shut up!” The plainclothes policeman snorted, “We saw everything clearly, how could we have wronged you?”

“Comrade police, these punks blocked our way for no reason and tried to molest me, please do as you please!” Tong Lei said in a brittle voice.

Ji Feng, however, looked at the plainclothes policeman in the lead and couldn’t help but smile in his heart, this person was no other than Captain Yan of the Interpol who had dealt with him twice before. Of course, from the day he sent Tong Lei home to meet the criminals who had stopped the road and robbed her, Ji Feng knew that this Captain Yan should belong to Tong Lei’s father’s faction.

Therefore, Ji Feng followed suit and said, “Yes, comrade police, you can’t let these bad guys off the hook!”

“Don’t worry, we will definitely handle the case seriously!” Captain Yan said in a serious manner as if he didn’t know Tong Lei and Ji Feng, only to secretly wink at Ji Feng and Tong Lei as he finished.

“Ee? Why are all those policemen wearing plain clothes?” Around the corner, the brow of Xu Mo, who had been paying attention to the situation on Tong Lei’s side, furrowed, and suddenly, his eyes widened, “No, those cops aren’t the ones I called! That’s Captain Yan!”

“Oh no, oh no! This is the end!” Xu Mo’s face changed dramatically.

“Brother Mo, what’s wrong?” Zhao Yao asked, puzzled.

Xu Mo suddenly looked at him and said, “You stay here and watch, I’m going to make a phone call, I’ll be back soon!”

Zhao Yao immediately said, “Don’t worry Brother Mo, I’ll definitely keep an eye on things over there for you.”

“That’s good, I’ll treat you to dinner later!” Xu Mo reluctantly smiled, turned around and quickly left through the other exit of the hutong.


“What’s going on, what’s going on?!” Just then, a few more drinks came over, followed by a few men in police uniforms quickly walking over.

Ji Feng and Tong Lei looked at each other and both saw the celebration in each other’s eyes.

Ji Feng even said in his heart, “That was close, if I had let the police that Xu Mo found come to the scene first, I’m afraid that I would have been the one arrested at this time!”

“The Interpol team is handling the case!” Captain Yan just glanced at the few patrol officers, while flashing his ID, “All unrelated personnel leave!”

The few patrol officers Xu Mo had found were stunned, then they reacted and said in a panic, “Captain Yan, I’m sorry, we didn’t know it was you on the case, we’re leaving now!”

After saying that, they hurriedly left in a panic, screaming in their hearts that they were unlucky, how could they have come across that iron-faced captain here!

And at that moment, Zhang Lei and Wang Tong, who had been following behind, quickly came over.

Zhang Lei whispered, “Captain Yan, the third alleyway across the street, send someone to check it out!”

Captain Yan laughed and said, “Don’t worry, people have been sent there long ago.”

As expected, within a short while, two plainclothes policemen came over carrying a student-like guy.

“Zhao Yao?” Ji Feng frowned.

“This Zhao Yao is Xu Mo’s lapdog, he is the one who rushes forward in many things, in the past, there were several students who were injured by this B*****d Zhao Yao who found someone to beat them up because they disobeyed Xu Mo, and later forced them to quit school!” Zhang Lei snorted coldly.

“Report captain, when we went over there, there was only this one person sneaking around looking this way, no one else was found!” A plainclothes policeman said.

Zhang Lei’s no off wrinkled up, “Zhao Yao, where did Xu Mo go?”

When Zhao Yao saw this scene, he immediately understood that Xu Mo had fallen into Ji Feng’s trap, and that he, himself, had become a scapegoat for Xu Mo.

He said in a panic, “Comrade police, Xu Mo just left and said he had gone to make a phone call, you guys hurry up and arrest him!”

Zhang Lei looked at Captain Yan, but he shook his head and said, “If Xu Mo has already returned home, it won’t be easy. To arrest someone at the deputy governor’s house, you must at least have evidence, you can’t just rely on the verbal testimony of one witness.”

Zhang Lei said, “I’ll make a phone call.”

He dialed his home phone and gave a quick rundown of what had happened.

A moment later, he closed the phone and shook his head, “My old man said that the case should be handled in accordance with the law, and since there is no evidence, we should not arrest people indiscriminately and pay attention to the impact!”

Captain Yan nodded and said, “Take it away!”

When everyone had finished leaving, Zhang Lei said to Ji Feng, “Brother, I’m sorry about this buddy, I didn’t catch Xu Mo, I’m really sorry!”

Ji Feng laughed: “How can I blame you for this, I can only blame Xu Mo for being cunning, he even said he lost his own dog’s leg and ran off by himself. Oh …… after this time, I believe that Xu Mo also dare not easily mess around, even if he really still dares to mess around, there is no chance before the college entrance examination. Wait until after the college entrance exams, even if he doesn’t look for me, I will go to him!”

At the end of his sentence, a cold aura flashed across his eyes. Having been set up by Xu Mo in such a repeated manner, Ji Feng no longer wanted to put up with it anymore. Moreover, the reason he dared to say this was also because of his trust in his own body.

Even if Xu Mo found a few helpers, he would definitely not be his own opponent!

“Alright, that’s it for today, we’ll contact again after the entrance exams are over.” Ji Feng smiled, “Tong Lei, thank you so much for today.”

He knew how deep the affection was to let a girl risk her reputation to help herself.

Tong Lei pursed her lips and smiled, looking clear and beautiful.

If other people were not present and this was on the street, Ji Feng really wanted to take her into his arms and love her with abandon.

But in the end, several people could only separate and go home separately.


On the day of the college entrance exam, Xiao Sumei did not go to sell vegetables, but kept riding a pedal tricycle to take her son to the examination hall. There is an old mother who sells vegetables, Ji Feng does not have any sense of shame, without a mother there is no self, not to mention, a child does not mind his mother ugly dog does not mind his family poor, if a person even his own mother is disgusted, it is not considered a human being!

“Mom, I will get you a famous university back!” Ji Feng smiled heatedly and walked into the examination hall under his mother’s watchful eye and expectation.

The questions on the test paper were not very difficult, rather a bit easy compared to certain topics that Tong Lei had once tutored Ji Feng on. However, some of the questions on the language paper really made Ji Feng a little hesitant. In particular, the essay was not sure of a high score.

In the end, Ji Feng could only write a moderate composition, and it was not up to him to decide how many marks he could get.

But fortunately, it was now possible to check the scores first before applying to schools, so Ji Feng was in no hurry. At least, he was still very sure of himself in a few other cla*ses.

Looking back at Zhang Lei, who was a few people away, this guy was writing furiously with a smile on his face, it was obvious that the questions this time were not difficult for him.

The company is also relieved that if Zhang Lei really encounters a problem, he really needs to find a way to help. Although Zhang Lei’s old man is the secretary of the county party committee, I’m afraid he doesn’t have much influence in this area of university entrance examinations. There are many famous universities in China where a lecturer can give a face to the county party secretary.

You have the right, but people don’t dump you. People’s university lecturers don’t have anything to ask of your county party secretary, so why should they give you face?

So, if Zhang Lei really name falls, it’s really troublesome.

But now it seems that Zhang Lei does not need help, this guy writes with a smile on his face, think it is a good exam.

The first one pa*sed in such an uneventful manner, and when it came out of the examination room, Xiao Sumei didn’t ask Ji Feng how he did, but just took her son back home with a smile on his face.

Because he was not sure about his score in the language, Ji Feng took out all his abilities for the next three exams, but he did all the questions he knew, without the slightest pause at all.

After the exam, Ji Feng just threw the pen in his hand, all relaxed!

“Crazy, the D*mn college entrance exams are finally over, what are you going to do next?” Zhang Lei asked with a liberated look on his face, smiling.

Ji Feng shook his head and said, “I haven’t thought about it yet, but if it’s not as unexpected, I want to take a trip to Jiangzhou.”

“Go to Jiangzhou?” Zhang Lei was stunned, “What’s the point of going there? To study the school?”

“BullSh*t about examining schools!” Ji Feng laughed, “Since I’m going to apply for the university in Jiangzhou soon, I always need to have some understanding of the place, right? You also know my family situation, I have to go to Jiangzhou first to explore the way, hoping to find a way to settle my mum, I can’t let my mum live alone in Mang Shi County while I run to Jiangzhou to go to university, right? I wouldn’t be comfortable with that!”

“That’s right!” Zhang Lei instantly lit up, “I say crazy, how about this, you come to my house tomorrow, ask my dad for a favor for me, and we’ll go to Jiangzhou together!”