Never Say Never Chapter 149-150

Chapter 149

Fu Shenyan stared at me in silence for a long time, and the look made me feel weak and take a step back.


His eyes were too biting and his face was so grim as he glared at me, it could be described as fierce and vicious.


“Not willing to accompany me?”


I lowered my eyes, “Yes!”


After a pause, “I’m in a bad mood and don’t have the strength or energy to play with you.”


His wrist was gripped and he pulled me to the edge of his bed, his voice was a little lower, “In a bad mood because I hurt my hand for Lu Xinran?”


“No!” After all these years, there was no need to be angry over this momentary incident.


He raised an eyebrow, his eyes fell on my stomach, and his hand touched up with it, “Because of him?”


I gave him a blank look and stopped talking.


Chen Yi brought in a bunch of things, all food boxes, and took out all the food in one go.


It looked rich indeed.


After arranging the things, he looked at Fu Shen Yan and said, “President, what else do you need?”


Fu Shen Yan looked at it and shook his head, “No need, you go and get busy!”


As soon as Chen Yi left, Fu Shen Yan looked at me, his thin lips flicking open, “All your favorites!”




I was already hungry, so I took a slight pause in my heart and picked up my chopsticks and ate on my own, not wanting to mind him either.


After a few bites, I was uncomfortable with his look and looked at him, “You’re not eating?”


He raised his eyebrows and his gaze fell on the needle on his arm, meaning it was inconvenient.


I lowered my eyes, knowing in my heart that he was trying to get me to feed him, but I pretended not to understand and kept my head down to eat my own.


I ignored him to death.


When I saw him looking at me, I was a little embarra*sed and sat down next to him with my food.


Looking at him, I said, “Open your mouth!”


He was quite good, I fed him a bite and he ate a bite, looking just like a child.


When he had almost eaten, I put down the dishes and looked at him and said, “I can’t sleep here, I’m not staying here at night.”


Last night was out of the question, and staying here today gave me a bit of a headache.


He nodded and looked over at me and said, “Your leftovers are pretty good.”


I ?????


Half a second later, I reacted to what he meant and couldn’t help but glare at him, “Fu Shen Yan, you’re proud?”


He raised his eyebrows, “No, just really like eating your …… leftovers!”


Heh heh.


How bored is he?


Ignoring him, I cleaned up everything I had finished eating, then looked at him and said, “I’m going back first!”


He pulled on my wrist, “You’re just going to leave me alone in the hospital?”


I raised an eyebrow, “You can call Lu Xinran!”


He frowned, “Are you in such a hurry to leave, do you not want to see me, or do you want to go see someone? Chen Xing? Or Shen Yu?”


I was not in a good mood and shook off his hand, “Mr. Fu can find a lover, but I can’t find a confidant? What? You’re only allowed to set fire to the government but not the people?”


I think of Lu Xinran, I can’t help but feel worse, “Besides, Mr. Fu can be honest with Miss Lu and explore the true meaning of life, while I’m just having dinner with friends, not overstepping Mr. Fu what is there to worry about? I’m a lot cleaner than you are!”


“A lot cleaner?” He sneered, the bitter coldness in his bones filling the air, “You’re clean? Do you want me to take a good look?”


With that, he pulled me down on top of him with great force, then quickly removed the needle from his hand and rolled over to pin me down.


I was furious, “Fu Shen Yan, let go of me.”


Chapter 150

His voice was hoarse and defeated, “Loose? Isn’t that what you provoked me to do? What? Not happy?”


“Fu Shen Yan, if you don’t want this child, you can just say so, you don’t have to force me to get rid of him in the same way twice.” I calmed down and knew in my heart that I couldn’t fight him.


He stopped moving his hands slightly, his dark eyes closed and he let out a long sigh, his voice low and helpless, “Shen Shu, what exactly do you want me to do?”


I didn’t say anything, there was pain spreading in my heart, when would this mutual torture continue, when would it end?


“I can’t stand it when you’re like this, get up!” There are some things that can no longer be explained and made clear in a day or two.


After all, it doesn’t take a day to freeze three feet!


He uttered, “I’m afraid not!”


I turned red for a moment, my voice a little angry, “Fu Shen Yan, this is a hospital!”


He nodded, “I know, are you willing?”


“No!” There was no bottom line to this.


He dropped a kiss on my forehead and then pulled me in himself, I wrinkled my brow, wanting to find a hole in the ground to hide in.


After a long time, I was a little run down, “Are you done?”


“In a minute!” His voice was a little lower.


I ……




After a long time, he let go of me and rolled over onto his back, his breath slightly stuttering.


I got up, not really wanting to stay much longer.


I tidied up my clothes and went out of the ward.


It was a coincidence that I met Lu Xinran at the door, the blush on my face still intact.


By the look on her face, she had mostly seen it.


“Shen Shu, shame on you!”


I nodded, “Well, so you peeking isn’t any better.” I couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow, “You can go in now, maybe he can do it again, after all, he still has the stamina to be mighty, doesn’t he?”


With that, I staggered away from her and walked away.


My hands were a little hard to get to, so I found the bathroom and cleaned them for a long time.




When I came out of the ward, it was already dark, and Shen Yu was a hard devil to deal with.


I saw his car parked just below the villa, I stopped the car far away and was ready to turn around and go to the Yun tong flat, but it was only two minutes.


He blocked the car in front of me, his gaze cold and smiling, “Hiding like this is not going to last! As I said at first, now that we’ve met again, we’re not brother and sister anymore, we should get along in other ways.”


I sat in the car and watched as he got out of the car and idly walked over to me, his body leaning against my window, relaxed as could be.




There was no hiding.


I got out of the car and looked at him, a little more coldness in my gaze, “What do you want?”


He smiled lightly, a little colder, “Come with me, Shu, I’ve missed you all these years!”


I laughed, my eyes a little wet, “Miss me for what? How do you want to torture me? How do you want me to watch you kill people? Want me to live under your gloom every day?”


He closed his eyes for a long time before opening them, extraordinarily clear, “You and Fu Shenyan weren’t happy, were you?”


I shook my head, “I am happy!”


He laughed coldly, “How long do you think you’ll be safe when you’re stealing a man with Mo Zhi Zhan’s daughter?”


Not wanting to get into such a boring conversation, I looked at him, “Is that what you came here to say?”


He got straight to the point, “Come back to Huai’an with me, I bought the old house and repaired it, just like before, the way you like it.”


I laughed, “Go back and continue to live under your gloom?”


He frowned, the gloom on his face a little worse, “Shu, you know that I have no intention of hurting you?”


I laughed, “So, I’m the one hurting myself?”