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Never Say Never Chapter 159-160

Chapter 159

It looked like she wanted to keep the baby, and I knew her too well; we were both lonely souls, so we both cherished the angels that the heavens had gifted us.


Seeing me say that, she blushed a little better, pulled me to sit beside her, leaned her shoulder against me and spoke, “Shue, we won’t be alone after this.”


Well, neither of us would be alone if we had each other’s angels.


After sitting with her for a while, I drove her back and then went straight to the office.


I had nothing to do with myself, but Cheng Junyu would be in the office most of the weekend, and after standing outside knocking for half a day, he was a little tired when he opened the door.


When he saw me he froze slightly and said, “What’s wrong?”


“Came to see you!” I placed the fast food I had brought on the road on his desk and said, “I knew you hadn’t eaten, so I brought it for you on the way.”


He looked at me with a wrinkled brow, a little puzzled, and after a pause said, “What’s up?”


I couldn’t help but be speechless and smiled awkwardly, “Remember the last time I was in A City on business?”


He nodded, opened his lunchbox and ate, probably looking a little tired because he had been in the office.


I continued, “The night I asked you to pick up Muzi, did you leave after dropping her off back at the hotel?”


I’m really not someone who can handle the human condition well, like now, when I’m clearly trying to side-step it, but it’s no different than asking directly.


He stopped what he was doing and his dark eyes fell on me, narrowing slightly as he said, “You’re not fit to beat around the bush, just say it!”


I held my forehead and kind of felt really stupid.


“You and Muzzy that night, did you have that?” After I asked, I wanted to hammer myself to death, was that a F**king human question?


He looked over at me and raised an eyebrow, “Which one?”


Talking to a man about this kind of topic was, frankly, inappropriate and awkward.


But the conversation had already started, so how could it stop.


“Did you have S*x?” I spoke, forcing the burn on my face as I waited for him to answer.


He closed his lunchbox and leaned back, looking at me with a shallow gaze, “Just tell me the purpose, right?”


I was speechless and kind of wanted to curse.


But the matter of Muzi’s pregnancy, if I told, Yu Muzi didn’t know whether it was good or bad, after a pause I said, “She seems to have contracted a disease.”


“Pfft!” He didn’t take a sip of water and spewed it straight out.


I pulled a tissue for him and he took care of it and looked at me and said, “Are you serious?”


“Yeah!” In fact, I was a bit vain, but the words had come out, so I could only look at him stiffly and say, “Did you?”


Cheng Junyu held his forehead and looked at me and said, “The child will start to nurture the fetus properly after four months, and the current words and actions will also start to affect the development of the fetus.”


I ?????


Changing the subject?


Having said that, he got up and started to sit back at his desk to continue his work, not mentioning anything about the other night straight away.


I couldn’t help but guess in my mind** that it had probably happened.


I was going to say something else, but I didn’t want his office door to be pushed open, and Fu Shen Yan’s slender, tall figure walked in.


Cheng Junyu gave him a sideways glance and spoke, “Take your wife back and discuss gender relations with her properly, she seems curious!”




Fu Shenyin walked towards me, his gaze sinking as he swept a glance at Cheng Junyu, “What did she ask you?”


Cheng Jun Yu shrugged his shoulders, a little helpless, “Asking if I had S*x with Muzi?”


Chapter 160

Seeing Fu Shen Yan staring at me, I pulled a dry smile and said awkwardly, “I’m just curious, why don’t you ask for me?”


“Did it happen?” This was said by Fu Shen Yan as he looked at Cheng Jun Yu.


“!” Cheng Junyu almost jumped up from his seat and looked at us and said, “You don’t enter a family, you guys hurry up and go!”


There was nothing to ask, so naturally I would not continue.


Fu ShenYan seemed to have come looking for me, and pulled me up by the hand and walked towards the office.


I was a bit scared to follow him. When I got into the car, he still didn’t say a word, as if he was a bit angry, but not really.


I couldn’t figure it out, so I said, “Have you eaten?” It was just about mealtime.


He doesn’t say anything, and it’s a long silence straight away.


Fifteen minutes later, he pulled up under a restaurant and then got out of the car, and I followed him, jogging along.


It was hard to get seated and he looked over at me, his gaze light, “What would you like to eat?”


“Anything, I’m not picky about what I eat!” Looking at him, I always felt that he was going to get mad in a moment, and after turning it around in my head, I couldn’t figure out where he was going to get mad, but it told me straight away that he wasn’t in a good mood.


It didn’t take long for all the food to be served, I wasn’t hungry and after a few bites, I pinned my chin and watched him eat.


Fu ShenYan originally ate very fast, being so stared at by me, the speed also gradually slowed down, he looked up, the corner of his lips picked up, more than a little gangster, “do not want to eat, want to eat me?”




“What are you looking at me for?”


I sat up straighter and shook my head, “I’m not hungry.”


He put down his chopsticks, his pale gaze falling on me and raised an eyebrow, “Something wrong?”


“Mmm!” I nodded and took the initiative to explain, “There are a lot of problems with Huayu, the factory in the southern district has stopped for six months, but the company’s running accounts continue.”


“Hmm!” He spoke, “Are there any others?”




“Do Dr Cheng’s parents care about a girl’s family?” Cheng Junyu’s parents were big shots in the capital, masters of medicine themselves, and I was a little worried if the baby was really Cheng Junyu’s.


How would they handle this!


He raised an eyebrow, “You seem to be interested in what happened to Cheng Junyu?”


I nodded subconsciously, noticing that his expression was not quite right, and smiled, “No, I just suddenly thought of it, so I wanted to ask nothing extra.”


He dropped his eyes and said no more.


Seeing that I had little appetite, he also did not eat, dragged me out of the restaurant, went directly to the mall, Fu Shen Yan buy things, never in the form of carrying.


I went along with it and it was basically a decoration, but when I saw that all he bought were baby products, I didn’t say much, because these things are always to be used.


After the rounds, it was late and I was a bit tired, so I got into the car and fell asleep not long after.


Dazed and confused, I noticed that I had reached the villa, and before I could open my eyes, my body was picked up horizontally by him, and in his arms, I opened my eyes.


“We’re home!” He spoke.


I mewled and was carried all the way back to the bedroom, where he placed me on the bed and he went straight into the bathroom.


I was a light sleeper and didn’t go back to sleep when I woke up, lying in bed staring at the ceiling.


Fu Shen Yan came out of the shower, wiped away the water, lifted the quilt and lay down beside me, wrapped his hand around my waist and swept me up into his arms.


I was a little lost in thought as my eyes met.


Fu Shen Yan wrinkled his eyebrows, raised his hand to smooth the broken hair on my forehead to the side, his voice was a little low, “Want to take a shower?”