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Never Say Never Chapter 137-138

Chapter 137

She smiled a little far-fetched, “Director, it’s not that, you know I’m very good at mentioning my personal life with people in the company, moreover, there are many girls in the company, in fact, everyone said when they joined that they wouldn’t get married and have children in five years.”


Fu is good, but in the past, grandfather considered that after girls joined the company, they took maternity leave and wedding leave, which delayed their work, so the rule was that girls could not fall in love and have babies within five years.


This rule would have been unreasonable, and then Fu Shenyan took over, it was basically not looked at, just grandfather set, not good to directly remove, although the pendulum, but basically open, and will not be difficult for the girls on maternity leave wedding leave.


But this is, after all, his private life, I am not too good to pursue, laughing, “Well, I just saw yesterday, some curiosity.”


Handing her the processed documents, I said, “You go ahead and get busy. ac’s audit Fu Shenyan since he asked to personally review it, you put more effort into it, and also the credit audit report, to make a summary.”




Seeing that she had left the office, she raised her eyes and looked at the time, it was already noon.


It was strange, according to Fu Shenyan’s recent state, he should have come down to take me to dinner long ago today.


The office was knocked on and I froze, looking up to see Cheng Junyu in a hurry, and before I could say anything, he came straight in and dragged me away.


“Dr. Cheng, what’s wrong?” I was a little too small to keep up with him and almost jogged behind him.


When we got into the lift, he wrinkled his eyebrows and spoke in a deep voice, “Shen Yan had a car accident and was taken to the hospital for resuscitation.”


A car accident?


I was a bit confused, wasn’t he fine last night?


“What happened to him? How did he get into a car accident?” How could he have been in a car accident when his driving skills could have made it to the National Championships?


“Let’s go over and check the situation first!” When we got out of the lift, Cheng Junyu didn’t say much and took me to the car.


Cheng Junyu drove in a hurry all the way and it didn’t take long to get to the hospital.


I hurriedly followed him to the entrance of the emergency room, where Qiao Zhuangyan was guarding the door.


“What’s going on?” Cheng Junyu spoke up, he had just left in a hurry, he hadn’t caught his breath yet.


Qiao Zhuan Yan looked like there was nothing wrong with him, and when asked by Cheng Jun Yu, he didn’t return, glancing at me with some embarra*sment, then raising his eyes to the end of the corridor.


I followed the look over, can’t help but froze, Lu Xinran hair scattered, the back of the hand suffered some injuries, look a little wretched.


“I wasn’t there either, I don’t know what happened.” Qiao Zhuan Yan spoke up, and walked over to Lu Xinran after he finished speaking.




There was no need to think about it to know exactly what had happened, Fu Shen Yan and Lu Xinran had been together before they were injured.


“Patient’s family!” The doctor in the white coat came out of the emergency room clutching the medical record book.


“What’s wrong? Is he alright, Brother Shen Yan?” Hearing the voice, Lu Xinran hurriedly got up to greet him.


Cheng Junyu was a doctor and was more calm, looking at that doctor and saying, “What is the patient’s current condition?”


“The patient is still in a coma, the details will only be known when the patient wakes up, in addition, the patient has entered the gla*s under his ribs, it is rather deep, we need to perform a small operation, we need the family to sign, is the patient’s family here?” The doctor looked around at a few of us and flipped the safety notice out.


Lu Xinran was in a hurry and said hurriedly, “I’ll, I’ll sign it!”


The doctor nodded and spoke, “What are you to the patient, young lady?”


Lu Xinran froze, unable to stop herself from biting her lip.


I stood aside, wrapping my arms around her, and spoke indifferently, “Does the signature of a patient’s lover have legal effect too?”


Chapter 138

The doctor froze and wrinkled her brow, “Gentlemen, the patient is in a critical condition, you had better take it seriously, and besides, the surgical risk guarantee is only valid if the patient signs it to his parents, wife and children.”


I walked over, took the guarantee from her and signed it with a broad grin, my expression somewhat icy, “Is there any other paperwork you need to sign?”


The doctor froze and shook his head, “Who are you to the patient?”


“The wife!”


I spoke up after that, “If there’s nothing else to sign, I’ll go back to work, still have some things to do.”


Probably thinking that the relationship here was too messy, the doctor looked around at me and Lu Xinran and paused before saying, “You still need to go through the hospitalization procedures later, so since you are the patient’s wife, stay and take care of the patient in the evening.”


I was a little annoyed, “Will it kill you?”


With one sentence, several people froze and looked at me.


The doctor wrinkled his eyebrows, “No, the patient is not that serious, it’s just some superficial injuries.”




Since I couldn’t die, there was no need for me to stay.


I signed the right papers and did the right procedures, and then handed my things to Qiao Zhongyan, and Cheng Junyu went into the operating room.


When I handed over everything to him, Qiao Zhuangyan was unhappy, “Shen Shu, what do you mean?”


“Not enough to understand?” Looking to him, I raised an eyebrow, “What I need to do, what I should do, I have done, the rest doesn’t seem to need me here.”


“Is that how you are a man’s wife?” Qiao Zhongyan sneered, “Your husband is still in a hospital bed and all you, the wife, can think about is how to get away from it, is that what you, the wife, are supposed to do?”


I was a bit amused, looking at Lu Xinran who was sitting on the side with a few woes, looking back at Qiao Zhongyan, losing my smile, “Other people’s wives encounter this kind of mistress and their own husbands in a car accident to the situation, I don’t know what other people would do, but here I am, I didn’t refuse to delay the operation, is my biggest kindness to Fu Shenyan, if it wasn’t for the child in my belly, to be honest. I wouldn’t have wanted to sign at all.”


“Shen Shu, you vicious woman.” I nodded my head, looking at his face.


I nodded and looked at his grimacing face, “Well, I’m quite vicious, but it’s not enough, I should have prayed that this car accident would cause both of you who love each other to die.”


“Shen Shu, do you have a heart?” Qiao Zhuan Yan couldn’t see me cursing his heart.


“No!” Saying more was a mouthful, and with a glance at the still-lit operating theatre, I turned and headed straight out of the hospital.


When I returned to the office, it was already three o’clock in the afternoon, Han Shuang carried the ac pair of documents in and looked at me, “Director, the ac audit is revised, Mr. Fu is not in the office, why don’t you come and sign it?”


I raised my eyes and looked at her for a long time without speaking, she was a little flustered by my look and spoke, “It’s like this, this document is quite urgent, I’m worried about the delay in working time, so ……”


“Lu Qi is your boyfriend?” I opened my mouth, my voice a little cold.


She froze, her face a few shades of white, “Director, I ……”


“He works at ac?” I continued to speak, my gaze a little sharp.


For a moment her hand clutching the file shook a little, but didn’t speak, just biting her lip without saying anything.


After looking at her for a long time, I sighed, “Han Shuang, I think I’m still good to you, from the time you met the company until now, no matter what the situation is, the first thing I thought of was how to help you get the best treatment.”