Never Say Never Chapter 13-14

Chapter 13

“What’s wrong with that?” The punk who had just been smashed spoke up and looked at me with a bad smile, “You were the one who just smashed the old man, weren’t you?”


I nodded, “I accidentally smashed him, sorry about that!”


“F**k! You want to die!” With that, the punk raised the stick in his hand and swung it towards me, which Muzi and I dodged at the same time, then grabbed a beer bottle and smashed it.


The other guys who hadn’t done anything originally planned to watch the action, but when they saw me and Muzi fight back, they all grabbed their sticks and came at us.


The police came and several people were injured, but it was not serious and they were all taken to the police station.


The police took statements at the police station, and although Muzi and I were victims, we were involved in the fight after all, so we needed to find someone to post bail.


The police had to find someone to post bail. Muzi is an orphan and has no friends other than me in Jiangcheng, so she had to wait for me to find someone to post bail.


I don’t have many friends around me, so I thought about it for a while and called Cheng Junyu.


The phone rang twice and was answered, the other side of the phone did not speak, I was a little embarra*sed and said, “Dr. Cheng, I’m sorry to bother you at this hour, can you do me a favor? I’ve had an accident and I’m at the police station, can you come over for a minute?”


Seeing no response on the other end of the line, I paused and said, “Dr. Cheng, I’m sorry to trouble you.”


The first thing I did was to ask you to come to the police station. "


This voice is …… Fu Shen Yan!


How could he answer Cheng Junyu’s call?


I was shocked and frightened for a moment, stammering for a moment before saying, “Fu Shen Yan, you ……”


“Address!” Before I could finish my sentence, the other end of the phone spoke coldly.


I could hear that at this time, Fu Shen Yan was in a very bad mood.


“Huancheng District Police Station!” After giving the address the phone was hung up.


Woody looked at me and said, “Why don’t you just call Fu Shen Yan? You have to make something happen to get it done!”


I held my forehead, even more speechless, “When I came out of the villa, Fu Shen Yan had been drinking, I originally thought he was resting, so I called Cheng Jun Yu, I didn’t expect ……”


I didn’t expect Fu Shen Yan to receive this call.


Half an hour later, Fu Shen Yan entered the police station in a group of people, the man’s aura is cold and stern, the body is slender and handsome, as long as standing without saying a word can form a picture of itself.


Moreover, every day, the city’s financial headlines have more or less a few stories about him, so his arrival drew people at the police station to come up and greet him.


The fact is, I can understand why you’re so obsessed with him, after all, the pride of heaven! The title of Mrs. Fu alone is something that countless young girls look forward to, not to mention the fact that you sleep with him every day.”


I gave her a blank look, she was urging me to get a divorce, and now ……


The actual woman is also fickle.


The police station is the only place in the world where you can get a divorce.


The police station entrance.


The police officer who detained us looked at me and Muzi and said, “The two of you in the future if you encounter the same situation again just call the police directly, don’t do it!”


Muzi and I looked at each other, looked at the policeman and smiled, and said thank you.


Looking back, Muzi whispered, “Sh*t, if I don’t do something, I’ll wait for the police to collect the corpse!”


I was about to say something when I noticed a coldness and looked over coldly to see Fu Shen Yan, dressed in a black suit, standing coldly beside his black jeep.


Chapter 14

Knowing that he was angry, I whispered goodbye to Muzi, then walked honestly to his side and bowed my head, “Thank you!”


He swept me a cold glance, his dark eyes deep and low, unable to see his emotions, and spat out two words indifferently, “Get in the car!”


I didn’t dare to say more and obediently got into the car.


The car drove most of the way to receive the message that Muzi had arrived home, I returned an early rest, and then looked out the car window, we were also about to arrive at the villa.


The side glance at the man next to him, as always, cold, if he does not take the initiative to speak, I naturally can not talk more.


I followed behind him and said after some thought, “Fu Shen Yan, I originally thought you were drunk, that’s why I called Dr. Cheng, I didn’t think anything else.”


Although such an explanation was a bit redundant, I spoke up anyway, knowing that even if I did, he wouldn’t care.


He suddenly stopped and looked back at me, narrowing his dark eyes slightly, his voice low, “Other ideas? You think Cheng Junyu can look at you?”


I was dumbfounded for a moment, unable to say anything.


I don’t think Cheng Jun Yu is Fu Shen Yan’s brother, and I’m still Fu Shen Yan’s nominal wife, even if I wasn’t, Cheng Jun Yu wouldn’t necessarily see me.


I’m just a dust in the dirt to Fu Shen Yan, if it wasn’t for Master Fu’s love for me, I wouldn’t even be qualified to meet Fu Shen Yan, let alone marry him.


When I didn’t say anything, Fu Shen Yan gave me a cold look and prepared to go upstairs.


Before he took a few steps, he suddenly stopped, as if he thought of something, looked back at me and said, “Go to Guang Han Nan Ji to buy a midnight snack.”


I was stunned, why didn’t he say so on the road? This was the opposite of Guang Han Nan Ji, and it was already early in the morning, so I was going halfway across town to buy him a midnight snack?


“Do you have to eat today? It’s already early in the morning, maybe it’s closed?”


“It’s open 24 hours!” Dropping a few words, he went straight upstairs without giving me a chance to say more.


He wasn’t even trying to have a late night snack, he was trying to toss me.


But, in the end, I was the one who was in the wrong, and after a pause, I went out of the villa and prepared to drive there.


It was the rainy season, the air was hot and humid, it was supposed to rain, I originally planned to drive Fu Shen Yan’s jeep, but the car keys were taken directly to the study by Fu Shen Yan, so I had no choice but to go to the garage and drive a car with a lower cha*sis to go out.


It was 1 a.m., after going around most of the city, before I could buy a late night snack. Originally I was glad I was lucky that it wasn’t raining.


But just as I came out of Guang Han Ji the sky rumbled with heavy rain, thunder and lightning, almost a downpour.


I drove all the way back. Many tunnels and roads in Jiangcheng are flooded during the rainy season, so I deliberately bypa*sed the tunnels, as the journey was a bit further, but at least I wouldn’t be flooded.


But I didn’t expect the car to break down halfway because of the detour and the slow drive.


I looked at my mobile phone and saw that it was running low on battery, so I had no choice but to call Fu Shen Yan.


The phone rang several times but no one answered, and as the phone was about to be switched off, I had to find an umbrella in the car and get out of the car with my midnight snack and walk back down the road.