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Never Say Never Chapter 139-140

Chapter 139

Silence for a long time, the latter words, I did not say, just look at her said, “Fu audit is a big event for two companies, during this period, whether ac something happened, or Fu something happened, the other ac can hardly be blamed.”


“Director, I ……”


Did not give her a chance to speak, I spoke, “audit information you take back to look at, make sure there is nothing wrong send to the president’s office and wait for him on the results, convey to ac, want to cooperate is a long-term thing, not a day or two, of course, if this matter is only a problem between you and ac side, then it is much simpler, trouble you to deal with it yourself. Don’t let the problem escalate to the point where the two companies are interested in the leaders sitting down with each other to talk about this.”


After saying that, I let her go out, I’m not a fool, I had no contact with this piece of auditing, and Fu Shenyan saw the problem.


The fact that he did not blame me directly, but looked for Qiao Zhongyan, means that this matter is mostly related to Qiao Zhongyan, workplace deceit, set each other up, this is a common thing.


The fact that Qiao Zhongyan has always looked at me unfavorably, he wanted to do something in the middle and eventually something went wrong and it wasn’t hard to get rid of me from the company.


Han Shuang is my person, I leave most of the work to her, she only needs to be selfish, it is only a matter of time before I leave the company.


I know Han Shuang’s character and it’s not easy for her to be impressed, other than emotionally.


The day I saw Lu Qi was an accident and a coincidence, a few things together to think about, and then try Han Shuang’s basic can be guessed out of ten **.


The original I also have nothing to do, plus I am more or less depressed mood, stay in the company also have nothing to do, so simply packed up, I am ready to go back.


I hadn’t even left the house when Chen Xing changed into a very formal suit and stood at the door, looking at me with his arms around him, “Let’s go and have a dinner date!”


I knitted my brows, “I don’t really want to go!”


“A big dinner, hot pot!” He walked in and picked up the car keys from my desk, “It’s too flashy to drive my car, let’s keep it low key and take your car.”


I gave him a blank look, “Where are we going to eat?”


He smiled sunnily, “Just follow me.”


I didn’t really want to go, but thinking about Fu Shen Yan and Lu Xin Ran made me feel so stuffed up that I went to get something to eat.


I didn’t expect Chen Xing to bring me to such a low-key place. He drove the car into a small alley in the city, which was very deep and looked somewhat dated.


The grey walls were covered with phoenix flowers, which looked especially beautiful in the light of the setting sun.


After driving for a short time, he stopped the car and looked to me and said, “The alley ahead is narrow and only big enough for two people, get out of the car and let’s walk there.”


When I got out of the car, as he said, it was indeed a very nest alley, only big enough for two people to walk, with the sunset and the phoenix flowers on the grey wall extra vibrant.


“How did you know this place was so secluded?” In all the years I had spent in Jiangcheng, I really hadn’t been this way.


The alleyway looked a bit old.


He copied his hands into his pockets, very leisurely, “I didn’t know about it a few years ago, this alley was built by the Republic of China, Jiangcheng was originally the water township of Jiangnan, most of the buildings were whitewashed, you basically can’t see such a secluded and deep alley in the south.”


I nodded my head, the alleyway did look more like the architecture of the north.


He gave me a look and said with a sly gaze, “This alley was built by a local marshal for his wife back in the day, with a total length of 1,314 metres and a width of 520 centimetres, many couples in love like to come to this alley.”


Chapter 140

“That sounds romantic.” It was very beautiful to watch the flowering branches climbing the walls on either side, slowly changing from phoenix flowers to rosebuds, which were built to look beautiful and bloom brilliantly.


If you were in a bad mood, it was all very pleasant to walk down this lane.


He shrugged his shoulders, “Of course.”


In college, Muzi and I agreed that we would make a lot of money in the future, and then we would both go all over the world, I wanted to see the vastness of the world, see the differences in the world, and also touch the traces left by the ancients.


Then, somehow, after graduating from university, this dream was forgotten, and then we became so engrossed in life that we forgot our original intentions for the beginning.


“Shen Shu!” Chen Xing spoke coldly, I returned to my senses and raised my eyes towards him.


Seeing him walking not far ahead of me, holding his phone in his hand, I looked up at him and took a few pictures with a playful smile and said, “It’s a pity you don’t become an actress, a star face among stars, and photogenic.”


Knowing that he was taking pictures of me, I didn’t bother to say much, but looked at the rosebushes on either side and said, “Do these flowers bloom all year round?”


He nodded, “Well, these roses don’t know the seasons, and Jiangcheng is the south, the climate and temperature are suitable for the plants to grow, so these flowers are blooming all year round.”


Quite beautiful!


It is also pleasant to just walk around at sunset, leisurely and at ease.


“Why does it have to be Fu Shen Yan?” He put his phone in his pocket and looked at me sideways and spoke very seriously.


I froze and spoke lightly, “I don’t have to have him.” It’s just that I met him when I was young and in love, and later in my memory, I felt I had to have him.


He stopped and stepped in front of me, his face serious, “Sooner or later you’ll leave him, won’t you?”


I lost my smile and pushed him away, “The future, who knows.”


What could I do if I left? You can’t meet the person who will wow you for the rest of your life too early, or you’ll end up failing the person who has been so gentle to you for years.


At the end of the lane is a very lively snack street, selling all kinds of food and things to eat, with many varieties and many people.


The street is full of food and many people. Many people love Chinese costumes, and walking around in them is a sight to behold.


After walking for half a day, we finally arrived at our destination, but it was already dark.


“Would you mind joining me for a roadside stall?” When I found a seat at the hot pot restaurant, Chen Xing looked at me with his chin in the air and spoke.


“Say mind you are planning to change to another one?”


He got up and said, “Come on, let’s find a new one.”


Pulling him back to his seat, I gave him the menu, “I don’t like spicy food too much, feel free to do the rest.”


Seeing me tick off a few dishes, he sat down next to me and laughed, “I knew you weren’t like those girls.”


I laughed and narrowed my eyes at him, “What do you mean different?”


He ordered his food and spoke, “A lot of girls think eating at roadside stalls is cheap and don’t want to come, they think it’s dirty!”


Looking at him, I spoke lightly, “Where do you get the impression that I don’t think it’s cheap to eat at a roadside stall? That I don’t mind being dirty?”


He stuttered, “You think so?”


“Does it matter?” Taking a shallow sip of water, I smiled lightly, “Whether you bring a girl to a roadside stall without knowing each other, with the intention of testing her or because you think the food is good and want to share something you like with her, are two concepts.”