Never Say Never Chapter 151-152

Chapter 151

“Xiao Shu, it won’t do you any good to be so stubborn.” He was a little impatient, “Mo Zhi Zhan and Lin Ivana are not virtuous people, your last conversation didn’t go well, you think they’ll just let it go, you can be unafraid of them, but have you thought about the baby in your belly?”


I froze and looked at him incredulously, “You followed me?”


He furrowed his brows, “No, to protect you!”


“Huh!” I laughed, “Thank you for your protection!”


Since the car couldn’t go, I walked by myself.


He took my hand, “You’re so stubborn, you’ll ruin yourself!”


I was already in a bad mood, and now that he was pulling me along, I felt depressed and looked back at him, “I’m better off destroying myself than you destroying me. Why can’t you just let me go? I’ve barely come across a little light in my life, why do you want to destroy it? Shen Yu, what good would it do you to drag me into hell?”


There are some memories that I have lost for a long time, that I have forgotten for a long, long time, but with the appearance of Shen Yu, there are some things that just start to crack open and start to reveal themselves.


**Naked and uncomfortable to look at.


Twenty-five years ago, in the lanes of Huai’an’s Long Street, an old man who had been a widow for half his life picked up a girl in the lane. The girl was two months old, probably discarded for too long, and starving, she could only communicate her hunger by crying.


The old woman, a simple person, saw that the girl doll was cute, so she took her home, fed her sugar water and wrapped a new blanket around her, and she was originally going to take the child to the police station.


But after several trips to the police station, they said that there was no orphanage in Huai’an for the time being and that the police station could not release a baby doll, which would affect their work.


Then the old woman took the child back to her yard and raised it herself. She was a farmer and did not earn much, so it was already hard to feed herself, and adding a child to the mix made it even harder.


Luckily, an investor in Huai’an County had invested in a large factory. Huai’an was too small to have many staff, and in order to recruit workers, anyone who could still work, adults or children, could go in and work.


So the old woman, who was already sixty, joined the factory and worked there for fifteen years. Fifteen years later, the girl was fifteen years old and could already help the old man.


But the old man was already seventy-five years old, and after fifteen years of working day and night, her body, which was already not so good, was worn out.


The girl was in high school grade again, and in order for the girl to have the money for high school, the old man took the illegitimate son of the factory investor back to the yard.


This way, the investor would give the old man a sum of money and would also incidentally be responsible for the girl’s school fees.


The girl was me and the illegitimate son of the investor was Shen Yu.


I don’t know what his original name was, only that when he followed his grandmother to the courtyard, she said his name was Shen Yu.


Shen Yu’s appearance shattered the beauty of the courtyard. He was rebellious and violent, originally he just wreaked havoc in the courtyard, locked me in the cellar behind my back and pushed me into the pond.


None of this was a big deal and every time he got me all bruised up, he would go and inform Granny to come and get me, so no matter how bad he was, Granny would let him be.


It was not until the year of my entrance exams that the investor of the factory was investigated for serious emissions. Fearing liability, the investor, in his desperation, wanted to blow up the factory’s processor and muddle through.


This decision was overheard by the director of the factory at the time, Li, who disagreed. If the treatment area of the factory was blown up, it would mean that for a period of time, the factory’s sewage system would not be able to function properly, and the residents living near the factory would think that the discharge of the three pollutants would cause serious damage to their health.


Chapter 152

The investor did not want to make a big deal out of it and wanted to give Director Li a sum of money and just let him leave the place, but Director Li disagreed and insisted on making a big deal out of it.


In the end the investor was taken away by the police and was also found to have embezzled. It so happened that the investor’s wife was promoted in the capital and in order to protect herself, her wife sued for divorce and submitted evidence of the investor’s crimes of breaking the law and pocketing black money over the decades.


The investor was sentenced and also paid all his illegal a*sets. The investor, who had no fame or fortune, could not see the pressure and committed suicide in prison.


It was after that that I learnt that Shen Yu’s father, the investor, and his mother had died of lung cancer the year he came to the yard.


After the death of the investor, Shen Yu’s personality became even more eccentric; he usually seldom spoke, and the money that the investor had given to his grandmother was gone, and the children in the alley who knew about it gathered around him every day to beat him, saying that his father was a bad man.


A child who has not seen the world and knows little, what adults say is what they say. The originally gloomy Shen Yu no longer interacts with people.


He began to watch out for the dogs and cats in the alley, some of which he would kill himself and throw into the children’s homes with broken arms and legs, others he would poison and pile up in the alley, waiting for the animals to stink so badly that the whole alley was uninhabitable.


The factory was abandoned and all the people in the alley moved out. Director Li was rewarded with tens of thousands of yuan for his work in reporting the problem and was ready to move elsewhere with his wife and daughter.


On the night of the move, Director Li’s family was hospitalised with food poisoning, and at the same time the factory processor, which had been abandoned, was blown up.


The family was hospitalised for three days, after which they all died, and the only daughter who survived became demented.


The county was so small that no one would have bothered with the family’s life and death, but I knew that Director Li had not died of food poisoning at all; he had been killed by Shen Yu in the hospital with a pinhole in his head, as had his wife.


Director Li didn’t die because Shen Yu found me, when I finished my exams and went back to find Muzi, just in time to see what he had done.


Muzi didn’t die, but for a long time the sight of Shen Yu was a runaway.


I was no better, less than twenty years old, watching two lives die, and had a fever for dozens of days before I got better.


The incident was never mentioned again by Muzi and I. As young and ignorant as we were, we never thought of calling the police, and that’s how Muzi and I lived under Shen Yu’s gloom from then on.


For two whole years, and then my grandmother got lung cancer, I bought the yard in order to raise money and brought my grandmother to Jiangcheng, where I went to school while accompanying her for treatment.


Muzi didn’t go to school, she had no friends, no family, and came to Jiangcheng to work.


Shen Yu’s disappearance was due to someone from the capital, I heard it was someone from the developer’s side, who seemed to have come to claim her grandson.


After that, I didn’t hear any more information about him.


I was in Jiangcheng with Muzi, working part-time and studying at the same time, but also to accompany my grandmother to the hospital, nearly three years of chemotherapy, my grandmother some support can not continue, the old house money has long been spent.


There was no way I could support myself while studying and earning money at the same time. I had the idea of dropping out of school, and Grandma was angry for a long time, and then there was the matter of her going to Grandpa Fu.


Grandma said that she and Grandpa Fu had known each other for many years and that he would be relieved when she left and placed me with Grandpa Fu.