Never Say Never Chapter 189-190

Chapter 189

I looked up at him and saw myself reflected in his pupils, “I can torment you?” After a pause, I couldn’t help but laugh, “That’s right, counting the time, you should be warming up with your beloved, Sister-in-law Zhang is indeed torturing you by calling you back at this time.”


Ignoring his grim and ghastly face, I said with a few fake apologies, “I’m really sorry, such a thing won’t happen again I promise, it’s getting late, you’d better go and keep your heart company, I’m resting too!”


“Shen Shu!” He suppressed his anger, “You must talk in such a clipped manner?”


I raised an eyebrow, a few cynical moments, “You’re overthinking it, I don’t have either a gun or a stick, so I don’t have the ability.”


“You ……” He was exasperated and scooped me up out of the water, throwing me straight into the wear.


I pulled the covers over myself and he sneered, “Full of yellow and you know how to be shy?”


Ignoring him, I pursed my lips and swept the side of the bed to see that there were no clothes, and then I saw him pull off his soaked jacket.


The shirt was half wet and clung to his chiseled chest, which looked very inviting to the naked eye, so I pursed my lips and frowned, “Fu Shen Yan, I don’t want to do it with you!”


His hands unbuttoned and he laughed out loud, “You’re quite sure of my strength!” After a cold look at me, he spoke in a cold voice, “Don’t worry, I’m not that unbelievable!”


Seeing him untie his shirt, take it off and toss it aside, then unbuckle his belt and back out of his trousers, I couldn’t help but stare as I noticed the large, bloody scar on his back as he bent over.


It looked like this plane crash was serious after all.


He tossed his suit trousers aside and when he saw me staring at him, noting that I was looking at his scars, he frowned and spoke, “I would have done the same thing then, if it had been anyone!”


Without a word, I withdrew my gaze and pulled the covers over my head.


But there was a complaint for all the death-doing, for in the latter part of the night I had a high fever, a confused fever, a dry mouth, and after half a day of feeling, I almost rolled out of bed.


Luckily, Fu Shenyan was quick with his hands and gave me a tug, pulling me back into bed, he also seemed to have just woken up, his voice hoarse, “What’s wrong?”


I was dizzy and my voice was hoarse, so I managed to pull out a few words after a long time, “I’m thirsty!”


He got up and poured water for me. When I drank the water, I felt better, but my body was weak and I was dizzy.


When Fu Shenyan saw that the situation was not right, he tested the temperature on my forehead and sensed that something was wrong, so he got up to get dressed, I pulled on the corner of his shirt and said, “We can’t go to the hospital!”


It’s never good to take pills to fight a baby.


He frowned, his forehead sweating, “No hospital, I’ll send Jun Yu over.” With that, he dialed the phone.


After a few words, he went into the bathroom and when he came out, he put a wet towel on my forehead and then boiled water.


I was a little dazed from the fever, I didn’t know when Cheng Junyu came, and it was only when he was talking to Fu Shenyan that I was awake for a few moments.


“Why did she suddenly get a high fever, the baby is already five months old, her body is all developing, it’s easy for things to go wrong!”


The words were laced with blame, it was Cheng Junyu.


“I got wet for half an hour at night!” It was Fu Shen Yan’s voice.


“You’re too careless, pregnant women are already emotionally unstable, and with all that has happened recently, she has too many things weighing on her mind and no way to vent them, so she can only solve them in her own way.”


My head was unbearably dizzy, and I didn’t listen to the words that followed.


Chapter 190

The night was hot and cold, and I slept half-asleep.


It was the next night when I woke up again, and, perhaps out of motherly instinct, I reached for my stomach, which was still bulging.


I breathed a sigh of relief and closed my eyes for a moment to adjust before opening them again.


The room was empty and I was a little thirsty. I half supported myself and climbed up, ready to get out of bed, but my legs were so weak.


Just as my feet hit the ground, my whole body collapsed.


I was startled and tugged on the bedside table, but I landed on both knees, nothing serious, and the ornaments on the bedside table cabinet were knocked off and crackled all over the floor.


The bedroom door was suddenly opened, and Fu Shenyan was still holding the papers in his hand, looking like he had suddenly come running over when he heard the commotion.


Seeing me kneeling on the floor, his handsome brows knitted slightly, he picked me up and placed me on the bed, his voice a little low, “What do you want to do?”


“Want some water!” I spoke, my throat still a little sore.


He half-positioned me on the bed, turned and poured water, feeding it to my mouth, “There’s a mobile phone on the bed, call me or Sister Zhang if you want anything, don’t be a hero!”


I nodded my head and didn’t say anything more.


I drank the water and felt a little better.


He looked at me and said, “Are you hungry?”


I shook my head and my eyes fell on the papers he had brought in, the case of Huayu’s new product launch plan.


There was a pause, and I couldn’t help but look away, staring at the wall at the end of the bed.


Noticing my movement, he handed me the file directly, saying, “This is the recent Huayu planning case, want to take a look?”


I shook my head, my gaze a little light, “No need!”


Since I had already left Fu’s, no matter how unwilling I was in my heart, there was no way I could make any big fuss, all I had to do now was to give birth to the baby in peace.


“When you have the baby, if you want to go back to work, go back to work, Huayu and Fu’s audit, it’s my fault that I didn’t think it through, I don’t blame you!”


He took the initiative to bring it up and I couldn’t help but frown.


Although my heart was hard, I didn’t know how to talk to him about it, so I simply kept silent.


Seeing that I was silent, he thought I was still holding on to my heart and said, “Huayu is still under your name, no matter what happens in the future, it will be yours, so take care of your baby!”


“Fu Shen Yan!” I spoke, my voice still a little hoarse, “Send Lu Xinran to the capital, something’s wrong! Fu’s family is in danger, did you plan all this?”


It happened so coincidentally that I thought of countless possibilities afterwards, but I didn’t dare to think that it was all planned by Fu Shen Yan.


He looked at me with a frighteningly deep gaze, “Do you suspect me of using you to take the blame?”


I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable looking at him, “I’ve always been in charge of engineering projects since I joined the company, I’ve never had any contact with auditing or marketing, but after I finished Dean Lu’s case, you placed me on two cases, Fu’s audit and Huayu, according to your usual habits, you would at most place one project on me, but you placed two on me at the same time. ”


When I said this, I couldn’t help but look at him and saw him raise an eyebrow, “Go on!”


I shifted and found a comfortable position to lie down as I continued, “I said it was a punishment for my delay in settling the final payment from Dean Lu, but it was actually just a cover, the biggest problem Fu’s faced after going public was the capital chain and financing risks.”


“Fu’s capital, has always been the most most adequate among listed companies, how do you think Fu’s capital shortage?”


Seeing him so confident, I couldn’t help but laugh, “If there are sufficient funds, why would Dean Lu cause tens of millions of losses to the company just by defaulting on the final payment for a few days?”