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Never Say Never Chapter 133-134

Chapter 133

“Fu Shen Yan, do you love me?” The question was a bit idiotic, but a common problem for girls.


He raised his hand, his palm on my face, his fingertips touching my earrings, “Do you?”




It had been too long, I had fallen in love with Fu Shenyan at first sight, and in later days I had leaned on the beauty I had felt when I first met him, and had gone on to the present, but after a long time and no response, I didn’t seem to be as persistent as I had been at the beginning, and I was starting to plan to leave him.


Maybe, not as in love as I thought.


Seeing my silence, the light in his eyes darkened, and after a long time he said, “It’s okay, let’s take our time, we will all love each other deeply in the future!”


I didn’t say anything and pushed him slightly, “Go and take a shower, I’m tired.”


It’s been so long, it’s time to let go, I’m really tired.


He dropped a k i s s on my forehead, then got up and got out of bed and went into the bathroom.


I stared at the ceiling in disbelief.


The phone he had left on the bed vibrated and I hadn’t planned to answer it, but it kept ringing so I tapped it on.


“Brother Shen Yan, can you come over and stay with me? I’m scared all alone.” Lu Xinran’s voice was weak and predictable.


Glancing at the bathroom, I spoke, “He’s in the shower, you’ll call later!”


“Shen Shu!” By the tone of her voice, she was upset, “Why are you answering Brother Shen Yan’s phone, what are you doing?”


I was a little brow-beaten by her noise, “I said he’s in the shower, you’ll call later!”


“Shen Shu, shame on you.” I sometimes think that Lu Xinran is really quite average, she has an average heart, except for a cry, she can’t even hang herself, if she wasn’t pretty, a girl like her really can’t be a threat.


“Well, I’m shameless, I’m going to have to take care of his physical problems for him later with a big belly, so Miss Lu, you, the mistress, can call away frantically for him later.” I’m really not disgusted with her, I’m just sick and tired of this day and night pestering.


I hung up early without waiting for the heart-rending screams to come from Lu Xinran’s end.


I tossed the phone aside, pinched my brow and looked up to see Fu Shen Yan standing at the bathroom door, his dark, cold eyes really staring at me.


I didn’t avoid it and spoke, “Lu Xinran’s call, it was too noisy so I answered it, she wanted you to go with her.”


Lying on the bed, it was clearly the height of summer, I always felt so cold and couldn’t help but shrink my body under the covers.


“Well, what did you get back?” He asked, his eyes deep and dark, his tone very light, as if he was just asking casually and meant nothing else.


“Tell her to call you later.” Huddled under the covers, it was a little warmer, and I closed my eyes to brew sleep.


There was a low chuckle from him faintly in the air, followed by the sinking of my side and the hair on my forehead being ruffled to one side by him.


I opened my eyes to look at him.


He smiled lightly, “Shen Shu, I’m your husband, shouldn’t you be messing with me and arguing with me when another woman calls in the middle of the night and asks me to keep her company?”


I froze, got up from the bed, looked at him and said, “Then don’t stay here tonight, go stay somewhere else.”


He froze, raised his hand and rubbed my forehead and said helplessly, “You’re my wife, even if you fight, you have to be in the same house.”


Knowing I couldn’t talk him out of it, I oh-so-slowly lay back down.


His waist was mastered by his building, pulling me into his arms, and he raised an eyebrow, “And that’s how you sleep?”


Chapter 134

I got a little annoyed by him doing this and looked at him and said, “My hands are sore, go get yourself in the bathroom.” Every day is too much for anyone, let alone a pregnant woman.


His eyes deepened slightly and the smile on his lips deepened, “It’s an honor to make you feel so tough for me.”


I ????


Is this tough?


Ignoring him, I closed my eyes and went to sleep.


His voice softened a few notches, “Don’t rush to sleep, don’t you like to be wet? Get up and help me dry off before you go to sleep.”


I twisted my eyebrows, “You do it yourself.”


Fu Shen Yan’s jaw was pressed against my shoulder and both hands were disciplined, “There are some things that couples do together.”


Never mind, just get on with it, I don’t want to sleep.


Getting up from his arms, I sat up straight, picked up the towel he had thrown aside and half-kneeled on the bed to wipe his hair.


His upper body was a little watery and I pursed my lips, didn’t this man even know how to wipe before he got into bed?


“You’re getting the bed wet!” I spoke up, my eyes falling on the damp patch underneath him, slightly displeased, “Next time you get it wet, don’t go to bed.”


He laughed low, “Fine, next time you’ll wipe it for me in the bathroom.”


I purse my lips and ignore him.


After drying him off, I lay back down and went back to sleep, he came back from his rounds with some bottles and jars in his hands.


I was a little too sleepy to ask.


His phone started ringing arrogantly again and he answered it, his voice clear and cold, “Xinran, what’s up?”


I didn’t expect that he would put it on speakerphone, and on the other end of the line Lu Xinran’s voice trailed off, “Brother Shen Yan, come stay with me, okay, I can’t stay alone.”


Didn’t she go back to live in the Pearly Gates with Ivana? How come she still cried out every day that she was lonely and empty?


“Call Zhuan Yan, I’ll give Shen Shu a ma*sage later, she’s pregnant, her calves and feet are a bit swollen, she needs a ma*sage every day.”


He said calmly, and hung up the phone after that without waiting for Lu Xinran to say more.


I looked at him, my gaze warm and angry, “When did my legs swell up? It’s only been three or four months, how come it’s swollen?”


He smiled lightly and had pressed my leg into his lap, then began to rub some essential oil on it, gently rubbing it, “Good, it’s not swollen, it’s fat!”


I ……


The more I talked about it, the more angry I would get.


Solely, I closed my eyes and went straight to sleep.




Recently sleepy, after sleeping for so long during the day, I can still sleep just as well at night.


I don’t know when Fu Shen Yan went to sleep, but he was no longer in the room when I woke up. Knowing that he has been rather busy lately, I didn’t care much.


I washed up and went downstairs, had a quick bite to eat and then I went out.


I was surprised, but not surprised, that Ivana and Mo Zhiqing had asked me to meet them at a coffee building in the city centre.


When I went in, Mo was looking at Ivana with a loving look on his face, putting a thin gold-rimmed watch on her hand.


It was clear that they were in love.


“I seem to be late.” Walking to my seat, I spoke, with a smile on my face.


When she saw me, Ivana pulled me to sit beside her with a bit of affection and looked at me, “What would you like to drink?”


I smiled lightly, “Whatever!”


“They have a good blue card, try it?” I nodded, “Thank you!”


After I ordered my coffee, Mo Zhi Zhan’s cloudy eyes fell on me and he sighed, “Miss Shen, you really look like Ivana when she was young.”


I didn’t know how to take this comment, so I simply went straight to the point, “Are you two asking me to come over for something?”