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Never Say Never Chapter 129-130

Chapter 129

I raised a hand to indicate the phone in my hand, “I’ll get the phone!”


“You don’t have to play with your phone if you’re sleeping.”




Back in the lounge, I drifted off a bit.


Luckily, pregnant women are sleepy, and after a while of fidgeting, I fell asleep.


When I woke up, it was already afternoon, and when I heard someone arguing outside, I got out of bed, probably because I had slept for a long time and my head was a bit uncomfortable.


I pushed open the door and saw Fu Shenyan and Qiao Zhongyan arguing with each other. I don’t know what they were arguing about, but they stopped when they saw me coming out.


Fu Shen Yan threw a pile of papers at Qiao Zhuan Yan, his voice was a bit colder, “Don’t make a fool of yourself with your own stuff, the same thing I hope you won’t commit.”


Picking up the papers, Qiao Zhongyan gave me a somber glare, then walked away without saying a word.


I was a bit baffled, did I show up at the wrong time?


“What are you fuming about?” Fu Shen Yan opened his mouth, his slender body leaning towards the boss chair, somewhat lazily reaching towards me, “Come here!”


I walked over to him and sat down on his lap, somewhat disgusted, “I slept too much, it’s a bit hard!”


He smoothed the hair around my ears and pressed his face against my neck, “It’s okay, we’ll go for a walk later, what do you want to eat?”


“Not hungry!” I looked up at the clock hanging on the wall, it was three in the afternoon, no wonder I was uncomfortable after three or four hours of sleep in a daze.


He handed me a gla*s of water, “Dean Lu just called and invited us to go to dinner tonight, are you going?”


I froze, took a sip of water and placed the gla*s on the table, “You said yes?”


His dark eyes were deep and he nodded slightly, “Well, I want to take you to eat something nice.”


That was a good excuse.


He was a big president, wanting to let a pregnant woman eat something good, not so much that he needed to go to someone else to dine.


“You make the decision.” I got up and tugged at the clothes that were pressed zou, “I’ll go back to the office.”


I had been at the office all day, basically sleeping and not doing anything proper.


He just happened to have a phone call coming in and looked at me and nodded, “Go ahead, I’ll be down to pick you up later.”


When I returned to the office, Han Shuang looked a bit pale, and when she saw me, she forced a smile and looked at me and said, “Director!”


“What’s wrong?” Looking at the empty desk, it was rare that there was no paperwork today, so I asked casually, “Why is there no paperwork to deal with today?”


Han Shuang bowed her head and said in a low mood, “The documents for ac were called back by Fu and they were asked to redo them.”


“Qiao’s audit asked to be redone?”




“Fu Shen Yan’s words?”


She nodded, “Mmm!”


Just now in Fu Shen Yan’s office, Qiao Zhuan Yan’s stinky face was understandable, so that was the case.


“Do you know the reason?” Fu Shen Yan couldn’t possibly have nothing to ask someone to increase their workload for no reason.


“It seems to be the ac audit, some places were missed, it’s not a big problem, but Mr. Fu seems to be very angry.” Han Shuang stammered, his eyes dodging a bit.


I didn’t continue to ask, this matter since Fu Shenyan asked to redo it, it was useless for me to say anything, besides, he had it in mind.


“Hm!” I responded, I poured the mineral water that had been on the table for a few days onto the balcony on the table, remembering Huayu, I said, “Huayu side, any problems?”


“No, the market is responding well, but there seems to be something wrong on the Huayao side.”


I froze and looked at her, “What’s wrong?”


Chapter 130

“There’s a tech company in city A that’s been preparing to buy them out recently! The major executives over at Huayao are discussing it, some agree and some are against it.”


Han Shuang had been keeping an eye on this, and I nodded, “You should go and find someone tomorrow to ask about the specifics of that company in city A, and then set up a time for me to meet with the people over at Huayao as soon as possible.”


I guess the other party was also interested in Huayao’s technical capabilities, which is why they were so eager to buy it.


After chatting for a while, she went to work and I turned on the computer and searched for information about Huayao. The company was small but had a good market value, but the owner was a technical person who was not good at management, which was why such a good company could not make ends meet.


After looking carefully for a while, someone pushed the door in, it was Fu Shen Yan, he took off his suit jacket, his body was slender and straight as jade, less black and cold and depressing, at this time he was a bit more noble and elegant.


“What are you looking at?”


I closed the computer and got up, “Hua Yao, are we going there? Did Dean Lu give you the address?”


He nodded and embraced me smoothly, “Well, let’s go, are you hungry?”


“No!” I don’t think I ate at lunch, but I don’t seem to be very hungry these days.


Fu Shen Yan’s car was parked in the garage, I had a shadow over the garage so I let him drive himself while I went to the exit light for him.


Outside the lobby, people were coming and going, and after standing for a long time, my legs were a bit sore, so I simply sat down by the flower bed and waited.


I saw Han Shuang change into a yellow dress, make up, full of happiness on a black Cadillac below the company.


People who are getting married have happy smiles on their faces, and I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of man could make a normally unsmiling person full of joy.


The driver’s window was left open and I couldn’t help but notice that the man looked about 28, with clean brows and a nice, scholarly look to him.


The horn sounded, interrupting my thoughts, and I turned around to see that Fu Shen Yan had already pulled the car out.


I got into the car and when I subconsciously looked down towards the office again, the black Cadillac was no longer there.


“What are you looking at?” Fu Shen Yan moved closer to me and fastened my seat belt for me.


“A friend!” I said back, and I withdrew my gaze.


Without asking more questions, he drove straight to the restaurant Dean Lu had arranged.




In front of an upscale Chinese restaurant, Fu Shen Yan parked the car and pulled me straight to the private room Dean Lu had booked in advance.


President Lu and his wife had already arrived early and had two new guests.


When they saw me and Fu Shen Yan arrive, we were all a bit subtle and introduced to each other. Apart from Dean and Mrs Lu, the other two were a middle-aged woman, a specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology, and another younger one, Dean Lu’s niece, a young girl who was young and looked green and cute.


“Mrs. Fu, I’ve ordered you an order of their salt water chicken, it tastes particularly good, you can try it later, there’s also their hot pot, it tastes particularly fresh.” Mrs. Lu was already somewhat sociable with me, and at this moment she chatted with me with extra enthusiasm.


She leaned quietly into my ear and said, “You don’t know, you scared me to death, I thought you had really aborted the baby, I even made a special trip to the Baohua Temple a few days ago.”


I was a little apologetic and embarra*sed, “It was a real inconvenience at the time, I didn’t mean to hide it from you, I’m really sorry.”


She shook her head and smiled, “What’s to say you’re sorry, besides, it’s turned out well now, so let’s not mention those things.”