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Never Say Never Chapter 135-136

Chapter 135

Seeing me being so direct, Ivana laughed and said, “You child, I can’t even say something intimate to you if I want to.”


It was Mo Zhi Zhan who opened his mouth and said, “It’s like this, Ivana and I felt close to you the first time we saw you, you know, although we got our daughter back, we are also related to Miss Shen, if Miss Shen doesn’t mind, we can tie the knot.”


I wrinkled my eyebrows, always feeling that nothing was at stake, and spoke, “It’s my good fortune to have met you both, you’d better get down to business.”


Lin Ivana’s face looked a little bad, and after a pause she said, “Miss Shen should be well aware of Xinran’s relationship with Mr. Fu, right?”


This was to speak for her daughter?


I smiled and nodded my head very matter-of-factly, “Well, clearly, Mr. Lin is trying to convince me to divorce Fu Shen Yan and give up the man of my choice for your daughter?”


The two of them looked a little embarra*sed, but after all, they were both cultured people, and Lin Ivana’s face took on a little more of a guilty look, “I can well understand Miss Shen’s feelings, this matter is something that both Zhi Zhan and I are somewhat persuaded to consider, but please understand a mother’s preference for her daughter.”


I nodded my head, but I didn’t feel anything, and said, “Fu Shen Yan and I are a legitimate couple no matter how you put it, so it’s really out of consideration for you to advise me like this. child?”


Mo Zhi Zhan is a businessman, everything is profit-oriented, when he saw me talking like this, he put a gold card in front of me and said, “Miss Shen don’t worry about your child’s future, the money in this card is enough for you to buy a suite in the capital, in the future, no matter what problems you mother and child have, as long as you ask, I will help you.”


I smiled lightly, this really was a big deal!


Smiling, I looked at the gold card on the table and laughed a little, “It should be very painful for the two of you to lose your daughter these twenty years or so, right? I think that Miss Lu should also be very painful during these years of losing her parents, such a process that you two have experienced, I don’t want my child to experience it once too, I think that he prefers to have both parents with him than to be clothed in gold and gold.”


After a pause, I continued, “In addition, Fu’s current financial power may indeed be insufficient compared to the two of you, but this does not mean that it will not be in the future, you admire Fu Shenyin, and you must also know that his future is promising, actually so, there is even less need for me to sacrifice near and far.”


Lin Ivana and Mo Zhi Zhan looked at each other, and the two of them were a little embarra*sed.


Looking at the coffee brought up on the table, I shrugged my shoulders and said, “I admire the love the two parents have for their children, and I envy them, but that’s just it, Miss Lu has her parents to help fight for it, I need to fight for a good future for my children too.”


Ivana Lin sighed slightly and spoke, “It is me and Zhi Zhan who have been a little ill-considered, Miss Shen should not take this to heart, being a parent, you always lose your measure for your own child.”


I nodded, “Yes, I understand!”


I’ve said everything I need to say, and I don’t think there’s any need to go on, it’s just a waste of words.


Taking my bag aside, I went to get up, keeping the most dignified way of saying goodbye, “The purpose of the two of you asking me to come to dinner is clear enough, and my words are clear enough, so if there’s nothing else for you two, I’ll leave you to it.”


Chapter 136

Before I could take a few steps, Ivana Lin stepped in front of me, her face very bad, “Miss Shen, take this, you are still young, there are many opportunities to want children in the future, if you can think about it, Zhi Zhi and I will accept you as our goddaughter and let you enjoy the same future as Xin Ran, you can get dozens of times more than you have now just by giving up Fu Shen Yan, I know you will be angry, but still, please think about it.”


I really wanted to laugh, looking at the bank card she shoved in my hand, I narrowed my eyes, “Mr. Lin, I thought you were someone who had seen the world, understood all the ways of the world, and still had a conscience in your heart, but now it seems really average, not to mention you recognise me as your goddaughter the most, even if I were your own, I don’t think I would recognise it, different paths don’t go together.”


I pushed Ivana away when she wanted to say something else. People are really an extremely disgusting creature, we can disguise our appearance as benign and harmless, call ourselves entrepreneurs in the name of beauty and accept the admiration of others, the praise of others without shame.


Even so, it still cannot hide their dirty nature.


Lin Ivana did not stand firmly and fell to the ground, I had disgust in my heart, I coldly watched Mo Zhi Zang pick her up and spoke indifferently, “Sorry, I did not mean to do that.”


Unrestrained, I just hope that Miss Shen will not find our methods too cruel.”


“I’ll see what happens!” I was a little angry when I dropped the words, and my rigid face turned cold, “Since Miss Shen doesn’t like such a peaceful solution, we’ll just go straight away instead, I’d like to thank my grandmother, she’s kept my heart a clean slate and less filthy all these years, despite her hardships.


After leaving the cafe, I went straight to the office.


To be honest, I wasn’t in a good mood, but it was bearable.


When I met Chen Xing downstairs, it looked like he was in a hurry to get to the office, so I just ignored him, but I didn’t want him to take the initiative and come up to me.


He said, “I haven’t seen you for a few days, what have you been up to these days?”




He bristled, “Why are you so cold, at least I’m your admirer, what would you do if you were a little more pleasant to me?”


I looked at him and said, “Where is your real father?” If Ivana was Chen Xing’s mother, where had Chen Xing’s father gone?


Perhaps the question was too abrupt and he snapped his face at me and said, “Why are you asking this?”


“I’m curious!” This woman, Ivana Lin, was also the odd one out, counting the number of men she had been around.


“Dead.” Throwing two words at me, he continued, “Have dinner with me tonight and I’ll tell you whatever you want to ask.”


“Not interested!” Staggering away from him, I went straight into the lift.


“I’ll cook dinner myself.” He spoke sharply.


The lift doors closed, automatically fatiguing his nonsense.


Answering the office, I called for Han Shuang and seeing her not looking too good, I couldn’t help but speak, “What’s come up?”


She sighed, “The ac audit, Mr. Fu wants to see it in person, it’s stressful.”


I laughed, “What’s there to be stressed about, it’s all about watching, isn’t it the same for him and me, you just need to dovetail and there won’t be any problems naturally.”


Thinking about seeing her and the man downstairs yesterday, I couldn’t help but speak up, “Was that your boyfriend who picked you up downstairs at the office yesterday?”


She froze, a little surprised, “What?”


“The man in the black Cadillac, very handsome, was he your boyfriend?” I just asked casually, seeing her nervous face.


I couldn’t help but laugh, “I saw it by accident, why are you nervous, I’m a married woman and I can’t you gun it?”