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Never Say Never Chapter 113-114

Chapter 113

I nodded, una*sumingly, “Hello Mr. Mo!”


“Haha!” He suddenly laughed and looked at Lin Ivana at the side and said, “This girl does look a bit like you in your youth, not only does she look like you, even the hardness in her bones is very similar to you.”


Lin Ivana nodded, her gaze a little more gentle as she smiled, “I felt the same way when I first saw her, if I hadn’t read the dna results, I would have thought it was this child.”


“Little Shu.” Mo Zhi Zhan looked over at me, “Is it okay if I call you that?”


I nodded, something in my memory floating again, probably for too long, just a blur that pa*sed in a flash, I didn’t catch anything, the only thing I remembered was that the voice was familiar.


“Your parents ……”


“Mom and Dad!” Mo Zhi Zang was originally going to say was interrupted by Lu Xinran, who was carrying champagne, stepped on high heels and elegantly walked over, looked at Lin Ivana and Mo Zhi Zang and said, “Uncle Chen said he was looking for you guys to talk about something and was waiting for you on the first floor.”


Mo Zhi Zang and Lin Ivana were stunned, and after a pause they looked at me and said, “Excuse me, Miss Shen, we have something to do, we’ll go and get busy first, if you need anything, you can talk to Xin Ran.”


After saying that, the two of them went up to the first floor.


I was left with Lu Xinran and I looking at each other.


“Miss Shen, let’s talk?” Lu Xinran opened her mouth, a little more arrogance in her pair of black eyes.


There were many people in the villa, coming and going, those I knew and those I didn’t. It was true that I was in a bad mood, and it was also true that I didn’t want to care about her.


After a long breath, I spoke, “Can you leave me alone, Miss Lu? We have nothing to talk about.”


“This is my mother’s territory, where does Miss Shen interrupt to make me go far away?” The words came out of her mouth with a heavy dose of sarcasm.


I lost my smile, “It’s also true, I forgot that now you are not Lu Xinran anymore, but Mo Xinran.”


After a pause, I smiled lightly, “Since it’s your territory, it’s always okay for me to stay away, right?”


“Shen Shu, what will it take for you to leave Shen Yan?” Lu Xinran blocked my path, “Shen Yan is the pride of the sky, only those who also stand at the top of the pyramid are qualified to stand alongside him, Shen Shu, you know very well that you are not worthy!”


“You’re worthy?” Looking at her confidence from nowhere, I smiled lightly, “I’ve been worthy of this man for two years, how come I’m not worthy now? Because you’ve gone from being a helpless orphan to being the daughter of the richest woman, you’re already qualified to match that pyramid man, so I’m not worthy?”


“Shen Shu, he doesn’t love you, and you’re having fun staying by his side when you’re so desperate?”


I raised an eyebrow, “Yes!” A faint laugh escaped, “At least no matter how far he goes, no matter who she loves to death, as long as I am his wife, he will still come back to me sooner or later and let my child call him father in all his glory.”


“Shen Shu!” She blushed, “Is this the marriage you want? I can give you whatever you want, I only have one request, leave Shen Shu, can you?”


She said this in a humble way, if it were normal, I would probably think that she loved Fu Shen Yan very much, but at this moment, I felt that she was pathetic, her love for Fu Shen Yan was not love, but regret that she could not get it.


If people have regrets in their hearts, after a long time, they will become obsessed and no longer have anything to do with their feelings.


I snorted and laughed out loud, squinting at her, “Lu Xinran, I’m curious, do you really love Fu Shen Yan, or are you just because you can’t get it, your so-called love for each other is just that.”


Lu Xinran is a very proud person, in order not to lose her image, she angrily maintained her calmness, her voice was low, “Who are you to question our relationship? It’s obvious that you are the third party.”


Chapter 114

I raised my eyebrows, “Have you ever seen a third party in name only like me?” I paused as I said this, “By the way, is Fu Shenyan starting to be reluctant to touch you? Do you know why?”


I leaned slightly closer to her and looked at her sarcastically, “Because I said I hated to disgust him for touching anyone else, and if he touches anyone else, don’t touch me.”


“You’re full of Sh*t!”


I sneered, “BullSh*t? Then why would he rather have me help him with my hands than go to you these days?”


Looking at her incredulous look made me feel better, it was actually quite nice to tease the White Lotus.


“Then let’s try, does he still have me in his heart?”


Lu Xinran suddenly laughed eerily, her delicate face moved closer to me, tugging me violently again, and then her whole body crashed towards the red wine tower.


In just a moment, the originally exquisite and elegant red wine tower was knocked over, gla*s cups shattered all over the place, and many of the guests who were close to the place were implicated.


Some people let out screams, some retreated and dodged, while others were confused as to what had happened.


“Xinran!” Ivana Lin’s worried voice rang out, followed by a moment of confusion.


A figure flashed past me and quickly picked up Lu Xinran who had fallen from under the wine tower.


The pieces of gla*s were then cleaned from Lu Xinran’s body and she was placed on the sofa as a couple of family doctors came and began to examine Lu Xinran.


Some contacted an ambulance, while others calmed Ivana.


A moment later, Lu Xinran opened her eyes slightly and looked at Fu Shen Yan with pity, opening her mouth, “Shen Yan!”


“Mmm!” Fu Shen Yan spoke, his eyebrows slightly knitted, the tension from earlier, the irritation had calmed down.


“It hurts!” Lu Xinran spoke, her miserably soft little white hand pulling at the corner of Fu Shen Yan’s coat.


Someone drove the car outside and Fu Shen Yan picked Lu Xinran up, “Rest if it hurts, don’t talk!”


Lu Xinran leaned against him and was quiet.


Fu Shen Yan carried Lu Xinran away, a pair of black eyes fell on me for a moment, deep and bottomless, then carried Lu Xinran out.


With the people in question gone, it was time to watch the fun.


Some people looked at me and chattered with laughter.


“This Mrs. Fu has always been at odds with Miss Lu, and since Lu Xinran has just claimed her ancestors, she probably pushed Miss Lu out of jealousy.”


“It shouldn’t be, I’ve talked to Mrs. Fu about a few projects, she’s a thunderous person and always has a sense of proportion, she wouldn’t hurt people on such occasions.”


“It’s not a matter between a man and a woman, you didn’t see the expression on Mr. Fu’s face just now, he was so nervous about Miss Lu. No one would feel good if their own husband was so nervous about someone else.”


“That’s right, now that Miss Lu has recognized her ancestors, I’m afraid she’ll force Mrs. Fu to divorce in the future.”


“That’s clever!”




I just quietly listened to their discussion.


“Heh!” Qiao Zhongyan, who had been watching, couldn’t help but come up, looking on coldly and sarcastically, “Shen Shu, you’re blatantly jealous, aren’t you? Xinran is hundreds of times better than you in terms of beauty, status and birth background, she is now worthy enough for Shen Yan, but it is you who ……”


The last words he did not say, but the contemptuous and disdainful gaze falling on me was enough to show that I was not worthy of Fu Shen Yan.


I raised my eyes to look at him and shrugged my shoulders and smiled, “Yeah, it’s just blatant, but compared to your sneaking around, I should be considered more open and honest!”


“You ……”


Probably too angry with me to know what to say, Qiao Zhuan Yan grunted and walked away.