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Campus Master Chapter 59-60

Chapter 59

When school ended in the evening, instead of staying, Tong Lei packed her school bag and walked out of the cla*sroom just as soon as the bell rang.

Watching Tong Lei’s figure disappear at the cla*sroom door, Ji Feng froze for a few seconds, then shook his head and smiled, it looked like Tong Lei’s heart wasn’t as calm as she showed!

This kind of performance of Tong Lei’s showed exactly how unsettled she was in her heart, because many people had written love letters to Tong Lei in the past, but the result was that they were simply ignored by Tong Lei, just swept up twice or didn’t even look at them, and then threw them directly into the cla*sroom bin.

However, Ji Feng’s note was put in the drawer by Tong Lei. Although it was only placed casually, the treatment Ji Feng received was really much better than those love letters that were ignored!

What’s more, Tong Lei didn’t stay as usual, which means, her heart was in turmoil!

Thinking about this, Ji Feng couldn’t help but smile slightly in his heart, it looked like Tong Lei still treated herself differently, only that, if he wanted to really impress her, then he still needed to go further!

“Hey, crazy!” Zhang Lei, who was packing his school bag next to him, suddenly touched Ji Feng’s arm and said in a low voice, “What’s wrong with my old sister? Didn’t she always stay and tutor you in the past? Why did she leave today without even saying hello?”

Ji Feng couldn’t help but roll his eyes and said, “How should I know, she’s your sister, you don’t even know?”

Zhang Lei shook his head in bewilderment and said, “It’s really strange ……”

Ji Feng would not have told him that he was pursuing Tong Lei, otherwise with Zhang Lei’s personality, he would have been excited as if he had discovered a new continent. .com

After quickly packing his school bag and saying hello to Zhang Lei, Ji Feng rushed back home.

This night, Ji Feng began to learn his third new skill – stance – while receiving training from the intelligent brain!

According to the intelligent brain, as an excellent super agent in the interstellar era, not only should one master various manners and languages, but also learn to drive various vehicles, because when carrying out a mission, it might be necessary for the agent to play various roles, moreover, if it was time to evacuate after a mission, driving a vehicle was an essential skill.

Because for a poor child, driving can only ever be a dream, but this dream, however, can really be realised in a dream, so how can Ji Feng not be moved?

“Master, according to the current situation on Earth and the knowledge that the master has learned, the intelligent brain suggests that the master start with the most basic means of transportation!” The intelligent brain said, and Ji Feng, who was doing the fifth move of this body-building exercise, suddenly found that the scene in front of him changed, and he appeared on an empty avenue, and beside him, a sky-blue car was parked.

“Cars are extremely common and widely used on the earth where the master is, therefore, the intelligent brain suggests that the master start by learning how to drive a car!” The intelligent brain said.

Ji Feng nodded and rubbed his hands together excitedly and said, “Good, good, let’s start immediately!”

Who knew that as soon as his words left his mouth, he felt a lot of data and information suddenly flooding into his mind, and when he got used to it, he immediately found out that they were all basic information for driving a car.

“Finally, I’m going to learn how to drive!” Ji Feng looked at the streamlined sky blue sedan beside him and excitedly got into it. Based on the information in his mind, he started to fire up the car, pressed the clutch and put it in gear ……

With a roar of the engine, Ji Feng drove the sky blue sedan as if it was a cannonball, and instantly rushed out.

“It’s too good!” Sitting in the driver’s seat, Ji Feng drove somewhat nervously while shouting loudly, “Haha, I can drive now!”

“Master, there is a big curve ahead, please pay attention to driving!” The intelligent brain’s voice rang out in Ji Feng’s ears, causing him to immediately collect his mind and start paying attention to driving.

Curve driving did test the driver’s resilience as well as driving skills, however, after the change in physique as well as practicing aerobics, these skills had been fully mastered for Ji Feng after only running for almost half an hour.

Because he knew that this was a virtual space and he was alone, Ji Feng drove the car with unparalleled abandon, constantly exercising with various high difficulties, and his driving skills became more and more proficient.

At this time, Ji Feng began to practice the second model ……


For one night, Ji Feng practiced all kinds of roads with all kinds of models, the most exciting for him was running a cliff bend, one side of the road was an almost vertical mountain, the other side was a ten thousand feet cliff, Ji Feng drove an unknown sports car.

According to the requirements of the intelligent brain, on this cliff bend, one must run at least two hundred and eighty yards to be considered qualified. As a result, because of fear in his heart, Ji Feng went straight off the cliff the first time, and if he had been driven by a real person, I am afraid he would have been pulverized.

After driving off the cliff a dozen times in a row, Ji Feng finally overcame the psychological barrier and managed to cross the cliff bend at a speed of three hundred yards, and by the time he got out of the car, he felt that his legs could no longer stand.

However, at this point, the intelligent brain, which was like a strict instructor, did not give Ji Feng time to recover, but directly ordered him to drive the car through the cliff bend again, until he could make all kinds of accelerations and decelerations and other movements on the bend with ease, then he was considered to have completely pa*sed the test!

So, with mixed feelings of trepidation and eagerness to try, Ji Feng started his practice again.

When he woke up in the morning, Ji Feng still couldn’t help but feel a habitual urge to hold the steering wheel, and the excitement in his heart still hadn’t faded.

But Ji Feng knew that now was not the time to get excited, even if his skills were great, he didn’t have a real car of his own!

So, after washing up, Ji Feng quickly rushed to school. He always had to learn to use the knowledge in his textbooks completely and flexibly before he could have a chance to get out of Mang Shi County and create a future of his own!

So for the next month or so in a row, Ji Feng studied hard. During this time, Ji Feng experienced a mapping examination.

Ji Feng found that he knew how to answer those questions on the test paper just by glancing at them, especially those that were memorized by rote, which made him greatly excited, after all, his efforts were not in vain!

However, Ji Feng didn’t want to draw too much attention to himself, so he left a few questions in each course to deliberately pretend he couldn’t do them, and then turned in his papers early.

When the results were handed out, Ji Feng’s results were as he expected with only some discrepancies in the essay, but his overall grade, he still ranked in the middle and lower reaches of the cla*s, and even less in the whole year!

But Ji Feng didn’t know that when Tong Lei saw his results, a dense look of disappointment flashed across her eyes!


Chapter 60

Time flies, in a flash, the end of the month test has pa*sed for most of the month, it has entered late autumn and the weather is gradually turning cooler, you can even feel a hint of chill in the morning, walking in the street, you can already see pedestrians wearing jackets. Go to see the net .

During this period of time, Ji Feng had already memorized the entire high school curriculum in his head, so he only set aside half a day to do exercises and apply what he had learned as flexibly as possible; the rest of the time, he mostly slept on his desk.

Of course, this was only a superficial phenomenon, in reality, Ji Feng was receiving special training from the Super Agent Training System.

Almost two months had pa*sed since he had obtained the intelligent brain. In these two months, Ji Feng felt that he was growing by leaps and bounds, from painfully and reluctantly learning the first move of body-building exercises, to now, he could easily complete the seventh move!

This is simply a huge leap!

One should know that the moves of aerobics become more difficult to learn the further you go, and the demands on your body are extremely demanding. But even so, Ji Feng still completed it meticulously.

Not only did he complete the seventh movement of the aerobics, he also learnt a variety of supplementary skills in the process. For example, Go, Xiangqi, military flag, billiards, driving ……

According to the words of the intelligent brain, apart from those skills that were not suitable for learning on Earth, Ji Feng had basically learned all the auxiliary skills of the Super Agent System, which included machinery and weapons!

These last two, in particular, were simply painful for Ji Feng, and he couldn’t help but tremble every time he thought of going into his mind to learn them, which was in stark contrast to his excitement at the beginning.

The reason why he had become like this was not because Ji Feng was lazy or afraid of training, it was really because the knowledge of machinery and weapons in the Gamma Galaxy was so complex that Ji Feng could barely take it in!

For example, the machinery, according to the intelligent brain, in that era of the Gamma Galaxy, half of the workers could no longer be found in the factories, and it was all done entirely by semi-intelligent robots instead of workers. .com Even more so, all aspects of the Gamma Galaxy’s populace required the use of various different types of machinery.

So, among the courses arranged by the Super Agent Training System, machinery, a secondary skill, must be learned, otherwise, it is not considered to have pa*sed!

However, to learn the machinery, it was not enough to have a developed super brain, what was more important was understanding, and this was exactly what Ji Feng was afraid of.

Because, all machinery in the Gamma Galaxy, without exception, involved one issue, and that was programming and circuitry!

Without programs and circuits, robots could not work on their own, and without programs and circuits, all kinds of machinery could not operate, let alone function, even on vehicles. Because in that interstellar era, there had long since been no manually operated machinery or vehicles!

But to Ji Feng, this was like a heavenly book.

You know, the knowledge of machinery and circuits and so on that Ji Feng had come across were basically some of the simplest things, such as pulleys, gears and the like. As for circuits …… he had only heard of them.

Under such circumstances, to learn those mechanical knowledge that surpa*sed the earth’s technology by an unknown number of years, that is not more difficult than ascending to the sky?

In the end, Ji Feng had to let the intelligent brain start with the oldest mechanical knowledge, and while explaining it, he had to do it himself to make his experience more profound, and also to speed up his understanding of the new knowledge.

Fortunately, the intelligent brain’s database had enough data and ancient mechanical knowledge, otherwise, I am afraid that in another ten or twenty years, Ji Feng might not be able to learn these things.

Even so, it still took Ji Feng a full twenty days to learn this knowledge, which was more than ten times longer than the time it took to learn the other auxiliary skills, which made Ji Feng more or less frustrated that he was still too slow in learning.

If others knew about it, I was afraid that they would run headlong into the ground. Twenty days to learn the technology of the future interstellar era, and this was still too slow? Then do other people still want to live?

You know, how many scientists have studied hard for a lifetime, but only to reach the leading level of the Earth, compared to the gamma galaxy technology is not know how many years behind. And Ji Feng only spent less than a month to learn this knowledge, and he is still not satisfied?

But fortunately, this is only a secret belonging to Ji Feng alone, other people do not know and have no chance to know, otherwise, I am afraid that Ji Feng would have been locked in a cage as a white mouse by now.

After learning the mechanical knowledge, Ji Feng started to learn the weapon knowledge again. The weapon knowledge mentioned here was not just the use of weapons, it also included the construction of weapons, the principles, and the manufacture of weapons.

Even with his heels, he could think of how many years ahead of Earth the weapons knowledge of the Gamma Galaxy was! Obviously, it was definitely no less difficult for Ji Feng to learn these than it was for him to learn mechanical knowledge before.

But fortunately, a lot of this weapon knowledge was based on mechanical knowledge, and Ji Feng, who had already learned mechanical knowledge, became much easier to learn again.

Therefore, it took Ji Feng another ten days to learn the weapon knowledge.

Through this month of learning, while Ji Feng was happy, he still had a feeling of alarm.

The reason for this was that the knowledge he had learnt in a month was simply too surprising. For example, a weapon in the Gamma system called the photon energy cannon was loaded on a space ship. This energy cannon, takes fifteen seconds to recharge, yet it is so powerful that it can instantly destroy an asteroid!

If there were two or three of these energy cannons, I am afraid that the earth would be destroyed instantly, this kind of power is just a little too terrifying!

However, after a few days, Ji Feng calmed down, anyway, he learned this knowledge just to complete the Super Agent Training System, not necessarily to build this kind of energy cannon, so what was there to worry about?

On this day, Ji Feng was lying on the table again, but his consciousness entered his mind and began to practice the eighth movement of the body-building exercise.

“Master, according to your physique, you can now start learning to fight!” The voice of the intelligent brain immediately made Ji Feng come to life, fighting, for every boy, had an inexplicable attraction.

Every person had a dream of a warrior in his heart, and Ji Feng was no exception. Especially those warriors who appeared in movies or movies, all of them were able to fly over the walls, had strong hands, and even had the courage to be unstoppable.

Every time he thought of them, Ji Feng’s blood always boiled. If he had kung fu, he would never have to worry about being bullied again.

When he thought of Xu Mo getting that guy named Bald Chao to block him on the road before, when his intelligent brain manipulated his body and put down those six guys in the blink of an eye, Ji Feng got excited. If that was his real skill ……

Thinking of this, Ji Feng immediately said, “Then let’s start immediately!”