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Never Say Never Chapter 111-112

Chapter 111

He nodded, “Fu Shen Yan should have spoken to her in advance, she got close to my mother afterwards and it didn’t look like she didn’t know.”


I kind of wanted to laugh, so I was the only one in the whole thing who didn’t know.


“Heh!” I wanted to laugh, but I couldn’t, I seemed like a complete idiot, I was afraid that one day I would be sold without even knowing it.


Seeing that I did not look too good, Chen Xing paused, perhaps realizing what was going on, he slightly collected his emotions and looked at me with some heartache, “You should not think too much about it, no one talked to you about it because they were worried about you thinking about it, and everyone was unsure, so ……”


“So you guys just take it for granted that I should be kept in the dark? Like a fool?” I opened my mouth, my heart clogging up.


He frowned, “Shen Shu, you know that’s not what I meant.”


“I don’t know!” I thought that if I was kind enough and gave people enough trust, I wouldn’t suffer most of the harm, but really I was too naive, and I had to take every bit of the pain in life.


In the hall, there were quite a few people, all dignitaries, and Lu Xinran in the crowd was particularly eye-catching, being pulled by Ivana and Mo Zhizang to greet everyone, and they introduced her to everyone, nice and warm.


Yes, some people are blessed with good fortune from birth.


I took a walk around the dining area to collect my emotions, I had to eat well even if my life was sad, the little one inside me still had to grow up.


Dawn was distracted and inadvertently bumped into someone, the cream cake she had just put on her plate ‘gobbled’ and rolled a few times, brushing against someone’s suit!


“I looked up and saw the cold sneering face of Qiao Zhongyan.


The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.


I didn’t want to argue, but that doesn’t mean Qiao Zhuan Yan didn’t want to. Looking at me, he sneered, “Shen Shu, are you particularly angry now? You’re especially jealous that Xinran is Lin Ivana’s daughter, which means her life will change forever, and Shen Yan is such a noble man, and a woman from the slums like you is not worthy of him, no matter how hard she tries.”


I put the food down in my hands and raised my eyebrows at him, “I’m not worthy, but Mr. Qiao is?”


“You ……” he got angry and tried to retort.


I interrupted lightly, “Fu Shenyan and I are already married and have our own children, Mr. Qiao likes to mock me so much because he subconsciously feels that he is not worthy of Lu Xinran? You have no place to vent your inferiority complex, so you’re looking for me to vent it?”


“Nonsense!” His eyes were red with anger, and he took off the suit he was wearing and threw it to me, “Take care of the clothes.”


I sometimes thought Qiao Zhuan Yan was cute, every time he looked at me and tried to get me in trouble, he ended up being so angry with himself, like at this moment.


Seeing that he couldn’t talk me out of it, he simply had to make things difficult for me.


Looking at the suit in my hand, I raised my eyebrows, “I suggest Mr. Qiao not to let me handle it, if you walk around here in wet clothes later, you won’t be good enough for Lu Xinran in terms of appearance.”


“Figure it out yourself!” The birthday banquet started, Lin Ivana elegantly went up to the stage to speak, he didn’t want to continue talking more, he went to Lu Xinran’s side with the food in his hand and handed it to Lu Xinran.


Lu Xinran saw him look bad and looked over suspiciously, just in time to see me, and her delicate little face fell into a slight smile, provocative and disdainful.


I had a bit of a headache when I returned a faint glance and took the suit in my hand, but Fu Shen Yan, who originally did not know where to go, walked up to me with a small gift box.


With an icy face, he spoke, “A birthday present for Mr. Lin.”


After saying that, he shoved the box in his hand to me, and seeing the clothes in my hand, he frowned, “Whose is it?”


Chapter 112

“Joe Zhuan Yan’s, I accidentally rubbed something on it earlier.” I said, my eyes falling on the box he had prepared for me?


He gave it an impatient look and spoke, “Throw it away!”


At this point the banquet was buzzing with activity, Lu Xinran was led onto the stage by Ivana Lin, I narrowed my eyes and spoke, “Mr. Fu is not a proper escort at this time?”


He was not in a good mood, as cold as could be, “Shen Shu, shouldn’t you explain to me how you and Shen Yu met?”


If it was half an hour ago, I would have explained to him properly, but at this moment I didn’t want to explain at all.


I walked over to the bin and threw Qiao Zhuan Yan’s suit directly into it, saying with cold eyes, “There’s nothing to explain, what Mr. Fu sees is what he sees.”


On the stage, Lu Xinran and Lin Ivana hugged each other, staged a mother-daughter love show, asked to show Lin Ivana’s motherly love, Lin Ivana decided to have fifty percent of her property under her name managed by Lu Xinran, who would gradually enter Lin Ivana’s company to learn management skills.


At the same time, Lu Xinran also moved to the Pear Garden to live with Lin Ivana. After all, she was the daughter she had lost and found, and Mo Zhi Zhan had also come to power, a powerful man, so it was needless to say that as long as he stood by Lu Xinran’s side, whether it was Kyoto or Jiangcheng, Lu Xinran could walk across the street.


Fu Shen Yan’s face was very bad, but because this was a banquet, he didn’t mean to argue with me. After gathering his emotions, he spoke, “You will be my dance partner in a while.”


I sneered, “Mr. Fu is not afraid of Miss Lu …… ah, no, now it should be Miss Mo, Mr. Fu should now be Miss Mo’s royal dance partner, I will not participate.”


“Shen Shu!” The wrist was pulled by him, pinching me a little painfully, Fu Shen Yan concealed his anger, “Put away your capriciousness.”


I’m capricious?


I was on the verge of laughing, looking over at him, I nodded, “Fu Shen Yan, you really aren’t your average …… powerhouse!”


The remaining light swept over Shen Yu who approached towards me, shaking off Fu Shen Yan’s hand, I walked towards Shen Yu, sometimes the devil is too much better than an angel.


The first time you’ve taken the initiative to walk towards me is the first time you’ve done so.”


Ignoring the gloom in his eyes, I spoke, “When can I leave?”


“Anytime!” He shrugged his shoulders and raised his eyebrows a little higher, revealing a few smiles, “Where do you want to go?”


The fact that he had only said that I should accompany him to the party, and nothing else, meant that I could leave whenever I wanted, as long as I was here.


Thinking of this, I looked down at the gift box in my hand and raised my eyes to look at Lin Ivana who had already finished speaking.


When she saw me, she still smiled gracefully and generously, “Miss Shen, there are many guests here, so you should be more understanding if you are not well greeted.”


I smiled lightly, unknowingly more than a little detached, and said, “You’re welcome, Mr. Lin, this is a birthday present I prepared for you, wishing you a happy birthday and eternal youth.”


She couldn’t help but narrow her eyes and smile, it was obvious that she was very happy tonight, taking the gift box, she said, “Miss Shen, you’re too polite, I ah, I’ll just take your blessing.”


Mo Zhizang, who had been leading Lu Xinran to interact with the guests, saw me chatting with Ivana, and after exchanging a few words in Lu Xinran’s ear, he walked over towards me.


Lu Xinran looked at me and his gaze sank slightly, but only for a moment before he moved away.


Mo Zhi Zhan was tall, and even though he had entered middle age, the aura and awe of his face was still there. When he looked at me, his dark eyes had a bit of love in them, and he spoke, “Are you Shen Shu?”