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Never Say Never Chapter 131-132

Chapter 131

President Lu said a few words to Fu Shen Yan, then looked at me and said, “Mrs. Fu, Dr. Li is our hospital’s obstetrics and gynecology specialist, and Mr. Fu specially asked me to find such a specialist for you, to observe and take care of the fine details of your pregnancy to delivery at any time and anywhere.”


Dr. Li on the side looked at me and smiled, “Mrs. Fu, you can always call me if you have any problems in the future.”


I smiled lightly, I knew some table manners, so I poured the juice in my gla*s and toasted the two of them separately, then looked at Dean Lu and said, “I may have to trouble Dean Lu in the future, I, Shen Shu, thank you in advance.”


A little subtlety, however, did bring the atmosphere to life.


The young girl beside Dean Lu had already hinted at him several times, and when the wine reached the right point, Dean Lu looked at Fu Shen Yan and me and said with some embarra*sment, “I originally invited you two here for a home-cooked meal today, but I also have a deadly desire to ask Mr. and Mrs. Fu to give me a nod.”


At this point in the conversation, I was too embarra*sed to say anything else, so I smiled lightly, “President Lu is very kind, we have been working together for many years, how can we use the word please? If there’s anything you want to do, just say so, we as juniors will naturally do it.”


Dean Lu lost his smile, but he was more than a little thankful, and was embarra*sed to say anything else for a while.


It was Mrs. Lu who opened her mouth and said, “This is how it is, our niece, Chang Sheng, has always wanted to work for Fu’s. She just graduated from university this year. We understand that Fu’s has been extremely strict with its talent over the years, so this child has been begging us for several days, thinking that we could ask for a favor from Mr. and Mrs. Fu to see if we could arrange a position for her at Fu’s.”


I was stunned and couldn’t help but look at Fu Shen Yan, Fu’s recruitment has always been strict and is always carefully screened by the HR department before being retained.


For one thing, Fu’s is a listed company and the salary is much higher than other companies.


The second is that Fu’s is an extremely training place, and those who can stay at Fu’s will have good options even if they jump ship later, after all, Fu’s training of employees is many levels higher than other companies.


When I first joined Fu’s, I also pa*sed the personnel hurdle, and only after that did I move up step by step, with a lot of help from my grandfather in between, of course.


I looked at this little girl and saw her looking at Fu Shen Yan with admiration, her eyes were full of the admiration of a woman who is just beginning to love a man.


After listening to Madam Lu’s words, Fu Shen Yan did not make a sound, but elegantly gave me a bowl of soup, his voice low, “Drink more soup, this soup calms the spirit and helps you sleep.”


I nodded, rather thinking how he would handle this matter of Dean Lu, saw him look at Dean Lu, and then looked at Madam Lu and said, “It is Fu’s honor to be valued by you, the two of you also know that my wife entered Fu’s back then is also to go personnel, Fu’s will hold a job fair in June, when the two of you can let Miss Lu to try.”


Fu ShenYan this person, really to the human world of the handling, really is not satisfactory, I am a little speechless.


With these words, he was obviously letting this little girl get in on her own strength.


Seeing some embarra*sment on Dean Lu’s face, and seeing that the little girl’s face was not too good, I couldn’t help but speak up, “Miss Lu is a graduate from a famous university, her ability and professionalism are top notch, when the time comes, we will wait for you at Fu’s, I believe we can work under one roof in the future.”


Once these words came out, the little girl’s face improved a bit and she timidly looked at Fu Shen Yan and said, “Really?”


The newest child in society is inevitably full of expectations for the future, and Fu Shen Yan, a man with a poisonous mouth, is a man of few words, and if he can keep his mouth shut, he does not speak, so his silence is automatically translated into acquiescence by the young girl.


The wine is full and a meal is finished.


Chapter 132

When I left the restaurant, Dean Lu and Mrs. Lu were very polite and insinuating, I was a little tired, and the temperature was a little cold at night, so I talked less.


My shoulders suddenly warmed up and I looked up to see the clothes that Fu Shen Yan had draped over me, I froze and still spoke, “Thank you!”


A black Cadillac pulled up under the restaurant, then a gentle, clean-looking man got out and looked at Dean Lu and Mrs. Lu and said, “Mom and Dad! You can tell me half an hour in advance next time.”


Mrs. Lu pulled him up intimately and looked at Fu Shenyan and me and said, “Mr. and Mrs. Fu, this is my son, Lu Qi. He was supposed to come along tonight, but something came up and he didn’t make it, so this is the perfect time for us to get to know each other.”


After a few subtle words, I felt for a moment that this Lu Qi was somewhat familiar, but I couldn’t remember for a while.


I couldn’t help but pay attention when I heard Mrs. Lu introduce him as working at ac.


After all, we had finished eating and there was nothing important to do, so after a brief goodbye, we all went home.


When I got into the car, I looked out of the window with my eyebrows knitted.


I turned around and saw Fu Shen Yan looking at the car with one hand and holding me with the other, so I couldn’t help but say, “This is not safe!”


He looked at me and smiled down at me, “Concerned about me?”


Not really!


“I’m in the car too.” Wide and I had one in my stomach, “Two bodies in one!”


He lowered his eyes, a bit of helplessness in them, his grip on my hand tightened a bit and said, “Don’t worry, even if I die, I’ll still protect you and your mother.”


I didn’t say much to him, but my mind remembered that Lu Qi, and coldly thought of the car that picked up Han Shuang from underneath Fu’s building today, which also seemed to be a black Cadillac.


I was so far away that I didn’t see the man’s face clearly, and I couldn’t help but wrinkle my eyebrows slightly, always feeling a little uneasy in my heart.


When we arrived at the villa, I was a little drowsy.


Fu Shen Yan carried me out of the car and went straight back to the bedroom, placing me on the bed, he spoke, “Don’t rush to sleep, wash up first.”


I was a little dazed, and when I got into bed, I had a few greedy thoughts, so I pulled the covers off and planned to sleep.


Fu Shenyan seemed to see through my intentions and picked me up from the blanket and went into the bathroom, saying in a deep voice, “Wash up, or you’ll be uncomfortable in the morning.”


I mumbled, my tired body hanging on him, and reached out in a daze to squeeze the toothpaste, but it was taken away by Fu Shen Yan.


After squeezing the toothpaste for me, he took the water and handed it to me, “Brush your teeth properly.” This looked like a lecture to a child.


I held my toothbrush in my mouth and muttered, “I’m not a child.”


He laughed, “No difference.”


After tossing and washing, I didn’t seem so sleepy anymore, so I lay down on the bed and saw Fu Shen Yan lie down smoothly, holding me in his arms and resting his chin on my neck, “Sleep well tonight.”


I raised my eyebrows, “You said that to yourself?”


He opened his eyes and looked at me, the corners of his mouth lifting, “For you, it’s a natural reaction for him to see his master, you need to be more tolerant.”


The man really was driving at all times.


I pursed my lips and lifted my hand to push him, “It stinks, go wash up.”


He smiled evilly, “Where does it stink?”


“It all stinks!” I closed my eyes, ready to fall asleep, when his voice came faintly to my ears, “Shen Shu, let’s have a good life from now on? Hmm?”


My heart tugged and ached, and I pursed my lips in silence.