Never Say Never Chapter 191-192

Chapter 191

Skimming over his furrowed brow, I continued, “Fu’s crisis this time is nothing but a big shuffle designed by you, in just a few days, you eliminated those stockholders who were not enough to sustain through these days then bought these stocks at a low price, when Fu’s returned to normal, these stocks were sold at a higher price, this in and out, Fu’s market value has almost doubled. ”


He was the executive of the company and couldn’t understand these things better.


Seeing my analysis**, he raised his eyebrows, “You are my wife, there is no reason for me to risk you!”


When he said that, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “Fu Shen Yan, do you really think I’m your wife?”


The company has only a few important people, Qiao Zhuan Yan and Cheng Jun Yu are his brothers who have come through the line of life and death, how could he let them take the fall.


After all the calculations, I am actually the most suitable!


“Shen Shu, in this world, there are many things that are not as simple as we think, you are very smart, but not everything can be seen through.”


There was a weariness in his voice, I could tell that he was tired!


I stopped talking, leaned back against the bed to ease my emotions for a while, got up from the bed and said lightly, “Go about your work, I’ll go downstairs for a walk.”


Sister-in-law Zhang was downstairs in the yard cleaning up the flowers and plants that had been battered by the rainstorm. When she saw me coming downstairs, she smiled and said, “You’re awake, are you still uncomfortable?”


I shook my head and noticed that the plum trees in the courtyard had been knocked down by the rain and were all red and ripe.


As I was recovering from my illness and in a good mood, I went back to the hall to find a fruit basket and picked all the plums I could from under the tree.


Looking at the red and tempting plums, I got an appetite and shoved them into my mouth.


“Gluttony!” He walked up to me and took the fruit basket from my hand, saying helplessly, “There are many worms in the plums, so if you stuff them into your mouth without washing them, you will have diarrhoea.”


He handed the basket to Mrs. Zhang and said, “Soak them in salt water for a while!”


Sister-in-law Zhang got the result and looked at me and Fu Shenyan ambiguously and left.


I tilted my head and looked at the tip of the plum tree and said, “Pick the ones on the tip of the tree, otherwise they will all fall off in a few days, it’s a pity.”


He looked at me and didn’t rush to pick them, but bent down and picked me up, before I could react.


Before I knew it, I was placed on his shoulders, “Sit tight, don’t fall!”


I was dizzy for a moment, instinctively holding my hand on his head, a bit incredulous, how he just let me tug it!


“Don’t be dazed, take it off!” He spoke, his voice low.


It was a few degrees higher all of a sudden, and I was a little uncomfortable for a moment, pausing to reach out and pick all the fruit that was close at hand.


But there was no basket, I was a little dazed, and for a moment my heart came to life, shoving the prunes in my hand into Fu Shenyan’s mouth.


He was holding me steady with both hands, so he had to let me shove them into his mouth.


After eating a few, he said helplessly, “Ask sister-in-law Zhang to bring the basket over, don’t keep shoving them in my mouth, I can’t eat that many.”


“Didn’t you say eating like this would give you diarrhoea? You eat more and see if you get diarrhoea.” I spoke as I picked.


Sister-in-law Zhang came out with the basket and saw how high we were climbing, she was surprised and said, “My God, you have to be careful, this belly is five months old, climbing so high, what if you fall, there are escalators at home, don’t do this, it’s not safe!”


Chapter 192

Seeing that Sister-in-law Zhang was anxious, I put the basket full of plums in my hand and smiled, “It’s okay, there are only a few left, just pick them and come down!”


After picking the plums at the tip of the tree, I held Fu Shen Yan’s head and said, “Okay, let me down!”


Sister-in-law Zhang stood to the side holding the basket, with a worried look on her face, “You youngsters, you’re too bold, you don’t know how dangerous it is.”


Fu Shenyin often exercises in his spare time, so he held my waist and lifted me off the floor.


When I landed on the ground and saw the sweat tsk on his forehead, I couldn’t help but stare and laugh, “Why are you sweating? Am I heavy?”


He smiled lightly, spitting the prunes out of his mouth and looked at me, “Two on your shoulders, don’t you think?”


I froze and couldn’t help but touch the small of my back, it always felt as if my stomach had been growing lately.


Fu Shen Yan’s mobile phone rang, and seeing that he had taken it out of the courtyard, I took the basket in Sister Zhang’s hand and went into the hall.


Placing the basket of plums in a basin and soaking them in salt water, I always unconsciously shifted my gaze out into the courtyard, my heart inexplicably clogged with pain.


The phone call that would make him avoid answering me would be Lu Xinran.


People are inclined, at some point, to think of more extreme things, and violently I uncontrollably knocked over the basin in which the prunes were soaking.


It was deliberate!


The commotion was so loud that Sister Zhang rushed in, looking at the mess and worried, “What’s wrong? Did anyone get hurt?”


I shook my head and looked somewhat expressionlessly at Fu Shen Yan, who came in. He walked towards me, looked me up and down and was relieved to see that I was fine, “What’s wrong?”


“Nothing!” I opened my mouth, looking at the plums that had rolled all over the floor, suddenly losing interest, and faintly turning around to go back to the bedroom.


Behind me came Sister-in-law Zhang’s lowered voice, “Mr. Fu, take some time to take Xiaoshu to the hospital, I always feel as if she’s sick.”


But wasn’t she sick? Isn’t a broken heart a sickness?


Back in my bedroom, my heart was still clogged up, so I called Muzi.


The phone picked up after a few rings, “Shu!”


“Well, how are you doing over there?” Because there was no topic of conversation, everything seemed boring.


But the Muzi on the other end of the phone was a little excited, “Mmmmm, let me tell you, it’s just so beautiful here, the plums in the mountains are all ripe and super tasty, I’ll mail some over to you in a couple of days, remember to check your receipt.”


By the sound of her voice, she should be doing well.


I guess happiness is contagious, I smiled and said, “Is the pregnancy vomiting noticeable? Is there anything you’re not used to?”


“No!” She was probably in the mountains and I could clearly hear the wind in her ears, “The air is very fresh here, I’ve planted some flowers in the yard and moved some wildflowers from the mountains to put in the yard, it looks especially beautiful, when you have time, come and have a look, you’ll love it.”


I nodded subconsciously, and after a pause, realising that she couldn’t see it, I said, “Yes!”


Probably sensing my pathetic lack of words and bad mood, she opened her mouth to test the waters, “Xiao Shu, have you run into something?”


I didn’t know what to say for a moment, and only after a pause did I say, “Muzi, I seem to have reached a dead end, and I can’t get out!”


It was clear that Fu Shenyan had rarely contacted Lu Xinran anymore, but as soon as I heard the slightest whisper, I could not stand it, my heart felt like it was torn apart by ten thousand ants.