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Never Say Never Chapter 105-106

Chapter 105

She lost her smile, her eyes on the tea cake in my hand, smiled and said, “This is twenty years old tea, you can’t even buy it in the market with money, it’s fate to be able to drink such a good tea, I have to thank Miss Shen for that.”


I laughed, I couldn’t help but feel confused as to what this Lin Ivana meant by coming here, and after a few sips of tea with her, I couldn’t help but open my mouth and say, “After talking for half a day, I don’t know what Mr. Lin wants to see me about?”


She took a sip of tea, her beautiful eyes looked at me, and her voice was shallow, “It’s nothing much, but last time I saw you in the Pear Garden, I felt some familiarity between your eyebrows and eyes, and I felt close to you, so I’ve been thinking about coming to see you.”


I froze, originally I thought it would be about me and Chen Xing, she came to talk to me as my mother, but I was surprised that she came for this.


As I refilled her tea, I smiled, “Chen said the same thing to me the other day, that I was a bit familiar, but that’s normal, there are many people in the world that look alike, and I have a few resemblances to that Miss Lu you know.”


I had seen her with Lu Xinran last time at the restaurant, so I didn’t hide it.


She faintly stared and just smiled, “That too, are Miss Shen’s parents still around?”


I shook my head, doubts rising in my heart, “My parents left when I was very young, I grew up with my grandmother, I don’t remember much about them.”


“Is your grandmother still around?” She asked in such detail that she overstepped a bit, and probably realized for a moment that something was wrong, she slightly changed her tone and looked at me, “Don’t have any doubts, Miss Shen, I’m a curious person, so I like to get to the bottom of things when there’s nothing to ask.”


Here, she took out a very beautiful and expensive postcard from her bag and handed it to me, “I’m hosting a small party at the Pear Garden this evening, if Miss Shen doesn’t mind, you can come with Mr. Fu.”


I lifted my hand to take the post, and couldn’t help but open it and look at it. When I saw that it was a birthday post, I remembered that Chen Xing had mentioned to me yesterday that his mother was having a birthday this evening.


Putting the post away properly, I looked at Ivana Lin and said, “Thank you, Mr. Lin, it’s an honour to be invited by you.”


She lost her smile, lowered her eyes and took a sip of tea, after a pause she looked at me and said, “Miss Shen you and Mr. Fu have been married for two years, last time I saw you and Mr. Fu go to the pear garden together, I think, you should have a good relationship.”


I smiled lightly, originally is not familiar with the people, so it is not convenient to say more, shallow lightly drink tea for a while, Lin Ivana then said there are still things to do to leave.


When Sister-in-law Zhang saw her leave, she looked at me and said, “Little Shu, this is the richest woman, right?”


I was a bit surprised and looked at Sister Zhang and said, “You know her?”


Sister-in-law Zhang nodded, “She used to go to the Fu family’s old mansion when the old man was around, I’ve seen her before.” After a pause, Sister-in-law Zhang muttered in a low voice, “That child of hers has been looking for her for so many years, I’m only afraid that she can’t be found.”


I was a little curious and couldn’t help but say, “Sister-in-law Zhang you also know she’s looking for her child?”


“She used to look for the old man just to ask about twenty years ago, I overheard their conversation when I was serving tea and water to him, the old man has also helped her keep an eye out over the years, but that child has been lost for over twenty years and has no characteristics, I’m afraid it’s difficult to find it in a sea of people!”


I put all the tea sets away when my phone rang, glancing at the caller ID, my nerves jerked up, without saying much to Sister Zhang, I got up and went straight back to the bedroom.


“What do you want?” Back in the bedroom, I picked up the phone, clutching it, my body still trembling.


Chapter 106

A leisurely low laugh came from the other end of the phone, “Shu, what are you nervous about? If my brother is not in trouble, is it that he cannot find my sister?”


I hated this eerie laugh of Shen Yu’s, biting my lip to death, I spoke, “Shen Yu, we are not the little kids we were five years ago, we all have our own lives now, I beg you, let us go!”


The hell he gave, I don’t want to touch it a second time.


“Xiao Shu, we are blood brothers and sisters, how could we let you leave me? It’s not a life without you, I’m alone, I need you!” The words were obviously words that would warm the heart, but they came out of his mouth with an icy coldness.


My heart was running a bit, holding the phone and saying hoarsely, “Shen Yu, what do you really want?”


Like a ghost, his presence is only frightening, and Shen Yu is that kind of person.


“You!” Eerily spitting out one word, the phone was hung up on him.


Before I could calm down, I received a message from him, “221 Guangfu Road, 4pm, Xiao Shu, remember to be there on time.”


I held the phone and forced myself to calm down, one cannot fall in the same hole several times.


Since I couldn’t hide from Shen Yu, I might as well think of a way to get him to leave me alone of his own accord.


“Woo ……” the phone suddenly vibrated.


It was Fu Shen Yan calling, I picked up the phone, his voice was cold and silent, “Pack up, go to a party with me later.”


The matter of Shen Yu made me a little dizzy, after a pause, I said, “Is it important? I’m not feeling well today and I want to stay home and rest.”


The other end of the phone was silent for a while and said in a deep voice, “Is it serious?”


I shook my head, “Not really, I just don’t feel like going out.”


After a pause, I spoke tentatively, “Is the party important?”


“It’s fine, you get some rest!” His voice was low and introspective, hardly any emotion could be heard.


After hanging up Fu Shen Yan’s phone, I clutched my phone and sent a message to Muzi, then I got ready and drove straight to the address Shen Yu had sent me.


Four o’clock in the afternoon.


The sun was burning hot and people were coming and going in the streets. The address that Shen Yu gave me was a high-end private dress shop.


I didn’t go in, but found my mobile phone from my pocket to call Shen Yu, but before I could dial, a lady in a green cheongsam came out of the shop.


With a smile on her face, she looked at me and said, “Are you Miss Shen Shu Shen?”


I nodded my head.


She smiled and said, “Miss Shen, please come inside, Mr. Shen has already instructed us, so don’t worry, leave the rest to us.”


Following her up to the VIP room on the first floor, she ordered a few people and then took me to pick out a dress.


I wasn’t stupid, so I naturally knew what they were going to do, but what was Shen Yu going to do? The phone in my hand was taken away for a few days.


The person was then pressed in front of the dressing table and the green cheongsam woman smiled and looked at me, “Miss Shen doesn’t need to be nervous, Mr. Shen has ordered everything, you just need to be patient and cooperate with us.”


It took about ten minutes to get it done, and looking at myself in the mirror, which was made to look proper and airy, I wrinkled my eyebrows, displeased.


Shen Yu didn’t show up, just a black Bentley for me outside the shop, with a young looking driver.


I didn’t want to get into the car, I just looked at the man with my arms wrapped around me and said, “Where is the address, I have the car and can go there myself!”


“Does Miss Shen not trust me?” The man spoke, with a few smiles on his face.