Never Say Never Chapter 15-16

Chapter 15

If I was lucky enough, I might have met a good driver, but the wind and rain were so strong at night that a palm-sized umbrella didn’t do much good, and I didn’t get very far before my clothes were soaked through.


I hadn’t walked very far before my clothes were all soaked through. Perhaps my luck was really bad, as I had walked for half a day without meeting a car, and with the cold into my body, my belly was aching.


The rain was getting heavier and heavier, so I felt my phone in my pocket and found that it was not there.


I had already walked a long way out, and now my belly hurt so badly that I couldn’t walk back in.


I vaguely noticed a hot stream between my legs, and I was shocked, I was afraid that the child would not be saved ……


The old nursery rhyme says that girls are made of candy and spices and everything nice and not much worse than angels.


But not all girls are made of sweets, spices and good things. Some girls are born to face disasters, pain, suffering, parting and begging.


“Bared ……” I was already too dizzy to open my eyes a bit when I heard the sound of the car pulling up, and looked up in a daze.


Black jeep, license plate Jiang acl999, Fu Shen Yan.


A few keywords flashed by, and I knew it was Fu Shen Yan who had arrived, so for a moment I braced myself to stand up with what little strength I had.


But after crouching for too long, and with my original dizziness, I fell backwards violently.


“Stupid woman!” I opened my eyes several times, but I had no strength to do so. The only consciousness I had was that Fu Shenyan had carried me to the car and then I was completely unconscious.


When I woke up again, I was a bit confused, surrounded by a white space, and it took some clarity to see clearly that I was in a hospital.


When I moved my body, it hurt a little, extraordinarily so.


Out of instinct, I subconsciously reached out to touch my belly.


“Don’t worry, the baby is fine!” The sudden voice startled me, and I looked sideways to see that it was Cheng Junyu.


The first thing I did was to say, “How did you …… get here?” My throat was so sore I couldn’t get a word out.


Seeing this, he raised an eyebrow, turned to pour a gla*s of water, walked over to me and half picked me up, I resisted a little, propping my body up on my elbows and trying to get away from him.


He simply ignored my movements and brought the gla*s of water up to my mouth to feed me water, I reached for the gla*s but he avoided it, “Drink!”


So, I couldn’t say much more.


After a few sips, my throat felt better.


After putting me back on the bed, he put the gla*s down and I looked at him and said, “Thank you!”


His eyes lowered as he played with the phone in his hand, and he gave a faint hmph.


After a moment’s hesitation, I said, “Does Fu Shen Yan know about the baby?” If I hadn’t been mistaken, it would have been Fu Shen Yan who sent me to the hospital last night, and if Cheng Jun Yu knew about the baby, then Fu Shen Yan should also know.


He stopped moving his hands, his black eyes fell on me, narrowed his eyes and said, “You don’t want him to know?”


Chapter 16

I nodded and didn’t hide it, “He was going to divorce me and if I told him he would think I was using the baby to threaten him with not getting a divorce.”


He raised an eyebrow, “But what are you going to do now that he knows?”


At his question, I froze, not knowing how to answer for a moment.


Looking over at him, I asked tentatively, “Will Fu Shen Yan want this child?”


“I’m not Fu Shen Yan.” He spoke, putting the phone in his hands into his pocket and looking at me, “But Fu Shen Yan is already thirty, there’s no reason for him not to want it.”


After saying that, he copied his hands into his white coat and went out.


So, Fu Shenyan would want this child?


I was in the middle of an infusion when Lu Xinran barged into the ward, and she rushed in almost frantically, choking me to death.


Her eyes were bloodshot and terrifying, “Why, why did you have to get pregnant? Shen Shu, you killed my child, you don’t want to have this child alive.”


I couldn’t breathe with her choking me, so I could only yank on her hand and try to save myself.


Looking at me with a fierce face, she said, “I won’t let this child be born, you’re delusional to think that giving birth to this child binds Brother Shen Yan.”


I tried to save myself, but I couldn’t move at all.


It was hard to squeeze a few words out of my throat, and I broke off, “Murder …… pays for life ……”


She sneered, her force heavier, “I’m worth two lives for one body.”


“Xinran, what are you doing?” At the door of the ward, the man’s voice was cold and low.


At the sound of the voice, Lu Xinran’s body stiffened violently, the scarlet in her eyes dispersed, tears like pearls fell down, perhaps because she was too excited just now, at this time Fu Shen Yan suddenly appeared, she suddenly seemed to have lost all her strength and collapsed on the floor.


Fu Shen Yan was quick to pick her up and I was free, instinctively opening my mouth and breathing in the fresh air.


I was so happy to see you, I was so happy to see you.


I have long calmed down, half leaning on the bed looking at this pair of lovers, can not say what feeling in my heart, in short, not good.


Fu Shen Yan’s black eyes, not coldly swept me a glance, wide palm along Lu Xinran, calming her sobbing, voice magnetic tantalizing soothing, “Do not cry, you are just fit, crying too much is not good.”


Lu Xinran tilted her head to look at him, wiped her tears and looked at him with determination, “Brother Shen Yan, you won’t let her give birth to the baby, will you?”


I just looked at Fu Shen Yan, waiting for him to reply with trepidation.


Fu Shen Yan didn’t even bother to look at me, but his dark eyes fell on Lu Xinran, raising his hand to tenderly wipe her tears, saying with unparalleled tenderness, “Xinran, don’t be ridiculous!”


Hearing this answer, I was somewhat relieved in my heart, at least, Fu Shen Yan did not want to abort this child.


“I’m not fooling around!” Lu Xinran’s originally calmed emotions began to rise again, tears crackling down, tugging at Fu Shen Yan’s clothes in a humble voice, “Brother Shen Yan, you promised brother that you would take good care of me.


She was crying with tears in her eyes, choking on her sobs as she pointed at me, “If she had given birth to this child, wouldn’t you have divorced her? Wouldn’t you have kept your promise to take care of me for the rest of my life, you’d have your own family and I’d have nothing, I don’t want that, I don’t want to be alone ……”