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Never Say Never Chapter 153-154

Chapter 153

Then, in less than a year, my grandmother couldn’t end the pain of chemotherapy, refused it and left not long afterwards.


After I graduated from university, Grandpa Fu then got me married to Fu Shen Yan.


A few words about the process, but the only memories I have of the past twenty years, Shen Yu is a shade of darkness in this memory, hated and feared.


I hated Shen Yu, and even less wanted to stay with him, staggering away from him to try to walk away, not wanting to be hugged from behind by him.


“Shu, since I’ve come back, there’s no reason for me to leave again!”


Struggling a few times, I couldn’t get rid of him and wrinkled my brow, “Shen Yu, I don’t want to see you, you should have known that in your heart from the moment you appeared.”


“It’s okay, we can take our time!” He said as he broke over my body and looked at me, “I can give you anything you want.”


“You can give me the lives of Director Li’s family?” I spoke, “So many years have pa*sed, if you hadn’t appeared, I might have forgotten about that past, but Shen Yu, when you appeared I remembered it all, I can’t guarantee that I can keep my mouth shut all the time.”


He smiled instead, his usual coldness, “What do you think is the use of you going to the police station now? The bodies have been cremated, what do you think the police will find out? Besides, do you really think Li Muzi can live in peace? Just because she managed to get away with that back then, doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll let her go.”


“You’ve already killed her parents!” I got a little emotional, “Shen Yu, you know, the fault wasn’t theirs originally, won’t your conscience be troubled all these years?”


“A guilty conscience?” He sneered, “They deserved it!”


He leaned in closer to me, his thin lips rising, “My family is in ruins, why should I let them get away with it?”


I lowered my head and clenched my fist to death, I forgot that Shen Yu was a paranoid man, he wouldn’t listen to anyone at all, he was already mentally sick.


I tried to push him away, but there was a gap between the strength of men and women, and I couldn’t do anything about it.


At a standstill, there was a sharp braking sound and I didn’t have time to turn around.


I heard a muffled grunt, then Shen Yu, who was holding me, released me and I was pulled into a wide embrace.


When I turned around and saw that it was Fu Shen Yan, I couldn’t help but wrinkle my eyebrows, wasn’t he in the hospital? What?


“Hehe ……” Shen Yu was beaten and brought blood to the corners of his mouth, he stood firm, the corners of his mouth rose, raised his hand demonically to purse the blood from the corners of his mouth, and looked at Fu Shen Yan and sneered out.


“Another fight?” Fu Shenyan spoke, releasing me, holding a cold intent all over his body.


These two men were about the same height and size, and if they fought, no one would be able to win.


“When did you meet?” Cheng Junyu walked up to me, his gaze languidly looking at Shen Yu, who had always been in a light mood, spying no emotion.


I looked at the two men, who were facing each other with swords and knives, and spoke, “A long time ago!” After a pause I said, “Is there any way to keep them from fighting?”


Fu Shen Yan has not been in a car accident for a few days, the body of large and small wounds, not suitable for fighting, last time he had no problems are hanging, this time ……


Cheng Junyu raised an eyebrow at me, “heartache who?”


A little speechless his gossip, I lightly said, “fighting here, indecent.”


“Not too many people!” Cheng Junyu spoke up, looking at the two with a look of amus*ment, and I suspected he was watching the fun.


I can’t help but be speechless.


Looking to Fu Shen Yan, he said, “Fu Shen Yan, send me back, don’t fight!”


Chapter 154

Fu Shen Yan looked at me, frowned and did not say anything.


I walked to his side and took the initiative to take his hand, my voice softened a few points and said, “It’s too late, go back!”


“Heartbroken?” He spoke, a smile on his lips.


I automatically ignored it, “Go back?”


Sweeping a glance at Shen Yu who was looking at me, he nodded, “Yes, go back!”


He said, pulling me into the car, then looked at Cheng Jun Yu and said, “Send Shen Shu’s car to be repaired.”


Shen Yu probably didn’t want to meet Fu Shen Yan face to face just mood, so just watched me and Fu Shen Yan walk away.


In the car.


The lights of the city flashed by the roadside, bright and dark, and I looked a little distracted.


The small of my belly could not help but suddenly warm, it was Fu Shen Yan’s hand, I lowered my eyes, looked at it, and let him touch it.


“It will be four months soon!” He spoke, his voice low, “Want to go out for a walk?”


I looked back at him, a little dazed, shouldn’t he be asking me about Shen Yu at this point? Instead, he was bringing up something else!


“There’s a bit too much going on with Huayu!” I spoke, removing his hand from the small of my back, and continued, “I’m almost done with Fu’s audit, waiting for the report to go in. Next there’s the Huayu thing!”


After a pause, I said, “Fu Shen Yan, why did you give me the audit of Huayu and Fu’s?”


I always felt that there was something I hadn’t figured out, and since I had taken over the two cases, I had felt more or less unsuccessful, both explicitly and implicitly.


Moreover, the Fu audit had not yet been finalised and I didn’t know what the outcome would be, and I also felt that there was something very wrong with the Huayu matter.


But no matter how much I think about it, I can’t figure out what’s wrong with it!


He drove on, his eyes lightly looking at me, the corners of his mouth lifting, “Why do you think I am?”


I shook my head, “I don’t know, the audit is a big deal too, but I can’t figure out how, neither can Huayu, do you know some of it all?”


He smiled lightly and looked at the road ahead, “Let’s talk about work, let’s talk about it at the office, we should talk about what’s going on between us as a couple, about the kids, about you and me!”


Knowing that he was intent on pulling away from the conversation, I lowered my eyes, wiggled my fingers, and stopped talking.


Since he didn’t want to talk about it, there was nothing I could do, and since he wouldn’t talk about Shen Yu, I didn’t need to ask more questions.


There are too many things, I can’t handle them all, not to mention the fact that we are all human beings, and it’s tiring to have too many things in your heart.


The car was parked under the villa and Mrs. Zhang came out to welcome us. When she saw that Fu Shen Yan and I had returned, she had a smile on her face, “It’s cold outside, you should come back earlier.


I suddenly remembered the box that my grandfather left me, I couldn’t help but casually ask towards Mrs. Zhang, “Mrs. Zhang, have you seen the sandalwood box you gave me in the past few days when you tidied up the house?”


Fu Shenyin was changing his shoes in the entrance hall and stiffened slightly, looking at me with a somewhat lowered gaze, “Why do you suddenly remember that box?”


I nodded my head, “I just remembered it unintentionally.” When I met Shen Yu today, I had forgotten a lot of things, but life is like this, I can’t be confused for a while.


Shen Yu would not stop there, he would keep on pestering me, no matter what, there was no way I could avoid it, so I might as well be prepared to face it.


Sister-in-law Zhang thought about it and shook her head, “I haven’t seen that box since I gave it to you last time, the old man said to keep it safe, it contains the things he left you and the things your grandmother left you.”