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Never Say Never Chapter 157-158

Chapter 157

I nodded my head, a little helpless in my heart.


Seeing this, he picked me up horizontally, then went straight up to the garden room on the top floor and placed me on the bed, his palm falling on my stomach as he spoke, “Tomorrow for the maternity check, I’ll take you there, sleep early today.”


He didn’t say anything, I had forgotten, and I nodded.


It was already late, he went into the bathroom to take a shower and I lay on the bed a little distracted, my insecurity was not a good thing, I couldn’t trust him and myself wholeheartedly after all.


I don’t like myself like that!


“What’s on your mind?” He came out of the bathroom and was drying his hair with a towel, standing on the edge of the bed looking at me who was dazed.


I snapped back to attention and sat up straight, reaching around his waist, a little wet and watery.


He wasn’t wearing his pyjamas and I pressed myself against the small of his firm stomach without saying a word.


Seeing me like this, he tossed the towel aside and took me in his arms, letting me lean on his shoulder, his voice low and husky, “Don’t carry too much on your mind, it gets tiring!”


I nodded, my voice a little sad, “Fu Shen Yan, can you stop being in contact with Lu Xin Ran in the future?”


After a pause I continued, “She has parents who love him now, and she can do without you, but I can’t, you’re all I have.”


Yes, I was doing it to him the way Lu Xinran had done it, there are some things that you don’t do, how will you know if the outcome is good or bad!


My body was wrapped a little tighter around him, leaning into his arms, I couldn’t help but smile, it turns out that men do like the softness of women.


Noticing that he was a little heavy, I couldn’t help but stare as my cheek was cupped in his hand and I met his dark eyes.


He spoke coldly, “Shen Shu, this is not you, be yourself!”


I ……


couldn’t help but bristle and look at him angrily, “Lu Xinran can say something like that and I can’t?”


It’s strange, the same thing is pretending to be pathetic, but I can’t?


He lost his smile, “You have me, no need to pretend to be pitiful, besides you are not pitiful.”


I suddenly felt that my acting here with Fu Shen Yan was not at all reliable, so I simply climbed up from his arms and went straight into the bathroom.


It is true that some scripts are only suitable for some people.


When I came out of the bathroom, Fu Shen Yan was already lying on the bed. I wiped my hair and sat in front of the dressing mirror, ready to blow-dry it.


He got up and spoke, “Come here!”


Thinking he was asking me to come over and sleep with me, I frowned, “My hair isn’t dry!”


He hmmed and spoke anyway, “Come here!”


I walked over and looked at him, “What is it?”


He pressed me down on the bed and took a towel to wipe my hair, his voice light, “Always using the hair dryer hurts your hair.”


I pursed my lips, “The towel is too slow.”


My head was a little dizzy and I had some difficulty, “Fu Shen Yan I’m sleepy, use the hair dryer!”


He didn’t say anything, instead he pressed me into his arms and said, “Well, go to sleep!”


I didn’t have much energy and fell asleep before he could dry my hair.


The day went on in a muddle, and I was often a bit restless because of my pregnancy.


Fu Shen Yan seemed to be in a good mood, and when he got into the car he looked at me and said, “What do you want to eat later?”


I shook my head and leaned back in the seat somewhat feebly, “Anything!”


Obviously I hadn’t done anything, but I felt extraordinarily tired.


Seeing me like this, he helped me fasten my seatbelt and spoke, “Let’s go home and eat so we can rest for a while afterwards.”


I nodded and closed my eyes slightly, ready to continue leaning for a while.


I continued to have little energy for the next few days, four months pregnant, not a big deal, and I could still walk towards the office.


The audit of Fu’s had come to an end, so I took it a bit easier.


Han Shuang took the initiative to seek my resignation because of the ac matter, I didn’t approve it, I just let her go home first to rest for a while.


At the weekend, I made an appointment with Qiao Zhuan Yan to talk to him about that factory in the southern district.


I was concerned that he was Fu Shenyan’s brother, so if I reported the matter directly to the company, it would be inappropriate in terms of human relations.


So, I was prepared to talk to him privately.


Chapter 158

The café.


The music was soft, a gla*s of juice was ordered, and Qiao Zhuan Yan looked at me, a little impatient, “What do you want from me?”


“Do you hate me because of Lu Xinran, or something else?” I opened my mouth, making a bit of small talk.


He froze, and after a pause he laughed, “Is that what you’re looking for me to talk about?”


I shook my head, “No!”


“Just a casual question.” I was in a bit of bad spirits and spoke, “One always has to move on, Fu Shen Yan and I are married, it’s a foregone conclusion, you like Lu Xin Ran, if that’s the case, why not show your heart and be together properly?”


“Enough said?” He frowned, displeased, “Shen Shu, what kind of position do you put yourself in? Think you’re the all-powerful heroine? That other people can move all the way to the grand finale just because of a few words from you?”


I lowered my eyes and stopped speaking.


Not being a good lobbyist, I simply stopped the conversation and looked at him, “Fine, then let’s talk about the factory in the South End that you stopped privately!”


He froze, his gaze falling on me for a long time before he said, “I can’t imagine that you’ve found out about this.”


“I want to know the reason!”


This was supposed to be work, so I wasn’t as polite or fake.


“Why didn’t you speak to Shen Yan directly, instead of asking me first?”


I lowered my eyes, “Huayu was previously managed by you, and the industrial production in the southern district stopped for half a year, and although I don’t know where you used the funds to make up for this part of the gap in these six months, you shouldn’t have any bad intentions, just because you couldn’t handle it yourself, besides, you and Fu Shen Yan are brothers, I don’t want you to get into unnecessary arguments in any way. ”


“Heh!” He laughed coldly, “Shen Shu, you’re also innocent enough.”


Playing with the two walnuts in his hands, he raised his eyebrows and said somewhat cynically, “About Huayu, you can speak to Shen Yan directly, he has this matter in mind.”


“But!” After a pause, he laughed, “As much as I hate certain parts of you, I appreciate you when it comes to work, you’re a great partner, but also an annoying one.”


Ever aware of his meanness, I didn’t take it personally.


Things had come to a head and there was nothing to talk about next, so I just said goodbye.


When I left the cafe, Muzi called, in a slightly off mood.


She asked me to go to the hospital.


The car drove to the hospital, I parked in the car park and saw her sitting alone under the hospital building, looking a bit distant and helpless.


She was still holding the medical records in her hand.


Seeing that it was a blood draw sheet and an ultrasound sheet, I looked at the time shown on it and was a little confused, “8 weeks? Whose?”


Although I knew that normally she would occasionally ……


but she has always protected herself well, how could she?


She looked down, holding her head in her hands and tugging at her hair, “The last time you went to A City on business.”


I thought carefully for a moment and looked over at her and said, “What night were you drunk?” I didn’t have time to pick her up that night, so I asked Cheng Junyu to pick her up.


But Cheng Junyu had always been clean and would not touch a girl easily.


“Is it Cheng Junyu?”


She was silent, with no intention of saying anything.


Only after a long time did she look up at me and say, “I’m going to sell my house in Yun Tong, and I’m going to live in Jingcheng.”


I nodded, “Well, I still have some savings here, whatever you decide, I respect you.”