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Never Say Never Chapter 199-200

Chapter 199

Before I could say anything, Fu Shen Yan was one step ahead, “She’s busy!”


There was a pause on the other end of the line and a moment of silence before he said, “It’s downstairs, not far!”


“I’m holding her down, you think she can get out now?” The words were spoken through gritted teeth, anger clear as day.


I ……


Muzi’s side was silent for a while, and presumably didn’t know what to say, so she just hung up.


The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.


I knew he was angry, but only just so.




Tossing down, I was almost exhausted. This feeling of forcibly being broken doing it was really extremely unpleasant.


He held me in his arms, half-smiling and motionless, “Get up and shower!”


“Don’t want to move!”


Tired and sore, I really didn’t want to move.


Perhaps because his body was satisfied, his mood smoothed out and he kissed me lightly on the corner of my lips, smiling somewhat meaningfully, “Exercise more in the future!”


I closed my eyes, not having the strength to respond to him.


I didn’t want to wash, but it was really bad to lie in his arms for a while with some sticky feeling from the sweat on my body.


I got up and went into the bathroom. The warm water got on my skin and the redness hurt so much that I winced. After a few hasty rinses, I lay down on the bed, closed my eyes and rested.


I was extremely sleepy because I had exercised, and when Fu Shenyan came out of the bathroom, I was already asleep.


I was vaguely aware that he had gone out after building me for a while.


When I woke up, it was already dark. Sleeping during the day is not a good habit, and I was so tired after this sleep.


I lay in bed for a while before I got up.


Fu Shenyan seemed to be in the study on the phone, and Mrs. Zhang had left food downstairs.


I didn’t have much of an appetite, and after a few bites, I couldn’t eat any more.


It was raining heavily outside and the doorbell rang.


She was in her twenties, vibrant and already wonderful for her age, she didn’t need to wear anything to be beautiful.


Furthermore, she was very good at dressing up, a casual and simple chiffon aqua green top with black wide leg waist-length trousers, a simple string of necklaces with simple accessories on her snow white neck, her long hair pulled back into a pill head, flirtatious without being sultry, youthful without losing her poise.


“Miss Shen, hello, I came over to deliver some documents to the president, for urgent use!” She put away her umbrella and her dark eyes glanced towards behind me.


Obviously, she was looking at Fu Shen Yan.


I nodded my head, staggered my body and spoke, “Come in!”


It was still raining outside and I couldn’t help but frown, how could Fu Shen Yan let a girl come to the house to deliver documents in this weather?


Fu Shen Yan came out of the study and when he saw Lu Ke, he could not help but wrinkle his eyebrows, “Where is Chen Yi? Why is it you?”


Lu Ke smiled lightly, a little naive, “Special a*sistant Chen’s girlfriend is sick, he couldn’t leave for a while, so he let me come.”


She said, handing the document in her hand to Fu Shen Yan.


Sister-in-law Zhang poured water and looked at Fu Shen Yan, “Sir, Madam didn’t eat much just now, she doesn’t seem to have much appetite, she likes your pumpkin porridge the most, you can cook some for her later!”


I froze at these words, which were obviously not addressed to Fu Shen Yan, but to Lu Ke.


Seeing the blush on Lu Ke’s face changed, but it was normal.


Sister-in-law Zhang was overthinking this, after two years, I didn’t know Fu Shen Yan completely, but I did at least know him somewhat.


To Lu Xinran, he has responsibility and love, and can’t let go!


Chapter 200

But he was not a promiscuous man.


Fu Shen Yan took the document, looked at me and nodded slightly, “Hm!”


Lu could see that he had finished his business, so he couldn’t stay much longer, and after looking at Fu Shen Yan, he left.


When Fu Shen Yan went upstairs to put the papers away, Mrs. Zhang pulled me in and said, “I say, Xiao Shu, how can you just let another woman in here? That girl’s eyes are all over your man, why do you still act like you don’t care?”




I couldn’t help but laugh, “Sister-in-law Zhang, it’s not that exaggerated, he has a lot going on in the company and Miss Lu is his secretary, it’s work-related.”


Sister-in-law Zhang bristled, “I don’t think so, that girl doll is obviously in love with Mr, you should be on your guard!”


Fu Shen Yan went downstairs, she didn’t say another word and went into the kitchen to continue her work.


I slept for a long time, my eyes were a little hard to bear, I turned around and went to wash up a bit, I came out to see a bowl of pumpkin porridge on the dining table.


Sister-in-law Zhang had already gone to her room to rest, and Fu Shenyan was sitting in the hall reading a book.


When he saw me coming out, he looked at me and said, “Drink the congee first.”


“You cooked it?”


He nodded, “Taste it!”


I thought it was just something that Sister-in-law Zhang had casually said and he had casually agreed to, but I wasn’t hungry at the moment and I had just eaten a little.


After a few shallow bites, it tasted good, but I had already eaten in my stomach, so I couldn’t eat it somewhat.


I couldn’t help but look at the man reading on the sofa, I was a little distracted by the handsomeness of Fu Shenyin, with his stiffness and reserve, like a warrior in a Western European noble, with the light of breaking dawn.


Unlike Shen Yu, who carried the general coldness and viciousness of a vampire in his bones, even though he was occasionally gentle and attentive, the bloodthirsty terror in his bones could not be concealed in any way.


“Is it more interesting to watch me than to eat?” He spoke, his eyebrows rising.


I looked back, froze and withdrew my gaze to see that he had made it across from me and stuttered a little, “When did you …… get here?”


He raised an eyebrow, “When you were looking at me making a fool of yourself!”


I ……


This man is really not ashamed!


Looking down at the porridge that was still mostly left in front of me, I looked over at him and spoke, “There’s too much, I can’t finish it!”


His eyes fell on the porridge in front of me and he frowned.


I continued, “I ate a lot just now, Sister Zhang’s soup, and now I’ve eaten a large portion of it again!” I said in a lower voice, whining, “I’m not a pig!”


The sound of his low chuckle came to my ears, “I don’t have a hobby of raising pigs either!” As he spoke he had already taken my porridge and placed it in front of him to eat.


I staggered, I had eaten the porridge, and the spoon was mine!


This …… is too intimate!


Looking at him, I couldn’t help but blush a little.


“It’s still early, I’ll walk out with you later!” He put the bowl down, raised his eyes to glance at the watch and spoke.


8pm, not too late indeed, but ……


Looking at him, I got up and said, “It’s raining outside!”


“Go back when it stops!” He received the bowl into the kitchen and pulled me to sit on the sofa.


After a pause, he said, “Pregnant women can’t sit all the time, they need proper exercise, preferably a slow walk for one to two hours a day.”


I couldn’t help but stare, when did he know this, and my eyes fell on the book he had just been reading, The Hills Encyclopedia of Pregnancy.




So that’s what he’d just been reading so intensely?


Noticing my gaze, he coughed dryly and said, “We’ll go out for a walk every day from now on.”


I nodded and couldn’t help but say, “What other books did you buy?”