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Never Say Never Chapter 117-118

Chapter 117

“Nothing!” I shook my head, I hadn’t eaten anything at the banquet and I was a bit hungry at the moment, so I looked at Sister Zhang and said “Is there any food left at home?”


“There there …..” With that she ran towards the kitchen and then came out with a stewed egg and a pot of tonkatsu chicken.


I was a bit surprised and looked at her and said, “Sister Zhang, it’s already twelve o’clock, how did you …… get this food?”


It’s amazing that it’s still hot at this hour.


She smiled and said, “It’s because Mr. called back to explain that you didn’t eat anything at the banquet and you will definitely be hungry when you come back!”


I froze, not knowing what to feel for a moment.


Was it the baby he cared about, or was it me?


There was a muffled grunt from outside, and Sister-in-law Zhang served me rice and said with some concern, “This, why don’t we call the police!”


I shook my head, chewed slowly and said, “No!”


The two of them were evenly matched, but they couldn’t die.


About half an hour later, there was no movement outside, followed by the sound of the car starting, and a few minutes later Fu Shen Yan came in.


I finished my meal, my stomach rose, and I couldn’t help but feel as if my belly had indeed grown quite large, thinking, I’d better go to the hospital tomorrow, it’s time for a maternity check-up.


“Oops, why are you hurt like this?” Sister-in-law Zhang tidied up the kitchen and kept an eye on the situation outside, at this moment, as soon as Fu Shen Yan returned, she rushed up to see.


I sat on the sofa and looked over, I saw that Fu Shen Yan’s handsome face was coloured and there was still blood at the corner of his mouth, but his figure was still upright and his aura was still there.


Sister-in-law Zhang was busy looking for medical insurance for him, so I took a look and withdrew my gaze, then looked faintly at Sister-in-law Zhang and said, “It’s getting late, I’m going to rest first.”


Sister-in-law Zhang opened her mouth, but she couldn’t say much.


Staggering away from Fu Shen Yan’s low, deep gaze, I went straight upstairs.


There are some things, the more I take the initiative to get together, the more cheap it seems. I have something to hide from him, and he has quite a few secrets he never reveals to me.


When I came out of the bathroom, Fu Shen Yan was smoking on the balcony, his tall, slender figure standing on the balcony, lonely and cold.


I took a brief glance at him, averted my eyes, and sat down at the dressing table to apply my skin care products.


After a long time, I don’t know how many cigarettes he smoked before he came out from the balcony, but after a nonchalant glance at me, he went straight into the bathroom.


It was already late, so I dried my hair and went straight to bed.


That’s what happens when you share the same bed and dream.


The moonlight fell through the window in the bedroom, dappling the eyes.


I shifted slightly as I noticed some discomfort, and a pair of large hands pressed against me.


I woke up and realised that Fu Shen Yan was trying to get hard at this point.


Narrowing my eyes, I spoke, “I don’t even react to you when I’m awake, let alone asleep!”


He stiffened slightly, his dark eyes tinged with hostility in the dark night, “You’re getting back at me?”


I closed my eyes, still a little sleepy, “Not really!”


“Heh!” He sneered, a little roughly, “Then you’re doing less.”


I wrinkled my eyebrows, it was true, behind all the clothes were immeasurable scum.


I bit my lip and endured quietly, not making the slightest sound.


“Isn’t there no reaction?” Noticing the difference, he sneered, “Your lack of reaction is an excuse to reject me?”


I didn’t say anything, letting him have his way.


After a long moment, he stops, turns the light on the bedside table on and prepares to carry me into the bathroom as he always does.


But, when he looked over at me, his dark eyes tightened and the hand that had been holding the small of my back tightened slightly.


He looked over at me, his voice hoarse, “Why didn’t you shout?”


Chapter 118

I was silent, my mind was a little foggy, the pain in my belly, and the constant gushing of blood told me that the baby might be gone.


How so? I was in a bit of pain, not somewhere else, but in my heart.


The kind of pain that felt like something was stuck dead in my heart and I couldn’t breathe.


“Bang!” Fu Shen Yan got out of bed, probably not standing firmly, and his whole body hit the chaise longue.


I didn’t say a word, I just watched indifferently.


He picked up his mobile phone, his long and slender fingertips sliding the screen with some trembling, and it took him a long time to dial the number.


The other end picked up just in time, and Fu Shen Yan spoke, a tremble in his voice, “She’s bleeding, a lot, I need an ambulance.”


Hanging up the phone, he stumbled into the bathroom and came out with a towel in his hand.


Walking over to the bed, he half crouched down ready to wipe, but it didn’t seem to work, a stream of blood bubbled up.


I looked at him, calmly, my gaze growing distant.


His panic, his helplessness, I saw it all in my eyes, not feeling kosher, just ridiculously deserving.


He didn’t look at me, and seeing that he had no way to stop the bleeding, he had to find a set of clothes from the wardrobe and put them on me.


He picked me up from the bed and I could clearly feel his hands shaking, the bad kind.


There were sirens in the courtyard, and I thought an ambulance was coming.


Sure enough, a few moments later a group of men entered the villa with a trolley, and Fu Shen Yan placed me on the hospital bed, giving me a complicated look.


I closed my eyes, not wanting to look at him again.


I was clear all the time, from the villa to the hospital, even in the operating theatre.


It hadn’t really been a long or difficult process.


Whether this baby could be saved or not, the rift between Fu Shenyan and I was always getting bigger and bigger, and there was no way to mend it.


“Close your eyes and rest if you’re sleepy, we’ll do our best to keep the baby, don’t worry!” The doctor at the operating table spoke.


I nodded my head and closed my eyes.


For about two hours, I was still wide awake, and when I was taken out of the operating theatre Fu Shen Yan was guarding the door.


When he saw the doctor, his face was pale, “Is she okay?”


The doctor nodded, “We got here in time, both the adult and the child are fine, Mr. Fu, you still need to take control, Mrs. Fu had polycystic ovary syndrome before, the chance of conceiving a child is very small, this child is not easy to come by, it is better to be careful.”


Fu Shen Yan nodded, it was only a few hours and I always felt as if he had aged a lot.


I was taken into the ward, a little tired, and it didn’t take long to fall asleep completely.


The next day.


I was woken up by a noise, I opened my eyes to see the nurse changing the drops, rubbing my brow, I couldn’t help but speak, “Who’s making noise outside?”


The little nurse changed my medicine and after a pause said, “It’s Mr. Fu and Miss Lu. Miss Lu wants to come in to see you, but Mr. Fu won’t allow it, so she’s crying outside!”




I didn’t make a sound, Lu Xinran was crying, I was afraid that there was not much truth in it.


Seeing that the nurse was ready to leave, I spoke, “While you’re out, can you call them in for me for a moment?”


The little nurse nodded, gathered up the medicine bottles and went out.


It didn’t take long for Fu Shenyan and Lu Xinran to come in. Lu Xinran had gauze wrapped around her forehead, presumably left by accident last night.


Her eyes were red and she looked a little pitiful.


She followed Fu Shen Yan and entered the ward, she took a look at me, but she pretended to look at me and said, “Sister Shen, are you alright?”


I smiled, “I didn’t die, I’m sorry I can’t do what you want.”