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Campus Master Chapter 7-8

Chapter 7

Ask for collection, ask for flowers ……

Lying on the bed, Ji Feng recalled the scene from earlier and couldn’t help but feel a surge of excitement in his heart.

Perhaps the future training will be even tougher than today, but Ji Feng knows that even for the sake of his mother, he will grit his teeth and persevere.

Because Ji Feng knew very well that he had neither any background nor any half-a*sed capital, and if he wanted to let his mother live a human life, the only way to do so was to grit his teeth and accept the training of the wise brain.

The intelligent brain had already made it very clear that if he received the training, it was possible to reach the standard of a super agent in the interstellar era, who was not even afraid of ordinary energy laser guns, and that was simply superhuman.

What was an energy laser gun, Ji Feng had never seen one, but he knew that it was definitely much more powerful than the current weapon medicine like pistols and submachine guns!

Apart from these, what Ji Feng valued even more was the various skills that a super agent had to have.

Proficient in various languages, will be perfectly disguised, know various manners, be able to deal with any situation with ease, and also be proficient in various weapons and equipment ……

The first thing you need to do is to learn how to use your own knowledge, and that is the knowledge of the interstellar era.

Especially the technology regarding weapons and various equipment, I think, is always a little bit more advanced than the technology on Earth, right?

If these technologies were sold …… what a huge amount of income would it be?

The first thing you need to do is to get up and get dressed.

The first thing you need to do is to get up and get dressed. According to the rules of the school, from 7:00 am to 7:40 am, these 40 minutes are the morning reading time, if you are late, you will be criticized by the teacher. .com

If it was in the past, Ji Feng might not have cared because he had studied very hard, only that his grades could not be raised, and although he was anxious, he had a clear conscience. As long as he didn’t go to his parents, he didn’t care.

But now it was different, now that he knew he had the ability to forget everything, he wouldn’t forgive himself if he continued to waste time.

Ji Feng would not forget his mother’s plea to that obese nurse in the hospital. In order to give herself a reprieve, her mother, who had always been strong and proud, had gone out of her way to beg others.

Just thinking about that made Ji Feng’s heart twist like a knife!


Because he was distracted, in his haste, Ji Feng had actually torn off the buttons of his blouse.

He looked at his hands dumbfounded and distressed, it was just a matter of putting on his clothes, why did he make such a big effort?


Ji Feng suddenly reacted, looked at his hands and muttered, “How come my strength …… seems to be suddenly much greater?”

He waved his fist twice, and suddenly his fist sprang to life, as if it contained great explosive power, and his body felt like it couldn’t use all the strength it had.

“Could it be that this is the change that the wise brain said?” Ji Feng remembered the words of the wise brain again, and only then did he understand why it had to adapt itself to the fact that his body had suddenly enhanced a lot, and his strength had suddenly become greater, and he couldn’t even control his body perfectly!

Shaking his head with a bitter smile, Ji Feng put the button that had been yanked off on the table, glanced at the door to his mother’s room, picked up his book bag and turned around to leave the door.

Regarding whether his clothes were torn or not, Ji Feng didn’t care too much.

His mother once told him that it didn’t matter whether the clothes he wore were new or old, whether they were cheap or expensive, it didn’t matter either, as long as the clothes were clean and the person was clean, the end of the line did the right thing!

This saying, Ji Feng firmly remembered in his heart.

Ji Feng’s home is not too far from the school, if you walk, you can get there in about half an hour. Because he was worried that it would be too late, Ji Feng jogged all the way to the school.

However, at the beginning, Ji Feng was still unable to control his body perfectly, so he ran as if he was drunk and staggered.

After ten minutes, he gradually adapted to the change in his body and his footsteps evened out. By the time he got to school, he was able to control his body with ease and skill, and he couldn’t even see any half-way difference.

Only, Ji Feng was still late.

When he stepped into the school gate, the bell for morning reading had already rung, and he immediately darted towards the cla*sroom.

When he arrived at the cla*sroom, he did not see the cla*s teacher’s figure. Ji Feng couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief and secretly said, “Luckily, the old cla*s this is not there!”

He walked towards his seat with a lucky heart, but suddenly felt that someone was looking at him.

Ji Feng snapped his head around and instantly found that the cla*s president of Cla*s 6, the school flower recognized by all the students of Secondary 2, Tong Lei, was glaring at himself with those beautiful eyes, and the beautiful person was thinly veiled with anger.


Ji Feng secretly said, he had given forgotten that every time the old cla*s was not present during the morning reading, the cla*s president, Tong Lei, was responsible for supervising the students in the cla*s, recording the late and undisciplined students, and then reporting them to the old cla*s.

Obviously, Tong Lei had taken Ji Feng’s tardiness into account.

Ji Feng screamed in his heart and came to his seat, he couldn’t help but sigh secretly, if he was criticised by Old Ben, so be it, as long as Old Ben didn’t ask to see his parents, he would still be fine.

“Crazy, why are you late?” A yellow-haired Zhang Lei looked at Ji Feng gloatingly and laughed heatedly, “See, our beautiful cla*s president has been looking at you, maybe she has taken a fancy to you!”

Ji Feng glared at him and said, “You guy, you can’t spit out elephant teeth from a dog’s mouth, who is the cla*s president and how will she look at a poor kid like me? Hurry up and read your book!”

Luckily, it was morning reading time and the cla*sroom was filled with the sound of reading, so no one heard their words, otherwise they would have been the target of the cla*s.

Just kidding, Tong Lei was the dream girl of all the boys, so if they dared to flirt with her, they would have offended the whole cla*s!

Zhang Lei brushed aside his mouth and retorted, “What’s wrong with a poor boy? Is a poor boy not a human being? I say crazy, you need to have some confidence, right?”

Ji Feng laughed, looked down at his book and ignored him, but in his heart he secretly said, “Confidence? The current me is more confident than anyone else, except that after what happened to Hu Xuehui, I sealed my heart away and was easily reluctant to talk about men and women. Moreover, the current self and Tong Lei are indeed two worlds apart ……”

Almost everyone knows that the beautiful and incomparable Tong Lei, not only is she beautiful and has good grades, but more importantly, she has an excellent origin – the number one daughter of Mang Shi County!

Tong Lei’s father is the Secretary of the County Party Committee of Mang Shi County, Tong Kai De!

The chances that even if Ji Feng was more outstanding, the chances that Tong Lei would fall for him were slim to none, not to mention that the current Ji Feng was not outstanding in any way!

Therefore, Ji Feng only took Zhang Lei’s words as a laughing matter and did not take them to heart at all.

What he wanted to do now was to hurry up and relearn the homework that he had fallen behind in the past, as well as thinking about how to respond if the old cla*s reprimanded him later!

However, Ji Feng did not know that his joking with Zhang Lei was overheard by the people next to him.


Chapter 8

“Ding~~~!” As the bell rang, the forty minutes of morning reading ended. Go watch the net -.7-K–o-m.


Zhang Lei threw the English textbook in his hand on the table and shook his head, “I really don’t know why I’m learning this bird language all day, I don’t plan to go abroad in the future! If everyone is proficient in this language, it would be like smashing the jobs of the translators!”

Although he had heard Zhang Lei’s comments more than once, Ji Feng couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh, saying, “That’s not the way to say it, it’s not a bad thing to master one more language!”

“What’s the point of learning a foreign language? To be a translator? Or do you want to be a fake foreign devil who often has one or two words of bird language coming out of his mouth?” Zhang Lei said disdainfully, “Just like the parents and mothers, they don’t sound as good as the parents! Since we are Chinese, we have to behave like Chinese!”

Ji Feng shook his head and smiled bitterly, he was already surprised by Zhang Lei’s rejection of foreign languages.

“If you have the right to speak in the future, you can change this situation!” Ji Feng chuckled, “But for now, you still need to learn English well, otherwise, if you can’t even get into university, how can you have a voice?”

When you reach your senior year, you will basically be concerned about getting into university, and Ji Feng has heard that many universities have very strict requirements for English scores, even if the total score is enough, if the English score is not enough, you will not be admitted.

Ji Feng wanted to get ahead, so even if he loathed English, he would still take it seriously, because only then would he be able to get into university and be exposed to a wider world!

As soon as he heard this, Zhang Lei wilted and said with a downcast voice, “How easy is it to change? Forget it, let’s just learn English honestly!”

Looking at his head shaking look, Ji Feng couldn’t help but laugh. .com

“That’s right, madman!” Zhang Lei didn’t know what had occurred to him and suddenly came to life again, saying with glowing eyes, “Just now during the morning reading, our beautiful school girl secretly looked at you several times.

“What hooked up!” Fortunately, Ji Feng had already heard a lot of Zhang Lei’s strange comments, otherwise, he really couldn’t accept it for a while, he said in a bad mood, “If you were late for morning reading, she would have looked at you a few times too!”

In fact, Ji Feng also noticed that during the morning reading, Tong Lei, who was sitting in the second row, had looked at himself several times. It seemed that he would definitely not be able to get away with a reprimand from the old cla*s.

“You kid still don’t tell the truth?” Zhang Lei heatedly smiled and said, “Crazy, let me ask you, there were often people late before, but who did you see Tong Lei paying attention to? How do you explain this?”

Ji Feng shook his head and laughed bitterly, saying, “That might be because everyone knows that I was dumped by Hu Xuehui, and people are a bit curious too maybe?”

“That’s possible!” Zhang Lei said with a nod.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but roll his eyes, “You’re really direct!”

Zhang Lei said in a serious manner, “That’s my usual virtue!”

Both of them laughed at the same time, Zhang Lei couldn’t help but feel, “Looks like you’ve really put Hu Xuehui down, brother, good job!”

Seeing Ji Feng’s calm demeanor when mentioning Hu Xuethui, Zhang Lei knew that if there were still lumps in his heart, Ji Feng would not have been able to be so natural.

Ji Feng smiled and nodded, saying, “Yeah, it’s all in the past!”

Zhang Lei laughed heatedly, “Crazy, since you’ve recovered from the blow of losing your love, why not consider it and find a second spring?”

Ji Feng was stunned, “What second spring?”

“Of course it’s our big school girl Tong Lei!” Zhang Lei said with an excited face, “That’s the number one girl in our county, if you catch up with her, how many years less you’ll have to struggle ……”

Before the words were finished, the excited look on Zhang Lei’s face froze, and he looked dumbly behind Ji Feng with an embarra*sed expression.

“What are you talking about!” Ji Feng hadn’t noticed Zhang Lei’s expression and shook his head, “A man has to set his mind and struggle, I’m not the kind of man who always thinks about eating soft rice! Tong Lei is pretty and has a good family background, but because of that, the person who wants to match her is at least a young talent, or a son of a family or something, like me who is poor and has no looks and no family background, can people look at me?”

Zhang Lei’s expression gradually became odd, as if he was forcing a laugh, and asked, “From what you said, you are really interested in Tong Lei?”

“Love of beauty is in everyone’s heart!” After spending more time with Zhang Lei, Ji Feng couldn’t help but flirt with him, “Tong Lei is so pretty, why can’t I like her? Besides, liking doesn’t mean you have to show something. If you don’t keep an eye on Tong Lei, how do you know how many times she’s looked at me? You’re clearly a thief crying out for a thief!”

“Cough ……”

Zhang Lei coughed dryly and said somewhat awkwardly, “That, what I was that, was that …… right, was learning from the cla*s president, look how good the cla*s president’s grades are, I was paying attention to her study methods!”

“Go to hell you, such a poor excuse can be thought up!” Ji Feng gave him a contemptuous look and laughed harshly. However, as soon as his words fell, a voice behind him that sent chills down his spine came over.

“Do you want to know my study method that much? Since when did our student Zhang Lei become fond of studying?”

It was a clear and ethereal voice, as if it was a fairy from above the nine heavens, with cherry lips gently opening, soothing the pores of one’s body beyond measure.

Only, the tone of this speech was somewhat cold.

Ji Feng’s heart thumped and he turned back in a panic, and immediately realized that the person who spoke was no other than the person he and Zhang Lei had just talked about, Tong Lei!

It was over!

Ji Feng’s heart was filled with embarra*sment, the first time he talked about someone behind their back and was overheard by them, it made him want to die.

“Cla*s monitor Tong, that, I’m sorry!” Ji Feng was so embarra*sed that he hastily apologized, “It’s our bad, we shouldn’t have talked about you behind your back, please forgive us!”

Tong Lei’s stunningly beautiful face was covered with cold ice at this moment, as if she hadn’t heard Ji Feng’s words, she glared fiercely at the two of them and said in a cold voice, “You two come out with me!”

After saying that, she turned around and left, and her youthful back soon walked out of the cla*sroom.

“Kid, you already knew that Tong Lei was standing behind me?” Ji Feng glared at Zhang Lei, hating his teeth, remembering the change in this kid’s expression just now, he knew that Zhang Lei must have done it on purpose, “Kid, you dare to screw me like that, don’t ever fall into my hands!”

Zhang Lei instantly laughed heatedly, “Crazy, don’t dog bite Lü Dongbin, brother is not fixing you, this is creating an opportunity for you. If I tell you that Tong Lei is here, do you still dare to say you like her?”

Ji Feng: “……”