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Never Say Never Chapter 155-156

Chapter 155

There was so much going on the other day that I forgot about it, and now that I think about it, I don’t really know where I put that box.


“Well, I’ll look for it some day!” After all, it is something left behind by the elderly, and it is always a piece of old people’s thoughts.


The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.


I went straight back to the bedroom where I lived before, thinking I would leave it there.


The room had been moved and all my clothes and supplies had been taken away, so the original large room looked a bit empty, and I looked around in the cupboards.


I looked in the cupboards and saw no box.


I looked at him and said, “Go wash up first, I’ll look for it!”


He didn’t say anything, and only after half a second did he say, “Do you know what’s in the box Grandpa gave you?”


I shook my head, “I don’t know, at that time Sister-in-law Zhang just said that if I really didn’t want to divorce you, I could take that box to you, and I don’t know what grandpa put in it, maybe grandpa used Fu to threaten you in order to threaten you not to divorce me!”


He sneered, “Superficial!”


I didn’t deny it, I searched for half a day and couldn’t find it, so I got a little annoyed and looked at him, “Grandpa gave it to you, did you see the box?”


He gave me a look, “Are you short of money now?”


I was a bit puzzled, “No!”


“Then there’s no point in looking for that box, it’s full of money that grandpa left you, just in case you leave me and starve to death later!”


I frowned, a little warmly, “You opened it?”


He nodded.


“Fu Shen Yan!” I was angry, “That’s my stuff, who are you to open it without my permission?”


This was not the first time, last time he took me to see Ivana Lin privately and let her take my hair for DNA identification, this time he opened that box privately again.


He looked at me, his gaze deep, peeking into his emotions, “I have no intention of divorcing you, and that box is precisely what you don’t need.”


“So what?” I leaned closer to him, “Fu Shen Yan, do you think that because I married you, I need to let you do whatever you want? In your opinion, do I not deserve your respect at all?”


“I’m sorry!” He opened his mouth and stood in front of me, looking at me with a slight sigh, “It’s my fault for not informing you about this, it won’t happen again.”


“Heh!” I wanted to laugh a little, “Fu Shen Yan, I think you’re really funny, just such a glib remark and then it’s over, in your opinion is that useless box the same existence as me? If I were Lu Xinran, would you do the same? Disrespecting her like that by automatically taking her things for yourself without telling her in advance?”


“Shen Shu, this is a matter between you and me!” He frowned, clearly displeased, “Why do we have to bring other people into this when it’s between us as a couple?”


I laughed, “Are we husband and wife?”


He knitted his brows and said nothing.


Tilting my head to look at his rigid and handsome face, I lowered my eyes and lost my smile, “Fu Shen Yan, in your opinion we are not husband and wife, it is just a parental order that you have no choice but to do so, you have someone living in your heart, you cannot tolerate me, and naturally you will not respect me, you can move my things at will and decide at will whether I stay or go.”


There was too much buried, not about the box, but about the heart, and I knew that there was no way I could look the other way and watch him and Lu Xinran come and go as I once had.


He probably didn’t want to speak to me and looked at me, his emotions suppressed, “Shen Shu, you are my wife, I respect you, I apologize about the box, I didn’t arbitrarily decide whether you stay or go, it’s late, let’s go to our room!”


“Fu Shen Yan, let’s get a divorce!” These words, I don’t know how I said them, but they were calm.


It was something I had held in my heart for a long time, but the time had just come so I said it.


Chapter 156

He froze in place, his dark eyes falling on me, unable to see much emotion, but able to guess that it was definitely not good.


“Thinking it over?”


I nodded, “Clearly!”


“What do you want?” He looked at me, his expression so light that I even felt he was just accommodating my temper.


I eased up for a moment and spoke, “I don’t want anything, I just want the child to have nothing to do with you in the future.”


If we’re going to break it off, let’s make it clean!


He looked at me, his dark eyes tightening for a moment, “How do you think you can raise a child with nothing? By relying on Chen Xing? Or Shen Yu?”


I raised my eyes and looked at him, a little incredulous, “Fu Shen Yan, do you think I am the same kind of person as you? Don’t use your thinking to judge me!”


“What kind of person am I?” He leaned closer to me, his voice lowered, “I’ve explained countless times about Lu Xinran, about you and Shen Yu, if I don’t ask, are you not going to talk about it?”


I wrinkled my brows, a little confused about what he meant?


“What do you mean?”


He raised his eyebrows, “At Ivana’s birthday party, you just rejected me on the first foot, and then you showed up at the Pear Garden with Shen Yu’s hand on your arm, you explained?”


I was dumbfounded and opened my mouth, not knowing what to say for a moment.


He controlled his emotions well, looked at me and continued, “I never asked you about it because I wanted you to take the initiative and ask me, not for me to ask, Shen Shu, not all love needs to be shouted with a loudspeaker, I love you, to be enough to explain.”


“Shen Yu and I ……” I didn’t know how I should speak, something was blocking me up inside.


I didn’t want to explain, or even open my mouth to say it.


Looking at him, I said, “Lu Xinran has Ivana Lin and Mo Zhi Zhan, aren’t you just as unable to let her go? Shen Yu and I are just ordinary friends, there is nothing!”


I couldn’t hide the embarra*sment on my face after I said that.


The temperature in the air was a bit low, and I knew that Fu Shen Yan was very angry at this time, so I was a bit weak and said, “I am different from Lu Xinran, as long as she cries, there are you, Lin Ivana, Mo Zhi Zhan, Qiao Zhuan Yan, so many people love her and protect her, I do not, I only have myself, Shen Yu is a nightmare existence for me, I can only be ordinary friends with him. ”


The blue face eased a little and he beckoned me over, “Come here.”


I sat down on the couch and lowered my eyes, “I can’t walk!”


He furrowed his eyebrows and moved closer to me, crouching on his knees by my legs, “Too weak to walk?”


I didn’t say anything, then he laughed helplessly, “I was wrong about the box, grandpa gave you the box to trap our marriage with it, but Shen Shu, you know as well as I do that marriage isn’t about bondage, so I’m throwing the box away, I’ll take care of you and the baby, we’re husband and wife, live a good life? Hmm?”


In marriage, I didn’t feel safe, there was no way for me to be sure of the truth of Fu Shen Yan’s words, and what he did to Lu Xinran, and there was no way for me to be sure if he had let go of it.


But one thing I am sure of is that I still want to live with him. It is a blessing to be married to the man of my heart.


To be able to stay together is a gift.


So, I don’t want to leave Fu Shenyan unless I have to, this marriage is not only for myself but also for my children.


If I can, I want to live a good life.


Looking at him, I nodded my head, “Yes!”


He smiled lightly, somewhat helplessly, “No more mentioning divorce in the future?”