Never Say Never Chapter 107-108

Chapter 107

I nodded my head, “Yes!”


Perhaps not expecting me to be so direct, the man faintly stared and smiled, “Don’t worry Miss Shen, Mr. Shen just wants to take you to a party and wants everyone to get to know you.”


“You can just tell me the address!” I didn’t have a clue what Shen Yu was up to, so I had to be on guard.


The man in the car had already gotten out and opened the door for me, his face polite with a smile, “Miss Shen just don’t give me a hard time, Mr. Shen knows that you also called Miss Muzi, so he also sent someone to pick you up, Mr. Shen is so hurt on the heart, I think, Miss Shen can’t refute this favor from Mr. Shen, right?”




Threatening me with Muzi?


I laughed for a long time and got into the car gracefully, Shen Yu really knows me well enough.


The car drove to the resort hotel in the southern area, a drive of more than an hour, and I didn’t know at first where the car was going to go.


But when I saw the car drive into the golf course in the southern suburbs, I knew where it was. Jiangcheng is known as the ancient capital of three dynasties, following the development of the times while retaining a city’s original cultural heritage.


Although it is not a military or political capital, it has produced many talented people over the centuries. As a result, many elderly people who were originally in high positions of power in the city like to buy a piece of land in Jiangcheng, seeking a stable place after a hundred years.


For ordinary people, the southern suburbs of Jiangcheng are a luxurious place where they could not take a step even if they tried for a hundred years.


But even so, there are still many people who squeeze their heads to get in here, thinking that here, as long as you are not an idiot, anyone you meet could be a valuable person on your way to life.


As the car entered the golf course, it stopped and someone tugged me out of the car and showed me into a black Bentley that was reserved for the owner’s family.


Only when I got into the car did I see Shen Yu sitting inside, a man with a distinguished air and a gentle face, a pair of fox-like eyes looking at me like stars, “Shen Shu, long time no see!”


Out of my inability to react, I lifted my skirt and tried to get out of the car, but it was too late, he encircled me and pressed me into the seat, his voice low, “Be good, First Encounter, I wish we could be more romantic.”


Even if the words sounded good, they tasted of blood when they came out of his mouth, and I pushed back my fear and spoke, “What did you do to Muzi?”


He raised his hand, looked at me carefully and said casually, “She’s fine.” Hooking my chin, he tsked and said helplessly, “Shu, you’ve lost weight, but you’re still beautiful!”


I lowered my eyes, not wanting to speak to him.


“The Lin family in Jiangcheng has been a prominent family for hundreds of years, and has produced many military and political figures, and is also one of the best in the business world, so just follow me properly for a while!” He opened his mouth, his voice carried a bit of rigour.


I knitted my brows, I hadn’t seen him for five years, what had he done in the past five years? Why did he go from being a hacker to being in touch with the top of the pyramid in business and politics?


Ten minutes away, the car pulled up under a European-style luxury villa, Shen Yu got out, opened the door for me in an extremely gentlemanly manner, and gently extended his arms to me, his voice dazzling, “Hold on to me later.”


I hated as well as feared his hypocrisy and fake smile, people who had licked the beads of blood on the tip of a knife, even if he was sending you flowers, all you saw were cold arrows of murder.


But, I had to obey him, get out of the car and hold him.


Chapter 108

The design of the villa is generous and elegant, with a few Chinese styles in it. When I entered the main door, I entered not the hall, but a cobbled pathway and broke through a small garden before entering the hall.


With Shen Yu on my arm, I stepped on my high heels and walked quite smoothly.


He was wearing a black suit with a white shirt, his collar was white and straight, his hair was short, and his features were sharp and sharp.


His aura was so strong that even in a crowd, he was instantly visible!


As an afterthought, I reacted to the fact that this party was Ivana Lin’s birthday dinner, Fu Shenyan had returned, and many people I knew in the business and political circles of Jiangcheng would come.


I was Fu Shenyan’s wife, but I was holding another man’s hand, so if I appeared like this, wouldn’t I be slapping Fu Shenyan’s face?


I jerked my hand back, fear and worry spreading through my heart.


But who was Shen Yu, the man who licked the blood and walked forward, in just an instant he had me in his big grip, his face grim, “Xiao Shu, listen!”


I pursed my lips and sweat broke out in my hands.


Raising my eyes in Fu Shen Yan’s direction, he too spotted me, his dark eyes narrowing slightly, his dark eyes falling on the black drop-shoulder gown I was wearing.


For a moment, he turned his eyes to Shen Yu, “Mr. Shen, long time no see.”


Fu Shen Yan and Shen Yu know each other?


Shen Yu pulled me along and smiled lightly, “Mr. Fu, it’s been a long time.”


The conversation between the two was just an ordinary greeting, and I couldn’t hear a single thing wrong with it.


Fu Shen Yan dropped his dark eyes on me, understated and unharmed, “Who is this beside Mr. Shen?”


“My fiancĂ©e!” Shen Yu was so shocked by this sentence that he froze in place, and Fu Shen Yan’s pair of deep, bottomless eyes faintly revealed a few moments of coldness.


But his face still smiled, “Rumor has it that Mr. Shen is not close to women, but now it seems that he is hiding his wife in a golden house.”


Shen Yu shook my hand, smiling lightly, warm and elegant, “There is no such thing as not being close to women, but just waiting for the return of a good man.”


Fu Shen Yan dangerously narrowed his eyes, thin lips kissed, “the return of a good man ……”


The first thing that I did was to tell Fu Shen Yu that I hadn’t mentioned it to Fu Shen Yan, and I hadn’t had time to explain it, and now I’ve come to this point.


The actual fact is that you can’t get a lot of money from the company.


My heart was in a tizzy.


Fu Shen Yan’s black eyes fell on me for a moment and he couldn’t help but smile, “What do I call you now? Mrs. Fu? Or Mrs. Shen?”


My heart sank, I forcefully broke Shen Yu’s hand and went forward to pull him, “Fu Shen Yan, I ……”


“Shen Yan!” The woman’s warm and sweet voice came, I looked sideways, Lu Xinran wearing a nude fishtail backless dress, a good body completely highlighted, she carried the hem of her skirt, elegant and atmospheric walk to Fu Shen Yan, very natural to take Fu Shen Yan’s hand.


The handsome man and the beautiful woman, extraordinarily well-matched.


When she saw me, Lu Xinran was not surprised, but her face was slightly sunken, “Miss Shen is here too.”


The eyes fell on Shen Yu beside me and smiled lightly, “Miss Shen, is this your …… friend?”


The two words “friend”, she said extraordinarily ambiguous.


I lowered my eyes and suppressed all the words I was going to say in my heart, explaining now, I was only afraid I would make a joke.