Never Say Never Chapter 161-162

Chapter 161

“Don’t want to move!” I moved over and half lay on my back, my belly feeling a little uncomfortable.


But within a few minutes it felt harder and harder.


Solely, I sat up straight away.


“What’s wrong?” He got up with me and raised his hand to press on the small of my back, “Does it hurt?”


“Mmm!” I didn’t know what was wrong, it had been a small ache lately, and the tests couldn’t find anything, they all said everything was normal.


After easing up for a while, I couldn’t sleep at all and reached for my phone to check the time, it was only eleven o’clock at night.


I got out of bed and said, “You go to sleep, I’ll go sit in the hall for a while.”


I couldn’t sleep lying in bed and tossing and turning would disturb him.


He wrapped his arm around my waist, “Don’t go, lie down, you should be asleep in a minute.”




So the room was quiet, the lights were turned down to warm by him, there was the sound of slow breathing and I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep.


“Does it hurt all the time?” He spoke, thinking it was quiet so his voice was extra clear.


I nodded and bent my body into a shrimp shape.


“Let’s go to the hospital tomorrow!” As he spoke, he encircled me and pulled me into his arms.


I shook my head, “Only just been there!”


I always felt bad about always running towards the hospital.


There was a long silence and I thought he was asleep, but I didn’t want him to open his mouth again, “Four months, is it?”




“Six months to go!”


I was a little sleepy and didn’t open my mouth to respond to him, closing my eyes for a short time before I fell asleep.


It was a good thing that it was a good night’s sleep until dawn.


I moved slightly and couldn’t help but rest against Fu Shen Yan, his voice was a little hoarse, “Awake? Did you sleep well?”


I nodded my head, “Yes!”


Turning over to meet his handsome cheek, I was a little confused and instinctively burrowed into his arms, “Aren’t you going to the office today?”


He should be quite busy this time of year.


“Staying home with you!” He spoke, dropping me into his arms and smiling lightly, “I’m going to leave everything to Zhuan Yan tomorrow and take a maternity leave!”


I laughed out loud, “So, you’re planning on you giving birth?”


His large palm stroked at the small of his back, and I could clearly feel that the baby was indeed growing every day.


“Like I can’t!” He kissed me on the forehead and spoke, “Are you hungry?”


“Not hungry!” I had just woken up and I couldn’t eat.


I couldn’t fall asleep when I woke up, I just craved the warmth in my life, I don’t know why, it was almost July and I always felt still cold.


I moved over and pressed myself against Fu Shen Yan, touching his firmness.


He huffed slightly and looked down at me, “Aren’t your hands sore?”


I stiffened up and shook my head, moving back slightly to be held down by him, “I have to put up with it for another six months!”




With his hand pulled, I basically guessed what he meant.


Biting my lip slightly, I said, “Fetus is bad!”


“Who said that?” He laughed lowly, already pressing my hand down.


“Dr. Cheng!” It was true that after four months, it would be more or less.


The air was a little sticky and he fiddled with it for a while, his breath slightly wearing, “He’s talking nonsense!”


This time, an hour pa*sed, and I couldn’t stay in bed, so I climbed up and washed up, while Fu Shen Yan found clothes and prepared to take a shower.


I got out of the bathroom and went straight downstairs.


Recently, Sister-in-law Zhang had more things to do, I heard she had a little grandchild, she was busy taking care of her daughter-in-law for the month, so she could not come over much.


Fu Shen Yan intends to find another, I do not agree, one is not familiar, I do not like the process of getting acquainted with strangers too much, the second is that it is only a month, I am only four months, is not long, so do not bother.


Chapter 162

I’m used to being casual, so I don’t go into the kitchen much, and even if I do cook for myself, it’s just a casual meal.


My grandmother used to say that a girl’s hands are delicate, so she should not be in the kitchen all the time, but should read more books and move her pencil.


Now that I think about it, my grandmother used to love me and couldn’t let me be in the kitchen, so she said so.


I didn’t want to go to the office, so I just stayed home and made some good food. I prepared some dishes and put the oil into the pan.


Fu Shen Yan came down from the stairs after showering, he seemed to have purposely blown out his hair, I was slightly stunned, “You have something to do today?”


He nodded and went into the kitchen, looked at the dishes that hadn’t been copied on the cupboard and spoke, “I’m going out in a while, is it okay if you stay home?”


I hmmed and poured the vegetables into the pan, not getting the force right, splashing the oil on my hand and instinctively pulling it back.


I instinctively withdrew my hand. I gave a hiss because of the pain.


Fu Shenyan quickly took the spatula from my hand and pushed me to the side, “Rinse your hands with cold water, I’ll do the frying.”


I rinsed my hands and stood aside to watch him stir-fry, his movements flowing smoothly.


Rather unlike the average rich man’s son.


“Who are you meeting later?” I had nothing to do, so I took the orange and asked while watching him fry the vegetables.


He put the stir-fried vegetables in the wok and looked at me and said, “Xinran is preparing to go back to the capital with Mo Zhi Zang and has asked a few people to join him for a meal.”


I faintly stared, saw the oil stains splattered on his originally changed sleeves, took the apron off his body and tied it around him, and said in a somewhat shallow voice, “Well, don’t drink and come back early tonight.”


Everyone has their own path to follow, and there was no way I could force Fu Shen Yan to completely break off contact with Lu Xinran, after all, the seven emotions of people are the hardest to tell.


He nodded and dropped a kiss on my forehead, “Don’t think too much about it, Jun Yu and Zhuan Yan are here, as well as Ivana Lin and Mo Zhi Zhan, you’re too pregnant to walk around.”


I nodded and brought out the dishes he had stir-fried and placed them on the table.


Not long after he finished frying, he untied his apron, took my hand and looked at it, “Does it still hurt?”


With that, he had already got up and was walking towards the cupboard.


Seeing that he was reaching for the medicine cabinet, I spoke, “It’s fine, it doesn’t hurt anymore!”


Ignoring my words, he sat down next to me with the medicine box, got the ointment out and rubbed it on me.


The two of us ate quietly and he gave an explanation before heading out the door.


I stayed in the large villa, a bit idle, so I went straight to the study and found a copy of “A Brief History of Time” and read it.


I was a bit drowsy when Muzi called, and she growled over the phone, “What are you doing? Your man is probably going to be with another woman later ……”


I leaned back on the balcony, the sun shining on me, a little warm and sleepy, “What’s wrong? It’s most of the day!”


“What’s wrong with most of the day? Can’t we be naked during the day? Fu Shenyan and Lu Xinran just entered the Wyndham Hotel together, aren’t you going to check it out?”


Woody’s voice was a little urgent, it sounded like she was out shopping and the sound of clattering heels could be heard.


“You’re pregnant, stay well at home and don’t wear high heels.”


I yawned and raised my eyes to look at the time, 5pm, Fu Shen Yan had been out for several hours.


Sitting for a long time, my back was a little hard.