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Never Say Never Chapter 115-116

Chapter 115

The crowd had dispersed, and I carried my skirt out of the hall.


Shen Yu was sitting leisurely on the swing in the courtyard, looking at me from afar, his gaze smiling and not laughing.


Looking at him, “I never thought you would like to watch a play!” Dropping the words, I walked straight away.


People change, five years ago Shen Yu liked to torture people in a cruel way, and now, if he brought me here just to watch a play.


I guess he likes to torture people by boiling frogs in warm water.


The southern suburbs are originally far from the city, plus it’s a wealthy area, so basically it’s all private cars going in and out, not many taxis.


Also, you can’t get in here by car without someone’s permission, so I have to take a taxi and have to walk outside the golf course.


It was a long walk.


I took off my shoes and walked along the tarmac road by the golf course. In a short while, a car followed me, slowly, as if deliberately.


I didn’t have to think about who it was, so I didn’t stop, but walked faster.


After a long time, when I saw that the car was still following me, I just stopped walking and went to sit down on the lawn of the golf course.


A minute later, someone sat down next to me.


The man let out a long breath, and his voice held some indefinable sadness, “Xiao-shu, do you not believe that bad people can become good?”


I answered, “What do you want to do when you come back this time?”


Shen Yu had always been gentle and elegant in my memory, but since he had killed Muzi’s parents, forced Grandma to die, and sunk me and Muzi underwater, five years was not a long time to remember all that had happened in the past, but the memory could be clear enough.


He lay down and got up, his head resting on his hands, his gaze fixed on the deep, dark sky, “I’m too lonely and want to live well with you!”


I would have been moved by these words if it had been a family member who had been reunited for a long time, but not him, I just felt cold.


“Is it only when you die that you don’t get entangled?” I spoke as I looked away from the flickering streetlights, and a part of my heart began to spread its gloom.


He laughed, eerily, “I won’t let you die, the future is too long for me to go on without you.”


I don’t open my mouth.


What’s the use of fear, the road always goes on.


“Leave Fu Shen Yan! Let’s live a good life, we’re still as happy as we were when we were kids, Fu Shen Yan doesn’t deserve you you.”


I laughed low, it was funny, others thought I didn’t deserve Fu Shen Yan, he thought Fu Shen Yan didn’t deserve me.


“There’s no going back, Grandma’s gone, that old mulberry tree in front of the door was cut down, Shen Yu, don’t come looking for me, don’t ruin my life anymore, okay?” I knew it would be useless to him, but I said it anyway.


He looked at the deep night sky, his eyes became dark and blurred, and after a long time, he spoke, “I’ve tried, it’s useless!”


It was just that!


The day’s conversation was insipid and I was tired, so I got up and looked at him and said, “Take me back!”


At this point I realized that if he wanted to hurt me, he wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of bringing me here, he just wanted to see my fearful and helpless gaze to stimulate his animal lust.


So he would not do anything to me for the time being!


Dropping me off at the mountain villa, he locked the car door and looked at me with one dark eye and said, “No goodnight kiss?”




Looking at him, my face was expressionless, “Open the door!”


He raised his eyebrows, the gangster in his bones coming out, leaning back in the car seat, his eyes looking down at me, “What do you think Fu Shen Yan would think if he saw you in the car for a long time and didn’t get down?”


He nodded, “That’s right, he should be in Lu Xinran’s ward at the moment shushing the woman she loves, no time to pay attention to you!”


He said as he moved closer, the crisp tobacco displeasing me, “Shen Yu, do you think I’d be relieved if I died?”


Chapter 116

He sank his face, “You try!”


How could I try, it was just not the right time yet, and if it was necessary, it would not be a bad thing to pull a demon on my death.


The courtyard lit up a few degrees, it was headlights, I raised my eyes and looked over, it was Fu Shen Yan’s jeep.


Looking at the time, it was twelve o’clock, it was rare that he would come back.


Shen Yu’s car was obvious, he saw it as soon as he entered the courtyard, but he didn’t get out, he just lit a cigarette in the car and looked at me and Shen Yu with a gloomy gaze.


Shen Yu is a very cheap person, usually acts like a human being, but his ability to stir up trouble is not bad at all, seeing Fu Shen Yan not getting out of the car, he leaned towards me with a smile in his voice, “What do you think Fu Shen Yan’s reaction would be if he saw me kissing you?”


“Sick!” I spoke, moving my body away from him, but the space in the car was that big.


He moved a little and dropped a kiss on my lips, then looked at Fu Shenyan with a smile on his lips, and that look was cheap.


“Shen Yu, are you sick?”


“Yes!” Shen Yu nodded, and Fu Shen Yan had already gotten out of the car.


I twisted my eyebrows and looked at Shen Yu, “Open the door!”


He raised his eyebrows and ignored me, only looking at Fu Shen Yan who got out of the car, then seeing Fu Shen Yan go straight back to the villa, he looked at me and smiled, “Xiao Shu, he doesn’t love you, so he doesn’t care about others touching you at all.”


Kill people to kill, Shen Yu learned the essence, I laughed, “So what, what does it have to do with you? You let me off ……”


“Bang!” A loud bang came, followed by the sound of Shen Yu’s car window gla*s shattering.


I raised my eyes, my whole body froze in shock, Fu Shen Yan was standing by the car, his gaze was gloomy and cold, yes, every one of them was not a good person.


The first thing you need to do is to look at them from a distance and see that they are all decent people with good clothes, but when you look closer, everyone’s soul is dirty and horrible.


This is true of Shen Yu, this is true of me, and this is also true of Fu Shen Yan.


Behind his cool and noble persona, he also has a bloodthirsty soul.


The sledgehammer Fu Shen Yan carried in his hand was left behind by the master in the courtyard the other day to repair the rockery, and even the best car window gla*s could not afford to be smashed with a single blow.


Shen Yu’s icy eyes narrowed as he looked blandly at the gla*s around him, then watched as Fu Shen Yan reached out and opened the car door.


The door opened, I got out of the car, did not speak, just watching these two flagging men confront each other.


Shen Yu narrowed his eyes, although he was sitting, but his aura was not diminished, “A comparison?”


The problem between men, from the old ancestors is to use fists, fist and foot, beat each other smoothly, each other’s heart will be comfortable.


Fu Shen Yan’s black eyes deepened a few points, thin lips lightly opened, “Yes!”


The noise was so loud that Mrs. Zhang, who originally lived in the outer courtyard, didn’t wake up either.


Seeing that Fu Shen Yan and I were there, along with a stranger, she froze for a moment and said with some concern, “Sir, should I call the police?”


Fu Shen Yan took off the black custom-made suit he was wearing, his black eyes were low, “No, go inside and get a chair for the wife, let her sit and watch properly!”


I ……


Sister-in-law Zhang nodded her head and hurriedly went in.


I wrinkled my eyebrows, my heart was already upset, looked to Fu Shen Yan and said, “I will not look, it is not good for the child, you be careful, do not hurt yourself, I will go home and wait for you.”


Perhaps my words were well received, Fu Shen Yan looked a little better, the corners of his mouth rose, looked at me and said, “Well, go home and wait for me!”


“F**k!” Shen Yu is not a good person, at this time, I do not know what reason he has, angry atmosphere, fist towards Fu Shen Yan swung over.


The two men just fought without warning.


I did not stay too long, shielding myself from the sounds behind me.


When I returned to the living room, Mrs. Zhang saw me and said with a nervous look on her face, “What’s going on here?”